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About this blog

Follow the lives of the residents of Salem. This blog begins with events following the February 14, 2014 episode of the TV series, taking it on a new course based on events prior to that date.


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Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nicole, at the Brady Pub with Eric looks at Caroline, surprised to simply hear that Caroline agrees with her regarding Brady's just-rechristened 'memorial service'.

NICOLE: You agree with that?

CAROLINE: Well, of course I do! A good idea is a good idea, regardless of what I think of the source.

Nicole rolls her eyes at Caroline's dig.

NICOLE: Well, then I guess you're more media savvy than pretty much anyone else of your...advanced age then.

ERIC: Nicole!

Nicole shoots a look to a disapproving Eric. Caroline ignores Nicole's comment.

CAROLINE: Look, we can have the entire thing here at the pub. It'd be my pleasure. We'll have the word put out today if you want.

ERIC: That works. I'll let Marlena and Victor know.

NICOLE: Has anyone heard from John? Does he even know?

Eric and Caroline stop, unsure what to say. Nicole looks away, feeling a bit guilty for bringing it up.



A stewardess walks up the aisle of the plane, evidently a private jet. She hands off a whiskey on the rocks to the passenger beside her, before heading off. As she hands the drink off, the captain makes an announcement over the speaker system.

CAPTAIN: Mr. Black, we will be beginning our descent into Salem International Airport momentarily. Be sure to fasten your seatbelt for landing.

John smiles wistfully as he looks out the window. He sighs heavily as he takes a sip of his drink.


In Abby's hospital room, Sami and Abby look up as Daniel walks in with Jennifer, Laura, and Liam in tow. Abby and Sami, caught off guard during a shared moment, appear stunned by their arrival, and by Jenn's panic at Abby being in hospital.

ABBY: Mom! What are you doing here?

JENNIFER: What do you mean, what am I doing here? had a fall at work and you didn't even tell me?

ABBY: Mom, it's...nothing serious. I--

DANIEL: ...Uh, she's right, actually, I'm going to be discharging her right now. Abigail, the uh...last test we ran? You're all clear. Okay?

Abby nods, knowing exactly to what Daniel's referring. Daniel looks over to Liam, who momentarily shoots Daniel a vaguely menacing look, before turning his attentions back to Abby. Laura walks over to Abby's bed and gives her a huge hug.

LAURA: We're glad you're alright, honey.

ABBY: Well, thanks, Grandma.

SAMI: Oh! Abby! You should tell your family your great news!

Abby is suddenly at a loss for words, not prepared to share with the room, she stutters and stumbles at Sami's leading comment.


Billie looks up at Kim, touching her face after Kim slapped her in Theresa's hospital room. Kim stares Billie down, livid at Billie's prior accusations that Theresa's coma is, in essence, Kim's fault. Kim finally speaks, voice trembling with anger.

KIM: Don't you dare blame me for this.

Billie breathes in deeply, her temper flaring as well, but fighting with everything inside her to retain her dignity, the high road, and indeed, the upper hand.

BILLIE: I only told you how I feel. The truth isn't easy. Besides, Kim. You asked.

KIM: The truth. Yeah, you'd know a lot about the truth, wouldn't you? Hiding your past with my ex-husband for how many years? You know, if you'd just spoken up in the first place, you'dve spared Theresa from all of this? You wanna tell me again how this is my fault, Billie?

BILLIE: I didn't say anything because I didn't want to hurt your family.

KIM: Oh, come off it! You didn't say anything because you were afraid that if my brother ever found out what you were REALLY like, he'd throw you out on the curb, where you belong!




John steps into a waiting car outside the airport. He sits down and holds up a hand to the driver as a greeting, before giving direction.

DRIVER: Where to?

JOHN: Salem Inn.

John leans back in his seat, sighing heavily as he ponders his next move.

JOHN: And tomorrow, we deal with ol' Vic.


Abby smiles awkwardly at her mom, who is patiently waiting for her bed-bound daughter to tell her what the good news is.

ABBY: Well...I uh...

As Abby goes to tell them, EJ stands in the doorway of her hospital room, behind the others. He looks quickly at Liam, who looks back at him, before they quickly look away, back at Abigail. Abby is suddenly tense looking at EJ, even though EJ is not looking her way with any real intensity.

ABBY: I...I don't wanna spoil the surprise, so...I think I'll tell you guys when we get home. That okay?

JENNIFER: Aww, you're such a tease! I can't wait, it's big news isn't it??

Jennifer's excitement only makes things more awkward for Abigail, while Sami is unsure why Abby's reaction is less than excited. She furrows her brow, but keeps quiet.

SAMI: Heh, well, tell me how it goes. You can always...shoot me a quick text tonight and let me know how excited everyone is for you tomorrow. For NOW, I am gonna head home. Uh...Abby! If I don't see you tomorrow, good luck?

Abigail gives a forced smile and nods to Sami.

ABBY: Thanks, Sami.

Sami smiles and heads for the door. As she passes EJ in the doorway, he backs up, and she smiles awkwardly, before looking down and walking past him. Daniel looks to Abigail and announces to the room.

DANIEL: Well...I think it's about time we get you discharged, little lady!

JENNIFER: Yes! And I am SO happy to see you come home in one piece! I've got a roast chicken I'm gonna make for dinner and you can tell Liam, JJ and I the good news, alright?

Daniel is stung by Jenn's words, her specificity being a bit of an, albeit possibly unintentional, dig at him. He smiles his usual tightened upper lip smile.

ABBY: Sounds good. Let's get out of here.

DANIEL: Alright, well, hospital rules state that you need to be in this wheelchair so come on.

Daniel pulls open the wheelchair and pats the seat. Abigail rolls her eyes and groans at Daniel's order.

ABBY: Ugh, do I have to?

LIAM: Yep! Doctor's orders. Come on, here, I'll help you.

Liam takes Abby's hand and helps her lower herself into the chair. As Abby sits down, her and the family leave the hospital room. As Jenn leaves, she finally spots EJ in the doorway. She is less-than-thrilled to see him, but is cordial.

JENNIFER: EJ! What a surprise.

ABBY: Uh, not really, Mom. EJ is the one who...brought me in. The accident was...well, it happened when he and I were at work together.

Jenn, unsure how she feels about this, takes a moment to reply.

JENNIFER: Oh! Ah...well...thank you, EJ. I....appreciate that.

EJ: It was my pleasure. Abigail is one of our best employees.

JENNIFER: Great. Uh...Abigail. Come on.

Liam takes Abigail's chair and pushes it from the room. EJ follows behind. Abigail hesitates, mulling over her decision to leave town to protect the secret affair between herself and EJ, as well as their unborn baby. Jennifer walks slightly ahead, with Laura walking beside her. They talk with each other, but it's all white noise to a distracted Abigail.

As Liam stops Abby's wheelchair in front of the elevator, Abby finally works up the courage to speak up.

ABBY: Uh...actually. Mom, can...I to EJ first before we go?

Jennifer is surprised, and a little concerned by Abby's request. Abby can tell by Jenn's face almost immediately.

JENNIFER: Uh...sure. Don't be too long though, we'll be downstairs, then you can file your discharge papers, okay?

ABBY: Okay, Mom. Sure.

EJ stops as Abigail turns in her wheelchair. She motions to him to take the reigns of her wheelchair from Liam, who steps onto the elevator with Jenn and Laura. Daniel stays behind and points over to the nurses' station.

DANIEL: When you're ready? I'm right there. K?

Abby nods gently, smiling at Daniel as he walks away toward the nurses' station, keeping a careful eye on EJ and Abigail. EJ begins to push the wheelchair toward the waiting room, and leans into Abigail, quietly speaking to her.

EJ: If this is about our earlier discussion, we'd best find somewhere private.

Abigail looks straight ahead as EJ pushes her into the room.


Jenn and Laura stand silently in the elevator with Liam. Laura feels vaguely uncomfortable with Liam, but can't quite figure out what bugs her. Jenn seems tense too. Laura looks to her daughter, concerned.

LAURA: You look worried.

JENNIFER: I always am when EJ's around.

LAURA: I understand. It can't be easy knowing your daughter's working for the DiMeras.

JENNIFER: Well...I's her life. And technically, she's working for Sami so...I guess that's slightly better but...I don't know. Every time I see her with EJ, I get really concerned. And I can't figure out why but...I just have this feeling something's wrong, you know?

Laura puts her hand on Jenn's shoulder, smiling understandingly at her daughter. Liam looks on, soaking in the conversation wordlessly.


Billie looks to the ceiling, as if counting to ten in her head. She closes her eyes a moment, before finally looking at Kim and responding, calmly, though a slight tremble remains in her voice.

BILLIE: I thought that Phil Collier had...turned over a new leaf. Tried to put his life together. I gave him the benefit of the doubt. That was my mistake. But I did it for y--

KIM: ...For yourself. Because you were scared of losing Bo. Which is exactly why you didn't tell him about your father until he was dead and you were accused of killing him!

BILLIE: I loved Bo. And--

KIM: ...And you thought that Bo only loved you as a pure-as-the-driven-snow little girl who hawked makeup. Did you seriously think that little of him?

Billie finally snaps at Kim, and raises her voice, pointing angrily as she speaks, equally pointedly.

BILLIE: NO! I thought so much of him, and so little of myself. That I would never be good enough for him! And that's exactly why I was the only one who understood your daughter. And the more she confided in me, the more I understood her, and she could feel that. All the while, there you are, wondering why she's not turning to you, and at the same time, there you are judging every step she takes?

KIM: I was hurting too!--

BILLIE: ...You were too afraid of losing another man to accept that YOUR OWN DAUGHTER went through the SAME THING YOU DID!

Kim stops dead, tensing as she draws herself up, holding back from letting loose completely. Billie's tension recedes as she finally lets her anger go at Kim.

BILLIE: And THAT is something you cannot pin on ME. You should be grateful that girl had someone to turn to that she could depend on. Because that someone certainly wasn't you.

As Billie finishes her thought, the door of the hospital room opens, and Kayla steps in.

KAYLA: I could hear you from the hallway, is everything okay in here?

Billie turns around, brushing away a tear from her eye, as Kim does the same. Billie steps towards the door.

BILLIE: It's all good, I was just leaving.

As Billie walks out, Kim steps over to her sister, pointing out the doorway at Billie.

KIM: I don't want her in here again.

KAYLA: Kim, she's just concerned about Theresa, just like you are.

Kim tenses again, frustrated by her sister seemingly siding with Billie.

KIM: I don' I'm Theresa's mother, I deserve to be here, not her!

KAYLA: Kimmy, listen. I know you and Billie have your issues, but her and Theresa, they're incredibly close friends. Now, Billie doesn't present a danger to Theresa by coming to visit during visiting hours, and I honestly think it'd be good for her to have familiar voices around her while she's recovering.

KIM: So you're siding with her, then?

KAYLA: No, Kim. I'm asking you to do what's right for everyone. Including Theresa. Now, you have every legal right to bar Billie from Theresa's room, your sister...I think it's a terrible idea.

Kim sighs, rolling her eyes, and thinking over Kay's words, as she folds her arms, looking down at her comatose daughter.


EJ closes the door to the waiting room behind him as he pushes Abigail's wheelchair inside. Abigail stays in her seat, and EJ leans against the door, folding his arms.

EJ: So...what was so urgent that you needed to alarm your entire family needlessly?

ABBY: Well, I've had some time to think since you and I talked. And I've made a decision.

EJ: Oh have you?

Abby looks unflinchingly at EJ, she responds firmly.

ABBY: Yes.

EJ tries to remain casual, but it's obvious that he's dreading the answer.

EJ: And what would that be?

ABBY: I've decided I'm not going to let you order me or my baby around for your convenience. So if we're going to make a decision about this, it's going to benefit all of us. You, this baby, AND me.

EJ: Just what does that mean, exactly?

ABBY: It means we're going to face this head on. I'm not going to Italy, EJ. You can't make me.

EJ stands frozen, disbelieving what he's hearing.



DAYS #52: Showdowns



Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


At the Brady Pub, Eric sits down with photo albums, rifling through them. Caroline spots him and walks over, a pot of coffee in hand.

CAROLINE: What's all this for?

Eric looks up, as though snapped out of a dream.

ERIC: Oh, did hear about Brady and Theresa's accident, right?

Caroline sighs heavily, a saddened look crosses her face.

CAROLINE: I did. I feel terrible for everyone. John, Marlena, Victor, I's such a shame we lost Brady, and now Theresa's in a coma. I just...

ERIC: (sighs) Yeah. Well, this, I'm just going through pictures of Brady I took, you know, for Brady's funeral.

CAROLINE: That's a bit soon, no? I mean, they haven't even found a body yet.

ERIC: No, I know. But...Hope said the chances of Brady surviving were incredibly slim, and they pulled the car from the river, no one was inside, they...they figure Brady's body washed away.

Caroline puts a hand on Eric's shoulder.

CAROLINE: I have been around long enough to know that miracles can happen. They thought your father died too. And look what happened.

ERIC: I don't know, Grandma.

CAROLINE: Just keep your faith in God. Miracles do happen, Eric. Believe that.

As Caroline leans in to kiss Eric on the forehead, Nicole walks in with a box of photos. She overhears Caroline's remarks and smiles bittersweetly.

NICOLE: She's right, you know. Maybe we're doing this all wrong.

Eric looks to Nicole, confused.


Jenn hands Maxine some paperwork at the Nurses' Station at University Hospital, when Liam walks up behind her and covers her eyes gently.

LIAM: Guess who?

Jenn laughs, standing dead still, afraid to move lest she knock something over.

JENNIFER: Uh...(laughs) Gee, I don't know.

LIAM: Three guesses.

JENNIFER: Okay...uhh...Maxine?

LIAM: Is my voice really that close to hers?

Liam uncovers Jenn's eyes, as Jenn spins around and grabs Liam's hands. They share a laugh before sharing a kiss.

JENNIFER: I had a feeling it was you. How are you doing?

LIAM: I'm doing good, busy night, you know. Uh, I was wondering if you were close to finishing up for the night, as I figured we could catch a late movie, and then maybe stop for a quick drink at Club TBD? How's that sound?

As Liam describes his idea for a date night, a concerned Daniel approaches. Unsure whether he should interrupt or not, he hangs back a moment to hear Jenn's response.

JENNIFER: That sounds amazing. I am in.

Daniel now steps in, hesitantly, but knowing he should say something.

DANIEL: Uh...Sorry to interrupt, but...uh...can I speak to you for a second Jenn?

Jenn's smile fades and her warmth vanishes in an instant as she speaks to Daniel.

JENNIFER: Well, whatever you have to say, you can say in front of Liam. We have no secrets.

DANIEL:'s may have to postpone that date. Abigail's been admitted to the hospital.

Jenn looks to Daniel in shock, grasping Liam's hand for strength.


Inside the ICU room, Kim Brady leans over her daughter, the only sound heard is the occasional beep of the machinery keeping her alive. Kim is distraught, having finally reconnected with her daughter, only to have her at death's door so soon afterwards. She looks down at Theresa.

KIM: I love you, sweetie. I know I've let you down, and I know I've hurt you. But you're always my little Jeannie.

Kim sighs, kneeling down by her bed, she takes Theresa's hand.

KIM: I know, I know, you hate that name. But you'll always be Jeannie to me. That little girl who was so...happy, so full of love and wanted nothing more than to be a movie star. I remember, you and Andrew used to set up these movie sets and act them out for us...

Kim stops. She tears up as she thinks about how she failed her daughter by disbelieving her.

KIM: I should have listened to you. I should have never let Phil lay a hand on you. Never. I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry you couldn't count on me. I wish I hadn't been so desperate to hold onto his love that I'd...turn my own daughter away. I was wrong.

As she finishes, she hears a voice behind her, gently speaking to her. It's Billie, who's walked just inside the doorway.

BILLIE: You're right. You were so very wrong.

Kim looks back to Billie through tears, upset at the interruption, and at Billie's strong words.



EJ emerges from Abigail's hospital room, as Sami walks over to him. Concern in her expression as she walks over towards the door.

SAMI: Uh, hey. Is it okay if I go in now?

EJ: Sure. She may be a bit emotional, but it's just exhaustion, I think. She took a hard fall.

SAMI: Oh that's...a shame to hear. Have you told her about the project?

EJ: I have, she's excited but has some mixed emotions. I guess it's better I leave that discussion up to you two though.

EJ smiles and Sami responds in kind, though with a kind of reluctance. She doesn't quite look EJ in the eye, either. Sami turns to the door and begins to open it.

SAMI: I'll see you at home?

EJ: Sure.

As EJ walks into the main lobby at the hospital, Anne Milbauer steps off the elevator. She lurches forward and grabs him by the arm, brusquely walking him towards her office.

EJ: What the...?

ANNE: You and I are gonna have a little chat right now.


Sami steps into Abigail's room, seeing Abigail with tears in her eyes. Sami rushes over to Abigail.

SAMI: Hey, hey! You alright?

ABBY: Sami! Hey, yeah, I'm fine. I'm just...really tired, that's all.

SAMI: Oh it's okay. I...look, I know you had a pretty bad fall,'re gonna be out of the hospital tonight, right?

ABBY: Soon as I hear back from Daniel, yeah.

SAMI: Good. Hey! Uh...I just packed Johnny, Sydney, and Allie off for their first day of school. You should see the pictures we took this morning.

Sami flips through her phone and then hands over her phone to Abby, leaning on Abby's bedside with a huge smile on her face as Abigail looks at the picture, smiling at the picture before her.

ABBY: Oh my God, they are SO adorable.

SAMI: It was a perfect moment for about two seconds before Johnny stole Sydney's backpack and Allie tackled him on the front lawn to try to stop him.

Sami and Abby laugh at Sami's story. Abby looks to Sami, a bit of sadness in her eyes.

ABBY: I'm glad you showed me that. I miss the kids.

SAMI: Well, there's nothing saying you can't come by and see them. They miss you too! You're fantastic with them. Seriously, Abby, you're gonna be a fabulous mother one day.

Abby's face drops upon hearing Sami's words. She tries to hide the pain she feels, knowing her situation.

ABBY: Thanks. (sighs) Who knows, maybe I'll meet the love of my life in Italy and I'll be a mother of six!

SAMI: Trust me, you'll wanna start off small. Four kids is a handful. Even between EJ, Lucas, and I. But I think if anyone can do it, it's you.

Abby smiles, taking Sami's hand and squeezing it.

ABBY: Thank you, Sami. You' know you've done so much for me, and I just...I sometimes wonder if I deserve it.

SAMI: Oh come on, Abby, you've been a great friend to me too! Why would you even say that?

Abby shrugs, trying to come up with a good answer.

ABBY: I feel sometimes.

SAMI: Well, don't. Because everything that's coming your way, you deserve every bit of it.

Just as soon as Sami finishes speaking, Jenn bursts into the room, visibly panicked, with Laura, Daniel, and Liam in tow.

JENN: Abby! Honey! Are you okay??

Abby looks to her mom and family awkwardly, shocked by their sudden entrance, while Sami spins around suddenly, caught off guard.


Anne closes the door to her office, and EJ adjusts his suit, annoyed at having it roughed up.

EJ: Alright, Ms. Milbauer, I'm not having a very good day and I'm rather busy so let's hurry this up, yes?

ANNE: Oh I won't be long. Trust me. I know what you're trying to do. But you've gone too far this time. Alright?

Anne slowly walks up to EJ, arms folded, trying to keep her cool, commanding presence before EJ's similar disposition.

EJ: I don't know what you're talking ab---

ANNE: ...Oh give it a rest, DiMera. We both know the lengths you'd go to cover up your little indiscretion with pretty little Abby Deveraux. So let me just lay it on the line, here. You win. I will leave town and keep my mouth shut, just like you asked. No more games. No more trying to make me think I'm crazy, no more threats.I'll go.

EJ: I honestly have had no hand in whatever's swayed you this way, but I am grateful that you've made the right decision, Anne.

ANNE: You should be. In fact, you should be groveling right now. Praying that I do keep my big mouth shut, because I know what Samantha Brady is capable of. You know that friend of mine in a coma down the hall there? That's her cousin. I've heard so very many stories about what she could and will do to you when she finds out, and believe me, EJ, she will find out.

Anne approaches EJ, getting right up in his face, and speaking almost so quietly she can barely be heard.

ANNE: But not from me. I'll leave that up to karma.

After a long, uncomfortable pause, Anne holds her hand out to a still-silent EJ.

ANNE: So where's my ticket.

EJ wordlessly turns and steps away towards the door, not turning once to look back at Anne, his grimacing face tells the story.

EJ: Be at the airport tomorrow morning at 7am, there will be a boarding pass waiting for you.

EJ closes the door behind him, leaving Anne looking on, shaking her head in disapproval.


Caroline scowls at Nicole, who has placed the box she was holding onto the table before her at the pub.

CAROLINE: What the Hell's that supposed to mean? You think I don't even know what my Shawn wanted for his funeral.

Caroline stops, as Eric and Nicole look to each other. Caroline snaps her fingers in frustration, realizing what she'd just done.

CAROLINE: I did it again, didn't I? Shoot!

ERIC: Grandma, it's okay.

CAROLINE: I know, I just...ugh, I hate getting so frazzled when I'm upset about something.

NICOLE: There's nothing to be upset over, I was just...suggesting that instead of making this a memorial service, why don't we make this a sort celebration. As though he's somewhere still with us.

Eric looks at Nicole, slightly confused.

ERIC: I don't quite follow.

As Nicole explains herself, she begins going on an extended diatribe, but realizes halfway through how insensitive she sounds and becomes instantly self-conscious.

NICOLE: Well, for one, we don't even know for sure that Brady's dead, and we don't have a body to bury. And I mean, come on, we're in Salem, half the TOWN'S been savagely murdered before our eyes and they all turned up alive and I'm TOTALLY making an ass of myself right now, and I'll just...stop...talking.

Nicole sheepishly sits down at the booth next to Eric, wishing she'd never opened her mouth. After an awkward moment, Caroline speaks up.

CAROLINE: She's right.

ERIC &NICOLE: (in unison) What??!

CAROLINE:A wake. Celebrate Brady's life, instead of mourning his death. It's the perfect way to honour him. No?


Kim stares down Billie, enraged by her accusation, and her presence in the room.

KIM: What the Hell are you doing here?

BILLIE: Probably the same thing you're doing. Visiting Theresa.

KIM: Really, because it seems to me like you're here to lay blame at my feet for the fun of it.

Billie steps further into Theresa's hospital room, and closes the door behind her. She stands, stiff and nervous as she speaks to Kim.

BILLIE: I'm not, Kim. I'm really not. But, I mean, you have to know that this, this all...ugh, never mind.

Kim gets up from Theresa's bedside, and stares down Billie, though Billie maintains eye contact, not to be intimidated.

KIM: What?

Billie looks to Kim. She holds up her hand and shakes her head.

BILLIE: No,'s not important.

KIM: Billie, just spit it out, I know you want to.

BILLIE: (sighs) As far as I'm concerned, everything that's happened, all the changes that Theresa went through after Phil's sick, twisted she's behaved, the drugs, the's all on you Kim! All of it!

Kim steps toward Billie and slaps her hard across her face, stunning Billie.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Gabi guides a drunk Nick through the door to the loft. They stumble in, with Nick's arm around her shoulder, though Gabi's the one lifting his wobbly body down to the living room.

Once they reach the sofa, Gabi flops Nick down on it, nearly falling on top of him in the process. After an awkward moment, which surely could be taken for sexual tension, Nick looks at Gabi and asks her a question.

NICK: You never answered me before...was this tonight...did you agree to go with me because you're afraid of me?

Gabi pulls herself up off the couch quickly, then heads over to the kitchenette to grab Nick a glass of water.

GABI: No. Nick, I went out tonight because I feel like you and I needed to...reconnect. That's all.

NICK: Well, good. I don't...want to scare you, Gabi. I loveyou.

Gabi cringes a bit at Nick's admission. She turns around, glass of water in hand. She hands it to him.

GABI: Here, drink up. You'll thank me in the morning.

NICK: Thank you, Gabi. I reeeally approa...appre...thank you.

Nick goes to drink the water, and dribbles all over his shirt. Gabi jumps into action and pulls the glass away from him.

GABI: You're slobbering all over yourself. Here, here, here.

Gabi unbuttons his shirt, which Nick takes a sign of interest. Gabi stops dead in her tracks, unsure what to do next. Nick leans in to kiss her, but passes out just before their lips touch. Gabi breathes a sigh of relief, as she lets Nick flop down on the sofa.

She jumps up, heading for her purse. She pulls out the bottle of pills she got from Liam.

GABI: Time for action, Gabi.


In her room at University Hospital, Abigail looks to EJ from her bed, shocked at what he just accused her of.

ABBY: I....what?

EJ steps closer to the bed, leaning against the front of it, staring directly into her eyes.

EJ: Abigail, I expect a straight answer from you. Is that my baby you're carrying?

Abigail's jaw drops, in disbelief that EJ knows about her pregnancy.



Gabi struggles to get Nick into his bed. Pulling off his wet shirt and taking off his pants, she grunts and grumbles in exasperation, trying to remove his clothes from his limp body.

GABI: My God, it's like mothering a 150lb baby. UGH!

Gabi falls back as Nick's trousers come off. She rolls her eyes, then lifts Nick's limp legs into his bed. She then takes off her own dress, before walking slowly over to her purse. Looking behind her repeatedly, afraid of beign caught, she pulls the bottle of pills back out from her bag, and makes her way quietly over to the bathroom.

Gabi closes the door behind her, and then immediately opens the medicine cabinet. Once inside, she finds Nick's bottle of Ibuprofen. Looking inside the bottle, she immediately dumps the bottle into the toilet and flushes them down it.

Quickly thereafter, she replaces the Ibuprofen with her lookalike pills. Putting the cap back on the bottle, she hastily shoves them back into the medicine cabinet, closes it, then hustles back into Nick's room, where she, uncomfortably, lays herself down next to him in his bed.

GABI: My God, this better work. I need to get Nick out of our lives, for good. This is the only way.


Sami walks over to Marlena and Kim, as Kayla steps out of Theresa's room. Kayla hesitates to smile as she steps out from the room.

SAMI: How's everything, is Theresa okay?


KAYLA: Well, she's still in a coma, but the surgery was a success. We managed to stop the bleeding, so...she'll be able to recover slowly.

KIM: soon before she wakes up?

KAYLA: That's...the thing, Kim. We aren't sure how long it will take. She may recover in a matter of days, weeks, months. However long it takes for her body to recover from the trauma. She fell out of that car at a pretty high speed.

KIM: Oh God.

MARLENA: So, Kayla, you mean, there's a chance she may not wake up.

Kayla takes a moment before responding, hoping to retain her composure while answering.

KAYLA: It's a distinct possibility.

KIM: No...NO! Not my baby girl.

Kim leans into Marlena, who gives her a warm hug. Sami puts a hand on Kim's arm in comfort as well.

KAYLA: Look, we will keep you in the loop if anything changes, and you can come visit her whenever you want, Kimmy.

Kay gives Kim a hug, as Kim cries on her shoulder.

KIM: Can I....May I see her now?

KAYLA: Sure.

KIM: Thank you.

Kayla and Kim separate from their embrace, as Kim shuffles over to the door of Theresa's hospital room.

Once inside, Kim sees her daughter, just brought back into her life, once again ripped away from her. She tears up and rests her head on her daughter's shoulder, crying painful tears.

Outside the room, Marlena and Sami begin to talk.

MARLENA: So, what did EJ want?


SAMI: Oh, he and I were just discussing work stuff.

MARLENA: You sure about that? You seemed a bit rattled a moment ago. I nearly went over there but you seemed to hold it together.

SAMI: Eventually. It's not easy, but...I can't fall apart every time I see him, you know?

MARLENA: Just don't push yourself too hard.

SAMI: Mom, I won't. But thank you.

MARLENA: Anytime, Sweetie. Where is EJ now?

SAMI: I'm not sure, he sort of...just...ran out of here in a hurry to tell Abigail about the new project he wants her to work on in Europe. So...I guess he's in there.


SAMI: Yeah, looks like she'll be working from Italy for the next few months. Wish I could get away from him so easily.


Abigail backs herself up in her bed, afraid of EJ's reaction.

ABBY: I...okay, yes, it's yours.

EJ looks down and shakes his head. He walks back from the front of the bed, soaking in the realization that Abigail's baby is his. That Abigail even has a baby, for that matter. He explodes in anger suddenly, causing Abigail to sit bolt upright in fear.

EJ: Do you mean to tell me that you were just going to pretend you weren't pregnant and then whoops! One day you pop a baby out? Is that seriously what you were going to do?

ABBY: No! I was not...I--

EJ: So what was it then? Were you planning to abort the baby and not tell anyone?

ABBY: NO! I would never do that! EJ, I only found out a few weeks ago.

EJ turns, his voice dropping to a quiet, menacing tone.

EJ: And you never thought to tell me about it? You've had weeks, Abigail. Weeks! I don't know about you, but I think I have a right to know about something like this.

ABBY: I never said you didn't have a right to know. I just...I wanted to make this decision on my own, I wanted to tell you in my own time. After I'd made a decision and took care of it all myself.

EJ: Well, guess what? You waited too long, sweetheart.

ABBY: What do you mean?

EJ: There is too much at stake here. We haven't had sex since Feburary? March? That means you're now 6 months pregnant? Oh, you're doing quite well not showing but I see the signs now. And people are asking questions. Ones you'll need to answer for.

ABBY: So what do I do, EJ?

EJ: I'll tell you what you'll do.

EJ pulls a plane ticket he was going to give Anne from his jacket pocket.

EJ: You're going to take this, and you're going to get on a plane to Italy--

ABBY: ...What?

EJ: No questions! Sami and I have arranged for you to do some work for DiMera in Rome. You will do this work from the condominium we have in Rome. You will not go to DiMera's offices. Someone will come to you. When that baby is born, it will be adopted. You will return to Salem, refreshed, a new woman. And you will never speak of this again. Do you hear me?

