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About this blog

this is a made up soap opera that I have created

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JM Fanfiction

(Grave Yard)

"Shows Jaxon looking at a woman"


Bridget is that really you?


The one and only, so get over here and give your sister a hug

"Jaxon hugs Bridget"

Jaxon- what are you doing back here in town?

Bridget- I came back for a visit but as soon as I get back in town I hear that you are getting married, Drake is in the hospital from an overdose and Donovan Enterprises has gone nuts. What the hell happened when I left?

Jaxon- I don't know I guess we are all going crazy

Bridget- I'd say, so have you been to the hospital to see Drake

Jaxon- I was there when they first brought him in but then I left to come here.

Bridget- come on lets go see our baby brother together

"Jaxon and Bridget walk off together and a shadow is seen standing behind a wall"


(Linwood Memorial; Patient's Room)

"Shows Carla walking into the room and shows Drake lying on a hospital bed hooked up on IV and other machines; Carla walks over and sits down next to his bed"


oh sweetheart why did you have to go and do something so stupid. Why didn't you just call me, we could have talked or you could have called Jaxon or anyone. You didn't have to try and kill yourself. But not to worry because as soon as you wake up we are going to get you all the help that you need. Lila's here and so is Grandpa Sullivan, a lot of the family is here and Jaxon is on his way here. Oh please sweetie just wake up for me please.


(Linwood Memorial; Waiting Area)

"Shows Lila and Sullivan sitting in chair's; Claire walks up"


hey granddad where's Aunt Carla?


in there with Drake, why is something wrong

Claire- I need to talk to her

Sullivan- okay well I'll go get her

"Sullivan walks off"


Claire what's going on if it wasn't anything serious you would just wait until later to tell us, so what's going on?

"Claire sighs"


Has my brother gotten worse?

Claire- yes he has


what do you mean worse, how much worse?

Claire- We did a cat scan of Drake's brain and it shows a tumor on his left frontal lobe, but it get's worse

Jaxon- worse what could possibly be any worse that a tumor

Claire- Drake slipped into a coma


(Kinsey's Art Studio)

"Kinsey drops the pencil"


I think I've finally got it. This is going to be perfect.


let me see

Kinsey- what do you think, now be honest

Deacon-well.... it's perfect

Kinsey- really?

Deacon- yeah I think Jaxon and Maggie are going to love it

Kinsey- okay well since I am done with work are you ready to get out of here?

Deacon- oh you bet I am as long as you come with me

Kinsey- well of course I am silly


(Linwood Memorial Hospital; Waiting Area)


Claire come on is this some kid of joke


I wish it was just a joke but no it's not


Wait a minute your standing there telling me that my baby boy is in a coma and not only that but has a tumor as well

Claire- yes Aunt Carla I am


Is there any possibility that the tumor caused Drake to go into a coma?

Claire- that is a possibility but we won't know for sure until we run more test


JM Fanfiction

(Linwood Memorial Hospital Waiting Area)


Lila what are you saying? Are you saying that my son is taking drugs?


Possibly I don't know


What do you mean you don't know, your his girlfriend aren't you?

Lila- I think I know why he got high in the first place

Carla- well what is it?

Lila- I broke up with him last night


(Donovan Enterprises, Board Room)


We wouldn't be in this problem if you had just stayed away


I have a right to see my daughter

Seth- Which you have no rights to only Jessica and I do oh wait that's because we are Bree's parents not you. There is no Joe in there.

Joe- For now but I will get my daughter back

Seth- over my dead body


(Kinsey's Art Studio)

"Shows Kinsey and Deacon putting on their clothes"


mmmmm.... how did I get in this predicament? Oh yeah now I remember, you distracted me from my work.


and I'm glad I did

"Deacon kissed Kinsey"

Kinsey- oh I got to get back to work if I'm going to have the new design done by time I leave here tonight.

Deacon- design for what?

Kinsey- well it's really a layout of the Donovan land for Jaxon and Maggie's wedding

Deacon- really well how's it coming along?

Kinsey- not too bad, but I still have a lot of work to do


(Linwood Memorial Hospital, waiting area)


wait a minute you and Drake broke up last night...that's why you were so upset yesterday when you came back to the café


yeah it was but that's not the most important thing right now, Drake is.

