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A progressive take on a modern classic. Picking up right before MAB was let go, here is my version of this iconic show....

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Midtown GC, Hungry Hearts

Scotty walks in the bathroom and sees Phillip Chancellor in a stall  leaned back onto a toilet and  holding his nose. Scotty then looks at Rufus and Corsica.

Scotty: What is going on here?

Scotty looks down at the last line of Coke on the sink and then back at Phillip.

Rufus: Get outta here kid! We got this one go find your own man.

Scotty is stunned and looks at Phillip again. Scotty decides to leave the restroom and grab a drink at the bar.

Phillip stands up.

Phillip: That was not good.

Rufus: Are you kidding me? Do you know how many men I had to get on my knees for to get the money to pay for this high quality cocaine?

Phillip: No no no. Not that. The hit was great. I feel better. I feel super. But the guy who walked in. He knows me. I know him. I can’t have him blabbing his mouth that he saw Phillip Chancellor snorting lines of coke with two trannies.

Rufus and Corsica both look at each other.

Rufus: As in the late Katherine Chancellor? Those Chancellors?

Phillip: Yes

Rufus: Jack pot.

Corsica: No you didn’t call us Tranny’s! I don’t like that word. It’s so rude.

Phillip: I’m sorry I don’t know what else to call you.

Rufus: Don’t worry about that boy who was just in here. Probably some thirsty young bottom. He didn’t see anything.

Phillip: I’m not so sure. I need to go talk to him.

Rufus: As long as you don’t give my goods away Mr. Chancellor.

Rufus says as she walks up on him and grabs his crotch.

Phillip: You’re aggressive.

Rufus: I like what I see and I want a piece of it. Tell you what, I got a show to perform. You take care of little miss muffin out there and after my show we can go back to my room and continue this party?

Rufus plants a seductive kiss on Phillips lips.

Philip: Uhm yes that sounds good.

Phillip walks out of the bathroom.

Corsica: He called us tranny’s Rue.

Rufus: Get over it. He’s a gold mine. He’s a Chancellor Cor, think about it. He’s rich, handsome, masculine, tall and beefy.

Corsica: Why do you get all the good ones?



Phillip spots Scotty at the bar. He watches him for a bit drinking his beer. He thinks about what he is going to say to him as he walks over to him at the bar. He grabs a seat and orders a beer.

Scotty looks to his right to see who has taken a seat next to him.

Phillip: Hi.

Scotty: Uhm hi.

Phillip: I’ve seen you around town. Aren’t you Lauren’s son?

Scotty: I am and you are Phillip Chancellor the 3rd.

Phillip: I am .

Scotty is smitten.

Scotty: It’s a pleasure to meet you officially. I’ve seen you around town to. In fact in this very bar. I’ve heard rumors and read stuff in the magazines but it’s true. You really like men?

Phillip: Am I a homo sexual you mean? Yes.


Unbeknownst to them Rafe walks into the bar. He looks over at the bar and spots Scotty and Phillip having a deep conversation over drinks.

Rafe: You are just full of surprises now aren’t you Scotty?

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 178: Karynn and Esther do Chicago!

Written by: ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Martin Saenz with Alex Washington

GCAC, Nikki’s Suite

Nikki, Noah, Victoria and Nick all look at the dark knight Victor Newman.

Victor: Hello Nikki.

Nikki (Stuttering)...Vic Vic what…What are you doing here?

Victor: I’m free. And I’m here to take back what is mine. Now what did I walk in on? Noah why are you upset?

Noah: Mom is dead and dad did nothing to save her. The only thing he could do was poke all the women of GC. He’s dead to me!

Noah brushes past Victor and leaves GCAC.

Victoria: I think somebody should go after him.

Victor looks at Nick.

Victor: He’s your son my boy. Go after him.

Nick: I still can’t believe you’re a free man dad. Welcome home.

He walks over and gives Victor a hug.

Victor: It seems I’m right on time.

He says looking at Nikki’s mouth water as she stands by the bottle of vodka and stares at it.

Nick leaves.