ABBY: I...what?? How dare you?? How did you get Sami to agree to this? I don't get to even...see my baby? I'll never be able to...know them? What?? No, EJ. That's insane.

EJ: No, what's insane, Abigail, is you thinking that you could just cover your ears and pretend that nothing is happening when you're 6 months pregnant with the child of man that's to be married to another woman. This is the only way you and I will be able to keep our secret. Do you understand that? I'm not doing this TO you, I'm doing it for you.

Abigail, visibly angered by EJ's overbearing swift action, looks away, tears forming in her eyes. She breathes in deep, then sighs, throwing her hands up.

ABBY: Then I guess I have no other choice, now do I?

EJ: I knew you'd make the right decision.

ABBY: But here's the thing, EJ. After this, I never EVER want to speak to you ever again. Stay the Hell away from me. Forever. Got it?

EJ wordlessly turns toward the door, and walks out of the room, closing the door casually behind him. Abigail looks on in disgust.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Gabi sips awkwardly on a glass of wine as she sits across the table from Nick at Club TBD. Nick can sense the tension, and breaks the silence.

NICK: So....are Will and Sonny looking after Ari tonight?

Gabi smiles and puts her glass of wine down, stopping herself from choking on her wine as she tries to speak.

GABI: Mm! Yeah...sorry, yeah, Will and Sonny are at home tonight and so...they're fine to look after her.

NICK: Even knowing that you're going out with me?

Gabi looks away, giving a bit of a sheepish grin. Nick clues in immediately.

NICK: ...They don't know, do they?

Gabi shakes her head after a second's pause.

GABI: No, they...I didn't tell them it was you, I...kinda told them I was going to visit Rafe tonight, so...

NICK: You shouldn't have to lie on my account.

GABI: No, honestly, Nick, it's just...easier this way. I need to keep the peace at home and this...this just isn't going to make it any easier if I start going out and spending time with you again.

NICK: No....I understand. Just...I don't want to complicate things for you at home, that's all.

Gabi smiles and reaches out a hand, hesitantly, to Nick's across the table, as she looks thoughtfully into his eyes. Just before she places her hand over his, T walks past, and Gabi raises her hand to get his attention instead.

GABI: Oh T! Can I get a Vodka soda on the rocks.

Gabi smiles and looks to Nick.

NICK: Uh...make mine a double. Thanks.

T smiles awkwardly at them both, not overly happy with the scene before him, but willing to serve as always.

T: Yoooou got it. Coming up!

GABI: Thanks!

Nick looks back to Gabi and smiles. After a second, he finally speaks up.

NICK: Gabi, you're not just going out with me because you're afraid of me, are you?

Gabi's caught off guard by Nick's directness, and stumbles to find a safe reply.


Will lights a tall candle at the dinner table before running to dim the lights in their shared apartment. Once the lights are off, he turns to call for Sonny.

WILL: Alright, you can come out now!

Sonny emerges from the bedroom, shutting the door slowly behind him, almost tiptoeing as he does.

SONNY: Shhh! Ari's sleeping, this might be our only quiet moment!

WILL: Impressed?

SONNY: I mean...I didn't know you could cook, let alone make all that.

Will glares at Sonny, as Sonny laughs at Will's exasperation.

WILL: Lucky for you, I ordered in, now would you sit down?

SONNY: Okay, okay.

As Sonny sits down, he leans over to kiss Will gently. They begin to dig into their meal, and a moment later, Sonny remembers to ask Will something.

SONNY: Oh, I forgot to ask, did you ever show anyone your new blog?

WILL: Oh yeah, I, uh...I showed it to Aunt Maggie this morning when I ran into her down at the Club. We were both grabbing coffee and I put the link into her favourites on her tablet.

SONNY: Nice! I read it while you were out and...honestly, your article about raising Ari and our life sounds insanely cheesy...but it really touched me.

Will laughs a bit at Sonny's earnest praise.

WILL: Sonny, I'm trying to eat here.

Sonny rolls his eyes, before smacking Will on his arm playfully.

SONNY: God, would you just take a compliment already? Seriously!

WILL: (laughs) Whatever, Sonny! You're the one who got all cheesy on me.

SONNY: Whatever yourself! Honestly, you're one of the best writers I've read in a long time. And I can't wait to marry you.

Will smiles sheepishly at Sonny's compliment.

WILL: I can't wait either.

The two lean in and share a kiss across the table, softly, gently, and sweetly. The smile as they look to each other, an intense, loving gaze that couldn't be broken.


Maggie sits in Horton Town Square, reading something intently on her tablet. She looks smart in her business attire, and reading glasses on her nose.

As she studies the article before her, Tyler approaches her at the table as she takes a sip of the coffee in front of her.

TYLER: You look thoroughly embroiled in that story. Mind if I distract you for a moment?

Maggie looks up with a start, before pulling off her glasses and looking a smiling Tyler. She smiles back.


EJ closes the door to Abigail's hospital room, before making a beeline for the main room of the hospital, where Sami is sitting. He stops right before a visibly shaken Sami and startles her with his brusque proclamation.

EJ: You and I need to have a little chat about Abigail.



Maggie's smile lingers on Tyler as she motions to the seat across the table from her.

MAGGIE: Please do.

As Tyler sits down, Maggie lays the tablet down on the table before her.

MAGGIE: It's good to see you again. I know we had a sort of...quick meeting this morning when I was at Victor's office, but I'm curious, I thought you'd stepped down from EnerNext. What kind of work are you doing for Victor?

TYLER: Well, basically I'm back running it now. Victor was going to take the reigns and I'd be able to pass quietly into retirement but...with this unfortunate turn of events with your grandson Brady, I'm going to be taking control back.

Maggie appears less than impressed with Tyler's news. She pauses a moment and thinks carefully about what she says next.

MAGGIE: I know, i don't really have much good to say about that whole project you're trying to set up in the west end.

TYLER: Well, why not? There's a lot of very lucrative jobs to be had, ones that will benefit your business quite handily, I might add.

MAGGIE: How do you know I run a business?

TYLER: It's not hard to find out these things, you know, especially with how much Victor talks about you.

Maggie smiles sheepishly, blushing a little.

MAGGIE: Well, it's always nice to know he's only saying nice things about his wife...uh...listen, Mr. Houston--

TYLER: ...Uh...Tyler.

MAGGIE: Tyler...if you don't mind, I had promised my grand-nephew I'd read his article and tell him about it tonight, I really don't want to let him down so--

TYLER: Oh, your grand-nephew is a writer, hm?

MAGGIE: Well, yes. A rather good one, I might add.

TYLER: Do you mind if I have a look over it?

MAGGIE: Not at all.

Tyler takes Maggie's tablet from the table and sits down a minute to read it. Maggie leans in, putting her elbows down on the table and leaning into her hands.

MAGGIE: Now, be easy on him, he's fresh out of college, you know.

Tyler doesn't respond right away. Carefully reading his writing, Tyler seems transfixed by what he's reading.

TYLER: That only makes what I'm reading more impressive. This boy has a real way with the written word that's rare in those twice his age. It's something we really need at EnerNext in our PR department. I...hope this isn't too presumptuous or anything, wouldn't mind putting me in contact with him, would you?

Maggie is taken aback by Tyler's enthusiasm for Will's work. She struggles to respond to Tyler's request.


Nick is now starting to get a little more lazy in his movements as he sits with Gabi at Club TBD, the result of three double vodka sodas. Gabi tries to appear as though she's enjoying herself, but is having a hard time.

NICK: (laughs) ...and so...then they came in and BAM!

Gabi jumps back a bit at Nick's joke, putting a phony smile on her face and taking another sip of her drink.

NICK: And...then...I forget the rest. You's so good to be here with you again, Gabi. I...mmmissed you.

GABI: Me too, Nick. Me too.

NICK: You know, you and me should...we should go back to my new place. I just got a new place and we...we should go to it.

Gabi smiles knowingly now. Almost relieved that Nick's made the suggestion now.

GABI: Yes! Yes, that's a good idea. Let me settle up and we'll head up.

Gabi goes to get up, but Nick waves to get her to stop, pulling his wallet out and lazily handing her arbitrary bills.

NICK: Gabi Gabi Gabi Gabi Gabi HERE!

He's handed her six $1s and a $100.

NICK: Tell T he can keep the change.

Gabi slowly walks over to pay the bill. T glances over to Nick, sitting less-than-gallantly at the table.

T: You sure he's gonna be alrght?

GABI: Oh he'll be fine.

T: Yeah, but....what about YOU?

GABI: T, for the first time in a very long time, I feel like everything is under control.


Will and Sonny are cleaning up after dinner, when Will's cell phone starts to ring. He puts a plate he's rinsed on the dish rack before picking up the phone.

WILL: Hm...strange.

SONNY: What's that?

WILL: Strange number. Let me see.

Will answers the phone, an unsure tone in his voice.

WILL: I...uh...Will Horton speaking.

* * *

Tyler replies at the Town Square. He paces back and forth as he speaks.

TYLER: Yes, William. It's Tyler Houston from EnerNext. I was hoping to speak to you at some point.

* * *

WILL: Uh...yes, regarding what, exactly?

* * *

TYLER: Well, I just read some of your writing, and I'm interested in discussing an opportunity with our company's PR department. Uh...would you be available to meet with me this evening?

* * *

Will stutters and stumbles, in shock at the sudden offer dropped in his lap.


Sami stands up, very displeased with EJ's tone and walks with him to the waiting room nearby.

As the door closes, Sami tears into EJ.

SAMI: How dare you come over to me like that when you know what I've been like this last week. I just got out of a therapy session and you come barrelling at me like that?? What the Hell's wrong with you?!

EJ: (over Samantha's tirade) Samantha, Samantha! Woah! I'm sorry. I'M Sorry. Okay? Something has come up that I got excited about, and...I think you should listen to what I have to say.

Sami steps back, arms folded. She glowers at EJ, who begins to relax after a moment of silence.

EJ: Alright. So, DiMera has a rather...extensive project in Europe right now that we need a strong writer to help with publicity and marketing. And I think this is an excellent opportunity for Abigail.

SAMI:'re right, it could be great, but...she just started with us at Countess W, I mean...don't you think she might be over her head a bit? I mean, she's been so stressed out lately herself...

EJ: I don't think that will be a problem. In fact, I think this might be exactly what Abigail needs. A change of scenery, some new faces, the ability to work her magic on her own. It could be exactly what she needs.

Sami thinks about it a moment, then turns back to EJ, nodding in agreement.

SAMI: I think...I think you're right. We should go ahead with that.

EJ: Excellent, I'll go tell her right away.

EJ makes a beeline for the door, but Sami calls out to him just before his hand touches the doorknob.

SAMI: Oh, wait, EJ.

EJ: Yes, Samantha.

SAMI: How is she doing?

EJ: Great. She just had a hit on the head, she'll be out soon enough, maybe even tonight.

SAMI: Maybe we should call Jennifer or somet--

EJ:...NO! No, I wouldn't worry about that. It'll be fine.

EJ steps out of the office, leaving Sami confused by EJ's strong reaction to Sami's suggestion.

EJ walks down the hallway, almost running for Abby's hospital room. He opens the door to her room, and Abigail turns to him, unpleasantly surprised to see him.


EJ shuts the door quietly but intensely. A menacing look across his face that immediately intimidates Abigail.

EJ: So...when exactly were you going to tell me you were pregnant?





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

A knock is heard on Kate's office door. Kate looks up from her computer.

KATE: Come in!

Billie and Lucas step in, a look of worry across both their faces.

KATE: Ah! Billie! Lucas! Excellent.

BILLIE: Okay, Mom. You sounded urgent on the phone...what's going on?

KATE: Well...have a seat, and we'll discuss it.

Billie and Lucas obey their mother's command and sit down in front of her desk. Kate leans over her desk, as if to give a proclamation.

KATE: I think it's time we sat down and discussed the Titan board meeting next week, and whether or not the company should hold onto Titan TV.

Lucas seems confused, Billie looks over to him.

LUCAS: What does that have to do with us? I mean, we'd have to start putting more money into our advertising budget, but surely Victor can grandfather something in.

KATE: No, no. It's not just that. We could face a very hefty penalty as a company for the things we do with that TV station. Everything from the news to, yes, our advertising deals. The FCC could have major problems with that.

BILLIE: What? Wait, mom. You've never forced our hand on a board vote before. What's got you so concerned this time?

Kate pauses a moment, not sure how to respond.


Jenn is sitting at her desk at the hospital, having a chat with Laura. As she talks with Laura, Jenn tries to do some filing.

LAURA: So how was your night with Liam?

JENN: It was wonderful. Honestly, I've never met a man who just...understood me so completely, not since...

Jenn stops herself, choking up a bit thinking of Jack.

LAURA: Since...Daniel?

Jenn stays still a moment, then shakes her head. Outside Jenn's office door, Daniel approaches, with a document in hand for Jenn. Just before stepping to the door, he hears Jenn say his name.

JENN: Not since Jack, Mom. I mean...Daniel....Daniel, I thought he was fantastic. I was so patient with him, because I knew how hard it's been with him since his wife died and...he knew when Jack came back to town so give us space. He was really great when Jack died. He knew exactly what I was going through...

Jenn pauses for a moment. Laura presses.

LAURA: But...

JENN: But, Mom, he didn't trust me when my son was in trouble. He lied and made me believe he'd not only sleep with someone like Theresa, but that he'd be doing drugs with her? All for what? Because he didn't think I'd stand by my son? Because I couldn't be trusted to protect my own son.

Laura walks over to Jenn and hugs her for a minute. Jenn leans in to give her mom a warm hug like she'd been wanting to for a long time.

LAURA: I'm so sorry, honey. I didn't realize. I know, we all miss Jack. I just...well...just give it time. Don't rush into things, okay? Liam seems like a good guy but...I want you to just take it easy, okay?

Jenn pulls away from her mom's embrace and, still holding her hands, smiles warmly at Laura.

Outside Jenn's door, Daniel shakes his head, wincing from the stinging words Jenn has spoken about him. He walks away from Jenn's door, heading back to tend to Theresa.

JENN: Thanks, Mom. Can about something else?

Jenn wipes away tears as she asks Laura the question, and Laura sits back in her chair, immediately knowing what else she had on her mind.

LAURA:'s Abigail been feeling?

JENN: You's strange, she's run down the last few months, and sick a lot. Not much of an appetite, and when she does it, it's been terrible food. I mean, if I didn't know she'd only been with Chad, honestly, I'd say she were pregnant.

Laura looks to Jenn, a bit concerned.


EJ kneels over Abigail as she lies on the floor of the DiMera offices, unconscious. EJ checks her breathing, as Abigail slowly stirs.

EJ: Abigail? You alright?

ABBY: Uh...huh? EJ? What?...

Abigail looks around the room, in a daze. She grabs her stomach suddenly, before realizing where she is, and lets go.

ABBY: My God. I...

EJ: You need to go to the hospital immediately, we'll get you checked out.

Abigail protests weakly, as EJ sits her up to head for the elevator.

ABBY:, I'm fine...

Abigail's face is increasingly panicked as she gets boosted up into EJ's arms and whisked off to UH.



Anne continues to slap the man at the door of the elevator, thinking him to be EJ, until a strong American accent throws her off and stops her assault.

REPAIR GUY: Hey, hey, hey! LADY! What the Hell??!

Anne backs up, and takes a closer look at the man before her. She jumps back a little, an apologetic look across her face.

ANNE: Oh...oh my God, I'm...I'm so sorry, I...

REPAIR GUY: This how you treat everyone that comes to help ya, lady?

ANNE: I...I thought you were someone else, see, it's actually a really funny story, see...

REPAIR GUY: I'm sure it is.

Anne steps casually off the elevator, following the now-completely-bemused repairman away from the elevator.

ANNE: See, I thought you were this guy who's been following me around and has people all out to make me think I'm crazy and when, well, really, I'm not, he's just an...

Anne stops herself, realizing how absolutely insane she sounds. She smiles at the repairman, and takes his hand in hers, patting it gratefully.

ANNE: You know what? Nevermind. Thanks again! I really appreciate it.

Anne steps towards her door and hastily opens it, stepping into her apartment.

The repairman stands back, in shock at what's just transpired.

REPAIR GUY: I gotta get outta this town, man!


Gabi walks into Club TBD. Looking around, she sees Nick, sitting at a booth in the corner. She tenses, incredibly wary of coming anywhere closer to Nick. Finally she steps forward, essentially forcing herself into line. She sits down at the table. Nick immediately takes her hand in his.

NICK: I'm so glad to see you.

Gabi pulls her hand away quickly. She smiles immediately, realizing how bad that looks.

GABI: Sorry. I'm....a bit nervous.

NICK: I understand. It's alright. Please, can I order you a drink?

Gabi smiles a slightly devious smile, but catches herself and nods, changing her smile to a more flirtatious one. Nick smiles and flags down T.

Gabi looks on, thinking to herself:

I have to make this happen. I have to get him hooked again. I can't have him hurt me, or Ari. I won't let it happen.


Kate gestures, trying in vain to find some kind of answer to Billie's question. She stands up and begins pacing the room while talking.

KATE: It's....simple, really. I just...did a bit of research, it's really nothing to do with anything.

BILLIE: Okay, seriously. Mom, what's going on? Why are you so freaked out? I can tell you're not yourself right now.

LUCAS: Seriously, Mom. Spill! What's got you so riled up?

Kate takes a second to breathe before turning around to face her kids' onslaught of questions.

KATE: It's just best business practice. I'm just....nervous about how Victor's going to react, is all. I mean, we haven't exactly been on the best of terms since I--

LUCAS: ...Tried to have him killed at the Coronation...

Kate rolls her eyes at Lucas' snarky remarks before carrying on.

KATE:..and now...well...I just...he's been gracious enough to have me as CEO at MadWorld and I'm not prepared to give that up, but going against him, particularly when he's so distressed about Brady's accident, I just...

Billie gets up and walks over to Kate. Putting a hand on Kate's shoulder, she reassures her.

BILLIE: Mom, I get it. I'll think about it, but...we're in your corner, Lucas and I. Okay?

Kate smiles and hugs Billie tightly.

KATE: I knew I could count on you.


Lucas looks on, not quite so convinced, and folds his arms while shaking his head.


EJ walks down the hallway at University Hospital, having come from Abigail's hospital room. He is deep in thought, concerned for Abigail, but not so sure about what's been bugging her.

Upon entering the 6th floor lobby, EJ sees Sami standing with Marlena and Kim. They look concerned themselves. EJ begins to head over to greet Sami, but Sami looks up at him, and freezes. EJ immediately remembers Sami's recollections after their argument, and stops himself. Sami turns away momentarily to tell Marlena and Kim something.

SAMI: Uh...look, I....think I need to talk to EJ for a moment, do you mind?

MARLENA: Are you sure that's a good idea?

SAMI: I'll be fine, Mom. Thanks.

Marlena gives Sami and quick kiss on the cheek and hug before stepping aside with Kim.

Sami steps to EJ slowly, almost reluctantly, yet trying to come off nonchalantly.

EJ: Samantha.

SAMI: EJ. I guess you've heard about Brady and Theresa's accident today.

EJ: I have. I'm sorry to hear about it. How is everyone holding up.

SAMI: (sighs) I suppose as well as can be expected. My Aunt Kim is just waiting to hear back from the doctors before she goes in to visit. Daniel was operating and they're just letting Theresa rest for a bit before they let her visit so...

EJ: I see.

SAMI: Yep. So...what are you doing here?

EJ: Uh, I was actually here tending to Abigail, you see, she's been in a bit of an accident at work, and--

SAMI: What?! Is she okay?

EJ reaches out to stop Sami from running off to find Abigail's room, but when EJ touches her, he catches himself as Sami flinches.

EJ: I'm sorry.

SAMI: (sigh) It's...okay. she okay? Can I see her? What happened?

EJ: She had a ladder fall on her at the office earlier, it' big deal, she's fine, I just...I stopped you because the doctor was in with her just now.

SAMI: Oh...right.

EJ: I'm actually going to check on her to see what the doctor says and if you want I can ask Abigail if she wouldn't mind a visitor. If you like, that is.

SAMI: That...sounds great.

EJ: Alright, I'll be right back.

EJ smiles a bit, Sami smiles back. As EJ steps away, she almost collapses, as though she'd been holding onto every bit of strength she had during their exchange. Sami takes a seat at a nearby bench and breathes heavily, trying to regain some semblance of composure.

Inside Abigail's hospital room, Daniel talks with Abigail. Abigail is extremely nervous, knowing Daniel's close relationship with her family and friends, particularly her mom.

DANIEL: Well, looks like you just had a bit of a hit on the head. No need for any surgery, should be out of here in a few hours.

ABBY: That's good.'re not going to tell my mom about any of this, are you?

DANIEL: Nah, that's...that's not gonna happen. See, your mom and I are, in no uncertain terms, finished.

ABBY: Good. Uh...that's....not quite what I meant. I mean, I just...well, you know a lot of my family and friends and...

DANIEL: Doctor-patient confidentiality. Cross my heart.

Abigail smiles, feeling reassured that Daniel won't speak to anyone about her condition.

ABBY: Great. So uh...why a few hours, what else needs to be done?

As Daniel explains, EJ approaches the door to her hospital room, and begins to open the door to check on the progress of Abigail's appointment. As he opens the door, he hears Daniel speak.


DANIEL: We just have to run one more test to see how your baby's holding up after the accident and you should be set to go!

EJ's eyes pop out, shocked by Daniel's news.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

EJ sits on the edge of Abigail's desk. She seems visibly uncomfortable with EJ's intensity, which is unrelenting. His eyes are piercing, and it intimidates her.

ABBY: I...was just...I'm tired. That's all, EJ. Please just...don't worry about me.

EJ: Abigail, you've been like this for weeks now. You're getting your work done and it's pleasing Samantha but...I know something's off.

Abby gets up from her seat, but has difficulty doing so. EJ attempts to give her a hand, but she refuses.

ABBY: No. Please don't.

EJ looks, a great concern on his face.


Kate is working at her desk when Nick knocks twice and promptly steps into Kate's office. Kate is immeidately displeased by his barging in.

KATE: Have you never worked in an office before?

NICK: Your secretary wasn't at her desk, so...hey, I knocked first.

Kate rolls her eyes at Nick before motioning him to sit down. He obliges, taking an exceedingly casual pose in his chair.

NICK: So here's the deal...

KATE: Ohhh boy, here we go.

NICK: I know, right? Did you hear the news about Brady?

KATE: Yes, I did, and I would expect you would be a little more reverent, particularly since he's what, your...6th cousin or something? It's so hard to tell in this town, especially with the Hortons.

NICK: I didn't really know Brady. I know he had problems. I can empathize. But I don't really have the time to dwell on it. And neither do you.

KATE: Look, if this is about the Titan TV vote, I already agreed to vote in favour of divesting--

NICK: That's not what I'm talking about.


Kate stops cold, trying to figure out what Nick's getting at.

NICK: Victor is going to push back that vote as much as possible until Brady's found. We all know this. It's up to you to convince the board that that idea is reckless. The vote needs to happen immediately.


Anne pushes the Emergency Call button inside the elevator frantically. The light never turns on. The sound of the local radio station playing the daily news does nothing but heighten her panic. Worried that EJ is trying to do her in, she screams at the top of her lungs, hoping someone will hear her.


Her voice echoes but no voice returns her pleas.

She tries to climb up the the ceiling of the elevator, hoping the shaft contains an emergency escape. As she's about the use the back railing to boost herself up, the elevator jolts suddenly. The entire carriage shakes, and Anne falls back to the ground.



Hope steps into Victor's office. Victor and Maggie are going over their plan to re-open the Penthouse Grille. Victor looks up at Hope, and Maggie turns to face her.

VICTOR: Hope! What a surprise. What are you doing here?

Victor and Maggie's pleased looks fade as they see Hope's sadness.

HOPE: Sorry, I...your secretary told me I could just come in.

VICTOR: Nonsense, you're always welcome. What can I do for you?

Victor gets up, motioning to Hope to take a seat next to Maggie. Hope slowly saunters over and sits down. She gathers her strength to give them the news.

HOPE: Well...I have some news. It's about Brady.

Maggie loses all the colour from her face, while Victor looks on, a stoic look, but almost as though if he said anything, he'd be sick.

HOPE: There's been an accident. Brady and Theresa drove off an embankment just outside the city, and...Theresa's in a coma at the hospital, and Brady....they...they can't find him, Victor.

Victor breathes deeply, before sighing, soaking in the news for a second.

VICTOR: Well, then you'd better get a bigger search party out.

HOPE: We have been searching for hours, Victor. There's no sign of him.

VICTOR: Well, then he's still out there. And you're wasting your time sitting her moping. Let's get out there and look. I'll have my men out there scouring the river in less than an hour.

HOPE: Victor! Stop! The forensics team said that considering the speed Brady was travelling when he drove off the road...the chances of him surviving the crash are still incredibly slim.

VICTOR: Then where's his body, dammit?! If you want me to believe it, I need proof, not conjecture.

HOPE: Victor, I'm sorry. We are going to keep looking for him.

VICTOR: (sigh) No. I'm sorry, Hope. I'm just in shock, and angry, and I'm taking out my frustration on you. Just...let me know what you find. Thank you.

Hope stands up from her seat, followed by Maggie. Maggie reaches over to hug Hope, before Hope leaves. As Hope heads fr the door, she stops, remembering one last thing to tell Victor.

HOPE: Victor, if you have any questions or anything, maybe a clue, give me a call.

VICTOR: Absolutely.

Maggie walks over to Victor's side the desk, and kneels down beside him. She cries as she lays her head next to his and embraces him.


Kate leans forward in her chair, staring Nick down as he lounges on the opposite side of her desk, his smug expression infuriating her.

KATE: Now, you are well aware that Victor is not going to allow Brady's votes to be removed from the board meeting until there's a body found, and that's final. If anything, he's going to try to proxy Brady's votes himself, or find a nearby ally to vote on Brady's behalf.

NICK: But I'm sure you realize how controversial that would be to the board. And I'm sure you know how to push the board to say what you want them to say. I mean, for one thing, your son and your daughter are on the board. So...that's two votes more tipping the scales in my favour, no?

Nick holds up his hands, counting the board members on both hands. He shakes three on his left hand, indicating Kate, Lucas, and Billie's votes.

KATE: You want me to use my children to vote your way, now

NICK: I want them to see sense, Kate. That TV station is nothing but a propoganda machine for the EnerNext tar sands, and everybody knows it. The FCC is going to come down on them hard for their lack of journalistic standards, and you could be looking at some pretty hefty fines for the reporting if Titan isn't careful.

KATE: I see...

Nick leans in towards Kate, looking intensely into Kate's eyes.

NICK: And you know how bad Titan's finances are, surely. I'd suggest if you want to keep MadWorld afloat, you might want to consider how a major loss in cashflow might affect your employment.

Nick gets up, and slowly heads for the door. As he opens the door, he turns and winks at Kate.

NICK: Nice talkin' to ya!

As he closes the door, Kate flops back in her chair, and rolls her eyes. Spent from trying to maintain her cool against Nick, she picks up her phone and calls Lucas.

KATE: You and I need to talk right now. And bring Billie with you. My office, yeah.

Kate hangs up, and sighs heavily.


Anne picks herself up off the floor, realizing the radio has stopped, and suddenly, a voice calls out to her over the speakers.

RADIO: Hello? Someone in there?

Anne jolts upright, relieved to hear a voice speaking to her.

ANNE: Yes! I'm in here!

RADIO: Okay, ma'am. Someone's on their way, that jolt you just felt was the repairman resetting the system. We'll have you up to your floor momentarily.

ANNE: Oh my GOD, thank you!!

RADIO: No worries, ma'am.

After a few moments, the elevator comes back to life. Lights come back on, and the elevator begins to move back upwards as before.

When the door opens, Anne is about to step off when a man looks back at her on the other side of the doors. Looking fast, she confuses the man's face with EJ's, and slaps him hard across the face, repeatedly.

ANNE: You disgusting bastard!


In the hallway at Countess W, a pair of repairmen step off the elevator, tool kits and ladder in hand.

RALPH: Hey Frank, so what's the deal with the ladder, man? I thought you broke it last week.

Frank sets the ladder up by Abigail's office door. He goes to step onto the first rung, unconcerned by his co-worker's reminder, and grabs a small flashlight from his toolbelt.

FRANK: Nah, I bent it slightly. Still holds up fine. I used it all day yesterday. Didn't even wobble.

RALPH: Alright, but I figure it's as good as excuse to get a new one as anything. Boss might even expense it.

Frank laughs as he climbs up, lifting the ceiling tile to check the wiring above.

FRANK: Yeah, right. Since when'd the DiMeras ever do anything nice, man.

RALPH: That's the truth.

Ralph grabs a wrench and begins looking through his toolkit.

Inside Abigail's office, Abby grimaces as she stands up, but EJ can't help but show his concern.

EJ: Abigail, really. What on Earth is going on?

ABBY: Just...ugh. I ate something I shouldn't have at lunch, it's no big deal, okay?

EJ: Abigail, I really think you should go see a doctor about this. It's obviously been bothering you for weeks now.

Abigail turns quickly to EJ, snapping at him.


ABBY: Stop telling me what to do, EJ! I am not going to a doctor, there is nothing wrong, I'm fine, okay? Just...leave it alone.

EJ: Leave what alone, Abigail? There's something you're not telling me and if it involves me then I need to know about it.

Abigail stares off into space, imagining her mother chastizing her for getting involved with EJ. Her voice rings clearly in her head.

JENN: I can't believe you're pregnant with EJ DiMera's baby, I'm so disappointed. My own daughter, letting me down...

The face Abby sees becomes JJ's.

JJ: My own sister, a DiMera slut...

JJ's face morphs into Jack's, much to Abigail's terror.

JACK: No daughter of mine would be so filthy as to...


Abigail snaps back to reality upon hearing EJ. She looks up at him, almost terrorized.

ABBY: I can't. I need some fresh air. I'm gonna be sick.

Abigail storms out the door of her office, surprising Frank on the ladder, which knocks him off balance as the ladder buckles under the changing weight. It falls over, knocking Abigail and Frank down with it.