"Claire walks out of the patients room"

Carla- Claire how is he?


We just got done pumping his stomach which was full of sleeping pills prescribed to you Lila. Care to explain that?

Lila- I forgot to grab them last night when I let and I didn't realize it until this morning which is why I went over to his place this morning.

Carla- so he had no Oxy in his system or anything

Claire- no he did a great amount of it too. If you hadn't got to him when you did he probably would be dead right now

Carla- can I see him

Claire- sure one visitor at a time, and stay quiet and keep the visits to a minimum


(Grave Yard)

"Shows Jaxon walking up to a tombstone"


hey dad, I came by to tell you that they got a huge lead on your case but that's not the real reason why I came to you today. Drake over dosed on drugs and I need you to make sure he lives. The family already lost you not that long ago and we can't lose Drake as well.

Woman- no we can't

"Jaxon turns towards the woman; not showing her face"

Jaxon- Bridget!

JM Fanfiction


(Jaxon's Apartment)

"Door Bell rings, Jaxon answers the door"

Det. Callison-

Is this a bad time?


No not at all, come on in. So Detective Callison what brings you by?

Det. Callison- I need to talk to you about the night your father was driven off road leading to his death

Jaxon- really, I thought the case was closed like a year ago because they never got any leads

Det. Callison- well the detective on the case never actually looked into the case so I started to a couple of weeks ago and I think I got something you are going to want to see.

Jaxon- I'm sorry but I'm not interested

Det. Callison- I think you will be after what I tell you


(Kinsey's Art Studio)

"Shows Kinsey sitting at her table drawling when the elevator door opens and Deacon walks in"


What brings you by?


Well I figured since our last date didn't go so well I figured I would bring you some breakfast to make up for it

Kinsey- oh well thank you that was very thoughtful but we shouldn't have any distractions because as you see we have the place to ourselves

Deacon- yeah we do

"Deacon kisses Kinsey"

Kinsey- so what did you bring for me to eat it better not be none of that healthy crap. I'm on a diet only junk food

"Deacon and Kinsey laugh"


(Drake's Apartment)

"Shows Drake passed out asleep on the couch; banging on the door"


Drake Alexander you better open this door right now

"Lila walks up"


Hello Carla

Carla- Lila thank god, do you have a key to his apartment I have tried everything for the past half-hour to get him to answer my calls, text so I had to come here and still nothing

Lila- yeah sure I can let you in, your lucky because I'm only here because I forgot a couple things of mine

"Lila opens the door and the both walk in, Carla walks over to the couch and touches Drake"

Carla- Drake sweetie it's mama... Drake...Drake

"Carla shakes Drakes head to wake him up and he doesn't"

Lila- I'll call 911


(Board Room)

"Shows James, Joe, Seth and Sullivan sitting around the table"


okay the first thing at hand today is the fact that two of my grandson's can't quit fighting while at work and I don't know why so I've come to the conclusion that until one of you tell me what the hell is going on both of you are suspended


you can't do that Granddad

Sullivan- I just did


dad you have to do something. Your the CEO of the company.


and I agree with him. Both of my sons should have enough sense in their brains to put their personal lives on hold when they are at work and considering you two have grown up together you know what pushes each others buttons. Both of you can leave until you can start acting like adults

"James's cellphone goes off"

James- Carla I am really busy right so can... yeah sure I'll be right there

Sullivan- Is something wrong

James- Carla found Drake passed out on the couch and she is taking him to Linwood Memorial


(Memorial Hospital)

"Shows Drake being wheeled in on a gurney and into a room"


I need to two of you to stay out here


is he going to be okay

Claire- let me get in there and take a look then I'll let you know

"Claire walks into the room"

Carla- oh god I hope he's going to be okay


mom I got your message what happened

Carla- I don't know I'd been trying to reach him for about 2 hours and I couldn't so Lila let me into his apartment and that's where we found him passed out

"Claire walks back out"

Claire- has Drake ever taken drugs before

Carla- no... well that I know of why

Claire- I think he over dosed on Oxy


your wrong my Claire, Drake would never take any drugs


damn it! I knew it, I think he's tried before.