Victoria: So dad when did you get released from prison?

Victor: Just a few short hours ago thanks to my loyal attorney John Silva. Acting DA.

Victoria: Well you know a lot of things have changed since you’ve been in prison.

Victor: I’m seeing that darling. And you’re looking more beautiful than ever.

Victoria: Thanks dad. Well I’m going to meet with JT. Going to give him one last chance to keep this up coming custody battle from happening. I want my son.

Victor: Don’t worry darling. I’m here now and we are going to fix everything including brining Reed back home to you where he belongs. Mmmmk?

Victoria hugs her dad.

Victoria: Mom I’m going to leave, you know give you and dad time to catch up.

Nikki looks away from the bottle visibly shaken.

Nikki: Oh Oh o-ok.

Victoria gives her mom a hug and then leaves.

Victor gets up off the couch and stares down Nikki who looks at him but looks away unable to weather his menacing stare down.

Victor: So here we are Nikki. Alone….




  Karynn and Esther get off Interstate 90 and arrive in the city of Chicago. Karynn still drinking beer crushes the last can of beer she has and throws it in the back seat.

 Esther: You must be drunk by now. You drank a whole six pack in the four hours it took to get here. One hour alone for all the times you pissed on the side of the road. Disgusting. I’m, just glad I brought hand sanitizer along.

 Karynn: I admit I feel pretty damn nice. And I can’t help that beer runs through me like water Essie. I’m a 75 year old woman. My body can’t do what it used to do.

Esther: Ok so I’ve been hearing a lot about violence in Chicago Miss Sheppard. I don’t want to get shot while I am in Chicago. Do you know where we are going?

Karynn: Well first things first. I’m down to my last cigarette so we need to find a local store.

Esther: And please don’t say any more beer.

Karynn: Nah I’m ok.

They make a left on Dearborn and Karynn sees a convenient store.

Esther: I've never heard of a bologna biscuit before.

Karynn: My ex husband used to live off those.

Eshter: I want to try one. It seems like a good buy. 

Karynn: I’ll just pull in there grab my Virginia Slims and ask for directions for All My Angels nursing home.

Esther: Ok Miss Sheppard just be careful and hurry back. I’m scared. 

Karynn: Essie please. Because you see all these black people? Trust me Essie I have a way with the blacks.

Esther: You do? How? And no its not because they are black. They all look menacing.

Karynn: Never mind that. Just wait right here.

Karynn opens her door and as she does a plume of smoke escapes the Cadillac cts.  Karynn steps out of the car, though a bit off her balance from drinking, she makes her way inside the store as Esther locks the door as patrons loitering look, point and laugh at the them. Esther is feeling very nervous.

Esther: Oh Mrs. C. I hope you’re watching over us. Please keep us safe.




Back in Nikki’s Suite.

Victor: Well after all this time don’t you have anything to say to me?

Nikki: What should I say Victor? You betrayed this family by signing everything away to Katherine. Your children should have been the ones who got control of Newman when you went to jail.

Victor: It was an agreement Katherine and I signed years ago. When our kids were just teens. In case anything happen to me I trusted Katherine to run my empire. She is the one who gave me my start in Genoa City by entrusting me to run her company.

Nikki: I know all of that. You did a great job running Chancellor. But at some point once the children got older and more mature and both of whom proved themselves capable of running Newman that you should have signed everything over to them?

Victor: I should have but I never thought of it.

Nikki: Too damn busy trying to control everything and everyone no matter the cost.

Victor: Is that why you are mad? Because you didn’t get a piece of the pie?

Nikki: Not at all and how dare you!? This is for our children and grandchildren. Katherine should not have inherited Newman.

Victor: I don’t think it really matters any more.

Nikki: What do you mean?

Victor: According to that pip squeak Michael Baldwin, Jack Ass Abbott is now in control of all my assets.

Nikki: How in the hell could that have  happened? Everyone seems to get a piece of Newman, but the Newman’s. Funny how that works.




Midtown Genoa City, Hungry Hearts


Rafe grabs a seat at a booth out of Phillip and Scotty’s eyesight. He continues to watch them.