Upon seeing the accident, EJ rushes to Abigail's side. Ralph runs over as well.

RALPH: What the Hell happened??!

EJ: Abigail! Abigail!

Abigail lies unconscious on the floor. EJ leans over, holding her head in his hands, checking her vital signs.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie sits at her desk at MadWorld, when a call comes in for her. After a second, Billie picks up.

BILLIE (into phone): Yes, Paul? Excellent, send him in.

A moment later, Paul, her secretary, ushers Roman Brady into her office. A smile is on his face.

ROMAN: Billie! I got some news for you. And I think you will be really happy with the results.

Billie smiles widely, itching to hear the news.


Marlena knocks frantically on Kim's door. After knocking for a bit, Kim opens the door, confused by the frantic knock.

KIM: Marlena! What's going on? I was just about to head o--

MARLENA: Oh Kim, I'm glad I found you.

Marlena reaches for Kim's arm, the panic evident in her movements, which puts Kim on edge.

KIM: Marlena! What's wrong, did something happen?

Marlena stops herself, she lets go of Kim's arm and centres herself for a moment.

MARLENA: Yes. I...I need you to come to the hospital with me. There's been an accident.

Kim gasps quietly. She steps back into her apartment to grab her purse. She's prepared, almost as though she knew it was coming.

KIM: It's Theresa, isn't it?

Marlena nods as Kim hastily locks her apartment door. Kim presses the button on the elevator repeatedly, as though that would make it come faster.

KIM: Oh God, let's go. Did you drive here?

MARLENA: Yes, I'll meet you there.

As they step in, Kim looks to Marlena.

KIM: I'm almost afraid to ask...but...(sigh) What happened?

Marlena looks to Kim empathetically as the doors close.


Abigail is sitting at her desk at Countess W. She's trying to focus on her work, but all she can focus on is the letter from the hospital, saying she's pregnant. She tries in vain to refocus, but can't seem to see anything but the letter, though she continues to type.

The word "pregnant" appears on her computer monitor, the result of her mistyping. She hits backspace, but the computer freezes and won't erase the word immediately. She jams on the key repreatedly in frustration, before slouching back in her chair.

ABBY: What am I gonna do?

Abby sits bolt upright as a voice calls out to her from the doorway of her office.

EJ: About what, exactly?

Abby hestitates to come up with an answer, looking like a deer caught in the headlights by EJ's question.



Roman hands Billie the report he ran up on the flash drive.

ROMAN: Turns out that not only was that used to connect to a device within Titan, but it also has some familiar fingerprints on it.

Billie reads over the letter, a smile slowly building on her face.

BILLIE: Sheryl Connors.

ROMAN: You betcha.

BILLIE: So we have what we need to nail her now, right?

ROMAN: Not exactly.

Billie's face drops at Roman's admission.

BILLIE: What do you mean? You have the proverbial smoking gun in your hands. What's the problem?

ROMAN: It's not enough, Billie. All this proves is that Sheryl had a flash drive in a computer inside an office she wasn't supposed to be in. The problem is that that drive had no contents, and no accessible files. Even for our techs.

BILLIE: So we're back to square one.

ROMAN: Not exactly. This is just the start. I think we'll be able to get them now, just need to wait just a little longer.

Billie smiles at Roman, hoping he's onto something.


Hope steps off the elevator at Titan, and as she steps off, sees Nick pass her by. She taps him on the shoulder, and waves as he looks over to her.

NICK: Hope! Hey! How are you?

Hope leans in for a hug, she smiles for a second, the first time since finding out about Brady's accident. As they separate from their hug, Hope's demeanour returns to a sombre state. Nick notices immediately.

HOPE: I'm...alright.

NICK: I kinda don't believe you.

HOPE:'s...I have some bad news I have to pass on to Victor and Maggie.

NICK: Oh? Maggie's here?

HOPE: Yeah! It's...(sigh) It's about Brady and Theresa. They...were in a pretty serious car accident and...

Hope struggles to finish her thought and Nick puts a hand on her shoulder.

NICK: Are they alright?

Hope starts to tear up a bit. She shakes her head.

HOPE: No. Theresa's in for surgery at the hospital and Brady...they...we can't find him.

NICK: Wait, what?

HOPE: Just...I'll explain later. Okay?

NICK: Yeah, sure.

Hope queezes Nick's hand before walking away, headed for Victor's office. Nick remains stoic until Hope is out of sight, then smirks and pulls out his trusty tablet.

He sends Nicole, Jordan and Sheryl a message.

I think we just hit the jackpot, folks

NICK: Sorry, Vic. But it looks like your bad news is gonna be even worse after the Titan TV vote. Especially now.


Kim and Marlena step off the elevator at University Hospital. Both are hurried and head directly for Kayla, who is standing at the Nurses' station.

MARLENA: Kayla! Have you heard anything?

KIM: How did the surgery go?

Kayla stays collected, but stoic, as she looks into her sister's pleading eyes.

KAYLA: We don't know much right now. All I can say is that Daniel's in there right now, finishing up the operation. She seems to be hanging on but...there could be severe brain trauma. She may be in a coma for a very long time.

KIM: My God. My baby!

Kayla steps away from the Nurses' station and gives Kim a big hug. The sisters stay locked in an extended embrace, as Marlena looks over to see Sami emerge from the opposite hallway. Sami sees Marlena with Kim and Kayla and heads over immediately, her face heavy with concern.

SAMI: Aunt Kim, Aunt Kayla....Mom...Why...what's going on?

KAYLA: Uh...Sami...there's been an accident.

SAMI: What? What happened?

KAYLA: Theresa and Brady. They drove off an embankment and into the river--

SAMI: Oh my God. How are they,

MARLENA: Sami, you just came from your appointment with Laura, just...go home and rest, I'll let you know what's going on as soon as I know, okay?

SAMI: No way. I'm gonna stay right here. I'll let EJ know I'm cancelling my appointments for the day, and just...I need to be here for Brady.

Marlena puts a hand on Sami's shoulder and looks intensely at her. She leans in and tells her quietly.

MARLENA: Honey, Brady's not here. They...they can't find a body, the car's submerged in the river but...

SAMI: Well that means he escaped, right?

MARLENA: They said that, under the circumstances and the speed he was travelling, the chances are very low that he survived.

Sami takes a step back, unable to soak in the information. She chokes back a bit, looking away from her mom.

SAMI: I...I can't believe this.

Marlena leans over and gives Sami a sustained hug, as Sami holds her mom tightly for comfort. Kim and Kayla look on, Kim holding her sister tightly, a saddened look in her eyes.


Abby smiles cautiously at EJ.

ABBY: I...I can't figure out how to finish it up is all.

EJ steps casually into Abigail's office.

EJ: Well, I suggest taking a bit of a break and concentrating on yourself. You seem overworked.

Abigail rolls her eyes at this dismissively, turning off her computer monitor.

ABBY: EJ, I'm fine. I've just been under some pressure and learning a new job. It's not a big deal.

EJ: Yes, well, I worry about you, you know.

ABBY: Well, stop doing that. Focus on Sami. She needs you right now.

EJ: Abigail, you're my employee, I have every right to be concerned about your well-being. Particualrly when it affects your work.

ABBY: Well, don't, EJ. I will be fine. And technically, I'm working for Sami. You and I are done. Finished. I'm not risking any repeats, especially not here.

EJ: I didn't mean that.

EJ walks towards Abigail's desk and leans on it, staring her down intently.

EJ: Abigail. What is wrong?


Anne Milbauer steps onto the elevator at her apartment building, fuming from her earlier confrontation with EJ. She presses the button to her floor, then presses the close button repeatedly. The door closes and slowly ascends.

2nd floor.

3rd floor.


The elevator stops, never reaching the 4th floor (Anne's floor). The lights dim in the elevator, throwing Anne off.

The emergency light comes on, noting a power outage in the elevator. Anne presses the 4th floor button again repeatedly, hoping to jump start the elevator's movement. Her efforts are in vain.

Suddenly a voice comes on through the speakers on the elevator. Instead of an emergency call, the sound the local news radio feed blares through the speakers.

RADIO: ...local news, Titan CEO Brady Black was involved in a single-vehicle accident today on the north side of the city. Mr. Black's car careened off the edge of an embankment alongside the Salem River, and crashed into the river, where his body has yet to be recovered. His passenger, Theresa Donovan, is in a coma tonight at Salem University Hospital.

The news of Theresa's accident stuns as causes Anne to panic. She screams out.

ANNE: HELP! Get me out of here! HELP!

After no one comes after a second or responds, she is overcome with a sense of dread.

ANNE: EJ set this all up. He had Theresa run off the road. My God. And now he's after me.



DAYS #46: Aftermath





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson



Abigail steps into the Horton living room, feeling groggy from the previous night's sleep. She looks in the mirror, studying the bags under her eyes, and thinks back to her tryst with EJ.


She snaps herself out of it as Jenn walks in.


JENNIFER: Hey, Honey. You heading for work soon?

ABBY: Uh...yeah. Soon.


Jenn's a bit concerned by Abby's drowsiness. She walks over to her, as Abby tries to pretend she's fine.


JENNIFER: Honey, are you okay?

ABBY: Yeah, Mom, I'm fine.

JENNIFER: Are you sure? You've been so...down lately.

ABBY: Well...what do you mean?

JENNIFER: Well, you're tired all the time, you've put on weight, you're complaining about being sore when you get home from work. I mean, Abigail, you were never like this at the hospital. Are you sure you're enjoying working at Countess W?

ABBY: Yeah! It's good.


Jennifer isn't convinced, and presses some more, putting a hand on Abby's shoulder.


JENNIFER: Really? You know, Abigail, you can tell me anyth--


Abby finally snaps at Jenn, and turns sharply to face her.




ABBY: ...Yes, Mom! It's a great job, and I'm fine. Could you please just stop...badgering me.


Abby turns away and runs up the stairs, leaving Jenn in the living room, dumfounded.






Rafe and Jordan drive down the highway, heading away from Salem. Smiling, and enjoying the drive despite the heavy cloudcover.


RAFE: Yeah, it's gonna rain soon.

JORDAN: Well, we got at least a couple more hours to drive yet, so, at least we'll stay dry, right?

RAFE: Yeah. You know, I'm really glad you and I could get away for the weekend and you finally get to meet my mom. She's...pretty excited to finally meet you.


Jordan smiles at Rafe.


JORDAN: I'm really excited to meet her. Anita sounds like a lovely woman.


Jordan looks away, her smile fades as she thinks back to what Sheryl told her.






Sheryl looks matter-of-factly at Jordan, and, almost without emotion, issues a stern warning.




SHERYL: If you get involved with that cop, you keep it strictly business. You use him as an in to find out what you can about EnerNext, and we'll use that in to get what we need. Do not catch feelings, Kaylie. I'm serious.




RAFE: You alright?


Jordan snaps out of it, and turns to Rafe. She smiles again.


JORDAN: Yeah. I'm fine, just...thinking about work.

RAFE: Well, look. You've got a whole weekend to not think about work, so just...don't worry about it.

JORDAN: That's not always the easiest thing, and you know it.


Rafe takes Jordan's hand in his and quickly smiles at her, before looking back at the road. Jordan smiles back, feeling reassured.


The rain begins to come down against the windshield. Jordan looks out ahead. As she looks out, she sees a clearing off the upcoming embankment, with a group of cars lining the shoulder. Looking closer, she sees someone lying down on the side of the road.


JORDAN: Oh my God, Rafe. Pull over.

RAFE: What the...?


Rafe pulls over and Jordan jumps out, and he and Jordan jump from the car. Rafe walks over to where the people are gathered around the woman lying on the side of the road.


RAFE: What happened here?


A middle-aged man turns to Rafe and explains emphatically.


MAN: I was driving up behind when I seen these two drive right off the edge of the road here and off into the lake. The girl here jumps out and the car went right off the edge, I was freakin' out, ya know?

RAFE: What the...


Looking down, he sees that the woman on the ground is Theresa. As Jordan leans down to check Jordan's vitals, Rafe immediately calls into the station.







Sheryl and Nick are having something to eat at the Brady Pub. Discussing business, as per usual. Sheryl appears very pleased by Nick's news.


SHERYL: I got to admit, Nick. You've really surprised me.

NICK: Oh really?

SHERYL: Yeah. I mean, I didn't expect you'd be such a good ally in all this, but...I mean, you've got the media eating out of your hand, you've got all the technology in the world at your fingertips, and you've got the key to prime real estate for the oil sands project in your control. I couldn't have asked for a better ally.

NICK: And now that Brady is out as CEO, I think we'll finally be able to get Titan TV fully in our corner. And then the rest of Titan's house of cards will collapse right on cue.


As Nick says this, Sheryl raises her glass to toast him. As they clink glasses, Gabi walks into the pub. She spots Nick and walks over.


GABI: Nick! Hey! Sorry if I'm interrupting, do you have a moment?


Nick turns and smiles at Gabi. Sheryl looks up, and smiles Gabi's way.


SHERYL: Oh, don't mind me. I can make some calls. I need to take care of something anyway. If you'll excuse me.


Sheryl gets up and courteously steps away, spotting Jordan quickly heading for the front door to enter the pub. Sheryl motions to Jordan to turn back around and stay outside. Jordan obliges and heads back into the pathway outside the pub, where Sheryl steps out and meets with her.




SHERYL: I thought you and your cop were taking a "romantic getaway" this weekend.

JORDAN: Well, we WERE, and then we stumbled upon what might be something huge to help us win this whole thing. No violence, no fight, nothing.


Sheryl is in disbelief. She looks behind her to make sure no one is watching before turning back to Jordan.


SHERYL: Okay, what is it?

JORDAN: Theresa Donovan was in a car accident outside Salem. The car skidded and drove off an embankment and into the river, but Theresa managed to jump out before the car crashed.


Sheryl looks side to side, confused and disinterested.


SHERYL: What does that have to do with anything?

JORDAN: Rafe is pretty certain he knows who was driving the car.

SHERYL: Okay. Who?


Jordan leans in closer, a bit of a sinister's happy look on her face.


JORDAN: Brady Black.


Sheryl's face cannot hide the surprise of the news. Her eyes pop out a bit as she chokes out a reply.


SHERYL: What??




Inside, Gabi sits down across from Nick and smiles warmly.


NICK: So, to what do I owe the pleasure?

GABI: Well...I have something to ask you.

NICK: Yeeeees?


Nick leans in with interest as Gabi fights with everything in her not to recoil in terror, pretending to be at worst, pleasant, and at best, warm and engaging with Nick. She finally, after a few awkward seconds, gets up the courage to ask him.


GABI: ...Did you want to maybe...have dinner with me tonight?

NICK: Yes! I mean...absolutely, I'd love to. Uh...but where did this come from?

GABI: Oh I's nothing. I just...I thought about what you said, Nick, and...I agree.


Nick looks on warmly, as though Gabi's his whole world. Gabi is a bit more reticent.


GABI: ...And I think that you've good with this situation and...really great with Will and Sonny, and of course with Arianna.

NICK: that little girl so much. As if she were my own flesh and blood.


Gabi smiles, she takes a moment before contining her thought.


GABI: So I wanted to thank you.And how better than a between us.


Gabi cringes a bit as the thought of another date with Nick, but she hides it.


NICK: Okay, but only if I get to be the one to pay for it. You're not exactly a Rockafeller, you know.

GABI: (laughs) I know. (short sigh) Fine, it's a deal.


Gabi extends her hand to Nick, a cute smirk on her face, and the two shake.




Tyler and Maggie break their handshake as the door to Victor's office opens and Victor returns. He looks up and sees both Maggie and Tyler in his office.


VICTOR: Ah! Tyler. Excellent. I see you've met my wife.


Tyler clears his throat, and nods graciously to Maggie.


TYLER: Indeed I have. You're both very fortunate people. Maggie is lovely.

VICTOR: Well, thank you. I'd like to think after this many tries at marriage, I'd at least get one right. Now, is this the paperwork on how we'll be handling the switching over from Brady's control to mine?

TYLER: Uh...yes.

MAGGIE:'ve taken over Titan from Brady.


Victor looks up from his desk, hesitant to share this news with Maggie.


VICTOR: Yes, there was a meeting this morning. Brady needs to enter rehab. He can't run a company in the state he's in.

MAGGIE: You were all gung ho about this before, what changed your mind.

VICTOR: Theresa Donovan and that video she filmed of Brady doing lines of cocaine in some seedy club, then immediately shared it with every vulgar celebrity tabloid she could think of. Something needs to be done.

MAGGIE: So it's damage control for Titan?

VICTOR: No! It just makes sense to do it this way. Either way, we've got important business to discuss, Maggie, sit down. Tyler, thank you.

TYLER: No problem, Vic. And, was lovely to meet you, Mrs. Kiriakis.


Maggie looks up as Tyler extends a hand once again. She smiles and shakes his hand gently.


MAGGIE: Likewise.


Victor is consumed by his work and pays no mind to the goings-on before him. Once Tyler leaves, Victor launches into his plan.


VICTOR: Okay, let's get down to business.

MAGGIE: Business?

VICTOR: Yes. I wanted to give you an anniversary gift...have a look.


Victor places before Maggie a paper, a proposal to re-open the Penthouse Grille, and naming Maggie as majority owner. A wide smile of surprise and disbelief crosses Maggie's face as she reads.




Abigail stands in her room, changing into her work clothes after a shower. She's deep in thought. She stops and notices herself in her full-length mirror. She's wearing a towel across her body and one over her head to help dry her hair.


Looking in the mirror, Abby analyses every curve in her body. Stretch marks that weren't there before. She runs her fingers along her thighs and to her lightly protruding belly.


She stops. As if something is hurting her, she recoils her hands away from her stomach. She stares at her stomach with an intense and distressed look, and tries to suck it in. When this doesn't yield the desired result, Abby takes the towel on her head and uses it to cover the mirror.


She walks over to her vanity, which has a letter on top from University Hospital. The letter is not, however, about her job there.


The letter, dated July 14, 2014, notes that Abby is at approximately 4 months pregnant, and that UH has confirmed her appointments with her OBGYN. Abigail looks over the letter carefully, a look of sickness across her face. She crumples up the letter and throws it across the room, after which she holds her head in her hands, trying to fight back tears.


ABBY: Damn you, EJ. Damn, damn, damn you!




Hope and Rafe are investigating the scene of the accident. The rain complicates their investigation, but they remain unfazed, though Hope is obviously concerned. She walks over to Rafe, who's just stepped away from the edge of the embankment, where he was talking to another investigator.


HOPE: So what's the word on the car?

RAFE: Well...they pulled it from the river, and they're just running the plates now to see whose it is. No driver inside. Seems Theresa opening the door may have helped whoever it was out. There's a chance the driver may be alive.


Hope looks over at the car being towed away from the scene. She looks at it with a look of recognition. Suddenly the lightbulb goes off.


HOPE: Oh my God. That's...that's Brady's car.

RAFE: You sure?

HOPE: Yeah, I see him drive that same one all the time with the cobra on the side. I mean, I don't know a lot about cars but...I'd know it anywhere. It's his baby. Damn it! I just...I was...we have to contact John and...oh my God...

RAFE: It's okay. I know.


As Hope's emotions begin to take over, Rafe puts a comforting hand on Hope's shoulder.




The elevator doors open at University Hospital as Theresa is wheeled into the Emergency Ward. The doctors and nurses kick into action as her unconscious body is wheeled into a room, as the doctors' talk in medical jargon.


Daniel, having been paged from his office, darts over to Theresa's bedside, ready to jump into action. He asks Maxine questions as he heads over.


DANIEL: What've we got?

MAXINE: Accident victim, thrown from a car just before it drove off an embankment. Patient is unconscious, with major fractures to her ribs, two broken arms, and a broken leg. Possible head trauma as well.

DANIEL: Thanks, Maxine. Let's have a look at he--


When he looks down, realizing who his patient is. He is stunned.


DANIEL: Oh. My. God.







Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Sami steps off the elevator at University Hospital, and grabs her cell phone, she makes a quick call to her secretary at Countess W.

SAMI: (into phone) Yes, Jessica? It's Sami. Look, if you can cancel my appointments for the morning, I'll be in an important meeting...Thanks. I'll let you know when I'm heading back. Bye.

Sami hangs up as she approaches Dr. Laura Horton's door. She sighs heavily before stepping inside.


EJ arrives back at the DiMera mansion, on his cell phone with somebody. He is focused and serious with them as he heads directly into the now-empty living room.

EJ: (into phone) So she should be contacting you shortly. I want you to make sure you have that exact medication ready for her...precisely...alright. Call me when it's done.

EJ hangs up the phone, a smirk develops across his face.

EJ: One way to squash a fly...

EJ's smug moment of satisfaction is interrupted by the sound of an argument in the foyer between Harold and a person at the door. EJ's curiosity piqued, he heads for the door.

Anne is at the door, enraged, while Harold tries to keep her at bay.

ANNE: You WILL let me in because I have something very important to share with Mr. DiMera and if you think that--

EJ: Ms. Milbauer. How lovely to see you. Come in.

Harold takes a step back, while Anne smiles a phony "gotcha" smile to Harold, and steps forward towards EJ.


Theresa walks through the path towards the University Hospital parking lot. She's uneasy, and deep in thought about her actions the previous night in Chicago. She looks at her phone and reads the news reports about Brady's ousting at Titan. She feels regretful, but flashes back to seeing the couple that appeared to be Brady and Chloe kissing at the party.

THERESA: You deserved it, Brady. You and that little oompa-loompa of yours.

Just then, Brady pulls up in his car.


He looks exhausted and wired. He glares at Theresa with an intensity and anger that Theresa isn't used to from him.

BRADY: Get in.



Tyler steps into Victor's office, while looking down at a file folder with paperwork. He knocks as he opens the door, but steps right in without concern.

TYLER: Victor, I think we need to go over the details of your succession plan, iron out the details so we're covered with regards to Brady...oh.

Upon looking up, Tyler realizes that Victor is not the one in the office, but Maggie. She turns around the face Tyler, smiling warmly.

MAGGIE: You know, I'd heard of married couples starting to look the same over time, but this is ridiculous.

Tyler is taken aback, feeling a bit sheepish for his error, but Maggie gives a cheeky smile, before extending a hand in greeting.

MAGGIE: I'm Maggie Kiriakis.

TYLER: Pleasure to meet you.

Tyler extends his hand in greeting, the two linger a little too long in shaking hands.


Anne storms into the DiMera living room, as EJ motions to Harold. Harold nods and heads for the kitchen.

EJ steps into the room casually, as though he knows exactly what's going on. Anne is visibly agitated, and ready for a fight.

EJ: And what can I help you with, Ms. Milbauer?

Anne reaches into her bag and slaps the freezer bag containing the suspect letter against EJ's chest.

ANNE: Either you're really bad at intimidating me, or this is more of your macabre DiMera humour. Seriously, EJ? Suspiciously powdered letters?

EJ takes the bag and opens it, casually pulling the letter out of the bag, and opening it, as he speaks, he pulls the letter out to show Anne, while dusting it off.

EJ: I confess, I was not at the office this morning when this was sent to you. I was working from home on the fundraising for the hospital for you, and when the delivery man arrived, I'd already begun baking cookies with the children.

As EJ says this, Harold strolls into the room with a platter of cookies. EJ hands the letter over to Anne, who looks it over suspciously, before looking up at EJ, who has taken two cookies from the platter.

EJ: I was unable to clean my hands so I'm sorry for the uhh...heh, baking powder all over the letter. Uh...would you like a cookie? The children worked very hard on them.

Anne looks down at the cookie, and shakes her head.

ANNE: You really must think I'm an idiot. Like I'm gonna take cookies from you, you know you're really a sick man.

EJ: Oh come on, Ms. Milbauer, it's not like they're poisoned. See?

EJ takes one of the cookies and takes a big bite from it. He smiles, and holds his arms out almost victoriously.

EJ: See? I'm fine! I don't know why you're so paranoid, Ms. Milbauer.

At this point, Anne is livid and steps towards EJ menacingly.

ANNE: You know exactly why I'm suspicious of you, EJ. And don't chalk it up to paranoia. You have the audacity to threaten me, and then play these ridiculous, childish pranks in order to scare me out of town so your little affair with Little Miss Sunshine doesn't get found out? You think I'm that stupid? I know it was you sending someone to follow me last night, to freak me out?

EJ: I did no such thing...

ANNE: I know you sent me that letter today with the suspicious powder to make me think it was some kind of poison, and I know those cookies are just your way of making me think I'm losing my mind, or at the very least to discredit me. And you know what? It's not going to work. Because you don't have the balls to actually follow through on any of your threats. You have too much to lose. So stop with the little warning shots, because I know you. You'll all talk, and no walk. Excuse me.

Anne backs away from EJ, grabs her bag and heads off towards the door, grabbing a cookie from the tray on the way out. She tastes one, stopping before she's out the door. She turns to face EJ with a sour look on her face as she chews it.

ANNE: Mm...some advice? Never open a bakery.

Anne turns back around and heads out the door, throwing the cookie out into the bushes as she goes.

EJ laughs to himself as Anne closes the door.



Sami steps into Laura's office. She appears incredibly tense, and Laura can instantly sense this in her. Laura motions for Sami to sit down in a chair on the other side of Laura's desk. Sami obliges.

SAMI: Thanks. I' glad to see you. It's been a really long time.

LAURA: Likewise. Your mother showed me pictures of your children the last time she visited me. They're beautiful.

Sami tenses a bit, thinking of her hesitation with Johnny the previous week, as she finally began to come to grips with his conception. She responds less than happily.

SAMI: Uh...thank know, I've hired your granddaughter, Abigail. She's been...really helpful to me at Countess W.

LAURA: I'm glad. It's such a shame she had problems here at the hospital. I was hoping we could work together, but...

SAMI: Yeah. Some people just don't get along, I guess.

LAURA: I suppose...look, Sami. I noticed your tension when I mentioned your children just now. Are they doing okay?

Sami hesitates to answer for a moment, but smiles and forms an answer.

SAMI: Yes, they're fine. I just...we had some...

LAURA: Sami, are you worried you're disconnecting from your children?

Sami stops and thinks for a second. She nods to Laura hesitantly.

SAMI: And it's not just that. I...the other night, EJ and I fought and...he brought up the night that...Johnny, my youngest son, the night he was....conceived and...

LAURA: Sami, is Johnny's conception a happy memory for you?

Sami looks to the ground. She tries in vain to fight back tears as she struggles to answer Laura. She finally chokes out an answer, barely audible.

SAMI: No. And I'm...I'm afraid of...

LAURA: What are you afraid of, Sami?

Sami swallows, and breathes deeply. After a moment, she finally answers.

SAMI: I'm afraid I'm going to push him away...because when I look at Johnny now...I see what happened that night, and not my beautiful little boy anymore...and I can't...I need help, Laura.



Gabi walks through the park, trying to look inconspicuously for someone. She sits down on the bench and begins to check her texts. EJ's text instructs her to wait on the bench at 3pm for a gentleman. Not describing him any further, Gabi's unsure what to look for.

GABI: Real helpful, EJ.

Just as she says this, a man sits down on the bench next to her, and quietly speaks.

MAN: You Gabi?

Gabi looks over at the man, and nods.

GABI: You have it?

MAN: It's all yours.

The man hands her a small pill bottle, as discreetly as possible. Gabi looks up at him, while looking around to see if anyone else is looking. She slips the pills into her bag, and the man looks her intensely.

It's Liam.

LIAM: And remember, you've never seen me before, and you won't recognize me if you see me again. If you need anything else, contact EJ.

Gabi stares nervously at him, and nods, before grabbing her bag and taking off.


Brady drives aggressively down the road. Theresa sits next to him in his car, visibly nervous. So nervous, in fact, she can barely look over at him, nearly transfixed on the road.

THERESA: So...Brady.

BRADY: I thought we could go for a drive....have a little talk. You and I.

THERESA:oh...oh yeah? What about?

BRADY: Well, what happened to you last night when you left the know I wanted to find you.

THERESA: Ohh yeah?

Brady looks at Theresa and smiles.

BRADY: Yeah. I wanted to surprise you. I was gonna rent out the biggest suite at that hotel across the street you loved so much. You know, you said it was so glamourous, and you wish you could spend one night there.

THERESA: would do that for me?

BRADY: Yes. Yes, I would. And I almost did too. But I couldn't find you...or my credit card. So I ended up going back to Salem where I find out that my company credit card, there's this...$200-plus cab fare on it. And it's funny because, the charge was made around the same time I went looking for you at the club.

THERESA: Look, Brady, I--

Brady's anger is starting to creep into his voice, his motions becoming ever more staccato, as his foot presses harder on the gas. The car enters the highway leaving Salem.

BRADY: You know, then this video is online of me...doing cocaine. And it's's so funny, it's at that same time when you were trying to take a selfie and you were too drunk to figure out your phone? Such a weird coincidence, huh?

Brady's foot presses more and more on the accelerator, as the car pushes up towards 70, 75, 80mph. Theresa holds onto the grip on the door tightly.

THERESA: B...Brady, slow down.

Brady is looking straight ahead, barely even acknowledging Theresa's existence.


THERESA: Well...well the speed limit, Brady is--

BRADY: Do you honestly think I care right now? all? Do you think what you want matters to me right now?

THERESA: Brady, you're scaring me.

Brady starts to pay closer attention to Theresa now, but it is mostly anger he shows her as he intermittently divides his attention between her and the road before him.

BRADY: Do you think I'm scared? Huh? Do you think I can feel anything right now?

THERESA: Brady, what are you talking about?

BRADY: What do I have now, Theresa? Think about it for a second, yeah? I just lost my job, my reputation is ruined, the woman I thought I was getting to know and care about, she double-crosses me because she's so damned insecure about me being able to be nice to my ex-wife. Every single woman I ever get involved with betrays me. My family hates me. Tell me, Theresa. What do I have to live for now? Tell me.

THERESA: Okay, okay, Okay--

BRADY:...TELL ME! Do you get it?