Carla- what do you mean you think did he or not.

Lila- I don't know I found his stash last week and I took it he swore to me that he never took it but I guess after our break up last night he got more and oh my god this is all my fault

Claire- I'll know more as soon as I get the blood work back


JM Fanfiction



Kurt McKinney debuts as Mark Donovan- will be recurring

Joanna Johnson debuts as Lori Summers- will be recurring

Donna Mills debuts as Faye Newhart- will be recurring


Robert Adamson will be leaving the role of Drake Donovan last seen on episode 24

Jon Hensley will make one more appearance as Dr. Lewis

JM Fanfiction

(West Carlton Hospital)

"Shows Gina walking into Paige's hospital room and she sits down beside Paige's bed"


oh sweet heart you... you sure gave me a scare but Dr. Lewis said that you are going to be okay

"Paige moans and slowly wakes up"

Gina- hey there baby


where am I?

Gina- you're at the hospital. You fell and hit your head

Paige- how did I hit my head

Gina- you were climbing rocks and the cable snapped and you fell and hit your head

Paige- Oh my God! Where's Jaxon why isn't he here? Wouldn't he want to be here with his girlfriend?


(Drake's Apartment)

"Shows Drake walking into the apartment and he see's Lila putting clothes into a suit case"


Lila what.... what are you doing?


what does it look like? I'm packing my stuff because I am leaving you

Drake- what... why are you leaving?

Lila- you know why Drake

Drake- No I don't We love each other.

Lila- No I love you. I'm just your cover up story. When were you going to tell me that you were gay?


(Gabriel's Dorm Room)

"Shows Bailey opening the door and walking in"


Hey! What are you doing here I thought you would still be with Lila


No something came up

Gabriel- what do you mean

Bailey- She left to do something and when she came back she was crying and very upset about something

Gabriel- oh well I hope Drake can be there to help her and hopefully it doesn't hurt...

"Bailey kisses Gabriel and they fall onto his bed"


(Jaxon's Apartment)

"Shows Jaxon walking into the Apartment and closes the door; he notices the note on the coffee table and he picks it up"


Jaxon, I need time to think before the wedding so I went home to see my mother. Love Maggie


(Drake's Apartment)


If you're not gay then why haven't you tried to sleep with me yet


because I've never slept with a woman

Lila- come on Drake this is me you are talking to. If you want to prove to me that you are not gay then sleep with me right here, right now

Drake- I can't

Lila- exactly because you are gay

"Lila grabs her suit case and walks out the door"



JM Fanfiction

"In Colorado"

(West Carlton Hospital)

"Shows Gina and Drew walking down a hallway and up to a hospital patient's room door"


excuse me but who can I talk to about my daughter

Dr. Lewis-

that would be me

Gina- and you are?

Dr. Lewis- oh I'm Dr. Lewis I was on call when your daughter Paige was brought in


why is she even here can you explain that to me?

Dr. Lewis- Paige was found at the bottom of some rocks by a hiker apparently her rope had snapped and she fell

Gina- is she going to be okay though

Dr. Lewis- we took at cat scan and everything looks to me okay, no head trauma

Drew- can we see her

Dr. Lewis- sure just keep the noise down to a minimum and only one person in at a time


(Gabriel's Dorm Room)


why did you make that joke back at the café about why Lila and I were late


what I didn't think it was that big of a deal. Would you rather me tell them the truth about you

Drake- no you can't. I don't want to hurt Lila

Gabriel- you're going to hurt her eventually when you can't hide it anymore. Drake she's going to find out eventually that you're gay.

Drake- can you not say it so loud. I don't want anyone to hear.

Gabriel- dude come on no ones listening

"Goes to show Lila

standing on the other side of the door"


(Donovan House)

"Shows Addie sitting on the couch"


here's a glass of water


thank you but you're avoiding my question. Do you think Maggie is just marrying you for your money or do you think she actually loves you.

Jaxon- I honestly don't know Grandma. All I know is that I love her but...

Addie- but what?

Jaxon- I... I um...

Addie- you keep thinking about you know who don't you?