Over at the bar.

Scotty: I don’t know what to say. I feel like I’m amongst royalty. Phillip Chancellor. And he’s gay. It’s just crazy. I used to see you in the magazines as a teen. I had this huge crush on you.

Phillip: Sheesh you make me feel old.

Scotty: No no not like that. I just really admired that body. You were so cut.

Phillip: Still am.

Scotty looks at Phillip.

Scotty: Is that right?

Phillip: I could show you.

Scotty: But...

Phillip: I want to know something first.

Scotty: What is that?

Phillip: What did you see when you walked into the restroom?

Scotty knows what he saw but doesn’t know what to say. Its obvious Phillip wants to keep what he did under wraps. So Scotty obliges.

Scotty: Nothing.

Phillip smiles.

Phillip: You’re right it was nothing.

They take their beer bottles and clank them together to toast.

Rafe orders a drink as he continues to spy on Scotty and Phillip.

Rafe: You sure are something Scotty.





In Chicago.

Esther still sitting in the car, decides to occupy her time by browsing the net on her phone to avoid from making eye contact with everyone in the parking lot. She comes across a web page called “I Hate Victor Newman”

This really catches her interest and she goes on to read further to see what the page is about.

She reads:For the people of GC who has ever been hurt or done wrong by Satanist Victor Newman that vows revenge”

Esther: This is my kind of page. I need to be a part of this. Damn those Newman’s. Especially Victoria. I will never forgive her for killing my grandchild. My Chloe was so hurt by Victoria pushing her down those stairs and causing her to miscarry. And she got away with it. Why? Because she is a Newman.




The patrons really get a kick looking at a nervous Esther talking to herself. Esther notices this and looks back in the phone to keep her attention off her surroundings. Esther goes on to read more about the web page.

I created this group as an outlet for the people Victor Newman, the Satanist has ever double crossed, blackmailed, hustled, bullied or bought off etc. This is a place to tell your story and hopefully with strength in numbers, we can put a stop to Victor Newman’s treachery and evilness. Victor Newman is a cancer and a menace to our local community and I hope to form an action counsel to end Victor Newman’s reign of terror. Victor the Satanist must be stopped.”

Esther decides to post a message in the forum.

            “Hi, I’ve lived in Genoa City for years and I know first-hand how Victor Newman can be. He is rotten a pig along with his spawn. They are  killers of innocent babies and I agree Victor Newman must be stopped! I want to be apart of this action council to put an end to Victor Newman. I thank you for giving people like me a place to channel this hatred of Victor Newman. I know a lot of people that will join us. Until next time, this is uhm, I’ll go by old maid. This is old maid signing out.”

Esther: Ahh I feel so much better. There are people out there who understand how evil the Newman’s are.

Esther looks over by the store entrance and sees Karynn finally walking out. Esther is relieved.

Karynn is smoking a cigarette as she walks out. As she stumbles to the car she then hears…

            “Kary… Kary Sheppard that can’t be you. “

Karynn stops dead in her tracks.

Esther sees a shorter black man wearing a pink suite with white snake leather shoes approach Karynn.

Esther: Oh my God he’s going to hurt her.

Karynn turns around to look at the man.

Karynn: It really can’t be. Please let me be so drunk I’m hearing and seeing things.

Man: I’d know that drunken walk anywhere. And the smell of those Virginia Slims. Yes honey I remember.

He says smiling and winking at her.

Karynn slaps the old man. Everyone pauses what they were doing and look at Karynn and the man.

Esther pulls out her phone and dials 911.






Karynn and Esther descend the stairs from the hotel suites and down into the bar and restaurant. They grab a seat at the bar.



th%2012_zpssqhp0of7.jpegEsther: Karynn I don’t think I should drink so early in the day.



imagesCAYORKVJ_zps9d688a0e.jpgKarynn: Non  sense Essie. A little drink will never hurt no body.



The bar tender walks over to the duo.



Karynn: We will both have a sex on the beach and make it extra strong, I got work to do.