THERESA: Okay! I'm sorry, Brady, would you PLEASE slow down.

Brady takes his eyes off the road now entirely, and begins to lean in closer and closer to Theresa.

His speed is now reaching 85mph.

BRADY: Ohhhh no. You don't get it, do you? I want you to listen to me for once. No distractions. No one around to watch you to see the glamourous life you're living off my back. Just you, finally facing the person you are. The despicable, self-absorbed piece of street trash you really are--

Theresa looks away from Brady.


Theresa looks up and sees a sharp turn in the road ahead, she panicks and screams out.


Brady looks up and tries to steer into the turn while slamming on the brakes.

Theresa, in a moment of quick thinking, pulls her door open and leaps from the vehicle, but due to the speed the car is travelling at, she is knocked unconscious and severely injured immediately upon impacting the ground.

Brady's car skids off the road and drives through the barrier, off the side of the embankment, into the lake below.





Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Eric stands in Nicole's hotel room, studying the newspaper she just handed him. Eric is in disbelief at the headline.


Nicole hesitates to reach out for Eric, looking at the pained expression on Eric's face. She finally steps to his side, putting her hands on Eric's shoulders.

ERIC: This is all my fault.


NICOLE: What?! No! How could you even think that?

Eric flinches a bit at Nicole's touch, causing Nicole to jump back a little. Eric turns to her, a look of pain in his eyes. As Eric speaks, the anger in his voice mounts.

ERIC: It's true. If I hadn't been so trusting of Kristen and encouraged her to marry Brady, worked with her. I saw good in that woman and...look what she's done to us?

Nicole steps back, in part sympathy but in fear of Eric's mounting anger.


Nick steps into the lab at Titan, where Percy is working on some paperwork. Nick is beaming with glee as he walks with his tablet in hand.

NICK: Percy, I have the best news you'll hear all week.

Percy turns to face Nick, perked up by the tone in Nick's voice.

PERCY: Well, I do love a bit of good news.

NICK: We may be one step closer to getting EnerNext off your back.

Nick holds up his tablet, which shows the's article for Brady's drug scandal.

NICK: And with Stefano's help, it shouldn't be long now.

Percy smiles while looking over the article quickly, then looking up to Nick with a grateful smile across his face.


EJ turns to Stefano, knowing that helping Gabi probably has something to do with Nick. He almost speaks, then turns back to Gabi.

EJ: Gabriella, I do believe we should find somewhere else to talk. Uh...Father's somewhat busy with business matters at the moment. I, myself, was just about to step out. Maybe...maybe we could have a nice brunch today. My treat.

Gabi looks up at EJ, then to Stefano. Gabi's constant state of panic makes her appear confused by EJ, but eventually she appears to clue in and nods her head in agreement.

GABI: Sure. I...The Brady Pub okay?

EJ: Excellent. Come with me, I'll drive.

EJ takes Gabi by the arm and quickly steps out of the house. Stefano smiles, knowing what Gabi is likely concerned about is Nick.

Outside, EJ closes the door, looks around cautiously, and whispers emphatically to Gabi.

EJ: I need you to do me a favour and not come back to this house without calling first.

GABI: What do you mean?

EJ: I mean, we can't be too careful. Particularly where my father's concerned. Never, ever trust that man.

GABI: You make it sound like he's up to something, he isn't up to something, is he?

EJ Thankfully, no. But with all that's happened the last little while, it wouldn't surprise me if he did. Be. Careful.


Anne walks into the hospital lab and hands the lab tech the freezer bag containing the powder-covered letter DiMera sent her.

ANNE: I want you to run tests on this. Find out what's on it, and report it back only to me, immediately.

The lab tech, a somewhat and intimidated clueless young man, looks up at Anne with concern.

TECH: But what if it's dangerous? I mean this looks like it's got some stuff on it, it could be--

Anne rolls her eyes, clearly lacking patience for this exchange. She interrupts him midway through his dopey dissertation.

ANNE: ...Then wear gloves. Just find out what it is right away, or your entire department will be finding the dangers of the unemployment line. Got it?

Anne storms off, leaving the confused lab tech with the envelope.



Brady stands in the doorway of the Titan board room, a look of terror across his face. He stammers in disbelief at what Victor has just announced.

BRADY:'re not serious.

VICTOR: Unfortunately, I'm dead serious, Brady. You need help.

BRADY: But...but...Grandfather, I can't--

VICTOR: ...Brady this isn't the time or place for this.

Brady steps into the board room. He looks around the room at the faces of the board members, hoping to get through to them as he speaks.

BRADY: No! No, this is the place. Before this entire board...of...people who claim to support me, and my decisions.

Brady looks around, sauntering with a simmering anger around the board room.

BRADY: are a room of backstabbing vultures. That's what you are. You come here, after weeks of telling me "we support you, Brady", "you're doing such great work, Brady". And I have to hear about my own firing on the RADIO!

VICTOR: Brady, that's enough! The board is doing the right thing. You need help more than you need to be running this company.

BRADY: Right, and just when did you become a doctor, Granddad? When did you decide when people are ready for rehab?

VICTOR: Brady, you have a problem. And now the whole world knows it. This is damage control. Our shares have dropped another 15% just this morning, and it's thanks to you and whoever shared that video.

Brady suddenly stops. He turns to Victor in confusion.

BRADY: Video?

VICTOR: Yes, how the Hell else did you think the entire world knew about your drug habit. Someone sent a video of you at that swishy club in Chicago, doing lines off someone's tablet or something.

Brady remembers back to Theresa fumbling with her phone at the club.



Theresa fumbles with her phone, trying to flip the phone around to use the flash, but ends up reversing which lens is in use, and begins recording a video of Brady as he does the line of cocaine from the table. Theresa, not sure why the camera isn't working, flips the phone back around in frustration.

THERESA: Ugh, this damned phone. Never...oh...

BRADY: What?

THERESA: Nothing. Stupid camera was on the wrong function, just...

BRADY: It didn't get a shot of me, did it?

THERESA: I can't even tell. Nothing's working right.

BRADY: Theresa, remember what we said about you being careful?

THERESA: Look who's talking. Mr. Doing-a-line-in-front-of-200-people. God, just chill out, okay? No one saw anything.

BRADY: There's a difference between a bunch of drunk Chicago socialites seeing me do a line and your friends and family in Salem seeing it because your girlfriend couldn't figure her cell phone out.


Brady's eyes light up with the realization that it had to have been Theresa that threw him under the bus.

BRADY: Oh my God.

VICTOR: Finally! He sees the light.

BRADY: I...I gotta go. I'm sorry, everyone, I...I have to take care of something.

Brady makes a beeline for the door of the conference. Victor turns to call him back, concerned by what he may do next.

VICTOR: Brady! Brady! Get back here!

Victor stops as the doors to the board room close behind Brady.


Nicole stands behind a reeling Eric. Unsure what to do to console him, she puts a hand gently on his shoulder. When Eric doesn't flinch, she feels safe to rest her hand there more firmly.

NICOLE: You can't blame yourself for what Kristen did. You're a priest. You guys kinda have this thing about turning the other cheek and forgiveness. You saw a light in Kristen. You wanted to bring out the goodness in her. And she--

Eric turns around abruptly, his anger flaring up again, causing Nicole to jump back a bit.

ERIC: ...And she destroyed my faith in forgiveness. Nicole, it's like part of the very fabric of doing God's work...and I can't even bring myself to do it for my own greivences.

NICOLE: I think being drugged and raped goes a bit beyond a grievence, but...

Eric turns away from Nicole, hoping to avoid crying in her line of sight. His plan fails.

ERIC: But it's made me question so much about my life. My vocation. I mean...what kind of just God would do what has been done to my family, to myself. If this is a many more trials do I need to go through before I finally am able to smile again, Nicole?

Nicole struggles to find words. She begins to cry a bit herself.


Anne sits at her desk at University Hospital when the lab tech from before walks into her office. Anne looks up, expectantly. The lab tech is nervous approaching the imposing HR woman.

TECH: I, uh...Mrs. Mil--

ANNE: ...MS. Milbauer. Mrs. Milbauer is my mother-in-law's name, and if you want to be down one tongue, you keep using that name.

The tech stops dead in his tracks, even more nervous than before.

TECH: Big fan, then?

ANNE: Huge. What have you got for me? Is the testing done?

TECH: Uhh...YES!

Suddenly remembering he has the results in his hand, he hands the report over to Anne, who brusquely grabs it from him.

ANNE: Thank you.

TECH: I have the...uh...


TECH: Okay, bye!

The tech hastily walks out of Anne's office. Anne opens the file as the door shuts behind him. As she reads the file, Anne beams with delight.

ANNE: You son of a bitch. You're bluffing.


EJ and Gabi sit at a table in the Brady Pub. They sip their coffee together quietly, hoping to avoid arousing suspicion. Gabi is doing a typically awful job at this.

GABI: ...So I need you to do something about Nick. After what he told Rafe last night, I'm afraid to be anywhere near him. I'm worried what he's going to do next.

EJ: Gabriella, I think you overestimate the power this man has. He's clearly lost his mind, but you need to stop panicking. This will only make things worse.

Gabi is visibly nervous, hands shaking her cup of coffee in front of her. EJ puts his hand over hers, causing Gabi to realize how off-kilter she is.

GABI: I know. I know, you're right. But, I just...I can't shake the feeling that Nick's gonna find a way to...I don't even know what he's gonna do. I'm scared, EJ.

EJ: What do you want me to do, Gabi?

GABI: You've got to stop him. Like, I wish he never got out of prison.

EJ takes a second to think, and looks over at the table to the left of Gabi, looking at the day's Salem Spectator, featuring the headline about Brady's drug scandal. His face lights up.

EJ: I think I might know just what we can do.


Nick walks down the hallway at Titan, heading for Sheryl's office. He knocks on the doorframe, seeing her at work at her desk. Sheryl recognizes him immediately, and barely looks up from her computer screen.

SHERYL: What do you want, Nick?

NICK: To share the good news with you.

SHERYL: I heard. So what's our next move.

NICK: Time to watch Brady Black self-destruct. Hopefully it happens before the Titan TV vote, and then Titan's poisoned influence over this town will be over.

Sheryl looks up at Nick, a pleased look across her face.


Theresa walks through Town Square, deep in thought, when her phone rings. She pulls it out of her purse and checks who it is, half-hoping it's Brady, but usure if she would answer if it is.

It's Anne.

Theresa rolls her eyes and answers.

THERESA: (into phone) What do you want?


Anne sits at her desk, using her office phone.

ANNE: (into phone) A warmer greeting for a start.


THERESA: Sorry, I'm just...I'm waiting on a call, kay? Can this wait?


ANNE: No. It can't. I've got something important to tell you.


THERESA: Okay, well, say it fast, I don't have a lot of time, I'm busy.


ANNE: Cut the snark, okay? I'm really getting sick of--


THERESA: Anne! I'm waiting for Brady to call. I don't have time for this.


ANNE: Hey! Cool it, little lady. Look, you remember our little...situation with sweet little Abby Deveraux, right?


Theresa rolls her eyes at the thought of Abigail.

THERESA: Yyyyep!


ANNE: Well...turns out EJ DiMera knows what's going on, and he's a little pissed off. He's been trying to rile me up the last week or so, and he's using some pretty lame tricks to do it. So if you happen to run into him, or feel like anything weird's going on, you just let me know, and take it with a grain of salt, okay?


THERESA: Noted. K, bye.

Theresa hangs up the phone, having been totally disinterested in Anne's little piece of lame gossip. Just as she does, she gets a text. She checks it.

It's from Brady.

Meet me @ UH parking lot in 10, need 2 talk

Theresa is concerned by Brady's text, and rushes off to meet him.


Brady, sitting in his car, puts his phone away, cleans up the cocaine residue off the tablet on the car dashboard in front of him, and revs the engine of his car, then heads off to meet Theresa at UH.






Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson


The morning edition of the Salem Spectator falls in front of Nicole's door at the hotel. Shortly thereafter, Nicole opens the door and picks it up, while clutching her morning coffee.

Upon opening the rolled-up paper and seeing the headline, she drops her mug.

The headline:



Brady's alarm goes off to the sound of the radio blasting a news report. Initially, Brady is groggy, but as he listens to the report, he wakes up fast.

RADIO: ...Brady Black's head may be on the chopping block at Titan today after video footage collected by gossip site A2Z shows Black, highly intoxicated and openly doing lines of cocaine at a Chicago club. This comes just weeks after the disasterous announcement that Titan was acquiring oil and gas firm EnerNext in a multi-billion dollar deal. Executives at Titan are currently in an emergency meeting to discuss the future of Mr. Black's tenure as CEO--

Brady shuts the radio off and lies back in bed, a look of horror in his eyes.


Victor calls the meeting to order, a flurry of activity in the room as the board members take their seats. Kate, Lucas, Tyler, Billie, and Victor are joined by three other board members, as they slowly come to order.

Kate sits between Lucas and Billie, and leans toward them, speaking quietly.

KATE: I guess our hot mess CEO finally got a little sloppy where people can see.

Victor stands at the end of the table. He sounds exhausted, without his usual fire.

VICTOR: This meeting will come to order. As you've probably heard, we have a bit of a crisis on our hands. My grandson has become involved in some things that will put into question every business decision this company has made and will make in the coming weeks, and I propose a solution that will allow us to retain those contracts, and salvage our image. But I will need your help.


Stefano is sitting in the living room of the DiMera mansion, going over paperwork. EJ is standing pensively in the doorway, almost looking right past Stefano. He walks into the room slowly, a coffee cup in hand.

EJ: Good morning, Father.

Stefano looks up, pleased to see EJ.

STEFANO: Elvis! Good morning, my son. I was just looking over the news.

EJ: Regarding whom?

STEFANO: Brady Black. Looks like you aren't the only one who is getting sloppy in your business.

Stefano takes the newspaper and flops it down on the table before EJ. EJ studies the headline carefully.



EJ looks up from the paper, still a bit taken aback by the headline.

EJ: You know, this was bound to happen. I mean, Brady Black has always had a substance abuse problem. Frankly, I don't even know why this is scandalous anymore.

STEFANO: Or why Victor Kiriakis is dumb enough to continue to keep him in the family business. Which reminds me, you might want to be a little more careful in your future extra-curricular activities, if you know what I mean.

EJ rolls his eyes, and closes the doors to the living room before responding.

EJ: Alright, Father. I know you want to talk about this, so have at it. Gloat at how my relationship with Samantha is falling apart around my ears and how much better off I am without her.

STEFANO: I don't have to, you just did.

EJ: But that's the thing. You're just so happy that this has happened, you can't bear it. So tell me. How'd you find out about it, hm?

Stefano wordlessly shuffles some papers around, before opening his desk drawer. He pulls out a green envelope and hands it to EJ.

EJ: What on Earth is that?

STEFANO: Something an associate of mine has been working on. You may be interested in it.

EJ frowns in confusion, before opening the envelope. Inside is a picture of EJ and Abigail in a passionate kiss at the cabin on Smith Island. EJ is stunned by this discovery.



Anne steps groggily to the doorway of her apartment. A long night after her run-in with Daniel's car, and a lack of sleep have left her visibly tired. She notices a letter addressed to her on the floor. She goes to grab it, and feels as she picks up the envelope, an unusual texture to the paper.

It feels rough, almost like sandpaper...but loose, as though unattached to the paper itself.

A sort of powdery texture is across the letter, and Anne reluctantly feels it across her fingertips, as she recalls EJ's threat against her the previous evening.

EJ: Are you seriously going to threaten me?

EJ walks closer to Anne, as Anne leans against her desk. They both have a guarded appearance, almost trying to seem more imposing than the other.

ANNE: Well, it seems to me that I hold the cards here. And we all know how hard you're trying to be a "good man" now. So, what exactly are you going to threaten me with?

EJ: I just want to remind you of what historically has happened to those who decide to meddle in the affairs of the DiMera family. It doesn't end well for them.

Suddenly, after spending a moment studying the envelope, she drops it in revulsion. She looks at the envelope on the ground. The DiMera Enterprises crest, the Phoenix, on the top corner next to the return address.

ANNE: That bastard. That sick, twisted bastard.


Jenn brings in the morning paper, and heads into the living room, where Abigail is fully dressed for work. She seems in a haze, which Jennifer notices.

JENNIFER: Hey, Abigail. Ready for work, Sweetie?

ABIGAIL: Ready as I'll ever be.

JENNIFER: How are you liking working at Countess W so far? Is the glamourous world of makeup as exciting as you thought it'd be?

Abigail doesn't even crack a smile at Jenn's comment. She glumly looks down at the table, filing away the last papers into her new bag.

ABIGAIL: Ohhh Glamourous is not a word I would use to describe this job, Mom. Now 'stress', THAT is a word I would use.

JENNIFER: Already? I mean, you've only been there a few weeks, honey. Any new job is gonna be stressful.

ABIGIAL: This, this is a completely different kind of stress.

JENNIFER: You having to work so closely with EJ?

Abigail looks up at Jenn, stunned for a moment.


Jenn puts a sympathetic hand on Abigail's shoulder.

JENNIFER: Abigail, I understand. It's still fresh, the pain that EJ and Chad caused you. It's alright, though. Just work your hardest and you'll be able to move on one day.

ABIGAIL: Oh. Yeah. I hope so.

JENNIFER: You're stronger than you think, honey. I mean, come on, you're my daughter, and Jack Deveraux's daughter, for crying out loud. Some skinny DiMera kid isn't gonna ruin your life, is he?

Abigail finally smiles a bit, and looks over at her mom lovingly.

ABIGIAL: Thanks, Mom.

Jenn kisses Abigail goodbye, but Abigail notices the headline of the newspaper Jenn dropped on the coffee table, and is shocked, pointing at the newspaper.

ABIGAIL: Oh my God. Mom, do you think Theresa had anything to do with this?

JENNIFER: I don't know, honey. But I do know Brady's been getting himself into enough trouble without her help lately. But I wouldn't be surprised if Theresa is part of the blame.


Nicole is in her hotel room, cleaning up the coffee she spilt on herself when Eric comes to her door. Noticing the door is slightly ajar, he pushes it open.

ERIC: Nicole! What happened?

NICOLE: I spilled coffee all over my robe. Thankfully it's not mine or I'd be pitching a fit right now.

Eric smiles at Nicole as he steps into her room.

NICOLE: Stop that, it's not funny.

ERIC: What, are you that clumsy in the morning? Do we need to give you sippy cup until you've had a couple cups?

Eric puts his hands on Nicole's shoulders, laughing at his own jokes. Nicole rolls her eyes, but really doesn't mind Eric's teasing.

NICOLE: I'm fine. I just...I read something.

ERIC: What?

NICOLE: (sighs) You may wanna sit down for this.

Nicole grabs the newspaper from her desk and hands it reluctantly over to Eric. Eric sees the headline and is stunned and concerned.


Anne scurries into her kitchen, and washes her hands thoroughly in piping hot water. The entire time, she mutters to herself in anger.

ANNE: So either Mr. DiMera is trying to kill me with anthrax-laced letters, which I highly doubt, or he wants me to think he is to "warn me".

Anne finishes washing her hands of any trace residue from the letter and puts on her rubber kitchen gloves. She puts each one on with a dramatic snap as the gloves struggle to fit on her hands.

ANNE: And that, dear Elvis, is not going to work on old Anne Milbauer.

She grabs a plastic freezer bag from the drawer, and walks back into the living room.

Carefully, she picks the envelope up and drops it into the freezer bag, before sealing it up.

ANNE: I don't suffer fools easily, EJ. You better watch your back too.

Anne places the bagged letter in her purse, and hastily heads out the front door, closing it with a slam.


EJ looks at the photo incredulously. He shakes his head and inspects the photo carefully, as though he would be able to find it was a fabrication with the naked eye.

EJ: Father, why do you have this?

Stefano walks around EJ to grab a drink. He pours the drink, casually sipping it as he talks with EJ, and paces the room.

STEFANO: Well, you see, I wanted to be absolutely sure that you would keep your promise to me to keep our family together, and to honour me as your father. And so, when I heard about all this nonsense with Nicholas Fallon that you, Katerina, and Samantha have all been involved in, I became concerned.

EJ: So you had someone follow me.

STEFANO: I had to make sure you were taking care of things correctly. There is a strange old man in the woods that's been making noises about Titan buying his land. I heard he was quite a photographer. So I made him a deal.

EJ: Blackmail photos of me in exchange for the funds to fight Titan to keep his property.

Stefano nearly spits out his drink at EJ's suggestion of blackmail.

STEFANO: Blackmail is such a strong word. In my family, we do not blackmail each other.

EJ, sensing the complete absurdity of Stefano's statement, turns to Stefano, exasperated, his voice raising quickly.

EJ: Well, what would you call it then, Father? Shall we go out and get a nice frame for this? Maybe blow this photo up and put it up on the wall next to your portrait? What else do you call this BUT blackmail?!

STEFANO: Insurance! Naturally, we cannot rebuild my family if you are working to undermine me. And besides, this way, I have someone working on the inside at Titan to try to take them down.

EJ sits down on the couch, worn out by the revelations Stefano has just laid out for him.

EJ: I don't believe this. You do realize you've essentially hired Nicholas Fallon and his lapdog to spy on me. The same man who very nearly destroyed Will's life because he didn't like the idea of two men raising their own child together. You do realize how easily this could blow up in your face, right?

Stefano, unfazed, shrugs, before sitting back down at his desk.

STEFANO: As long as Nicholas Fallon and Percy Ruggles work for me, you have nothing to worry about. Just remember, Elvis, I can and will help you keep these secrets no matter what. But you must support me as well. It's all in your hands.

EJ: My God. It's all about control with you, isn't it? You can't love people normally, you have to manipulate them to love you the way you want, or else it's not good enough. I...I cannot...

EJ seethes with anger over his stupidity, and prepares to let off a further tirade at his father, when Harold opens the doors to the living room, causing EJ to turn around with a start. Harold is careful upon seeing EJ's reaction and enters slowly.

HAROLD: Pardon me, Sir. Uh...but...a Miss Hernandez is here to see you.

Gabi follows Harold into the room, she is made up and dressed for the day, but her face wears the burden of the previous night's realization, and her eyes are those of a woman who hasn't slept.

GABI: EJ, I need your help. Badly, it's an emergency.


Victor continues to speak as the emergency board meeting at Titan continues. Kate continues to ignore the proceedings as she speaks to Lucas.

KATE: Honestly, I can't wait to see the look on Brady's face when he finally wakes up from his drug-fuelled haze and realizes what's going on.

Victor is too exhausted to chastize Kate for her gossipping, and continues speaking to the board overtop of her chatter.

VICTOR: My motion is simple, we shall have Brady replaced as CEO at Titan with myself, with Tyler Houston running the EnerNext division, while my grandson submits to an extensive rehabilitation program. Brady will only be considered to recommence his duties as CEO upon sucessful completion of the program, provided the board is satisfied with the arrangement. During this time, Brady will retain his seat on the executive board, and will be compensated using sick benefits. If Brady's rehabilitation is unsuccessful, we shall proceed with a new vote to find a new permanent CEO for Titan. All in favour of this motion.

The board unanimously raises their hands to Victor's motion. Victor looks around for dissenting voters, but, solemnly, he prepares to complete the motion. As Victor begins speaking, Brady opens the doors to the board room, overhearing Victor's announcement.

VICTOR: Then it is of today, the 27th of July, 2014, Brady Black is temporarily relieved of his duties as CEO of Titan Industrie--


The board turn around in shock at Brady's outburst, minus Kate, who half-expected this, and looks up in calm curiosity. She leans over to Billie, whispering not-so-quietly to her.

KATE: Right on cue, as always.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa steps onto the elevator at her building, having just paid the cabbie that drove her back to Salem with Brady's credit card. She's still somewhat intoxicated, very tired, and looks disheveled. She presses the button up to her floor and leans back against the back wall of the elevator car.

She closes her eyes, thinking back to the night's events.


Meeting Chloe, and Theresa's intense sense of threat at Chloe and Brady's camraderie.


Theresa finding Brady's credit card on the floor of the club.


Theresa seeing what she believed was Chloe and Brady kissing on the patio.


Theresa forwarding the video of Brady doing cocaine to her friend at the gossip rag.


The elevator dings as it stops on her floor. Theresa snaps back to reality, realizing the gravity of her actions, she breathes heavily.

THERESA: Well, he got what he deserved, right?

Theresa holds her head up and sashays from the elevator with all the dignity she can muster. As she puts her key in the lock, the door to Kim's apartment opens. Kim is half-asleep, dressed in her nightgown and housecoat. It's evident that she's been kept awake by Theresa's absence.

KIM: Theresa?

Theresa stops in her tracks. She turns to face her mother, folding her arms and trying to retain her composure. Kim can see through her tough display, and Theresa knows it.


KIM: You alright, baby?

Kim steps toward Theresa. Theresa reactively backs up, visibly upset.

THERESA: I'm fine, Mother.

KIM: Honey, are you sure?

Theresa breathes deeply, and looks away. She shakes her head and tries in vain to hold back tears.

THERESA: No. No, I'm not.

Kim immediately walks over to a despondent Theresa, and hugs her warmly. Theresa, finally, does not resist.


Will and Sonny lie together in bed. Sonny is ready to sleep, but leans over, and notices Will is wide awake, and deep in thought.

SONNY: Can't sleep?

WILL: Ugh, I'm trying but...

SONNY: But Nick.

WILL: (sighs) Sonny, this is exactly why I need to find work. I need to be able to fight back against him, and I can't do that without the resources to protect my child.

SONNY: I know, but you can't do anything about it tonight, and if you don't get some sleep, you won't be able to tomorrow either, right?

WILL: I know. (sigh) I guess I'm just worried what Gabi's gonna do. She's gotta be worried sick about what that bastard's gonna pull next.

Sonny puts his arm around Will, pulling him close to him as he holds Will's left hand in his. He caresses him softly as he holds him.

SONNY: She's tougher than you think. She'll find some way.


Gabi wakes up in her bedroom with a start. She sighs heavily as she realizes she was dreaming.

GABI: Thank God. It was just a dream....I gotta get out of here for a minute. And go for a walk, and clear my mind.

Gabi pulls herself out of bed.


Rafe walks through the park with Jordan. They're laughing as Jordan eats the last of her ice cream cone.

RAFE: So I see you liked it, but did you taste it?

Jordan laughs a bit, trying not to choke as she swallows the last of her ice cream.

JORDAN: What? Are you trying to kill me or something?

RAFE: Sorry! I didn't mean to do that. I were eating so fast, I...

Rafe and Jordan share a hearty laugh at the situation, before looking up at the stars together. Jordan takes Rafe's arm and leans against him. She's content in a profound way.

JORDAN: You know, I haven't been this happy in a really long time.

RAFE: I'm glad. I know it hasn't always been easy for you, know I've enjoyed getting to know you.

Jordan looks up to Rafe and smiles.

JORDAN: Me too.

They lean and share a kiss, before pulling away at the sound of a familiar voice.

NICK: Oo! Me too!



Brady attempts once more to call Theresa as he stands outside the front door of the Kiriakis Mansion, to no avail. He puts his phone in his pocket, clearly upset.

BRADY: Damn it!

Brady fumbles with his keys, before finally being able to open the door. When he walks in, he finds himself in a darkened house. He searches for the lights momentarily, only to find, when he turns the lights on, Victor, sitting in the chair facing the entrance to the living room. Victor is cross.

VICTOR: How nice of you to come back and reassure us you're not dead.

Brady rolls his eyes, he's exhausted and coming down from the cocaine high. Brady is still a bit tipsy, however.

BRADY: Granddad, I'm not doing this with you right now, okay?

VICTOR: Doing what? Engaging? You never do that unless it's in marriage with the wrong woman.

BRADY: Okay, can we go two seconds without some snarky remark? Because I just came home from Chicago, on what was supposed to be an amazing night, with no idea where the girl I took to Chicago with me is, with my credit card stolen, and pretty soon, a massive hangover.

VICTOR: Stolen credit card? My first stop would be to question that girl you took to Chicago. I wouldn't trust her with a book of fast food coupons, never mind my credit card.

BRADY: Grandad!

VICTOR: Alright, alright. I'm just glad you're alright, and I hope you didn't do anything stupid that could come back to bit you in the ass. The last thing we need right now is for some seedy tabloid to get ahold of any dirt on you while you're drunk off your face and God knows what else you've gotten into tonight. We need to run a tight ship ahead of this board meeting this week.

BRADY: They weren't allowed into the club. It was all very tightly controlled. Believe me. You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Okay?

VICTOR: I'd better not. There's too much riding on the Titan TV vote, and I don't know how many more unpleasant surprises this old heart can take. I've been in a nursing home once already. That's plenty for one lifetime.


Kim and Theresa sit on Theresa's sofa. Kim hands Theresa a cup of tea, and wraps a blanket from the couch across Theresa's shoulders. Theresa sits quietly, and Kim just lets her talk.

THERESA: So when I saw Brady and Chloe making out on the patio, I just...I couldn't take it anymore.

KIM: Honey, are you sure it was them? I mean, did you see their faces?

THERESA: I...I'm almost certain, Mom. I...the woman was wearing the same coloured dress as Chloe and looked like the same colour of spray-tan. I...

KIM: You just have doubts now.

THERESA: No, I really am sure it was them. I mean, Brady was high on coke and he'd been drinking all night. And every time I'd turn around, OH LOOK! There's Chloe again.

KIM: Theresa, I'm just worried that lashing out at Brady was premature. You don't really know where he went after your fight.

Theresa gets up, begins pacing the room.

THERESA: Oh I know where he went, straight to Chloe. And that's why I forwarded that video. Every man in my life does this kind of crap to me, and I'm not gonna let people walk all over me and use me like that. Not again.

Kim stands up, shocked by Theresa's admission.

KIM: You what?

THERESA: I forwarded the video I accidentally shot of Brady doing cocaine, and I forwarded it to that friend of mine in LA who works at the gossip site. Brady Black's not going to get away with screwing with me.


Liam steps out of Jennifer's door, about to head for home. Jenn smiles as she sees the new man in her life, and he smiles back, though somewhat tense.

