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Golden Days Epi. 3

JM Fanfiction


(West Carlton Hospital)

"Shows Gina walking into Paige's hospital room and she sits down beside Paige's bed"


oh sweet heart you... you sure gave me a scare but Dr. Lewis said that you are going to be okay

"Paige moans and slowly wakes up"

Gina- hey there baby


where am I?

Gina- you're at the hospital. You fell and hit your head

Paige- how did I hit my head

Gina- you were climbing rocks and the cable snapped and you fell and hit your head

Paige- Oh my God! Where's Jaxon why isn't he here? Wouldn't he want to be here with his girlfriend?


(Drake's Apartment)

"Shows Drake walking into the apartment and he see's Lila putting clothes into a suit case"


Lila what.... what are you doing?


what does it look like? I'm packing my stuff because I am leaving you

Drake- what... why are you leaving?

Lila- you know why Drake

Drake- No I don't We love each other.

Lila- No I love you. I'm just your cover up story. When were you going to tell me that you were gay?


(Gabriel's Dorm Room)

"Shows Bailey opening the door and walking in"


Hey! What are you doing here I thought you would still be with Lila


No something came up

Gabriel- what do you mean

Bailey- She left to do something and when she came back she was crying and very upset about something

Gabriel- oh well I hope Drake can be there to help her and hopefully it doesn't hurt...

"Bailey kisses Gabriel and they fall onto his bed"


(Jaxon's Apartment)

"Shows Jaxon walking into the Apartment and closes the door; he notices the note on the coffee table and he picks it up"


Jaxon, I need time to think before the wedding so I went home to see my mother. Love Maggie


(Drake's Apartment)


If you're not gay then why haven't you tried to sleep with me yet


because I've never slept with a woman

Lila- come on Drake this is me you are talking to. If you want to prove to me that you are not gay then sleep with me right here, right now

Drake- I can't

Lila- exactly because you are gay

"Lila grabs her suit case and walks out the door"



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