The bar tender gives Karynn a look and then goes to make the drink



Esther:  I’ve never had sex on a beach before.



Karynn: It’s a drink Essie darling.



Esther: I haven’t had sex in years. Not since that slime Roger Wilkes came into my life and tried to seduce me for Mrs. C’s fortune.



Karynn: I haven’t felt the touch of a man in decades. Not since my cheating ex-husband cheated on me for a much younger woman.



The drinks arrive and Karynn downs hers in one big gulp. The bar tender’s mouth drops.



Karynn: Another one Pete.



Esther takes a sip of hers.



Esther: This is really good.



She takes another one.



Karynn: Alright listen up Essie. We are going to see my brother in Chicago. That’s where adult protective services placed him.



Esther: Well with the restraining order they have against you, how do you think we are going to get to see him.



Karynn: I used to work at a nursing home until I got caught drinking beer on the job. I saved all my uniforms. We will put them on and walk right into the facility.



Esther: Just like that?



Karynn: You bet.



Esther: I hope Karl is doing ok. He was rushed out the hospital so dang on fast after the Chancellor Mansion explosion.



Karynn: I hope so to Essie. Karl has been through a lot. I just want to make things right for him. That’s why I am adamant I get some of this Chancellor money so I can give him a good life in his final days.



Esther: That is so sweet of you Karynn. Everyone thinks you don’t care for your bother.



Karynn: He’s my blood. Of course I care for him. He’s the only thing I have left in this world. My daughter and I don’t speak. My ex-husband can burn in hell. The two of them together can rot in hell!



Karynn signals the bartender.



Bartender: Not another drink?



Karynn: Ok smart ass and its none of your business if I want another drink. Now put this on the Chancellor account. I am a Chancellor after all, well in some respects.



Karynn grabs her purse and begins to leave GCAC.



Esther: Karynn wait! Do you think you should drive? You did have a few drinks.



Karynn: Your right I didn’t even think about it. You drive and on the way to the motel let’s stop at the drive thru so I can get a pack of Virginia Slims and a six pack for this long drive.



Esther: I don’t think we should drink and drive.



Karynn: Esther, live a little. Now let’s get going I must see my brother.



Karynn and Esther exit GCAC.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 177: Nikki gets a Surprise Visit!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington

 philip_zps36956557.png Phillip walks into Police Chief Paul Williams’s office.



Phillip takes a seat in front of Paul’s desk as Paul hangs up the phone. Phillip is a little jittery.



  images2_zpse1bbaee6.jpg: Phillip, it’s good to see you. How are you holding up?



Phillip: I’m confused Paul. I feel nervous all the time. I’m anxious. Like I need to be doing something but I don’t know what that is. I am devastated about Cane selling Lily’s twins for drugs. It’s the most God awful thing one can do.



Paul: Wait a minute so you know about Cane selling his kids for drugs? How?



Phillip: Yes. I went over to Cane’s apartment to check up on him. I knew he was using again. He came to me because he was in trouble with the dealer. He owed them money. I bailed him out.



Paul: He was using… again?



Phillip: When Cane used to work for his dad Colin in the Australian mafia, Cane began to snort Cocaine. It’s a habit I thought he had overcome.



Paul: So you went to his place to check on him and then what?



Phillip: I saw that everything was gone. He said he sold everything to pay for his coke. I didn’t hear or see the twins and that’s when I asked him about his children. He stated in a roundabout way that they were safe. He didn’t come right out and say he sold them but he certainly implied he did. We got into a struggle and he shot me in my right hand. He then tied me to a chair and injected me with Cocaine.



Paul: Phillip when you were with Cane in Australia did you do coke too?



Phillip: I did a few times in fact.



Paul: Phillip thank you for the info. I’d advise you to go to a narcotics anonymous meeting. It looks like you are going through withdrawl.



Phillip: No Paul I have to find those twins! I owe Lily that! I should have done more when Cane came to me and he was in trouble. I feel like I could have prevented all of this. So I must make this right!



Paul: Leave the police work to us.



Phillip: I got to do something Paul. I can’t just sit around.