JENNIFER: So when do I get to meet your family?

LIAM: I uh...I'm not sure.

JENNIFER: Oh come on, Liam. Do they live in Salem or is it one of those times where we'd have to fly out somewhere?

LIAM: Well, I'm honestly not that close to my family, Jenn. We sorta drifted apart a long time ago and...well, I've been so caught up in my work that I really haven't had the time to try to mend fences.

Jenn looks at Liam, a sadness in her eyes. She reaches for Liam's hand.

JENNIFER: I'm sorry to hear that. I know you're very quiet about your life. And I can tell there's a lot of painful memories behind that. But whenever you're ready to talk about it, I'm here for you.

LIAM: Thank you, Jenn.

JENNIFER: And I mean that. I know it's hard to let someone in on the problems in your life. But I've had a lot of painful times in my life too. Believe me, it hasn't always been easy for me. I want to lift that burden off of you. But only when you're ready.

Liam smiles, he squeezes Jenn's hand, and leans over to kiss her.

LIAM: You always say something that makes me think you're the one for me more and more. You know that?

JENNIFER: I feel so...attached to you. I just hope you'll learn to trust me enough.

LIAM: I do. It's just not easy to tell you these things.

As Liam speaks, JJ walks from the living room. Overhearing the conversation, he lingers a bit before heading upstairs.

LIAM: Uh...listen, Jenn. Before I go, I just wanted to say, if your mom needs a place to live, I figured I knew a few builings in the area. Maybe it'll speed up the process and get your mom into a condo or something sooner.

JJ raises an eyebrow at this.

JJ: (thinks to himself) What is he trying to get her out of the house already? Shady, man.

JJ heads upstairs before he's noticed.

JENNIFER: That's really sweet of you, Liam. I'll let Mom know, okay?

LIAM: Alright.

Jenn and Liam share a long, sweet kiss, before Liam heads off for the night. Jenn leans against the doorframe, watching lovingly as Liam heads for his car. Jenn waves as he departs.


Liam, now inside his car, quickly makes a phone call as he drives away.

LIAM: (into phone) Yeah, it's me. We've got a major problem now. Jenn's mom just came back. No, I won't calm down. This is gonna throw a wrench into everything....Okay, I'll call him.

Liam slams his phone down on the dash as he drives down the street.

LIAM: Dammit.


Jordan and Rafe turn to face a smug Nick. Rafe is visibly unimpressed, while Jordan is trying to make heads or tails of the sitation, hoping to defuse it before it gets out of hand.

RAFE: What do you want?

NICK: It's a beautiful night. I just came to enjoy the fresh air. Spend some time alone in the city that I love.

RAFE: Really? I thought that was New York. Too bad you didn't stay there.

NICK: That's funny. See, it's a really great story, and one of these days, I'll tell you all about it.

RAFE: I'm sure it'll be hilarious. If you'll excuse us--

NICK: ...You know what the best part is about being in Salem is getting close to Gabi again.

Rafe, who has turned to walk away, is stopped dead in his tracks by Nick's comment about Gabi. Jordan squeezes Rafe's arm, hoping to stop him from reacting violently to Nick's baiting.

RAFE: What did you say?

As Rafe and Nick talk, Gabi happens to be passing by the park on her walk. Deep in thought, she barely even registers the conversation for a moment. After a minute. She stops. Recognizing the voices.

NICK: I've been really enjoying it. I even went to visit her tonight. A nice little surprise. Some flowers. She seems to really be liking it. Now, don't worry. I'm not pushing her too far if that's what you're wondering. I'm keeping a respectful distance.

RAFE: New York would've been a respectful distance, Nick. After what you did to Sonny and Will, you have the audacity to invade their home like that?

NICK: Gabi invited me in.

RAFE: Why would she do that?

Gabi, who had been already deep in thought about Nick's motives, is increasingly concerned by his baiting of her brother. She hides herself in the bushes and watches carefully.

NICK: Because maybe she sees that I'm trying to do good things. I'm trying to help Percy keep his land, and trying to maybe make it up to Sonny and Will for all the crappy things I've done to them.

RAFE: "Crappy" seems a bit of an understatement.

NICK: And you know what? I can tell, she sees the good in me. And, given time, she will come back to me. I can guarantee it.

Nick's words echo in Gabi's head. "She will come back to me". It echoes in her head, making her feel sick to her stomach.

RAFE: Boy, you're confident, aren't you? How are you so sure?

NICK: Because Gabi knows that the only way she'll truly be happy is with me. There's no other way for her.

Gabi flashes back to the river, when Nick threatened to tell the police about her involvement in Melanie's kidnapping if she didn't go to New York with him.

She sits in the bushes, terrified, breathing heavily.

GABI: My God. I gotta do something.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Stefano walks over to EJ, putting a hand on his shoulder. A self-satisfied smile is across his face, as he revels in his son's misfortune.

STEFANO: Our trusty staff have informed me of your troubles with your beloved Samantha.

EJ: I do not want to discuss this with you, Father.

EJ walks away, pushing Stefano's hand off his shoulder as he breaks away, heading for the door. Stefanp stops him dead in his tracks with his next words.

STEFANO: From the sounds of this phone call you just made, you need my help with something.

EJ: Father, the last thing I want right now is your help. You see, your form of help seems to only exacerbate all of my problems. I'll handle it myself.

Stefano shrugs, still with the same self-satisfied look on his face.

STEFANO: Suit yourself, but don't come crying to me when your little dalliance with Ms. Deveraux blows up in your face.

EJ is shocked to hear that Stefano knows of his affair with Abigail, and he turns around suddenly, in a sort of panic.

EJ: What?!

Stefano bursts into his infamous laugh, filling EJ with a sense of intense dread.



Gabi stands in the common room of the apartment, having just put the baby down. She stands, arms crossed, clearly uncomfortable after Will's disappointed question.

GABI: Look, Nick just...showed up. He had flowers in hand and...I just couldn't slam the door in his face, okay?

WILL: Why not? He wasn't invited and you know all the awful things he's capable of. Why make yourself vulnerable to that?

GABI: Because if I don't, then I'm vulnerable to a whole lot more, and you both know it.

Gabi sits down on the sofa, head in hands. The stress of the situation is finally starting to weigh on her.

GABI: Look, I just don't want to set him off. I figure, if I'm nice to him, if I try to be kind to him, maybe he'll back off of all of us.

SONNY: Gabi, you can't think like that. Nick is a major problem but pacifying him isn't going to help.

WILL: I don't agree with that at all.

Sonny looks up to Will, a bit confused.

SONNY: What do you mean?

WILL: Well, see, we know how Nick works, and he's going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing. But if we just stand back and watch him carefully, I guarantee we will see what he's up to.

SONNY: I just don't want to put Gabi and Ari in the middle of it all.

GABI: You're not. I am willing to do this. We have to protect Ari. By any means neccessary.

WILL: Gabi's right, but...

SONNY: I think we need to take a couple days and investigate, then make a plan. The sooner we neutralize Nick Fallon, the sooner we'll all be safe. Finally.


JJ and Laura sit in the living room, as Abigail steps in to join them, a tray with teacups in hand.

ABBY: Here we go. Grandma, chamomile tea for you.

LAURA: Thanks, Honey.

Laura reaches out and takes her tea from Abigail, a cautious smile on her face, as Abigail sits down to join JJ and Laura in conversation in the living room.

LAURA: So, Abigail...I hear you started a new job with Countess Wilhelmina. How's that going?

Abigail stops for a second, thinking back to her confrontation with EJ earlier.



Abigail doesn't speak, her mouth quivers as she tries to speak, but fails to come up with a good lie. EJ's anger rises, and he desperately lurches toward Abigail, grabbing her by the shoulders and shakes her, as if to loosen the words from her throat.

EJ: Tell me what happened, damn it! What happened at the hospital, Abigail!

ABBY: It was Anne! It was all Anne!

EJ stops, taking a step back. EJ is confused, barely knowing Anne.

EJ: Anne?

ABBY: Anne Milbauer. She heard everything. She forced me to quit or she'd...


Abigail snaps out of it.

ABBY: Just...fine. I'm really liking it there.

Laura looks unconvinced.

LAURA: Are you sure? I have to admit, you don't seem all that excited about it.

ABBY: Yeah, I'm just...a little tired. You know, long day.

LAURA: Well, why don't you get some rest then, honey?

Abigail goes to respond, but the front door opens to the sounds of laughter as Jenn and Liam step into the house from a night out. JJ looks over to Laura and gives her a look.

JJ: Here we go.

Jenn enters the living room and, surprised at seeing her mom arrive, beams with delight as she runs over to hug her. Liam hangs back, sizing Laura up from the entrance to the living room. He is distinctly uncomfortable.

JENNIFER: Mom! It's so good to see you! You're here early, I wasn't expecting you until tomorrow!

LAURA: I caught an early flight. My patient and I are meeting tomorrow afternoon so I thought I'd come tonight and have a bit of family time. Who's this handsome man?

Laura turns and looks to Liam, who stands uncomfortably back from her still. He forces a smile as he steps towards her to shake Laura's hand.

LIAM: Liam Fraser. How do you do?

LAURA: A pleasure to meet you.

JENNIFER: This is my mom, Dr. Laura Horton.

LAURA: If my daughter has this much fun with you, I'm sure we'll be seeing a lot of each other.

JENNIFER: Mom's moving back to town, so she'll be staying with us for a bit while she looks for a place of her own.

Liam looks to Laura and Jenn, smiling the world's most forced smile, as if he's trying to hold in a rage. JJ notices this and looks at Liam suspiciously.


Victor looks at Maggie, his face scrunched up with indignation, as they argue in the Kiriakis living room.

VICTOR: Maggie, you need to do some research. This project is designed to bring a whole new level of prosperity to this city.

MAGGIE: Most of that in your pocket, right?

VICTOR: Maggie, you know what kind of trouble this company's in? We could lose everything. The whole thing. The company, this house, our pensions. Lord knows, I'dve been long-retired by now if not for that mess of a grandson of mine.

MAGGIE: I would love you and support you regardless. If we were thrown out and had to live on the streetcorner, I'd still be by you.

VICTOR: I just want to be able to provide you with the life you deserve.

Maggie puts a hand on Victor's shoulder. She smiles as she looks into Victor's eyes lovingly.

MAGGIE: Don't worry about me. I'll be fine as long as I have you. The house, the money, it's not important. And I know you think you're doing the right thing, Victor, but...there's got to be a way to run your business without getting involved in something that's going to affect the health of so many people.

VICTOR: We have no choice, Maggie. We had to find a way to make the company solvent again. I'm just worried if Brady is up to the challenge. I'm worried about him.

MAGGIE: We all are. But I think the main thing is getting him away from Theresa. Otherwise, he'll never recover.

VICTOR: Well, good luck with that. The more we try to get him away from that twit, the further he digs his heels in. We could use him once we start mining.


Brady walks into the grand hotel across from the club. He walks up to the desk clerk, and is very wired from his hit of cocaine. The desk clerk is taken aback by Brady's demeanour.

BRADY: I need a room for tonight, is there anything available. The bigger, the plusher, the better.

CLERK: I...uh..I'm not sure, Mr...

BRADY: Black. Brady Black. If you have anything available, I'll take it.

CLERK: Okay, Mr. Black, one moment...

The clerk checks the computer for any vacancies while Brady tries to text Theresa. He stops himself, thinking of instead surprising her afterwards. He paces before the front desk, impatiently waiting for the clerk's answer.

CLERK: Is the Lakeview Suite acceptable? It'll be $499 for the ni--

BRADY: Yes, perfect, here's my credit card...where's my credit card?


Back at the club, Theresa walks past the table she was sitting with Brady at, and kicks something from below the table. She stops and picks it up. It's Brady's corporate credit card. Theresa thinks to herself while twirling the card in her hand.

THERESA: (thinks) Wow. Thank God, I found this instead of someone else at this snobfest. Wonder if I should treat myself to a couple drinks. I don't think Brady would notice...especially in his state.

Theresa grabs another martini from the bar, before sauntering in a bit of a drunken stupor, trying desperately to hold herself together as gracefully as possible. as she steps out onto the patio, she sees a couple on the patio that are almost a dead ringer for Brady and Chloe, kissing passionately against the railing. Theresa is stopped in her tracks and nearly spills her drink in shock.

Theresa's mind flashes back to Brady's admission that he and Chloe were once married, the sound of Brady's voice looping in her head as she turns and walks quickly out of the club, beginning to run out as she reaches the exit.

After pushing through a group of people entering the club, she hails a cab and quickly gets in.

THERESA: How much is it to take me back to Salem?

CAB DRIVER: Salem? You're looking at like...$250, lady.

Theresa shows him Brady's credit card.

THERESA: I'm good for it.

The cabbie shrugs and takes off.

As the car takes off, Brady is back at the club, looking for Theresa. Unable to see her, he sees Chloe and stops her to ask.

BRADY: Hey, uh...have you seen Theresa at all?

CHLOE: No, the last time I saw her she was heading out the door in a hurry.

BRADY: What? Oh, God. Uh...thanks. It was really good to see you tonight.

CHLOE: Same here, Brady. Call me soon, okay? I'll be in town soon to drop off Parker at Daniel's, okay?

BRADY: Excellent. Love you.

Brady and Chloe hug quickly as Brady races out to find Theresa. His adrenaline is pumping with the combination of cocaine and concern in his blood.

Inside the taxi, Theresa rides quietly in the backseat. The radio is blasting dance music. She leans toward the cabbie with a hint of irritation in her voice.

THERESA: Hey, can you shut that off, please?

CAB DRIVER: Whatever you say, lady.

THERESA: Yeah, thanks.

The cabbie turns the music off, and Theresa pulls out her phone, and notices a text from Brady, asking where she is. She rolls her eyes and deletes the text, still livid at what she believes she saw at the party.

THERESA: That...bastard's for that.

Theresa flops back in her seat when she gets a text. It's from her friend in LA who works at the celebrity gossip site. Theresa smiles a wicked smile, before replying to her friend's text with the video she took earlier of Brady doing lines at the club.

She hits send, then smiles a crooked smile, laughing a little at her misdeed as she spins the corporate credit card in her right hand.

THERESA: Good riddance, Brady. I got what I want, now you get what you deserve.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nadia Bjorlin guest stars in this episode as Chloe Lane

JJ is sitting on the sofa at home, watching TV. The doorbell rings, and JJ ignores it. The doorbell rings again, and JJ calls out, eyes never leaving the TV.

JJ: Abs! Get the door?

The doorbell rings a third time and Abigail reluctantly descends the stairs, glaring at a lazy JJ in the living room before opening the door to find Laura standing in front of her.

ABBY: Oh my God! Grandma! How are you??

Abigail's face lights up as she lunges for her grandmother and gives her a huge hug. JJ overhears the commotion and gets up, heading excitedly for the door.

JJ: Grandma! Hey! How are you?

LAURA: JJ! Abigail! It's so good to see you both. Is your mom home?

JJ's face drops immediately, while Abigail looks to JJ with a knowing look. She hesitates before telling Laura.

ABBY: She's actually on a date right now.

Laura's face lights up a bit, she asks, hopefully:

LAURA: Oh? With Daniel?

JJ: Well, she's been seeing this guy named Liam.

Laura sees JJ's unimpressed face, and looks at him, a bit concerned as well.

LAURA: Well, that's news to me. She hasn't said a word about any Liam to me.

JJ: Well, he's not much to talk about.

Laura hangs her coat up and steps into the house, pulling her bag behind her.

ABBY: JJ, that's not fair.

JJ turns back to Laura, ignoring Abigail completely.

JJ: Here, Grandma, want some help with your bag?

LAURA: Ah, sure. Just drop it off in the living room. I'll take it upstairs later.

JJ obliges and carries the bag into the living room, with Abigail and Laura following him into the Horton living room. JJ turns the TV off and they all sit down.

ABBY: Grandma, did you want tea or something?

LAURA: I would love some, Abigail. Thank you!

ABBY: Excellent. JJ?

JJ: Uhh...I'm fine, Abs, don't worry.

ABBY: Okay, if you're sure.

JJ: 100%

ABBY: Okay, I'll be right back.

Abigail walks out to the kitchen, leaving JJ and Laura alone for a moment to talk. Laura leans toward JJ, and begins to probe.

LAURA: Okay, that's a strong reaction for someone who barely knows the guy his mom's seeing. Are you sure we're not doing a repeat of what happened with Daniel?

JJ: No, Grandma, I'm serious. What happened with Daniel was all on me. I was missing my dad, I was angry, I was grieving. This is different. There is definitely something off with this guy.

LAURA: Well, like what?

JJ: He and my mom have been seeing each other for like...weeks now. She knows nothing about his past, they're inseparable and she keeps saying she feels like she's known him forever, but she doesn't even know where he lives?

LAURA: Okay...

JJ: Don't you think that's a little weird.

LAURA: JJ, there's got to be more to it than that. How is he around you and Abigail?

JJ: He's...weird. Like...he made a comment at the party Mom had after my sentencing, like...that Abigail had 'grown so much'. Mom overlooked it and said that he'd seen a picture of her as a kid but...isn't that a weird first thing to say to someone you just met?

Laura looks at JJ, then looks down, deep in thought. She takes a moment before responding.

LAURA: JJ, I trust your instincts. You always should. Personally, I think your mom is a good judge of character most of the time, but, I mean...

JJ: What? I don't really know what you mean, Grandma.

LAURA: Your mom has had times where she...before you were born...where she was in some bad relationships. And sometimes I still worry that...if she isn't careful, she could end up hurting herself all over again.



Nick steps back from Gabi and hands Ari back to Gabi. He holds up his hands in a sort of act of surrender as Sonny and Will glare at him with an intensity that, if looks could kill, would surely vaporize him on sight.

NICK: I was just visiting--

SONNY: ...You have absolutely no right to be here--

GABI: ...I invited him in, okay?

WILL: You should've asked me first.

GABI: He just surprised me. It's really no big deal.

SONNY: Are you joking? It's a huge deal. When we told you we would need time and space from you, we weren't joking, Nick. When you show up at our apartment and don't ask us? We walk in and you're face-to-face with Gabi and holding Ari, that's not the kind of surprise that makes me think that you're suddenly this new man with a changed outlook. All I see is the same old Nick, playing the same old games.

Nick's face drops as Sonny talks. Nick is not disappointed by Sonny's words, but frustrated by them. He accepts Sonny's berating, but doesn't take it lying down.

NICK: I assure you, Sonny. This isn't a game. I was surprising Gabi with some flowers and a quick visit. I want to make up for what I did to her before.

SONNY: Nick, that's the thing. It wasn't "what you did to her before", it has a name. It's called "attempted rape". That's the kind of stuff that makes me not trust you. You really don't take responsibility, because you don't confront your real problems.

NICK: Ohhh on the contrary. I'm confronting them right now.

SONNY: What??

Sonny hasn't even finished speaking when Nick approaches him suddenly. Sonny doesn't back down from Nick's suddenly aggressive stance.

NICK: Look, if you want me out of Gabi's life, that's not your call. And if you try to stop me from seeing Gabi when she wants to see me? I'll make sure you go down. Because Gabi's opinion needs to be respected too.

SONNY: It's a little late to be so concerned with what Gabi wants, isn't it--

WILL: ...Okay, can we stop with the threats? Nick, I just...I need you to leave. We have to talk this through, the three of us.

Gabi looks to Will, and takes Nick's hand to try to make him look at her, as the baby begins to cry again, waking up from her sleep.

GABI:'s okay. Let me deal with it.

Nick looks at Gabi, then turns for the door, pushing past Sonny, who's still on guard.

NICK: Look, I'm sorry if I surprised you. It won't happen again.

Nick closes the door behind him. Sonny looks to Gabi and shakes his head at her. Gabi rolls her eyes, knowing that Sonny will be scolding her any second. Will looks on disappointedly.

WILL: Dammit, Gabi. Why did you let him back in here?

Gabi hesitates to respond to Will's question.


Victor paces his living room, on the phone to Tyler. Though it's late, the two men continue to discuss their business affairs.

VICTOR: (into phone) You're sure this is going through, yes?


Tyler is at his desk at his hotel room at the Salem Inn. Still dressed in his suit from his working day, the man is nowhere near sleep, despite the late hour. While on the phone, Tyler is simultaneously on his laptop, and shuffling through papers.

TYLER: (into phone) Absolutely. From every member I've spoken to, you're still going to get the votes to retain Titan TV. Once that happens, we can maintain our focus on promoting the oil sands project, and I can lobby the governor to force the land sale and we can start the operation up.


VICTOR: (into phone) Well how long is that gonna take? I'd like to start all this before Christmas, you know.


TYLER: (into phone) You'll be fine, Victor. Just give it a couple months and the shovels will be in the ground. Let me oversee the day-to-day operations and we'll be fine.


VICTOR: (into phone) Alright, but you'd better be right about this. There's too much at stake if you fail. Good night.

Victor hangs up the phone and puts it down on the table in front of him. Maggie walks in behind him and gently begins to massage his shoulders.

MAGGIE: Can't sleep?

VICTOR: No, of course not. Brady's off in Chicago with the Brady's newest loose cannon, and I mean "loose" in every sense of the word, and I can't shake the feeling that something awful is going to happen at that vote, Maggie.

MAGGIE: Well...if something goes wrong with the vote, I won't be all that sad.

Victor turns around sharply to face Maggie, a cross look on his face.

VICTOR: What's that supposed to mean, Maggie?

MAGGIE: Well, now, before you go flying off the handle, you already know I'm not all that fond of this oil business you're getting involved in, Victor. I think it's going to devastate a large part of this community--

VICTOR: ...And help that same large portion immensely. Damn it all, Maggie. You're supposed to be supporting me in this.

MAGGIE: I never said I was going to be your "yes" woman. I'm entitled to my opinion on the matter, Victor. And as far as I'm concerned, if this vote doesn't go your way, you need to take it as a sign that maybe you should be more focused on making your money in a way that isn't so destructive.


Chloe stands over Brady, looking concerned for her ex-husband and friend. Theresa glares at Chloe menacingly, clearly threatened by Chloe's presence. Chloe can feel Theresa's glare but focuses on Brady.

BRADY: I'm just having some fun, Chloe. It's no big deal.

CHLOE: Look, Brady, I know the last little while's been hard on you but...I'm worried about you.

Chloe puts a hand on Brady's shoulder. Brady looks up at her and smiles.

BRADY: I appreciate the concern but...don't worry about me, Chloe.

CHLOE: Brady, I--

THERESA: ...He said not to worry, Chloe. Why don't you leave us alone and take his advice?

CHLOE: Would you stay out of this, you useless bimbo.

THERESA: Oh, I'm the bimbo, says the queen of the spray-tan booth.

BRADY: Okay, you know what, Theresa? Enough. Alright? Chloe's been a great friend to me, even after we divorced, she's helped me through a lot of ha--

THERESA: Divorce? You were married??

Theresa gets up, livid at being denied this information.

BRADY: Theresa, I never hid this from you, it's just never come up, I don't like talking about my past.

THERESA: I knew there was something going on with you two.

CHLOE: We're just friends, Theresa. We've been divorced since you were in high school, if you made it that far.

THERESA: Cute, Barbie. Now I see why Dr. Dan was so enchanted by you. You're the tangerine to his mandarin.

Brady gets up from the table, and walks toward Theresa, hoping to stop a huge scene from happening.

BRADY: Okay, Theresa, enough! Chloe's just looking out for me.

THERESA: Oh, so you're gonna protect her now? Why did I even bother coming here if all you're gonna do is fawn over Chloe Lane, opera singer of the ages?

BRADY: I came here with you because I wanted to show you a great time, and now you're embarrassing yourself and me in front of all these important people.

THERESA: Ohhh, I'm an embarrassment now. Good to know, Brady. You know what, don't worry about it, I'll find my own way back to Salem.

Theresa turns to head off, but stops and quickly turns back to Brady and Chloe.

THERESA: On second thought, I'm not going to let you ruin the night for me. I'm going to stick around, and party on my own. If you want to join me, Brady, you know what to do.

Theresa turns toward the entrance, head held high, trying to fight tears back. She makes a beeline for the bar. Brady looks to the sky, and Chloe walks up behind him.

CHLOE: I'm sorry.

BRADY: It's okay.'s not you, it's her.

CHLOE: I know. Maybe I should just...keep my distance for the night.

BRADY: No, just...give me a few minutes. I'm gonna make a call and set up a little romantic surprise for Theresa and I at the hotel I booked and I'll come find you in a few minutes, okay?

CHLOE: Okay. Sounds good.

Chloe and Brady hug once more. Theresa looks on from the bar, livid and downing her martini quickly. She looks at her phone and contemplates the video she has of Brady in front of her.

She goes to her contact list and pulls up her friend the paparazzo from LA. She hovers her finger over the screen, thinking about sending him the video.

After a moment, she stops herself and puts her phone down.

THERESA: No. Don't even think about it, Theresa. Give Brady a chance to make it up to you. He's not gonna let that bronzed bimbo ruin things between you, and you know it.

Theresa sighs before ordering another drink.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nadia Bjorlin guest stars in this episode as Chloe Lane

Marlena steps out of Roman's office, a worried look across her face. Billie looks over to Marlena, who smiles half-heartedly.

BILLIE: So...?

MARLENA: We're all done, but before you go back in, I wanted to ask you something.

BILLIE: Okay, shoot.

MARLENA: Before I came in, you both seemed rather alarmed by something. I don't need to know the details if it was private, did Roman seem to you?

Billie thinks carefully for a minute, she has her arms folded, looking to one side before she looks to Marlena and speaks.

BILLIE: Well...a few weeks ago I asked him a favour...and...he couldn't remember ever talking to me about it. To be honest, Marlena, I'm a bit worried.

MARLENA: So am I. Now more than ever.

BILLIE: Well, what do you think it could be? I mean, it's not--

MARLENA: ...I don't know if it's Alzhymers, Billie. The symptoms are...not quite right for that. It could be some form of dementia's too soon to say. I just easy on him, and be patient. The stress of forgetting may make things worse. And phone me if you notice anything else, alright?


MARLENA: It's good to see you again.

BILLIE: You too.

Marlena smiles and walks out of the station. Billie walks into Roman's office slowly, almost too cautiously, and it catches Roman's eye. Roman is once again sitting at his desk, looking over the tiny flash drive Billie handed him earlier.

ROMAN: So brought this to me...and you said we had talked about what this was about was this about?

BILLIE: Sheryl Connors and Jordan Ridgeway. I need to know if they placed this device in the computers at Titan...and why.


Brady looks at a scowling Theresa in the club, after having experienced her confrontation with Chloe.

BRADY: Theresa, I want you to tell me what the hell just happened.

THERESA: I could ask you the same thing.

BRADY: Look, me running into an old friend does not give you the right to treat her like that.

THERESA: JUST an old friend?

Brady hesitates to answer for a moment, sensing Theresa's intense jealousy. Theresa immediately notices Brady's hesitation, and picks up her drink from the bar.

THERESA: That's what I thought.

Theresa downs the drink and storms off, Brady following behind, trying to explain the situation to her.

BRADY: Theresa, wait...

THERESA: For what, Brady? For you to spin that around and make me feel stupid for feeling threatened by her? Look at her. She's beautiful. And I know if you put me next to her in a lineup, you'd pick her every time.

Brady reaches to Theresa and puts a finger up to her lips. Theresa stops and looks down, then looks into Brady's eyes.

BRADY: Wrong. I'd choose you. Chloe and I are ancient history. She's a friend to me now, that's all. And besides, you may not believe me, but you're more beautiful than every other woman here right now.

Theresa rolls her eyes, flattered, but disbelieving Brady's compliment.

THERESA: Sure, Brady. Whatever. Look, I'm sorry. I just...I need to calm down. I'm so nervous being in a place like this.

BRADY: Well, how about I grab us a drink, and we can loosen up a bit.

THERESA: Sounds amazing.

Theresa leans in and kisses Brady tenderly on the lips.


Gabi walks around the apartment with Ari in her arms. She sings softly to her little girl, trying to put her to sleep. It seems to be working, as Ari gurgles more and more quietly. Gabi hears a knock on the door, she quietly steps over to the door and opens it. There stands Nick, a bouquet of flowers in hand.

NICK: Surprise!

Gabi steps back in shock, clutching baby Ari for dear life. Ari starts to cry.



The brakes of a car screech to a halt in front of Anne Milbauer, as she braces herself to be hit. The car stops just short of her, and she leans on the hood of the car, breathing heavily. Still panicked from the sounds of footsteps from before, she looks all around her, before the driver of the car gets out. It's Daniel.

DANIEL: Anne. You alright??

Anne, hardly having noticed Daniel, is still in shock at nearly being hit.

ANNE: Yeah, I'm fine. I just nearly got hit by your car is didn't see anyone coming up behind me, did you?

DANIEL: Nnnno. I didn't even see you until just now. It's kinda late. You sure you're okay?

ANNE: I'm fine, I'm fine.

Anne looks at Daniel finally, and points at him, walking away towards her car, pretending to be calm and collected.

ANNE: YOU! You should pay more attention when you're driving. Just sayin'.

DANIEL: Anne, do you want a ride home?

ANNE: The way you drive? No thanks, Jonas. See you tomorrow.

DANIEL: Anne, I...

Anne opens her car door and steps inside, closing it quickly. Daniel sighs, and gets back in his car, driving away.

Once inside, Anne checks all her mirrors for signs of anyone around her. She frantically searches all over her car for signs of anyone having tampered with her vehicle. She finally relaxes herself enough to convince herself that everything is fine before putting the key in the ignition.

Closing her eyes and bracing herself, she turns the key.

The car starts, all is fine. Anne relaxes. Finally she is able to get the fear of the past few minutes from her mind and can go back to normal.

ANNE: Probably was all your imagination, Annie. Just chill. You're fine. EJ DiMera is all bark, no bite. You're good.

Anne pulls out of the driveway for home.


EJ receives a call at home. He picks up his cell phone off his desk.