Jaxon- yeah I do. Well um... I better be going I have some things I still need to do.

Addie- well okay... if you need any help you know where to find me or you could call me.

Jaxon- okay Grandma I will and thanks for listening to me and what I had to say.

Addie- of course.

"Jaxon walks out the door and Addie closes it"

Addie- don't worry Jaxon it'll all work out


(Bench in Park)

"Shows Maggie

sitting on a bench looking at a picture of a young woman and a baby; she then grabs her phone and dials"

Maggie- hey it's me listen I'm going to be coming home for a few days. I need to clear my head and re-think some things. Yeah I'll see you then.

"Maggie gets up and walks away from the bench"


(Carla's Café)

"Shows Lila walking back into the café and she grabs her books"


I'm sorry but I can't do this... what ever you call it thing here at the café right now


It's called having lunch and is everything okay.

Lila- no everything's not okay. Look I got to go.

Bailey- is it anything I can help you with

Lila- I don't think you can fix this Bailey even if you wanted to try

"Lila walks out of the café and Carla walks over"


boy I hope everything's going to be okay for her

Bailey- yeah me too. But hey she's one of the toughest girls I know and she'll be about to get through what ever it is... I Hope.


JM Fanfiction


(Donovan Enterprises; Board Room)

"Shows Carla sitting at the big table looking at her phone when the door opens"

Maggie- uh... it's you?

Carla- yes it is me.

Maggie- what are you even doing here don't you have a café or something to run

Carla- yes but just like everyone else who has a job I get time off as well and I could ask you the same thing?

Maggie- well I am here to see my fiancé

Carla- not for long you are


(Donovan House)

"Shows Addie answering the door to Jaxon standing here"

Addie- Jaxon what are you doing here?

Jaxon- what can't I come see my favorite grandmother

Addie- well of course you can. I just figured that you would be at work

Jaxon- nah I just decided to take the day off

Addie- oh okay, so how are things going between you and Maggie?

Jaxon- things between Maggie and I are just great it's everyone else who is causing problems for us

Addie- what do you mean by that?

Jaxon- everyone thinks that Maggie is only marrying me for my money

Addie- well do you think she is?


(Lockhart Publications; Gina's Office)

"Shows Gina pouring herself a glass of water and she takes a sip as her phone rings"

Gina- Gina Lockhart... yes this is her, what oh my god... yes... okay I'll be on my jet in 10 minutes and on my way there

Drew- is something wrong

Gina- Come on we need to get on the jet and I'll explain on the way

"Gina calls someone on her phone"

Gina- hey it's my get the jet fueled and ready I'll be their in 10 minutes

"Gina and Drew walk of her office and the door closes"


(Carla's Café)

"Shows Gabriel and Bailey sitting at a table"

Bailey- I wander what's taking Drake and Lila so long to get here

Gabriel- well you probably know what's taking them so long if you get what I'm saying.

Bailey- Gabriel!

"Gabriel laughs"

Gabriel- come on you know it's true

Drake- sorry we're later we got caught up at the library

Gabriel- so that's what they're calling it now a day

Lila- what?

Bailey- Gabriel thought the reason why you all took so long was that you were having sex

Drake- I wish!

Gabriel- well I have to get going I have a final I need to go to Linwood U and sign up for my classes

Drake- hey I'll come with, you ladies have fun

"Gabriel and Drake walk out"

Lila- I think we just got ditched


(Donovan Enterprises; Board Room)

Maggie- look you hateful old woman. Your son and I are going to get married next week and there's nothing you or anyone else can do

"Maggie walks out of the room"

Carla- I wouldn't be so sure of that

"Carla grabs her phone and dials"

Carla- hey it's me I need another favor from you. I need you to look up some dirt on a woman named Maggie Newhart



Jacklyn Zeman as Carla Sanders-Donovan

Bree Williamson as Maggie Newhart

Peggy McCay as Addie Donovan

Ryan Peavey as Jaxon Donovan

Cady McClain as Gina Lockhart

Jason Cook as Drew Lockhart

Kate Mansi as Bailey Donovan

Jason Tam as Gabriel Ramiro

Robert Adamson as Drake Donovan

Jordan Lane Price as Lila Braxton

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