Phillip gets up and leaves Paul’s office. Paul just watches him walk out as he begin to think about how to go about finding the missing twins.












Back at the GCAC, Nikki’s Suiteuntitled4.jpg



imagesCA1JVQPQ_zps0c35c9dd.jpgNikki steps away from her white grand piano and walks over to the couch where Victoria has just taken a seat after placing tea on the coffee table. Nikki pours herself some and then sits next to her daughter.



th8QD2BI83_zps8rx4fui3.jpgVictoria: Have you heard from Nick or Noah?



Nikki: No I haven’t which worries me. I’ve called and texted both and nothing. Noah and Nick must be devastated learning about Sharon.



Victoria: I’m having a hard time believing it myself. All this time Sharon has been missing and Sheila Carter had her along with Drucilla.



Nikki: Tell me about it.



They hear a thud at the door. Nikki and Victoria look at each other. Nikki sets her tea cup on the table and gets up to open the door. She is stunned to see a teary eyed red faced Noah leaning against the door way. Nikki embraces him and pulls him inside the suite.



Nikki: Noah I am so sorry.



Victoria gets up and rushes over to Noah to console her nephew.



Noah_zps42bprji7.jpegNoah: She’s gone. Mom is gone.



Noah just sobs.






Noah kneels down to the floor unable to control himself. Victoria kneels down with him and holds him. She begins to rock him in her arms.



Victoria: Shh, it’s going to be ok. We are here for you Noah. We will get through this.



Nikki walks over to the bar and looks at a bottle of Vodka. She looks at her family and realizes they aren’t paying her any attention. She looks back at the bottle and is tempted.



Noah stands up shrugging out of his Aunt’s embrace.



Noah: Oh you two are gonna be here for me now? Grandma Nikki never even liked my mother. Used to give her a hard time whenever she could.



Nikki: Noah it was not like that. I was trying to protect your father.



Noah: Because you thought my mother was a gold digger.



Victoria: Noah just calm down for a bit. We understand you are angry.



Nick then walks in.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: Noah, I’ve been looking for you son.



Nikki walks over to give Nick a hug.



Nikki: Son I’m so sorry for your loss.



Noah: It’s all his fault! He never even lifted a finger to look for mom. All this time she’s been missing and what did you dad!?



Noah says with fire in his eyes. He approaches his dad.



Noah: The only thing you could think about was cheating on mom with Phyllis and then you slept with her sister. What kind of man are you? You broke our home. Do you know how devastated I was? You are the reason mom is dead. Faith will never know her mother because the only thing you want to do is poke every woman in GC.



Nick: Watch your mouth Noah! Don’t forget I’m your dad.



Noah: Not a very good one! What kind of dad doesn’t look for the mother of his children? You didn’t do a damn thing but be a womanizer. I hate you Nick. You’re dead to me too.



Nikki gasps and covers her mouth and looks at Nick. Nick has fire in his eyes looking at Noah.












Karynn walks out of a seven eleven and over to a Cadillac cts. She puts her case of Busch in the back seat. She pulls out a pack of Virginia Slims and lights one up. She gets in the car and looks at Esther.



Karynn: It sure is nice being a Chancellor. The rental company was so accommodating.



Esther: Uh, Karynn they have a no smoking policy in the car.



Karynn: I don’t give a damn about that Essie. I’m too old to be following someone else’s rules. Now can you crack open a beer for me and then we can get this show on the road.



Esther: You’re going to drink and drive?



Karynn: Essie you’re being too politically correct and I don’t want to hear that nonsense. I’m just a 75 year old woman and I will do as I please. I’ve been doing this for years. Now crack open a beer and let’s hit the road. I have to get to my brother.



Esther reluctantly grabs a can of Busch and opens it then hands it to Karynn.



Karynn takes a gulp and puts the car in drive. She speeds out the parking lot and hits the highway heading east towards Chicago. Esther puts her seat belt on.