EJ: (into phone) Yes?...okay. She what?...Good...brilliant. Prepare for phase two then. Wait until tomorrow morning, but prepare everything tonight. Indeed. Thank you.

EJ puts his phone down, exhaling heavily.

EJ: That damned Milbauer woman is not going to ruin my last chance with Samantha.

STEFANO: No, because you will do that all by yourself.

EJ jumps out of his skin upon hearing Stefano's voice. He turns to see his father in the doorway of the living room, arms open wide, more in self-congratulation than in warm welcome.

STEFANO: So good to see you, my son! I see you've managed to get yourself into even more trouble while I've been away, no?

EJ fights the urge to roll his eyes at his father's smug satisfaction at his misfortune.


Roman steps into his office, where a waiting Billie sits by his desk.

ROMAN: Okay. I placed a quick call back to the ISA to get back up to speed, and dropped the flash drive off at the lab. They should have the info we need on it by tomorrow morning.

BILLIE: Excellent. I'm thinking of holding off telling mom about it until we hear back, just in case it's a false alarm.

ROMAN: Good plan. My memory may be on the fritz but I do remember Kate's tendency to jump the gun when she hears good news.

Billie gets up from her chair and puts a hand on Roman's shoulder.

BILLIE: You are okay, though. Right?

ROMAN: I'll be fine, Billie. Don't worry about me. You just keep your focus on Jordan and Sheryl, and making sure we figure out just what their plan is.

BILLIE: I just hope we figure it out before it's too late.


Nick hesitates at the door while Gabi relaxes herself, coming down from the shock of seeing Nick at the door.

NICK: Sorry, I probably shouldn't have done that.

GABI: No! No, it's fine. I'm sorry I'm so jumpy, it's just...

NICK: I know, I...I know, I just...I should know better.

GABI: Nick. It's okay.

Nick steps into the apartment, putting the flowers down on the coffee table. He holds his arms out to Gabi.

NICK: Here, I can hold her for a second if you need.

GABI: Uh...Sure. Here.

Nick takes hold of the baby and holds her gently up to his chest. He bounces the baby, patting her gently on the back. Ari quickly relaxes in Nick's arms, and Gabi smiles at the connection the two of them share.

GABI: You always were really good with her.

NICK: You know, it's stuff like this that makes me realize what I threw away. The awful things I did to you and to Will and Sonny. You know, I really regret that.

GABI: Nick, it's don't have to--

NICK: ...No, I really do. I need to put right all things that I've helped make wrong. I really want to make positive changes in the world, Gabi. I owe it to you to do that.

Gabi smiles through a bit of a furrowed brow, but still looks on, relaxed and thinking about the difference between Nick right now and Nick the night at the river. As she thinks about it, Nick walks over to her slowly.

NICK: I was wondering...look, I know this is asking a lot but...I would love to take you to dinner soon. friends. But something special. As a thank you for always seeing the best in me. Even when I didn't deserve it.

GABI: That would be nice.

Nick looks intensely into Gabi's eyes, as Will and Sonny step inside the apartment, seeing Nick with Ari in his arms staring into Gabi's eyes. Nick and Gabi quickly turn to see Will and Sonny looking on shocked and disapprovingly. Sonny's voice drips with derision as he greets Nick.

SONNY: Hey there, Nick.


Theresa and Brady are now quite drunk, dancing and having a great time, to the irritation of some others. They toast at the arrival of another round of drinks, and sit down at a corner booth table. Theresa digs around her purse for something, as Brady drunkly looks on.

BRADY: You should totally pull out something out of there.

THERESA: Like what? The compact I can't find? Ugh...I'll just use my phone. Sooo much faster.

Theresa pulls out her smart phone and struggles to find the camera app. Brady leans over and whispers to her.

BRADY: I meant the coke.

THERESA: Brady, you don't have to whisper. Half the people here are clearly on it already.

Brady laughs at Theresa a little too much, as Theresa pulls her little vial out for Brady. He brazenly puts it out on the table in front of him and grabs his wallet to grab a credit card to cut it up with. Theresa is barely paying attention, as she uses her cell phone camera to try to get a good look at her makeup.

THERESA: I still look so good right now. Better than that bitch Chloe. God, her singing got on my nerves you know that?

BRADY: Stop talking about Chloe like that! She's...great.

THERESA: Sure, Brady. Whatever. I think I'm gonna take a selfie of this.

Theresa fumbles with her phone, trying to flip the phone around to use the flash, but ends up reversing which lens is in use, and begins recording a video of Brady as he does the line of cocaine from the table. Theresa, not sure why the camera isn't working, flips the phone back around in frustration.

THERESA: Ugh, this damned phone. Never...oh...

BRADY: What?

THERESA: Nothing. Stupid camera was on the wrong function, just...

BRADY: It didn't get a shot of me, did it?

THERESA: I can't even tell. Nothing's working right.

BRADY: Theresa, remember what we said about you being careful?

THERESA: Look who's talking. Mr. Doing-a-line-in-front-of-200-people. God, just chill out, okay? No one saw anything.

BRADY: There's a difference between a bunch of drunk Chicago socialites seeing me do a line and your friends and family in Salem seeing it because your girlfriend couldn't figure her cell phone out.

THERESA: Oh My God, Brady! Shut up! It's fine. No one cares.

Just as she says this, Chloe walks by, now very concerned by the white residue she sees before Brady.

CHLOE: Oh God, Brady. Are you using again?




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Nadia Bjorlin guest stars in this episode as Chloe Lane

Brady and Theresa step out of the long black car at the red carpet at a luxurious club. A young man helps Theresa, dressed in a slutry black dress, from the car. Brady meets her as she exits the car and they enter the venue together. Flash bulbs go off as many pictures are taken. This is clearly a big event in the Chicago Nightlife.

Theresa, arm in arm with Brady, stop for the pictures taken by press, before entering the main room of the club. It's a big space. Clearly more of an upscale venue.

Inside the club, the press disappears. Here is an exclusive venue, filled with posh folks in suits and couture dresses. Theresa looks around, almost overwhelmed by the glamour.

THERESA: I haven't seen anyplace like this since I was in LA. This place is fabulous.

BRADY: I told you, this was THE event of the year in Chicago. And you look like you fit right in.

THERESA: You're just saying that.

BRADY: No! You're probably the most dazzling woman in here tonight.

THERESA: And now I know you're lying.

Theresa wraps her arms around Brady's neck and pulls him in to kiss her.

THERESA: Keep up the good work.

Just as the two kiss, a familiar voice calls over to them.

CHLOE: Brady?

Brady turns around to find Chloe Lane before him. Brady beams upon spotting his good friend and old flame. They quickly come together in a warm hug and friendly kiss. Theresa is instantly unimpressed by the reconnection, and clears her throat loudly. Brady reacts and turns to put a hand on each woman's back.

BRADY: Uh...sorry, Theresa. This is my great, great friend, Chloe Lane. Chloe this is Theresa Donovan--

THERESA: ...Brady's girlfiend. Nice to meet you.

Chloe warmly extends her hand to an ice cold Theresa, who looks her up and down with some of the coldest looks outside of the Arctic Circle.


Anne stands virtually nose-to-nose with EJ in her office. EJ having just threatened to make her disappear.

ANNE: Big talk for a man who's virtually a lapdog to his daddy.

EJ: Big mouth for a woman in middle management at a hospital.

ANNE: I will have you know, I wield a lot more power than you think, and whether you want to admit it or not, pal, knowledge is power. And I got lots of it. So save your pompous speeches, and your name dropping, and your lousy plane tickets to Timbuktu. Because I'm not going anywhere.

Anne walks over to the door of her office, opens it and motions for EJ to leave. He slowly walks out, never once taking his glowering eyes off Anne. Anne smiles smugly as EJ saunters out.

ANNE: This year, Mr. DiMera. I've got work to do.

EJ steps out finally, and before EJ can retort, Anne closes the door in his face. EJ turns and begins to use his cell phone.

EJ: And indeed, so do I.

He holds the phone up to his ear as he steps away from Anne's office.

EJ: (into phone) Yes. She didn't bite. We will proceed as planned...Let me know.

EJ puts his phone away and mutters to himself, a bit of a smile on his face.

EJ: Let the fun begin.



Chloe and Theresa shake hands. Chloe shakes Theresa's with an earnest, firm grip. Theresa's, by comparison, is as limp as a dead fish.

CHLOE: How nice to meet you! How have I not heard about Theresa, Brady?

THERESA: Yeah, Brady! I mean, I know Chloe's good friends of Anne Milbauer but...I had no idea you two knew each other. Speaking of which, aren't you the one who got knocked up by Dr. Spray-Tan?

Chloe's tone quickly begins to change as she sees Theresa's obvious sense of threat.

CHLOE: You mean Daniel Jonas?

THERESA: Yeah, that's the one.

BRADY: Theresa, you remember how Daniel's a good friend of mine and all, right?

THERESA: Well, you know, we can't pick the winner every race, now can we, Sweetie?

Theresa pats Brady on the cheek before quickly turning her attentions back to Chloe for a moment.

THERESA: In all fairness, at least The Barbie and The Ape produced a really cute little kid. Guess it just goes to show you, miracles happen every day, right? Excuse me, I need a drink or six.

Theresa storms off, making a beeline for the bar. Brady looks apologetically to Chloe, who looks wide-eyed and awkwardly in Brady's direction.

CHLOE: Oook. That could've gone better.

BRADY: Yeaaah, well. She's got a bit of a temper, you know?

CHLOE: And a tiny bit of a jealousy streak.

BRADY: That too! Look, Chloe, I'm sorry for that. I'm really glad to see you, though. You performing tonight?

CHLOE: I am! They wanted me to open this place up in the grandest style so I'll be singing tonight and...hopefully get some major exposure from it all.

BRADY: I can't wait to hear it. It's good to see you.

CHLOE: Same here. Brady. Come visit more.

BRADY: Only if you do too.

CHLOE: Promise.

The two friends hug warmly, which only serves to aggravate an onlooking Theresa even more as she downs a shot of Tequila at the bar. Brady walks over to her and takes her by the arm, turning her around brusquely.

BRADY: What in the Hell was that for?


Will and Sonny walk through Horton Town Square together. They enjoy the evening air, looking relaxed, arm in arm. Will has a look of concern across his face that he's trying unsuccessfully to hide. Sonny catches it and looks to him.

SONNY: Okay, I know that face. What's wrong?

Will takes a moment to clue in and snaps out of his trance.

WILL: Huh? Oh, no. Just...lots on my mind right now.

SONNY: It's your mom, isn't it?

WILL: Well, yeah, but...I mean...I'm not worried about that so much. Grandma Marlena's got a colleague coming in from out of town to help out and, I dunno, I think it'll be just fine.

SONNY: Okay, so? What is it?

Will points to a mannequin in the Men's shop window, dressed in high-end designer clothes.

WILL: You see that? If I wanted to get that outfit right now, I could tell you, I could tell my mom, I could tell EJ, or my grandmother...and by tomorrow, one of you would probably get it for me.

SONNY: Do you want it? Cos I think it'd look fantastic on you.

WILL: Yeah, but Sonny, that's not the point.

Sonny looks, a bit confused at Will.

SONNY: Okay?

WILL: The point is I should be able to get things I want myself. I'm an adult. I'm a man with a baby and a fiancee and...I can't afford anything without someone else doing it for me.

SONNY: Come on, Will. You're a student.

WILL: And school's almost over. I need to be thinking of how I can pay my own way on my own terms.

SONNY: Well, come help me out at the club. I'm sure we can find you something.

WILL: No. No. That's not a good idea. I need to find my own way, Sonny. I can't be living off the goodwill of my family forever.

SONNY: Aww, you think I'm family.

WILL: Well, you are. And legally, soon, you will be.

Will takes Sonny by the arm again and they continue on their walk.

WILL: So speaking of which, should we have an engagement party?

SONNY: Well...


Marlena steps into Roman's office reluctantly. Roman looks up at her, shaken up. Billie turns to see Marlena. She smiles half-heartedly.

BILLIE: Marlena!

MARLENA: Billie! I didn't realize you were in town.

The two share a hug, but Marlena's concern shows through and she looks to Roman shortly afterwards, then looking to Billie to assess the situation before her.

MARLENA: Have I come at a bad time?

ROMAN: No, Doc. It's okay.

BILLIE: Roman and I were just...going over some things.

Marlena looks to an obviously troubled Roman.

MARLENA: Oh. Well...I...I just came to talk to you about Sami.

ROMAN: She alright?

MARLENA: Uh...yes. She's complicated. Billie. Would you excuse us for a moment?

BILLIE: Sure. Umm...Roman? I'll be just outside and we can finish up.

ROMAN: Sure thing.

Billie closes the door behind her, leaving Roman and Marlena alone. Marlena's face grows more serious once Billie leaves.

MARLENA: Is something wrong?

ROMAN: Nah, it's...police business.

MARLENA: Okay. Well, I came to tell you about a conversation I had with Sami about her engagement.

ROMAN: Her what?

MARLENA: Roman, we've debated this a lot. Just the other day, even.

Roman's face lights up at the news, he gets up to head for the door.

ROMAN: No! Nobody's told me anything. I'm thrilled. Where's the big guy, I'm gonna go congratulate him now!

Marlena turns quickly to stop Roman from leaving the room.

MARLENA: What? Who are you going to congratulate?

ROMAN: Rafe, of course. That's who Sami's been with all this...

Roman stops as he sees the look of worry on Marlena's face. He stops dead in his tracks before taking his hand off the doorknob. He slams his hand on the adjacent filing cabinet, startling Marlena, but she approaches him nonetheless.

ROMAN: Dammit, Doc. Why am I forgetting everything? First Ma, now me? This isn't right, it's...

Marlena walks over to Roman to comfort him, gently holding his shoulders as he looks to the ground shaking his head in despair.


Anne walks through the park to get to her car. She walks quickly, but unafraid before hearing footsteps behind her. She turns around to see who is behind her, before dismissing the noises and carrying on.

The footsteps continue.

Anne stops this time. She turns around to see who's around her.

ANNE: Hello?

Hearing nothing, she carries on, heading into the parking lot where her car is located. She begins to pick up the pace as the footsteps continue. Just before reaching the parking lot, Anne turns around, now panicked, and hisses out to whomever is following her.

ANNE: Dammit, DiMera, you're not gonna intimidate me by putting your goons on me. Got it?

Hearing nothing again, Anne studies her surroundings carefully before continuing to the parking lot. Once there, she's so consumed by her concern that she steps out in front of an oncoming car. The car blares its horn as it tries to avoid hitting her.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie walks into Roman's office at the Salem PD with the mini-flash drive in hand. She places it on his desk before him.

BILLIE: You're gonna want to run this by your computer experts ASAP.

Roman looks up, a little confused by Billie's request.


Anne looks up at EJ, who's barged angrily into her office without fear. She holds out her arms, pretending to not know what EJ is accusing her of.

ANNE: I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.

EJ: The hell you don't.

ANNE: Oh, are you talking about that conversation I heard you and Abigail having the other night? That one that you talked all about your dirty little escapades that shouldn't be happening in a professional environment such as this?

EJ shakes his head, stunned by Anne's audacity. Anne gets up from behind her desk, walking around to the other side where EJ is. She rests on the front side of her desk as she speaks with him.

EJ: You're unbelievable.

ANNE: And you're sloppy about your business, Mr. DiMerrRRRa. Now, I have a recording of the two of you discussing your dirty little secret. And quite frankly, I think you'd better just play along, or you're gonna be sorry you ever crossed me.



Nicole turns to face Eric, who was a bit taken aback by her revelation that she's still working on the EnerNext story.

NICOLE: long as I'm the one with all the info on it, maybe I can pass something along to someone else and we'll be able to keep the good fight going.

ERIC: That's really good of you. I'm surprised you're so passionate about it.

NICOLE: Oh. What? I'm not allowed to be passionate about a good cause?

Nicole playfully pushes Eric away, then turns her back to him. Eric laughs, and turns back to massaging Nicole.

ERIC: (laughs) No, this just doesn't jibe with the selfish, mean Nicole that my family and half the town seem to want to push down my throat.

Nicole leans back against Eric. He puts his arms around her tightly.

NICOLE: Mmm...(sighs) One day they'll realize that I can change. Just like anyone else. Okay, maybe not like your sister but--

ERIC: ...Nicole!

NICOLE: Sorry! I couldn't help myself. But I do love you. And I'm grateful that you see past all the...awful things I've done in my past.

ERIC: Nicole. The past is the past. You gotta look to the future.

NICOLE: Only if you'll be in that future.

Eric holds Nicole a little tighter, and kisses her gently on the cheek.

ERIC: Of course I will. Always.

Nicole smiles, looking away, but with a lot on her mind, and a look of something slightly less than happiness in her eyes.


JJ is sitting in the living room at the Horton house, doing homework on the couch, when Abigail walks in from work. JJ looks up from the couch and over his shoulder to see who's walked in.

JJ: Heyyy! Abs!

Abby walks in, looking beat. JJ notices Abby's exhaustion immediately.

ABBY: Hey, JJ.

JJ: Well, I was gonna ask how your first day went, but from the looks of you, I figure you got run over by a crosstown bus on the way there?

ABBY: Really funny, JJ.

JJ: Well, seriously, Abs. I thought you'd be thrilled after your first day of work, and...

ABBY: I just...I have a lot to take in, that's all. Can...can we talk about something else?

JJ: Fine.

Abby sits down on the sofa next to JJ. She looks at him as he ignores her, concentrating on his homework.

ABBY: So? Where's mom?

JJ: I dunno, probably on a date with that creep Liam or whatever.

ABBY: JJ, what is it with you? Liam's a nice guy.

JJ: No, he's a creep. And I'm worried about mom. You know, I asked mom where the guy lives and she has no idea, she's never been there. He hasn't told her.

ABBY: JJ, they just started seeing each other a few weeks ago.

JJ: But does she know anything about him before they met? Like...all we know is he moved to Salem, he's divorced...

ABBY: And you think that she'd tell you about him?

JJ rolls his eyes at Abby.

JJ: I do have ears, Abs. I hear her talking to Cousin Hope and Grandma...I he acts around us is...he's just so creepy.

ABBY: Well, I'm glad you can put your finger on exactly what's so creepy about him.

JJ: (sighs) Shut up, Abs.

Abigail gets up from the couch, shaking her head.

ABBY: Fine! I will. But you have got to admit that this is the first time in awhile that Mom's happy. We should hold onto that, and not try to find faults with whoever she decides to be with because we get freaky vibes off him. Give Mom the benefit of the doubt.

JJ looks to Abigail, thinking over what she's said, though not overly receptive.


Roman looks up to Billie from behind his desk. He points to the flash drive Billie's plunked down on his desk.

ROMAN: What's that?

BILLIE: That was found in one of the Titan executive computers.

ROMAN: Why are you breaking into Titan offices and stealing equipment, Billie? I thought you were working with your mom at Countess W.

Billie stops, looking to Roman with concern in her eyes.

BILLIE: Uh...Roman...Mom runs MadWorld now. Sami and EJ are running Countess W. And you asked me to come to town to help figure out what Jordan Ridgeway and Sheryl Connors are up to. You act like you don't even remember doing this.

Roman looks down at the table, then at Billie, a look of complete confusion in his eyes. As he looks up to Billie, Marlena cracks the door open, looking puzzled by the grave faces around her.


EJ: Are you seriously going to threaten me?

EJ walks closer to Anne, as Anne leans against her desk. They both have a guarded appearance, almost trying to seem more imposing than the other.

ANNE: Well, it seems to me that I hold the cards here. And we all know how hard you're trying to be a "good man" now. So, what exactly are you going to threaten me with?

EJ: I just want to remind you of what historically has happened to those who decide to meddle in the affairs of the DiMera family. It doesn't end well for them.

ANNE: So the answer is you have nothing to threaten me with. You know, you should take this to heart. Don't rock the boat, and don't go trying to get one over on me, or you'll regret it.

EJ steps in close to Anne, leaning in menacingly to her. He speaks softly, but bitingly.

EJ: You are a foolish woman, and you will be the one to regret this. Trust that.

ANNE: I'm not afraid of you.

EJ: You should be.

EJ walks away from Anne and takes his briefcase in hand. He opens it, and holds up a plane ticket.

EJ: Ms. Milbauer, I am going to take it that you're rather ignorant of my family and their history, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and present you with this. I have two options for you. Either you destroy this evidence and disappear from Salem voluntarily...or you will be forced onto that plane against your will. The choice is yours.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Theresa looks, slightly annoyed at Billie, as they sit at their table together at Club TBD.

THERESA: Look, Brady is a good guy.

BILLIE: I know that. Theresa, I just think that maybe you spending all this time with Brady isn't such a...

Billie stops speaking mid-sentence, noticing Brady step in behind her.

BRADY: Isn't what, Billie? A good idea?

Billie looks at Brady, a deer in the headlights look on her face.


Nick sits down in his chair at the lab, a smug look on his face. He leans back in his chair, like a man in control of every aspect of his life.

NICK: Ohhh yes. Everything is just perfect. Nicole is in my pocket, I'm working my way back to Gabi, and soon Titan TV will be out of Victor Kiriakis' hands. The only thing left to worry about is--

SHERYL: Alright Nick. Where is it?

Sheryl and Jordan storm into the lab. Nick turns around, unfazed by Sheryl and Jordan's sudden entrance. He looks over to them with a smile.



Eric gives Nicole a massage on the sofa. Nicole sits bolt upright and doesn't seem to be any less tense as Eric works the knots out of her back.

NICOLE: And then Miles comes into the office with this big box, assuming I'd been fired, and I had to chase him out. I swear, if they don't fire that buffoon, I'll throw him out on the street myself with my bare hands. I am so...urrrrh...I could just...

ERIC: Nicole, you're not gonna be relaxed at all if you keep freaking out about this.

NICOLE: This is a big deal, okay? I need to...vent my frustrations. It's theraputic.

ERIC: Honestly, though, your back gets more tense with every word that comes out of your mouth. Honestly, I think the next few weeks off will be good for you.

NICOLE: Yeah, well, too bad I'll be spending it working.

ERIC: Seriously?

NICOLE: I have stuff to do. I'm gonna be researching this EnerNext stuff.

ERIC: Woah, woah, woah, you're still...I thought you were off that story. Why are you still working on it?

Nicole hesitates to answer. She still looks away from Eric, thinking of an answer to the question that doesn't involve Nick.


Hope descends the staircase at the Brady Pub, where Aiden stands with furrowed brow at the bar, a coffe cup in hand. He looks at her cooly as she approaches.

HOPE: Caroline's upstairs with the kids for a moment so we can talk.

AIDEN: Well, she shouldn't have to bother, this won't take long.

HOPE: Oh would you just cut this holier-than-thou attitude and talk with me like a normal human being?

AIDEN: All I want is for your little girl to leave my son alone.

HOPE: You just don't get it, do you? She's hurting, she misses her dad, and I can't spend the time with her that she needs right now either.

AIDEN: You act like you're the only person who's ever lost somebody. My son mourns his mother every day. I do as well. It's been only about 6 months since she died, and Ciara's attitude, and the new city, it's all's too much for Chase.

Hope folds her arms, trying to keep a strong front against Aiden.

HOPE: At least you and your son can take comfort in knowing that if your wife were able to be there for him, she would be.

Aiden looks to the ground, half in realization of Hope's pain, half feeling wounded by Hope's directness. Hope realizes immediately that she's pushed a bit too far.

HOPE: Look, I don't mean to be heartless, or to make your pain feel unjustified. I really am sympathetic, but we can't always be doing this. We have to work together to help our kids. They need us right now more than ever, and what are we teaching them by being at each other's throats all the time?

AIDEN: (sighs) You're right. I mean, I know I can be bullheaded. But I am still in mourning and...quite frankly, if I'm being honest, you push my buttons the same way my wife could sometimes. It really...I react strongly sometimes, and I get sentimental. And I think back to wife and...I'm sorry.

HOPE: Hey, it's okay. Look, I don't mean to pry but...if you ever want to talk to someone--

AIDEN: I'll be fine. Look, we should probably go grab the kids.

HOPE: Sure.

Aiden walks ahead toward the staircase. Hope puts a hand on his shoulder, stopping him dead in his tracks.

HOPE: Hey.

Aiden turns to look at Hope, a lost, sad look in his eyes.

HOPE: I'm truly sorry about your wife. I can tell she was a great mom to Chase.

Aiden gives half a smile before turning to head up the stairs. Hope follows slightly behind.


Billie smiles awkwardly at Brady. She grabs her purse to grab money to pay for her lunch with Theresa.

BILLIE: I'm sorry. I was a bit out of line.

BRADY: Just a bit.

BILLIE: Brady, I am sorry. I just wanted to...give Theresa some advice.

BRADY: Well, I'm sure she appreciates it. However, I am here to take Theresa away for a bit.

Theresa looks up at Brady, suddenly remembering their plans for the evening.

THERESA: Oh right! The club opening! That's tonight.

BRADY: Indeed it is!

BILLIE: Well, in that case, I will let you both get to it. Have a great time tonight, both of you.

THERESA: Thanks, Billie. And thanks for meeting with me for lunch.

Theresa gets up and gives Billie a hug. Billie's face shows a look of concern that she tries to hide out of politeness.

THERESA: I'm...really glad you're in town. You don't know how much I need a friend like you here.

BILLIE: I'm glad to be here to help. Now, go on, you two. Be safe.

Billie walks out of the club, and Brady turns to Theresa with a look of slight bemusement on his face.

BRADY: I didn't realize you two knew each other.

THERESA: Yeah, know. It's important to have a couple friends here and there, right?

BRADY: Right. Well, first and foremost, we gotta make you look like the finest lady at that club. So how's about I take you shopping, and then we'll get my driver and we'll take one of the Titan cars up to Chicago to the club opening. How's that?

THERESA: Sounds amazing.

Theresa leans in and kisses Brady. They look into each others' eyes with an electricity that could light up a room.


Sheryl steps toward Nick, who looks at Sheryl and Jordan with that same smug look.

NICK: Where is what?

SHERYL: You know exactly what I'm talking about, no one else knew about it, Nick.

Jordan grabs Sheryl's arm, trying to get her to stop talking.

JORDAN: Sheryl, stop it. I don't think--

SHERYL: Where is that flash drive, Nick?

Nick gets up from his chair, suddenly clueing in to what Jordan and Sheryl were up to.

NICK: So THAT'S what you two were up to in there. You two are quite the pieces of work, you know that?

SHERYL: Give it up, Nick. We need that.

NICK: I don't have it. But I do have to admi, I'm impressed by you two. What was on there? Some sort of virus to wipe out Titan's files and ruin the EnerNext project?

Sheryl stops talking, unwilling to give into Nick and give him any more information than she already has.

NICK: If that flash drive was supposed to give you access to Titan's mainframe? All you had to do was come to me, you know.

JORDAN: What do you mean?

NICK: I have access to everything, right here on my tablet. Look, I was serious before. I think we can help each other out here. And it's far less risky to be involved with me than doing these tricky operations on your own. So what do you say, ladies?

Sheryl hesitates, but eventually extends her hand to Nick, who promptly shakes it. Sheryl looks to Nick with a stonefaced look that means business.

NICK: Pleasure doing business with you.


At University Hospital, Anne Milbauer is on the phone in her office when EJ storms in. Anne jumps from the interruption, and quickly ends her phone conversation.

ANNE: I've gotta talk to you later, I'm sorry. Bye.

Anne hangs up her phone and turns to EJ, incensed.

ANNE: What in God's name are you doing here, and how dare you barge into my office?

EJ: Oh I wouldn't be so bold, Ms. Milbauer. You are going to answer to me right now.

ANNE: Or else what?

EJ: Don't test me.

Anne stirs in her chair uncomfortably as EJ stares her down menacingly.

ANNE: So what do I owe the "pleasure"?

EJ: You are threatening Abigail Deveraux. And that stops, right now.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Ciara, Johnny and Chase walk together down the path toward the Brady Pub, Hope not far behind as they walk. Hope is on the phone to someone and stops near the door of the pub, as the kids talk a bit further away.

CHASE: My dad says that he fought a bear once and won.


Ciara looks at Chase, unimpressed.

CIARA: So? No one cares what lame fights your dad's in, Chase. I bet he made it up.

CHASE: Did not!

CIARA: Well did you SEE him fight the bear?

CHASE: Just cos I didn't see it doesn't mean it didn't happen!

CIARA: Then I don't believe you.

CHASE: Shut up!

Chase pushes Ciara, and Ciara pushes back, just as Hope notices and Aiden arrives. They both scuttle to stop the kids from fighting.

HOPE: Hey hey hey!

AIDEN: What's going on here?

CIARA: He pushed me.

CHASE: Did not!

CIARA: Did so.

Hope steps between the kids as they begin to grab for each other again.

HOPE: Okay, okay, enough! Ciara! Come into the pub with me, we're gonna have a talk, okay?

Ciara folds her arms and frowns in an almost melodramatic fashion.

CIARA: Fine.

Ciara stomps into the pub, closing the door behind her. Hope looks at Aiden with a knowing look of parental frustration, but Aiden is not appearing to understand. Holding his son against him as if to protect him, he shakes his head at Hope.

AIDEN: Why is it SO HARD for you to control your child?

Hope raises her eyebrow, upset by Aiden's accusation.

HOPE: Excuse me?


Theresa crosses her arms in frustration as Billie sits across from her at the table at Club TBD, unable to contain her disapproval at Theresa's relationship with Brady.

THERESA: Uh oh? What? What's wrong with Brady?

BILLIE: I's not that he's a bad guy. I've known him since he was a kid, he's a great guy but...Theresa, he's in a really bad place right now, and...having been an addict myself, I know what this could be for him right now, and I don't think it's healthy for either of you.

THERESA: Billie. Were fine. We have a lot of fun together and I let him take a lot of weight off his shoulders. Is that really such a big deal?

BILLIE: Honey, if he's using you as a distraction for his real problems, yeah. It's a huge deal.



Will looks at Marlena with an unimpressed look as he stands in her office.

WILL: Grandma, come on. This isn't something to celebrate.

MARLENA: I know. I know, but...well, you know how much I love EJ DiMera.

WILL: Oh, I'm sure there's enough warmth there to heat our entire apartment block.

Marlena and Will laugh. Will puts his hand on Marlena's shoulder reassuringly.

WILL: I know you're just looking out for her. But I have a really strong feeling that, if they can get through this, they might just make it this time.

Marlena gives a half-hearted smile to Will. She stares at the ground a few seconds before looking to him. Will looks to her the entire time, wondering what she's pondering.

MARLENA: Will, I don't know if I've ever talked to you about this. But I think you need to hear it. Because I really don't think you truly understand my hesitation at your mother marrying EJ.

Will nods slowly, a bit confused as to what Marlena's leading to.

WILL: Okay. What do you mean?

MARLENA: your mom told you, EJ...he forced your mother to with him. And...

Marlena takes a moment and breathes. She fights back tears as she tries to muster the words. Will rubs his hand up and down Marlena's arm in sympathy. Marlena's fight slowly is lost as she recounts her story to Will.

MARLENA: I have been in her shoes before.

WILL: With EJ?

MARLENA: No, no. It long ago. Before your mother was even born. I was engaged to a man named Kellam Chandler and...he raped me. And I...I just don't know if it's possible for any woman to be able to truly, completely trust and believe in that man after he does something like that to her. Now, your mother has been so strong for so long, and has really fought this feeling about EJ for a long time but...I think the realization of what EJ did to's finally sunk in, Will. And if I'm being completely honest...I'm so glad for that, because now she can see that man for the evil, evil creature that he is.

Will, stunned by Marlena's story and her perceptions of Sami and EJ's relationship, leans in to hug his grandmother, so very much on his mind, he can only stare ahead, eyes wide open.


Jenn looks at Liam, confused and slightly hurt by his rejection of her evening plan.

JENNIFER: What do you mean?

LIAM: Jenn, I just have a lot of work to do tonight. I know you wanna help take my mind off it but..I've just been so distracted lately and I really need to finish this project for tomorrow. I hope you understand.

Jenn smiles as Liam speaks. She feels reassured and puts her hand on his shoulder in sympathy.

JENNIFER: Liam! It's okay. I understand. You shouldn't feel guilty for being dedicated to your job.

LIAM: I figured you'd understand. Look, we can always get together tomorrow night and I'll tell you how everything went. Okay?

JENNIFER: I'd like that.

LIAM: Alright. I'll see you later.

Liam kisses Jenn tightly on the lips. Jenn watches as Liam heads off for his car, a smile a mile wide across her face. As Liam takes off, she hears the phone ring. Jenn scuttles back into the house, closing the door behind her. She picks up the phone, and hears from her mother.

JENNIFER: (into phone) Hello?


Laura Horton sits at a desk in her office at a Portland clinic. She appears relaxed and content, wearing a huge smile as she begins to talk on her office phone to her daughter.

LAURA: Hi Darling. It's your mom.


JENNFER: Mom! How are you?


LAURA: I'm well, honey. I just wanted to call to let you know I'd be coming to town in a few days.


JENNIFER: Oh that's fantastic! Uh...where are you staying?


LAURA: I'll just be staying at the Salem Inn, it's just for a couple weeks while I work with a patient at the hospital. Marlena asked me to help her with it.


JENNIFER: Absolutely not, we'd love to have you stay with us at the house.


LAURA: Are you sure? I know it's a really busy place right now, and I wouldn't want to impose.


JENNIFER: Mom! Don't worry about it. I'll build a bed for you if I have to. Just...please come stay with us, will you?


LAURA: Alright, darling. Oh, and by the is Abigail doing?


JENNIFER: She's actually doing much better, Mom. Apparently she's just started a new job today working for Countess Wilhelmina. I don't know how I feel about her working for the DiMeras though.


Sami, Abigail, and EJ stand in the hallway at the DiMera Building. EJ is shocked and upset after Sami's news. Abigail is also a bit uneasy, not having realized that she'd be working so closely with EJ in her new position.

EJ: Samantha, why didn't you consult me about this first?

SAMI: I didn't think it was a big deal. What, you don't want Abigail working here?

ABBY: I'm sure he doesn't. That's fine, EJ. If you'd rather I not take this job, I can always find another job.

EJ: No. No, Abigail. That's not what I meant. Look. Samantha. Can I have a word alone with Abigail for a minute? I just...I don't want her to misunderstand.

Sami looks at Abigail and EJ, feeling something is going on that she's unaware of. She lingers on their eyes. Both of them fixated on the other. Sami turns to EJ and hesitates before speaking.

SAMI: Sure. I'll be in my office. We can talk later.

Sami walks back into her office, before shutting the door, the turns back to Abigail.

SAMI: Oh! Abigail. Don't forget to head down to HR at 3:00 and pick up your new ID badge, okay?

ABBY: Okay, thanks Sami!

Sami closes the door to her office. No sooner has she done this than EJ has taken Abigail by the arm and dragged her into the adjacent board room. Abigail is surprised and tries in vain to fight EJ off, but he overpowers her. He lets go of her, and Abigail falls against the board room table.

ABBY: OW! What the Hell, EJ?

EJ: You're going to have to explain to me how you figured I wasn't working closely with Samantha at this company.

ABBY: I didn't think of it, okay? I figured you were busy working with Stefano. I didn't think I'd be working alongside you all the time.

EJ: Did you ever think of letting ME know before you accepted?

ABBY: Why would I do that? What business is my work to you, anyway?

EJ: It's my business because we have a secret between us that we need to protect, and the more we're together, the more difficult that will be.

Abby in tense as EJ is approaching her with anger every time he speaks. She tries in vain to back away, her legs pressed against the conference table.

ABBY: Well, we just have to make the best of it.

EJ: We absolutely do not, Abigail.

EJ turns away a minute, running his fingers through his hair with a pensive look across his face. He stops a second a turns to Abigail, a more subdued, inquisitive tone in his voice. He asks with less hostility:

EJ: You never told me what happened with your job at the hospital.

Abigail tenses again after relaxing a moment. She looks at the ground as if searching for somewhere to look away from EJ.

ABBY: It was nothing.

EJ: Oh ho ho, come on, little girl. You know, that's not it or you'd be fighting to get that job back right now. What happened?

Abigail doesn't speak, her mouth quivers as she tries to speak, but fails to come up with a good lie. EJ's anger rises, and he desperately lurches toward Abigail, grabbing her by the shoulders and shakes her, as if to loosen the words from her throat.

EJ: Tell me what happened, damn it! What happened at the hospital, Abigail!

ABBY: It was Anne! It was all Anne!

EJ stops, taking a step back. EJ is confused, barely knowing Anne.

EJ: Anne?

ABBY: Anne Milbauer. She heard everything. She forced me to quit or she'd...

EJ holds back from screaming, a great tension in his face turns away from Abigail, a burning rage in him he struggles to keep from letting out.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Marlena is in her office, on the phone to Laura Horton. The old friends are chatting happily as Marlena sits at her desk, having a chuckle.

MARLENA: (into phone) Alright, so I'll expect you in a few days then? Excellent. Thank you ever so much, Laura! Bye bye.

As Marlena finishes her call, Will steps into her office. Marlena's smile widens upon seeing her grandson.

MARLENA: Will! What a lovely surprise!

Marlena gets up and gives Will a warm hug. She looks out the door as Will walks in. Will clues in immediately to what Marlena's looking for.

WILL: I didn't bring Ari with me. She's with Gabi this afternoon.

MARLENA: Oh. Well that's alright. What can I do for you?

WILL: Well, I'm hoping that that was the person that'll be helping mom you were talking to on the phone.

MARLENA: Ah, yes. That was Laura. I don't think you've seen her since you were about as tall as my knees though, so I don't know how well you remember her.

Will and Marlena share a laugh.

WILL: Well, you know. It's been a long time but I vaguely remember her. But I have to admit, I am worried for mom, even now.

MARLENA: Why's that?

WILL: Well, I didn't tell you this when I saw you yesterday but...when Mom was at our place the other night, she...she was going to cut off her engagement to EJ.

Marlena almost reacts with glee at Will's announcement, but holds back, overcompensating with concern.


JJ opens the door to head out for his community service. There at the door, about to ring the doorbell is Liam. JJ doesn't hide his dislike of Liam from his face.

LIAM: Oh hey, JJ! Is your mom home.

JJ: Yeah. She's inside. What did you want?

Liam smiles awkardly, trying to stay cool in the face of JJ's hostility.

LIAM: I, uh...I had a little surprise I wanted to give her. Our date last night went really well so...

JJ: Great. I'm glad. Isn't this like...your third or fourth date or something?

LIAM: Yeah! I think things are going really well. Do you mind if I--

JJ: ...I'll go get her. One sec.

JJ turns to go back inside, letting the door swing shut behind him, but Jenn is not far behind him and catches the door before it closes.

JENNIFER: JJ. I got it.

JJ: Kay.

JJ heads out, rolling his eyes at his mother and Liam. He brushes past Liam on his way out. Jennifer gives a disapproving look JJ's way as she leans in the doorway, before looking back to Liam.

JENNIFER: Sorry about that. How are you?

LIAM: GOOD! I'm doing fantastic! I had a little something for you.

Liam presents a box of chocolates to Jenn, who smiles widely at Liam.

JENNIFER: That's really sweet of you, Liam. Look. I'm sorry that JJ's not taken with you. He's...

LIAM: He's young. He misses his dad. It's okay.

JENNIFER: I'm glad you understand. God, it's like you've known me forever. I really appreciate the time I've spent with you, Liam.

LIAM: Jenn, you're a beautiful, special woman. And that's a rare thing to find. I just hope you feel the same about me.

JENNIFER: Absolutely, I do. Look, what are you up to tonight?

LIAM: Oh I just...I have some work to catch up on at home tonight and--

Jennifer looks to Liam seductively. She grabs the lapel of his jacket and pulls him in slowly as she speaks.

JENNIFER: ...Well...Abigail is working late tonight at her new job, and JJ is going to visit his Grandma Jo for the weekend, about I go to your place and make you a nice quiet dinner, and distract you a bit.

Liam stops her and pulls away suddenly.

LIAM: I don't think that's such a hot idea, Jenn.

Jenn frowns, confused by Liam's sudden rejection.



Billie sits down at a table at Club TBD, a coffee cup before her. She checks her phone for messages, a look of concern across her face. Shortly thereafter, Theresa comes stumbling in, a bit panicked, in a way that Billie seems familiar with. Billie stands up with a smile and arms reaching out.

THERESA: Oh my God, I'm sorry I'm late.

Theresa rushes over to give Billie a hug.

BILLIE: It's okay, hon. I was prepared for you to be a bit late anyway.

Theresa pulls back from her hug, a mock-serious look on her face.

THERESA: Hey now, come on. I'm not ALWAYS late.

BILLIE: I kinda doubt that.

Theresa rolls her eyes a bit, jokingly, as she and Billie sit down at the table.

THERESA: Okay, fine. I'm...usually--

BILLIE: (laughing)...always late.

THERESA: Oh whatever. (laughs) So what's up with you, I haven't seen you since I left LA.

BILLIE: I'm alright. I...I'm kinda shocked I'm back in Salem, mom needed me at work so...

THERESA: Ooo! Does this mean you're gonna be doing more amazing cosmetics work? Some 48-hour concealor that won't come off with an ice pick?

Billie and Theresa have a laugh, as T passes, Theresa stops him.

THERESA: Oh, T. Mimosa for me.

T looks down at Theresa, a bit of annoyance on his face, but still within the realm of professional appearance.

T: Only if you say the magic word.

Theresa shoots T a look of daggers.

THERESA: Please.

T: One moment!

T walks off, Billie giggles, and Theresa scowls.

THERESA: Can you believe the lousy service I get here?

BILLIE: Well, don't you have a bit of a rep around here already?

THERESA: That's not my fault. That's Jennifer Horton's fault.

BILLIE: Now, come on, Theresa. I've known Jennifer about as long as I've known you. She's really a great person--

THERESA: ...Oh my God. You too. Really? I've heard this speech like...a thousand times already from my parents, from my grandmother, from my aunt Kayla, from JJ, from Daniel, I don't need to hear it again from you. She nearly had me thrown back on a bus to LA with a slight detour at the county penn. I will not forgive that prissy bitch.

BILLIE: Theresa, seriously. I know how you feel about her but--

THERESA: ...But nothing. Jennifer Horton and her perfect little life where nothing bad has ever happened can go straight to Hell.

BILLIE: Theresa, stop it. Jennifer and you have way more in common than you think, honey. She's not had it very easy. I promise you.

Theresa rolls her eyes dismissively. Billie leans in closer to Theresa from across the table.

BILLIE: I'm serious. I don't want you to think I don't support you, but we have all been where you are. Trust me. Jennifer as well.

THERESA: Well, I do feel for her, whatever she went through, but that doesn't mean I'm going to suddenly become her closest friend, okay? Look can we talk about something else, please.


Theresa slowly cracks a smile.

THERESA: Liiiike the hot rich guy I'm seeing.

BILLIE: Oh my God. Who is it this time?

THERESA: Brady Black.

Billie's face drops upon hearing Brady's name.

BILLIE: Oh no.


Nick studies his iPad in the elevator at Titan. An article from the business section at the Salem Spectator is on it, detailing the scandal at the EnerNext press conference and what it could mean for Titan. The article specifically mentions that Titan TV, long on the decline in the ratings game, could be shipped off to pasture by the Titan board this coming week. The article puts a smile on Nick's face as the elevator dings, and the doors open.

Nick steps off the elevator and heads over towards Kate's office. There is no secretary sitting at the desk, so Nick simply walks in. Kate, focused on work, barely looks up from the paper in front of her on her desk.

KATE: I see your brush with death didn't instill any manners in you.

Nick stops in the doorway, reaching back to the other side of the door, and he knocks on it loudly.

NICK: (loudly) Can I come in?

KATE: Only if you've come to resign.

Nick walks in, and immediately begins to pace the room. Rarely looking at Kate, he almost seems to be making a grand speech.

NICK: Sorry, Kate. No such luck. I do, however, have a proposition for you.

KATE: Well that can't be a good sign. What are you going to blackmail me into doing now, Nick?

NICK: Oh come on, Kate. I'm not here to do anything like that. But if you insist. I have a little request.

Kate keeps her eyes on her work. Clearly disinterested in Nick's grandstanding.

KATE: Spit it out, Nick. I'm busy.

Nick walks quickly towards Kate, which throws her off a bit, but she tries to not make it obvious that he's startled her.

NICK: You need to drop that attitude. I'm making your pathetic little company millions upon millions of dollars and I'm treated worse than the unpaid intern.

Kate finally looks up at Nick, looking him straight in the eyes with a piercing quality that shows she means business.

KATE: There's an easy way to fix that, Nick. Stop threatening my family, and stop trying to take Ari away from her family.

NICK: I have absolutely no intentions of that. But I don't want that little girl to grow up with your morals, or Sami's morals, or heaven forbid, EJ's morals.

KATE: That's rich, coming from a would-be rapist and murderer.

NICK: Enough! Kate. You're going to understand something. I hold all the cards here. So follow what I say, or you're all going down. Got it?

Kate pulls her reading glasses off her face. She stays fixated on Nick.

KATE: Is this how you're going to conduct yourself? Go around town, day in and day out, making demands on people and blackmailing them if they don't agree?

NICK: If I have to.

KATE: Well, then you're of little use to me as an employee, aren't you? People will start to see through you rather quickly.

NICK: Oh, I'm sure you can cover for me.

Kate finally loses her cool. She slams her fists on her desk and stands up, now enraged.

KATE: Damn it, Nick! What do you want? Stop playing these stupid games and just tell me what you want.

Nick smiles, finally having got a rise out of Kate. He goes back to pacing the room, as though all is well once again.

NICK: There's a vote coming up. A very important vote. It involves our local TV station.

KATE: What about it?

NICK: It's incredibly important, for you, and for everyone else, if you vote against keeping Titan TV under Titan's control. Important enough that if you don't vote against it, it'll be the last vote you ever take part in. Got it?

Kate narrows her eyes, and shakes her head. Kate's face shows a sense of dread that is unmistakable.


EJ walks through the hallway at Countess Wilhelmina towards the elevator, deep in thought. He looks over some files as the door opens and he goes to step on without looking. Just before stepping on though, he sees Abigail about to get off at the same floor. EJ looks shocked to see Abby there.

EJ: Abigail! Wh-what are you doing here?

ABBY: Well...trying to get off the elevator, for a start.

EJ: Oh, sorry.

EJ steps to one side. He still has a look of confusion on his face, as he goes to ask Abigail a question, Abigail cuts him off.

ABBY: I didn't realize you were so involved with Countess W.

EJ: Samantha and I try to run the operation together as much as possible.

Abigail's eyes widen, surprised by EJ's statement.

ABBY: I had no idea.

Sami, seeing EJ and Abigail's tension, steps into the hallway to greet Abigail, almost as a rescue mission.

SAMI: Abigail! Glad you made it!

EJ motions to Abigail, still rather confused, but concerned at what might be happening.

EJ: Samantha, I--

SAMI: Was just greeting our newest addition to our promotions department. Today's Abby's first day at Countess W!

EJ looks to Abigail, his uneasiness with the situation painted on his face. Abigail looks nervously up at EJ before quickly looking away, an awkward smile on her face.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie looks over at Daniel, who has stopped her at Horton Town Square, concerned with the company she's keeping. Billie is not impressed.

BILLIE: I'm sorry?

DANIEL: What were you doing talking with Theresa Donovan?

Billie leans back, arms folded, floored by Daniel's audacity.

BILLIE: She happens to be a very good friend of mine, thank you.

DANIEL: Well, I guess you're not quite the person I thought you were then.

BILLIE: Excuse me?

Daniel approaches Billie, a bit of menace in his walk. Billie still stares him down, unblinking.

DANIEL: Oh yeah. I went there. You remember your friend Jenn? Yeah, that girl you just were speaking to put her through a living hell these past few months. And me. And JJ.

BILLIE: Oh, I'm aware of all of that. I'm also aware of the hell that girl's gone through before she ever met you or Jennifer or JJ. So you can spare me your holier-than-thou attitude about things you know nothing about, Daniel.

Daniel's taken aback by Billie's impassioned defense of Theresa.


Sheryl and Jordan are sitting at Club TBD in a corner booth. Sheryl is on her laptop, attempting to access a file. Jordan looks over to her, looking occasionally to the laptop, and to the door. A certain tension is across Jordan's face, and she appears jumpy. Sheryl is focused on the work ahead of her.

Finally, Jordan's fidgeting and twitches gets to Sheryl.

SHERYL: Would you stop fidgeting?

JORDAN: I'm sorry. I know this is crazy. I mean....anyone could catch us here.

SHERYL: Well, yes. If you keep acting like a complete nut, yes, they might.

JORDAN: (sighs) I'm sorry. I just...I'm really concerned that you're going too far again, Sheryl.

Sheryl turns abruptly to face Jordan. Jordan's words set her off like a switch had been flipped. She speaks with a quiet rage, not unlike a hot pressure cooker.

SHERYL: Again, hm? Like I did in Canada? Are you seriously gonna say that now? That operation was neccessary, Jordan. We have absolutely no choice but to do that. And if you think this is any different, then you need to go back to Birmingham, and never come back.



EJ approaches Sami's office desk, still reeling from her decision to move out. Sami draws herself up and back with every step EJ takes towards her.

EJ: Samantha, I--

SAMI: EJ. Please. Please don't...come any closer.

EJ fights the anger he feels from the sting of Sami's sudden fear of him. He fights the urge to lash out.

EJ: Samantha, I...I don't...I don't think this is a good idea.

SAMI: EJ, I can't. There is no other option.

EJ: What do you mean, Samantha? I can't...I don't know how much more space I can give you. You're already at the opposite end of the house as it is. And you know father's conditions for your freedom were that the entire family live under one roof.

SAMI: EJ, I never said I was taking Sydney, and Johnny away from you.

EJ: (sigh) You don't get it, do you, Samantha? YOU are my family as well. You are as much my family as my brothers, my sister, my children and my father.

SAMI: Look, I...I do love you. But I...EJ, this feeling, this fear I have in me...I buried it for so long. I tried to hide it and allowed myself to forget that that....side of you existed. I gave myself a sort of....selective amnesia. Our fight last night, it...I need to take some time on my own, away from everyone to just...heal. It's not about not loving you or not seeing you as a part of my life I just need time to truly move past what you did to me.

EJ closes his eyes as Sami speaks. He doesn't look up. The shame he feels washes over him, and he stands solemnly, feeling the gravity of the effect he's had on the woman he loves. He takes a deep breath before speaking.

EJ: Okay. You take the time you need. But remember something. I love you. More than anything in this world. You NEVER lose sight of that for one moment. Who I was then and who I am now are...galaxies apart.

Sami smiles, trying to look at EJ, but she can't, and looks away.

SAMI: I won't. Because I love you too. But I don't know if I'll ever be able to see the man I wanted to marry, without seeing the man who raped me. And I wish I could.

EJ's heart sinks, as does his head, as he fights back tears.


Victor slams his briefcase on the conference table at Titan. Around him sit Brady, and Tyler. All three men are in foul moods after the disaster that was the press conference. Victor opens his briefcase, sorting paperwork as he speaks to the other two men.

VICTOR: Well, that was quite possibly the most spectacular disaster since the Hindenburg. I'm sorry your introduction to the Titan board had to be this mess, Tyler. I expect the rest of your time on the Titan board of directors goes somewhat more smoothly.

BRADY: What I can't figure out is how Nicole, who was supposed to be helping promote the project, managed to be working to demonize this whole project to the public.

TYLER: It's obvious. And I think it should be obvious to all of you that there is a lack of editorial control at Titan TV. And it has become a complete liability to you.

VICTOR: If you're suggesting we divest ourselves of Titan TV, you can save your breath. We need that TV station, particularly if we want to see this project accepted by the public.

BRADY: Grandad's right. But...I also think we need some changes if we are to retain controlling interest in the TV station.

Victor furrows his brow at Brady's suggestion.

VICTOR: What in the hell do you think I was going to suggest? Let that lazy sleaze Miles lay back and light Cuban cigars with my money in his office?

TYLER: Well, with all due respect, that's essentially what he's done by allowing Ms. Walker's report to go public. If Miles is gone and Ms. Walker goes with him, I support retaining Titan TV. Otherwise, it's too big a liability, and it would also be a major conflict of interest.

BRADY: I second that. Nicole had no right to go ahead with a line of questioning like that.

VICTOR: She had no right being unleashed on this planet. If she isn't ousted, I'll personally drop kick her from the building. Now, if the rest of the board agrees to this--

BRADY: ...I talked to Kate after the press conference and she supports us.

VICTOR: Then that's four.

BRADY: If her little lap dog of a son follows mummy's lead as he usually does, that'd be five.

TYLER: Which would put us over the top.

VICTOR: So then it's settled. We'll put it to a vote Monday. I'll round up the troops and we'll get this sorted.

BRADY: Sounds like a plan.

TYLER: Good work, men.

The three men, exchange handshakes, standing up from the table in a subdued happiness at their damage control.


Nicole looks directly at Nick, clearly unsure of her decision, but she breathes deeply and chokes out her answer.

NICOLE: Alright. I'm in. I'll do it.

Nick smiles widely with his trademark sinister smirk.

NICK: 'Atta girl. I always knew you were smart.

Nicole grimaces, knowing she's made a mistake, but fearing the consequences too much to go back on her word. She folds her arms and shakes her head.

NICOLE: So how are you going to make this work.

NICK: Oh I'll find a way. And don't worry about moving your stuff out of your office. It's not going anywhere. I can guarantee it.


Daniel approaches an enraged Billie, whose back is turned him as she reaches for her phone in her purse. His demeanour is one of a sudden calm.

DANIEL: Look, I didn't realize that Theresa's past was so rough. But she had no right to treat Jenn, JJ, and I like that.

BILLIE: I know that. I'm sure she knows that too. Look, I...I shouldn't have even said as much as I did to you. But know that Theresa isn't the bad person you think she is. She's hurting inside, and she's doing the best she can with that pain in her heart.

DANIEL: (sigh) I'm sorry. I didn't mean to come down so hard on you.

Billie pulls herself together quickly, looking at her phone quickly and noticing a missed call. She looks over to Daniel with a sudden smile on her face.

BILLIE: Don't mention it. I won't hold it against you, as long as you don't do it again. Got it.

Billie pinches Daniel's cheek before stepping away, leaving Daniel puzzled by her wildly changing emotions, but also intrigued.

Once Billie steps away, she calls back the missed call. She whispers loudly in the phone.

BILLIE: Mom? It's me. Sorry I didn't call sooner, but I think I got something big that could help us.

Billie holds the tiny flash drive in the palm of her hand, looking it over as she speaks.


Jordan looks taken aback by Sheryl's reaction. She tries to motion to Sheryl to calm down as she's drawing attention to herself. Sheryl looks around and appears to relax, though she's still visibly upset. Sheryl returns her attentions to her laptop screen. She doesn't look up at Jordan at all from here on out.

JORDAN: Look, maybe I should choose my words more carefully next time.

SHERYL: Ya think?

JORDAN: Look, just...tell me what you're trying to do.

SHERYL: Okay, you remember that computer we were on at work?

JORDAN: You mean the one Nick Fallon caught us at?

Sheryl rolls her eyes, but continues to focus squarely at the screen.

SHERYL: Well, I snuck a little device on it that allows us unrestricted access to the Titan executive database, and no one can trace it.

Jordan's skepticism begins to melt as Sheryl explains. Jordan looks over Sheryl's shoulder in sudden interest.

JORDAN: You're kidding!

SHERYL: Nope! Just about to get us into the frameworks now.

Sheryl hits enter on her keyboard with a flourish. The login fails. Sheryl's face drops in shock.



Sheryl finally breaks her gaze with the monitor and looks at Jordan, a look of panic across her face.

SHERYL: The key's not hooked up to the system. Someone found it.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie walks alone through the Town Square, a look of concern across her face as she makes a call on her phone.

BILLIE: (into phone) Yeah, I got something for you. I'll need to run a test on it when I get back. Meet you at the station at 7?...Great.

Billie hangs up, pulling the tiny USB drive she found in the computer at Titan in her hand. She ponders what it could be and how it got there. She's knocked out of this place of concentration by a familiar voice.

THERESA: Billie!

Billie turns around to see Theresa's smiling face looking back at her.

BILLIE: Theresa! Oh my GOD, honey! How are you!

Billie and Theresa hug each other warmly, Theresa clearly excited to see her friend.

THERESA: I'm okay. Had a bit of a rough week but I'm holding up well.

BILLIE: I'm glad.

THERESA: I didn't realize you were in town! How long are you gonna be here?

BILLIE: Well, I'm...I'm actually gonna stick around for awhile. I think it's time I called Salem home for awhile. You know?

THERESA: Well, it's no LA, but knowing you're here makes tolerating this one-horse town a whole lot easier to swallow.

BILLIE: Oh, it's not that bad.

Theresa rolls her eyes at the mere thought of Salem as her home.

THERESA: That's what you think. Hey, are you free tonight? I was thinking of getting together for a drink at the Club TBD.

BILLIE: Oh I could probably do that. I have a couple things to take care of first but I'd love to catch up.

THERESA: Great. I'll text you later and we can meet up.

BILLIE: Sounds good, honey. See you later.

Theresa and Billie go their separate ways, and Billie goes to make another phone call, but before she can pull her cell phone up to her ear, she's interrupted by another voice.

DANIEL: What were you doing talking with her?

Billie turns around, a confused look across her face as she looks to Daniel.



JJ looks to Jennifer, who is standing in her office with a departing Liam. JJ has a disappointed look in his eyes, which Jennifer immediately recognizes.

JENNIFER: Liam and I were discussing meeting for dinner tonight.

JJ: Mom, don't you think that's a bit soon af--

JENNIFER: No. No, I don't. JJ, Daniel and I have been apart for a very long time now, and...

Jennifer suddenly stops herself, knowing Liam's there beside her, and wishing to spare him the discomfort.

JENNIFER: Liam, you don't mind if I talk to my son alone, do you?

LIAM: Not at all. I'll see you tonight.

JENNIFER: Absolutely.

Jennifer and Liam kiss quickly before Liam steps away. JJ looks off, unimpressed by Jenn and Liam's display of affection. Once Liam departs, JJ, shaking his head, turns around, pointing out towards where Liam just was.

JJ: Really, Mom?

JENNIFER: JJ, you really need to stop worrying about who I'm dating and focus on school and your community service, because I swear to you, you don't want to push me right now.

JJ: Why not? Look, I feel responsible for what happened with Daniel--

JENNIFER: ...And you should. Look, I am grateful to Daniel for helping you out and keeping you out of prison, but you've got to understand, JJ, this is my life to live. And I want to live it seeing a man who respects my decisions and my right to raise my family the way I see fit. Daniel--

JJ: Daniel didn't, I get it. Okay? But Daniel did all this to help me, and not because he liked me, not that he should've, but because he loved you that much. So much that he was willing to risk every kind of punishment, to have my back. And I know I certainly don't deserve that. But you do.

Jennifer smiles at JJ, putting a hand on his shoulder.

JENNIFER: I know you're grateful to him. And I understand why you'd feel that way, JJ, I do. But you need to understand how important honesty is to me. And if the man I'm with can't trust me with something as important as the safety of my children...then he's not someone that I should be with.

JJ nods reluctantly. He looks to his mom, a bit defeated.

JJ: I get it. I do, I know...Liam...he...

JENNIFER: Now don't you go saying anything against Liam. You hardly even know him at all.

JJ: Yeah, Mom, but...I dunno. He just...he kinda weirds me out a bit, you know?

Jenn laughs a bit at JJ's comment as she steps behind her desk, in a bit of an attempt to distract herself, and ease a bit of the tension in the room.

JENNIFER: Why do you say that?

JJ: I really...I wish I could tell you what it is but...when I was talking to him at the party the other night...something about him just makes me really uncomfortable.