Phillip is walking the streets of Genoa City.  He looks at the people going about him on this unusually warm January day. He slows down and looks closer at people’s faces. He wonders would anyone at all know anything about drug dealers who buys babies. It’s like a needle in a hay stack which frustrates Phillip. He sees a bar as he approaches Midtown and decides to go in for a drink to take off the edge. He walks into Hungry Hearts. He grabs a seat at the bar and orders a beer. He sits there and ponders the events that has went down the last few days. Cane assaulting him and shooting him in the hand, then being tied up to chair, then learning his good friend Cane sold his twins for drugs and that Cane is dead from the cabin fire.



Phillips gets to twitching  and sweating just a bit. He finishes his beer and decides to use the restroom.



As he walks in, he sees two drag queens snorting coke off the bathroom sink. They look at each other, each “lady” wiping their nose.



One of them breaks the silence.



“You look like you need a hit too?”



Phillip looks at the cross dresser and then down at the lines of coke.



“It will take the edge off. I see the shakes you have. I’m Rufus. Go ahead my treat.



Phillip steps into the bathroom further so the door can close behind him.



Rufus: It’s really good stuff. This is my friend Corsica.



Rufus says gesturing over to the other “lady”. Corsica hands Phillip a twenty dollar bill.



Phillip takes it and fumbles with it. Corsica seductively grabs his hand and then grabs the twenty stamp and rolls it up for him and then hands it back to Phillip.



Rufus: Enjoy handsome.



Phillip takes one end of the rolled up twenty and puts inside his nostril He leans down towards the coke and aims the free end of the rolled twenty dollar bill at the start of the next line and snorts it. He steps back and holds his nose and begins to cough. He shakes his head.



Phillip: Wow.



Rufus: There you go. Now you’ll feel so much better in no time.



Phillip feels a rush going through his body.



 Then Scotty walks in and looks upon this scene of druggery. He looks at Phillip Chancellor who is even more stunned.












GCAC, Nikki’s Penthouse



Nikki: Noah you don’t hate your father don’t say that.



Victoria: It’s just the anger Noah. Let’s take a step back and calm down.



Noah: No no no! I know what I’m saying. I hate you Nick Newman! You’re a disgrace of a father.



Nick walks over to Noah and sucker punches him in the jaw.  Nikki screams out.



Nikki: Nicholas!



Victoria: Nick come on are you serious?



Nick: Noah is my son and no son of mine is going to talk to me like that. Now Noah I understand that you’re upset and angry but you will not speak to me like that. I think you just need some rest son.



Noah: I’ll see you in hell first Nick Newman!



Noah storms over to the door in order to leave.



Nikki: Noah please don’t go out there this angry.



Noah swings the door open and stops dead in his tracks when he sees an over imposing figure smiling down at him.



Nikki: My god it can’t be.



Victoria: DAD!



Victoria runs over to Victor to give him a hug.



Nick: Dad what’s going on?



 Victor: I’m a free man. And ready to take what is mine son.



He looks at Nikki



Victor: Hello Nikki….



The Jail.jailcell.jpg



Michael and Victor continue to face off.



imagesCAG4IE6P_zpsae3fc188.jpgMichael: Victor honestly there isn’t too much more you can to do me. I’ve lost everything thanks to you.



victor_zps1e4cb609.jpg Victor: As you should have my boy. That is the price you pay when you go against Victor Newman.



 2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpg  Sister Patterson who is watching the intense conversation feels she needs to chime on behalf of her new ally.



                “Amend Brother Newman. Let him know no one goes up against the almighty. Especially now that Victor and I are allies.”



Michael looks at Sister Patterson and chuckles.



Michael: This is what you are reduced to? An alliance with an insane clown?



Sister Patterson: Devil how dare ya? How in the hell dare ya? You will not speak to an agent of God like that. My powers are real. And I will help Victor Newman. Together we are a force that no other power shall challenge. I would slap the hell outta you if I could reach that face of yours. I know all being an agent of God and you two Michelle Baldwin have secrets. I know what they are.






Michael has a flash back of helping Sheila Carter, finance her hostage operation in Verdon Lou, selling her Newman Enterprises.



Michael: Do you even hear how crazy you sound. An agent of God huh? Didn’t your God tell you how much of a monster Victor Newman really is,… it’s the reason he’s in jail now. What kind of an alliance will this be? And you know nothing about me. Secrets? No thanks.



Sister Patterson: Try me Michelle. Don’t play with the Lord. Victor Newman and I prayed together. Brother Newman has repent for  his sins. He’s asked for my forgiveness and my God told me to forgive him now bother Newman is a new man. No pun intended, and together we are going to serve justice in this city. Starting with what really happened to the great Katherine Chancellor and who was behind it and who knew what and when. My third eye tells me there are a lot of secrets yet to be uncovered about Katherine and Tucker’s death.



Michael: Third eye. The nerve. And it’s Michael not Michelle.



Sister Patterson: No thanks Michelle.



Michael looks back at Victor.



Michael: You really are a broken man. You prayed and made an alliance with a lunatic.



Victor: Mark my words my boy. These bars won’t separate us much longer. I will crush you Michael Baldwin the fool.



Michael: With what assets? You have none.



Victor: Once I am free it will be easy to go to court and get everything out of probate. That’s where everything is since Katherine died. I signed everything over to her when I was sent here and upon her death it went into probate.



Michael: You’re wrong! You didn’t sign anything over to Katherine.



Victor: What are you talking about?



Michael: I defrauded you Victor Newman. I owned Newman Enterprises and guess what? I signed it over to Jack Abbott. Jack Abbott now has control of your empire and all your assets.



Victor: Jack Ass Abbott owns Newman?



Michael: And everything else you own. Your house, your cars, the land, the ranch, the horses and yes the maids too. Everything. And I took it all from you with a stroke of a pen. So in reality Almighty Newman it was me, Michael Baldwin who put an end to the great Victor Newman. You may be getting out of here soon but you have nothing to go home to. You don’t even have a home.



Victor Newman is so shocked he is speechless having been blindsided. He takes in the fact that his long time arch enemy Jack Abbott owns his empire. In a rage Victor throws his cot towards the bars that separate him and Michael.



Michael backs away from Victor’s cell.



Michael: Is some one big mad or little mad?



Victor just gives Michael a very intimidating look.









Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 176: Avery is exposed for her Coke habit and Affair with CANE!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington












Genoa City Athletic Club, SuitesLivingRoomRegencyPark.jpg



imagesCAQP3A0U_zpsa96676db.jpg  Phillip is watching the news on the TV with a blanket wrapped around him. He is shivering. Nina brings him a cup of coffee.



Phillip: I don’t think I should have caffeine. I’m already jumpy.



imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpg  Nina: How do you feel?



Phillip: Nervous. Like something is off. I keep thinking about Cane and those kids. Nina we have to do something.



Nina: Phillip you are not well. Cane shot you and then injected cocaine into you. I think it’s a withdrawal you are going through.



Then a knock is heard at the door.



Nina: Maybe it’s Chance.



She walks over to the door and is unpleased to see Karynn with Esther. Karynn is smoking the last of her cigarette and blows the smoke directly into Nina’s face.



Nina: How rude!



Nina says coughing.



Nina: The last time you were around an open flame you burned down the Chancellor Estate. Where are the smoke detectors? There is a public ban on smoking in Wisconsin.



 imagesCAYORKVJ_zps9d688a0e.jpg  Karynn walks past Nina unphased.



Karynn: No wonder your husband left you to be with a man. You talk to damn much. I’m going to call you Naggy Nina. That’s how I’ll remember you. Esther find me a drink or a beer darling and an ash try.



Nina: How dare you barge in here like this and insult my family?



Karynn: Come on Nina. I’ve read up on the Chancellor family. I know about Phillip here, who looks a mess by the way, left you and your son to be with men. I’m just saying clearly I can see why. You are one of those broads who nags.



Phillip stands up and walks over to them.



Phillip: Hey lay off lady! You don’t know anything about me or my family and you have some nerve bringing up something so personal.



Karynn: If it’s personal why did I read about it on the “inner” net?