Jennifer furrows her brow a bit, unsure what JJ means, but still a bit concerned by JJ's reaction to Liam.


Now away from Jenn's office, Liam gets a phone call. He answers in somewhat hushed tones.

LIAM: (into phone) Yeah. No, it's going well. I can't be on the phone with you here, okay? I'll see you when I get home.

Liam looks around, trying to not look suspicious in doing so, but naturally, not being successful at it. He heads for the elevator.


Nicole lunges for the file in Nick's hands, but Nick pulls away just in time. Nicole is enraged and afraid of the sudden shift in the power dynamic between them, and stands with a distinct discomfort that wasn't there a moment ago.

NICOLE: How the HELL did you get your hands on that?

NICK: God, Nicole. For someone as smart as you, you'd think you'd at least be smart enough to take something like this to the paper shredder at LEAST.

NICOLE: Don't be evasive, you weasel. How did you get ahold of those files.

NICK: It's easy when you work in the building and know computers. Oh speaking of which, I took the liberty of wiping your backup copies of these from the server so you can't send them to Eric before I do and make yourself look like some kind of heroine or anything.

NICOLE: Bastard.

NICK: Language, Nicole. I actually just wanted to get all your research from you so you couldn't junk it. You reporters have sources far better than anything I could get my hands on, but...THIS. This was such an amazing find. Totally not what I was looking for but somehow SO much better!

NICOLE: You're sick! I mean, really. You set me up and now you're going to pit my career against my relationship with Eric? Are you out of your mind?

NICK: Lot of people think so. But for the first time in a long time, I feel like I'm seeing things clearer than I have in a long time. Percy, do you mind taking these files with you and putting them somewhere safe?

PERCY: Certainly, Nicholas.

Percy approaches Nick and takes the files from him, shielding himself from Nicole. Nicole folds her arms, not even making an effort to grab them now. Percy heads out of the room, leaving Nicole and Nick alone.

NICOLE: You'll never get away with this, you know.

NICK: Wanna throw a few more cliches in there, Nicole?

NICOLE: Sure. How about, 'Go to Hell', 'You don't scare me', and 'I will make you pay for this'?

NICK: Good choices. Not gonna help you at ALL but...nice effort. So, what's it gonna be? Are you going to keep working to help Percy and I shut EnerNext down? Or will I have to take YOU down?

NICOLE: How am I even gonna do that? I'm suspended. Even if I'm able to keep working here afterwards, they're going to block me from carrying on with this story.

NICK: Don't worry about that part. I'll handle it. You just stick to building a case against Titan and EnerNext, and keep building community resistance against it. I'll handle everything else.

Nicole shakes her head at this entire scenario with disbelief.

NICOLE: And I'm supposed to what? Trust you?? Really?

NICK: If you do the right thing? Absolutely. Nicole, you can help a lot of people with this. All kinds of people who don't have a voice right now. And you can do this and have everything you want in your life. Eric, the respect of the journalistic community, a fantastic career. I will make sure you can have those things. But you have to do exactly what I ask of you. Or else...

Nick points towards the door Percy walked out of.

NICK: ...your future ends here. It's up to you.

Nicole rolls her eyes at Nick, but is in serious, strenuous contemplation.


EJ steps casually into Sami's office, after interrupting her conversation with Kate about Gabi. Sami is startled by EJ's arrival, and is uneasy with him approaching her, which is not lost on Kate or EJ.

EJ: I'm sorry if I startled you.

SAMI: Wha...what do you mean? I just...I was caught off guard, that's all.

EJ: Well, I apologize for that.

A momentary uneasy silence fills the air before EJ breaks it. The tension makes the moment of silence feel ten times longer than it is in reality.

EJ: As for Gabi's modelling contract, I am slightly dubious of the source from which the idea stems, however, I am willing to concede that, in the grand scheme of things, this will stack the deck in our favour when it comes to dealing with Mr. Fallon.

KATE: Thank you, EJ...I think. Sami, this is the only way we can both keep tabs on Nick.

SAMI: Look, I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I just...I don't like the idea of Gabi having so much freedom when she's been so...naive about Nick. I mean...this could backfire and, heaven forbid, Ari could end up living with Nick and Gabi somewhere and Will would end up powerless to stop it.

KATE: That won't happen. Look, don't immediately go to the worst case scenario like this. Gabi wants Will and Sonny to be a part of Ari's life. It's important to her. And as dim as she can be som--

SAMI: (interrupting) Most--

KATE: ...most of the time, she really does want what's best for that baby. Give her some credit there, at least.

SAMI: You're right. (sigh). You're right, I just....ugh, I have so much on my mind right now and--

EJ: That's my fault.

SAMI: No, it's...not. I mean it is but...look, EJ, I need to talk to you.

Kate, sensing she's inserted herself into a bit of a touchy situation, gets up from her seat and heads for the doorway.

KATE: That would be my cue to leave, I have a feeling.

SAMI: Hasn't stopped you before.

KATE: Charming as ever, Sami. EJ.

Kate saunters out, leaving EJ and Sami alone. EJ stands by Sami's desk, arms folded, while Sami sits, uncomfortably, behind hers. She takes a moment to breathe, not looking up.

EJ: Are you alright?

SAMI: No. I'm not. I've been a complete....basketcase all week.

EJ: I'm sorry for that.

SAMI: Like I's...not completely your fault. I just...I need to tell you something.

EJ: ...Okay.

SAMI: I think...I think I need to move out of the mansion for awhile.

The colour drains from EJ's face. Truly at a loss for words, he stands, dumfounded.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Jennifer slams her folders on her desk, seething after her confrontation with Anne. Liam is not far behind her, knocking gently on her door with a concerned look on his face.

LIAM: You alright, Jenn?

Jennifer looks up at Liam as she sits down at her desk. An exhausted, upset look on her face.

JENNIFER: No. I'm not.

LIAM: Well, do you need a...someone to talk to I could just...stay with you a minute, if you liked?

Jennifer smiles slightly, but can only manage a bit of a smile.

JENNIFER: I'd love that, but I think I need a few minutes to myself, or I'm going to explode, and I'd rather you not be here for that.

LIAM: (laughs) Fair enough. Look, if you want to, we can always stop into the Brady Pub for a bit and you can sorta...vent your frustrations. I know that tends to do me a lot of good sometimes.

JENNIFER: Thanks, Liam. I appreciate it. Maybe I'll see you at the Pub for...7?

LIAM: Absolutely.

Jenn opens her office door for Liam and there is JJ in the doorway, surprised, and unpleasantly surprised to see Liam.

JJ: Mom! What's going on?


Billie steps into the office where the computer had just turned off. Turning on the light in the room, she begins to inspect the computer. Not finding anything, she pulls out the tower, and inspects the back, stopping when she reaches the USB drive. A small drive that barely looks like more than the size of a thumbtack has been inserted into the drive. Finding this odd, she pulls the key out and looks it over closely.

Billie gets up, putting the USB drive in her pocket. She hastily exits, turning off the light in the room before leaving.


Sami is in her office at Countess Wilhelmina, on the phone with a client, when a knock on the door breaks her focus.

SAMI: (into phone) ...And so these figures need to be addressed, ASAP, because we cannot go into fall with an overrun like that...and...

The knocking continues, and Sami struggles to ingore it.

SAMI: (into phone) ...I don't want MadWorld thinking, even for a second, that they've got the edge. You understand? ...I....I gotta call you back. That alright? Okay.

Sami hangs up the phone and marches, angrily, to the door. Opening it brusquely, she finds Kate on the other side. Sami is unimpressed.

SAMI: Kate!

KATE: Well that took you long enough.

SAMI: I was in a call, Kate. You know, doing work, that thing I do when I'm at the office.

KATE: How quaint.

Kate steps into Sami's office without asking permission. She saunters slowly.

KATE: Mind if I come in and ask you something?

SAMI: Why do I have a feeling you won't take 'no' for an answer.

KATE: Because you're smarter than you look?

Sami glowers at Kate, while Kate turns to face Sami, looking her up and down.

KATE: On second thought--

SAMI: ...What do you want, Kate?

KATE: I just want you to hire Gabi to model for you.

Sami looks to Kate, confused.



Sami looks to Kate, utterly baffled by her idea.

SAMI: Why would I hire Gabi to model for me? And why are YOU suggesting it?

KATE: Well, if we want to elminate Nick Fallon, we need to remove any power he has over Gabi.

SAMI: I really don't think he has much power over Gabi.

Kate rolls her eyes at Sami.

KATE: You know, for a woman who's been on death row, you're probably the most naive person I've ever met.

SAMI: I just don't see it, Kate. Where is all this power he has over her. He's barely associated with her since he got back from downstream.

KATE: Oh come off it, Sami. Nick has been obsessed with getting back with Gabi for months now. Look at what he did to her the night we tried to kill him--


Kate jumps back at Sami's paranoid jumpiness.

KATE: Stop that! There's no one here.

SAMI: Sorry, I'm just...trying to be careful.

KATE: Well stop it, and start listening. He was after Gabi before, he's after her now. So we need to nip it in the bud before he tries something else. We all know that guys like Nick Fallon don't give up out of nowhere. He's up to something. We need to keep Gabi from being in any way reliant on Nick, and if he does insert himself in Gabi's life again, that we are both in close enough proximity to him to suss him out before he gets too far. Having Gabi working for you works almost like a mouse trap. Lure him in, and nab that bastard.

EJ: Kate's right. We need to do this.

EJ startles Sami with his appearance in her office. Kate seems smugly satisfied by EJ's agreement, but Sami is incredibly uneasy with him.


Nicole and Percy stand in the MadWorld lab, looking over to Nick, who is obscuring Nicole's file folder while looking out the window.

NICOLE: Usually when people talk they face each other, Nick.

Nick turns around, still hiding the file folder behind him.

NICK: Alright, Nicole. What's the trouble?

NICOLE: Oh you know damn well, you sniveling little rat. You set me up!

NICK: Oh I did now! How exactly did I do that?

NICOLE: Don't play innocent, Nick. You knew all along that Titan was behind the EnerNext deal. You wanted to make sure that the Titan press coverage was against the news to make them look bad. And you tricked me into playing along.

NICK: Right, Nicole. Because obviously it's not at all up to the person doing the story to their research? It took me a whole ten seconds to make the connection between EnerNext and Titan. So what's your excuse?

NICOLE: EnerNext had worked with Titan before, but it was nothing to do with this project. The only publicized reports on their partnership was from at least two years ago, which means the only reason you knew about this connection was because you had an inside track.

Nick approaches Nicole slowly, almost menacingly. Percy stands to one side, cautiously observing the situation.

NICK: And what if I did? I'm trying to help Percy here to keep his home. I'm trying to stop these corporate nutcases from turning the entire town into a toxic waste dump so they can line their pockets a bit more. I'm trying to do the right thing. I know that's really hard for you to conceive of, knowing your history, but I'd think you'd understand someone wanting to change for the better, no? Trying to stand up for what's right?

NICOLE: I do. But you don't get that by deceiving the people that are here to help you out. And that's exactly why I'm not helping you anymore.

Nick isn't at all shocked by Nicole's revelation. Percy is stunned, but Nick clearly has anticipated Nicole's reaction.

NICK: What did you say?

NICOLE: I am dropping this story.

PERCY: But you can't do that!

NICOLE: Just watch me.

NICK: Percy. Don't panic. I knew she was gonna pull something like this.

NICOLE: Ah yes. Mr. Omnipotent. You've got my number. Can't hide anything from you, can I--

NICK: ...You aren't going to drop this story, Nicole. Okay? You're going to keep working on this with us.

NICOLE: Says who?

NICK: I do.

Nicole laughs sarcastically at Nick's assertion. Nick slowly walks over to the window, where the file folder was. As Nicole carries on, he grabs the folder.

NICOLE: Well, now I know you've lost your grip on reality. Seriously, Nick. You have no legs to stand on here. I am suspended from my job, thanks to you. I may be fired. Which means I would have no place to broadcast this story to. I look like a loose cannon as it is, again, thanks to you. And frankly, since you're doing so much good for my reputation right now, I don't think I'd want to work with you, anyway. So, I don't know, Nick. You tell me, why should I keep working on this story?

Nick turns around quickly, the file folder opened.

NICK: Because I don't think that Eric would be too keen on finding out how much you know about...Dr. Chyka, is it?

Nicole is stunned into silence by what Nick's just revealed.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

SPECIAL GUEST STAR: Jerry VerDorn as Tyler Houston, CEO of EnerNext.

Nick walks over to the elevator at Titan HQ, heading down to the Titan TV floors. He looks down at his phone, and sees a text message from Percy.

Nicole Walker on the rampage. Headed your way. Look out!

Nick thinks for a moment, before turning to the elevator door as it opens. He presses the button to the 8th floor. The doors close behind him.


Brady, Tyler, and Victor stand in the now-deserted town square after the press conference. The three men, all in suits, are despairing the mess that their press conference turned into. Tyler bends down to pick up a page from the newspaper that had blown in in the hustle of the crowd's exit. The headline reads "CONTROVERSIAL ENERNEXT TAR SANDS ANNOUNCED TODAY"

TYLER: I see we've got friends all over the press.

Victor and Brady turn to read the headline.

VICTOR: You know, I remember when all you had to tell people was that there were well-paying jobs being created, and everyone was satisfied.

BRADY: Well, people would've been convinced if Nicole had kept her mouth shut.

VICTOR: It's not entirely her fault.

BRADY: How do you figure?

VICTOR: Well, clearly the public education system failed her as well, how else do you explain such fundamental stupidity?

TYLER: Look, I think what we have to consider is, quite simply, how to proceed.

VICTOR: What's all this "we"? Didn't you quit?

TYLER: I stepped down. But that doesn't mean I don't have a stake in this, nor does it mean I won't be involved.

Victor and Brady are intrigued.


Theresa steps off the elevator at the hospital, where Anne is planted at her usual coffee station. Anne is more than a bit annoyed at Theresa, who is making a beeline for Anne's side.

ANNE: Look who shows up! You know, honestly, you're getting to be as bad as the remaining Horton?

THERESA: Okay, I'm sorry. Rough night. Now what is this about being "down one Horton".

ANNE: Shh shh. (nearly whispering) Abigail Deveraux.

THERESA: What about her?

ANNE: I, Anne Milbauer, detective extraordinaire got the goods on her. And she quit last night.


ANNE: Quick, okay, come to my office, I'll explain everything.

Jennifer storms out from the elevator. Maxine, standing at the nurses' station, looks over to her, concern in her eyes.

MAXINE: Okay, what's wrong with you, Honey? You look like you could stab through someone's heart with that look in your eyes.

JENNIFER: Maxine, don't tempt me. Have you seen Anne this morning?

MAXINE: Aha! All you needed to say. She just went with your best friend Theresa to her office.


Jennifer storms over to Anne's office, where the door is closed. Jennifer opens it without knocking. Theresa and Anne look over in shock, but Anne suddenly smiles smugly when she sees who is at the door.

ANNE: Good morning, Jenny! How are you this wonderful sunny day?

JENNIFER: You are going to explain to me right now what you did to my daughter last night one way or another.



Jordan and Sheryl walk back to the elevators at Titan. Jordan is panicked, but Sheryl is attempting to keep a cool head.

JORDAN: Well now we have no choice. We have to help Nick Fallon with...whatever plan he's got.

SHERYL: Why are you so uneasy about him.

JORDAN: Well...

SHERYL: It's something to do with Rafe, isn't it? Rafe doesn't like him because...

JORDAN: Because Nick was married to his sister and he did some pretty unspeakable things to his sister's baby's dad and they got an annulment and Rafe's...well he's protective of his sister. And I can't say I blame him, really.

SHERYL: Okay, but know, Nick...I think he's on our side in this, legitimately. And the guy's a computer genius. He could really help us out with taking these guys down!

JORDAN: I just...I don't know, Sheryl.

SHERYL: Besides, it's not like we have much choice in the matter, do we?

The elevator dings and opens, Jordan and Sheryl step in. Jordan sighs as the elevator door shuts.

JORDAN: Not if we don't want to get caught.

The door to the adjacent elevator opens at that moment, and Billie steps out, into the deserted office floor. She looks around for any signs of Sheryl or Jordan. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a light in the office Jordan and Sheryl had just exited. As she looks in, the computer monitor shuts off, as the desktop they were running turns itself off. Billie is concerned, and looking around her, steps into the office, using her key card.


A few floors down, Nick is at Titan TV's floor, heading for Nicole's office. Nick is mumbling to himself as he walks.

NICK: Gotta get those files before Nicole gets here.

He scans his key card to gain access. It fails.

Nick thinks for a second, before pulling out his tablet to quickly access the Titan server (which he's hacked), changing his key card access. He tries again, this time unlocking Nicole's door. He steps inside and walks over to Nicole's desk, using only the natural light from outside to guide him. The somewhat ill-lit room is still light enough that Nick doesn't trip on anything on his way. He stops at her desk, recalling his previous encounter with Nicole while she was going over the story with Percy.



Nick and Percy are in Nicole's office, Nicole seems hostile towards Nick, and Nick is treading carefully in order not to step on Nicole's toes and ruin Percy's chances of getting his story told.

NICK: Do you have any of this documentation in electronic form? I...I ask because I feel a technologically inclined person, I just...I find paper copies to be very...

NICOLE: Old hat?

NICK: Insecure.

NICOLE: Look here, felon--

NICK: Fallon--

NICOLE: Whatever! I like keeping hard copies in addition to keeping electronic copies on the cloud server. It's harder for people to deny inconvenient truths when they're on paper.

NICK: Understood.


Nick recalls Nicole pulling the file from her bottom right hand drawer prior to this exchange.


NICK: Gotcha.

Nick makes a beeline for the bottom right hand drawer. Opening it up, he discovers immediately a folder exactly like the one he recalls. He scoops it up hastily and puts it in his laptop bag. He exits the room and heads quickly back to the elevators, hoping to get back to the MadWorld lab before Percy and Nicole get there.


Anne has her hands on her hips, enjoying every moment of goading Jennifer while she's enraged in Anne's office.

ANNE: Now now, Jenny! Is that ANY way to talk to someone in a professional setting?

Jennifer slams the door to Anne's office shut behind her.

JENNIFER: Cut the crap right now, Anne. I know you did something to cause my daughter to quit last night. Let me guess, you railroaded her into it? You found some magical loophole in her contract that she hasn't followed so you think you can just...throw her out?

ANNE: I did no such thing. I approached her with a concern, and we both came to the mutual decision that it would be in everyone's best interest if she stepped down from her position with us.

JENNIFER: Oh, give me a break. I know my daughter and I know she would never quit a job like this, it means way too much to her.

Theresa and Anne begin laughing as Jenn talks about "knowing her daughter".

ANNE: Ohhh Jenny. You keep telling yourself that over and over until you're blue in the face. Because that would be the first time I've seen you work hard at anything, and I would enjoy that very much.

JENNIFER: You know what? You and your little minion here can be as miserable and vindictive as you want, but I will find out what you did to my daughter, and when I do, I will end your careers here. BOTH of you. I will make your names so bad neither of you will be employable by anyone outside of a fast food window. So you best watch your backs.

ANNE: Is that a threat? Because I'm trembling in my boots.

JENNIFER: Good day to both of you.

Jennifer walks out of Anne's office, visibly angered and confused. Inside, Theresa and Anne wait a moment to make sure Jenn's gone. Anne is still unsure, so she runs to the doorway and closes it quickly before running back to Theresa.

ANNE: Okay, so here's the scoop.

Anne leans against her desk casually.

THERESA: Oh this better be good. The suspense is killing me.

ANNE: Okay, so I went down to sweet little Abigail's office last night, and what should I see? Our dearest worker bee engaged in a heated little argument with one Elvis Junior DiMera.

Theresa looks intrigued, but confused.

THERESA: Wait, why?

ANNE: Because someone has been having a very steamy little affair under all our noses.

Theresa nearly jumps out of her chair in excitement.


ANNE: Oh YES, Honey. EJ DiMera's been screwing Abby on the side.

Theresa nearly screams out in joy at Abby and Jennifer's expense. She leans in towards Anne with anticipation.

THERESA: Please PLEASE tell me you got proof of it all.

ANNE: Theresa, honey, who do you think I am? Of course I did. It's all recorded.

Anne holds up her phone. Theresa smiles widely, and claps quietly for Anne's quick thinking.

THERESA: So wait, you confronted her with it and blackmailed her into quitting? That's it?

ANNE: (laughing) Seriously? Of course that's not ALL. Abby isn't gonna go telling anybody what actually happened, or else this recording goes straight to Mommy, and to Sami Brady.

Now, naturally, a true professional bitch does not show her entire hand at once. So I'm gonna hold onto this baby. I know it's gonna come in handy later.

Theresa smiles even brighter. Shaking her head in amazement at Anne's awesome skills in bitchcraft.


Nick steps into his lab, and sets his laptop bag on the desk. He unzips the bag and pulls the file folder out. He slowly opens it to ensure the files pertaining to Percy's case are inside. Instead, he finds files with regards to Kristen DiMera's meetings with Dr. Chyka.

He looks through the files, confused, flipping through them all quickly, he realizes that the files detail a drug cocktail that explains Eric's well-publicized actions at the hotel in the Capitol.

NICK: Powerful aphrodisiac...woah, these masking agents are...amazing.

Nick looks through the papers, fascinated by what he's reading. He quickly realizes that these files would exonerate Eric in the eyes of the church, allowing the shamed ex-priest to wear the collar again.

NICK: And if he had the choice of going back...ohhh DAMN, Nicole. (laughs). Ohhh you bitch!

Nicole and Percy step into the office behind Nick, who is facing away from the door.

NICOLE: Quit the funny business. We need to talk, you little worm.

Nick looks up from the folder, shutting it slowly. A smug smile flashes across Nick's face. He replies calmly without once turning around to face Nicole.

NICK: Sure, Nicole. Let's talk.




Written by A. Washington-Beeby

Story Consultants: ML Cooks & C. Nathaniel Richardson

Billie and Kate stand off to the side of the chaos, Billie realizing that Jordan and Sheryl probably are nowhere to be found.

BILLIE: They're not here.

KATE: How do you know they didn't plant Nicole to ask those questions and whoop everyone up into that frenzy?

BILLIE: Think about it, Mom. If they knew it was gonna go down here, wouldn't it make more sense to use it as a distraction to do some damage somewhere else.

KATE:...Like Titan.

BILLIE: Exactly.


BILLIE: I'll keep you posted, Mom.

Billie runs off to Titan HQ to find Jordan and Sheryl. Kate looks over to the crowd, concerned that the chaos will increase. Percy steps over to Kate while she looks on, though Kate pretends not to notice him, hoping he'll go away.

PERCY: Greetings!

Kate rolls her eyes, continuing to look out into the crowd.

KATE: Good day. Enjoying the pandemonium?

PERCY: My dear, if this will assist me in retaining my homestead, I shall do as neccessary.

KATE: Is that an admission of guilt? Should I be pointing a finger at you and Mr. Fallon?

PERCY: Take it as you wish. But I wouldn't speak so loudly as to be heard by those above your station. The consequences could be rather dire.

Kate finally turns to face Percy. A sour, embittered look on her face, rife with suspicion.

Nicole snaps out of her trance, with Victor still looking on from the stage right at her. She shakes her head and mouths to Victor "I had no idea". Victor remains unimpressed.

Nicole turns abruptly and heads right over to Percy. A woman on a mission.

NICOLE: Where is he?

PERCY: Whom, m'dear?

NICOLE: You know exactly who I'm talking about. Nick Fallon. Where is that snivelling weasel?


Nick stands in the executive office at Titan, laughing at Sheryl and Jordan, who are seated at a desktop computer, where they shouldn't be. He waits for Jordan to tell him why they're there, though expecting she won't.

JORDAN: You see...Sheryl had to find some files for Kate for an upcoming presentation, and her computer wasn't connecting to the cloud server so--

NICK: Baloney.

JORDAN: What do you mea--

NICK: Baloney. I know exactly why you're here. And I am going to help you do it.

Sheryl and Jordan look at each other before looking to Nick, with worry and confusion.



JJ, Rory and Bev are at the Brady Pub, chatting over some food after school. Daniel walks in, catching JJ's attention immediately.

JJ: Daniel!

DANIEL: Hey, JJ. You and I need to talk.

JJ: I know. I'm sorry, but I had no choice but to tell my mom about--

DANIEL: Don't. I know why you did what you did. I wanted to apologize to you. I went about this all wrong. And now I think it's too late for your mom and I.

JJ: I'm...I'm really sorry, man. Really, I thought this would fix everything, and it just made it worse.

DANIEL: Look, as long as it stays between all of us, you're in no danger of going back to prison. Just keep your nose to the grindstone, do that community service, and everything will work out just fine, okay?

JJ: Thanks. I appreciate it.

DANIEL: Alright, I gotta get back to the hospital. I'll see you later?

JJ: Yeah, man. See ya.

JJ sits back down at his table, as Daniel runs from the pub. On his way out, he darts around the corner, and bumps right into Billie, who's also rushing to get to Titan HQ.

DANIEL: Oo! OW! Sorry.

BILLIE: Oh crap! Yikes. I'm...sorry. Hi Daniel!

DANIEL: Billie! It's been awhile.

Billie smiles a bit. Her tension and hurried pace take a momentary leave. Though she's on her guard since she can't quite remove the mistrust she has for Daniel after how he's slept his way through her family.

BILLIE: Yeah. it has.

DANIEL: Did you...just get back to town?

BILLIE: Today, in fact. I'm gonna be here for awhile, working with mom at MadWorld.

DANIEL: Excellent. I just popped in to talk to JJ for a sec...I'm heading back to the hospital, did looked like you were in a hurry. Did you want me to take you anywhere.

BILLIE: Oh...I wasn't going far, just to Titan.

DANIEL: Well, that's fine. It's on my way to the hospital. Why don't I drop you off?

BILLIE: I'd love that but I'm parked just the other side of the street so I will have to raincheck. But look, if you're free sometime, we should grab a coffee at the new club.



DANIEL: I am totally down for that.

BILLIE: Fantastic. So...


BILLIE: ...I guess I'll see you...sometime.

DANIEL: Yeah! For sure.

BILLIE: Okay...bye!

Billie watches Daniel walk off for his car, Billie shakes her head.

BILLIE: Oh snap out of it, Billie. You can do better than that.

Billie shudders a bit, and continues on her way to her car.


Nicole is nearly nose-to-nose with a slightly terrified Percy, when Brady steps over to her, grabbing her by the wrist and turning her to face him.

BRADY: What in the HELL was that?

NICOLE: I was set up, Brady. I had no idea you guys were involved in this EnerNext deal?

BRADY: Really? You didn't think to do a little research on it before?

NICOLE: No! I...I focused on the environmental impact and that...I was assured that Titan wasn't invovled. I even looked into it a bit and...I didn't see anything connecting you guys.

BRADY: Oh, right. And I'm supposed to believe that. Are you seriously that lazy a journalist?

NICOLE: No one told me Titan was invovled, Brady. How was I supposed to know you guys wanted a fluff piece talking about how great it was that the local air colour was going to be turning a unique shade of grey?

BRADY: Right. Well, just for the record, we can't fire you for this. We have journalistic integrity to maintain. But you're definitely off this story, and we're going to suspend you for the next 3 weeks, with pay, until we can figure out what to do with you for causing this...madness.

NICOLE: But...Brady...wha...I didn't mean to...

Nicole's demeanour changes from a feeling of deflation to a burning rage, she turns to Percy, fire in her eyes.

NICOLE: You're gonna come with me and you're going to get Nick to meet us at my office, NOW.

Nicole grabs Percy by the arm and they storm away from the square. Brady looks on, anger and disappointment in his eyes. Kate looks on, a wry amusement across her face.

KATE: Well, that was more entertaining than any press conference I've ever been to.

BRADY: Save it, Kate.

KATE: Now, now. Just remember. It looks bad now, but you have the media control. You can spin this into gold from here on out.

BRADY: That's the thing, Kate. I don't know how much longer we'll have Titan TV to do that.

KATE: What do you mean?

BRADY: Conflict of interest laws. Plus, Titan's in financial turmoil. We may need to sell the TV station.

KATE: Well, you certainly can count on my vote to keep the TV station in your hands.

BRADY:Appreciate it. Look. I gotta get back to Grandad and Tyler. I'll see you at the office.

KATE: Absolutely.

Kate looks on, a plotting look in her eyes.

KATE: I just know this is all connected. But how?


Jordan gets up from the chair she's sitting in, confused by what Nick's referring to.

JORDAN: Help us?

NICK: I think we both have the same goals here. See, I have good hearing...and a really really good memory.

SHERYL: Would you stop being cryptic and tell us, what the hell you're talking about?

NICK: Oh now, where's the fun in that? You know, I like to keep tabs on international news. A lot of people around here don't bother, but I love seeing what's going on from a global perspective. I find it makes my work that much more compelling. Don't you think?


NICK: And so...when I saw the two of you for the first time...I knew I recognized you both from somewhere. And then it hit me. I did. The newspaper. Take away your glasses, and cut your hair off and dye it pink and voila! Kaylie Matthews, Siobhan McKinnon.

Jordan and Sheryl look at each other in a bit of terror, but Sheryl holds it in and tries to take dominance back from Nick.

SHERYL: So what? Now you're gonna blackmail us to help you do God knows what?

NICK: Oh come on! I hardly have to do anything to you guys. We're on the same side.

JORDAN: I don't get it.

NICK: The EnerNext plan. Titan is buying out EnerNext, and Victor and Brady are going to be running it. Ergo, you guys, like me, want to take Titan down. And I think three heads, are definitely better than one. Don't you agree?

Sheryl and Jordan are still unsure, but look to each other, pondering Nick's idea.

NICK: Ponder it, ladies. But just remember, I know who you are, and that could get you in a lot of trouble.

Nick winks at Jordan and Sheryl and walks out of the office, a smug smile on his face. Jordan looks over to Sheryl, concern all over her face.

JORDAN: Great. Now what do we do?


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