Nina: It’s internet. Why are you here Karynn?



Esther hands Karynn little bottles of wine that were in the fridge.



Karynn: Thank you Essie. I’m going to need all of these. Nina here is still in denial.



Nina: I am going to call security.



Phillip: Wait... Karynn just tell us why you are here?



  imagesCAH50UME_zps90ba1d54.jpg Esther: We came to check on you Phillip. Katherine would have wanted that.



Karynn: We came to make sure Phillip was ok after his experience with Cocaine from that Aussie boy Cane.  And by the looks of it, you need help. You look a mess.



Phillip: And your here to what,… help?



Karynn: No not really. I’m here for the free wine and I heard you had this big penthouse suite being a Chancellor and all. I also needed a drink, did I mention that already? I also wanted to find out why Essie and I had to share a one bedroom suite. That couch is getting old. Isn’t that right Essie?



Nina: You have some nerve!



Karynn: Well Essie has developed lower back issues from the couch. For heaven’s sake she was the maid for how many years and this family could not give her a better room. I am Katherine’s sister. I deserve better!



She says drinking the bottles of wine one right after the other. She takes a seat on the couch and lights up another cigarette.









The hospital, Avery’s Room.  imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg



Nick, Phyllis, Ronan and Daniel all look at Avery in shock after learning there was cocaine found in her system.



imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpg  Phyllis: Avery Cocaine?



th%2014_zpslqfcxjpj.jpeg  Daniel: I caught Avery in the act, she claimed she was making cupcakes and the white stuff on her nose was flour. She said she dozed off for a nap and forgot to clean her face.



Phyllis: Avery…Cocaine? How long has this been going on?



Avery begins to choke back tears.



Jeff-BransonSoapOprahronan.jpg   Ronan: Yes Avery how long as this been going on and who is your supplier? Were you getting high with Cane?



imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpg   Avery: Yes… We got high together.



Ronan: You do know because of this coke habit Cane sold his twins for drugs and we have no idea where they are and we won’t be getting any answers from Cane.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpg   Nick: Why is that Ronan?



Ronan: Cane is dead. He died in the cabin fire.



Avery: Oh my god no. CANE!



Nick and Phyllis look at Avery and then at each other. Still having a hard time processing Avery’s coke habit.












Back at the GCAC.



Karynn sits on couch a little tipsy from the bottles of wine. She smokes her cigarette.



Nina stomps over to her and snatches the cigarette from her mouth and ashes it out on the floor by stepping on it.



Nina: That’s it Karynn. I’m fine, Phillip is fine so just leave. We don’t want you here!



Karynn: I have a right to be here! We are family. I am a Chancellor. I also don’t appreciate as being a Chancellor,.. why Essie and I have to share a shabby room and it’s a non-smoking room at that.



Nina: Just thank God you have shelter. It’s much better than where you came from from what I hear.



Karynn: You’re right. Speaking of being poor, is there any word on Katherine’s will being read or the estate being rebuilt?



Phillip: Is that all you care about is money?



Karynn: My smokes and drink too. I am broke damn it! They took Karl’s money away from me and now I really have to scramble to find more smokes and beer.



Nina: What do you mean you lost Karl’s money?



Karynn: Adult Protective Services took custody of my brother Karl and the state is now payee of his social security money. It’s not me anymore. So I need to know where my income is coming from. My own social security doesn’t cover what I need to do from a month to month basis. And with Obama care, let’s just leave it at that.



Nina: So you are only worried about your brother’s money? Not his well-being? Poor Karl. Where is he?



Karynn: He was taken to a long term care facility right after the Estate fire. And they want me to stay away from him. My own brother. The sickly man I took care of for the last ten years. Now they have this restraining order against me thanks to Adult Protective Services.



Karynn pulls out another cigarette and lights it up.



Karynn: I was doing my family duty and checking up on a fellow Chancellor in Phillip. I heard about his ordeal and I had to come see him.



Phillip: Thank you Karynn.



Karynn: You’re so kind Phillip. You know gay men are usually nice but I don’t think Nina here would know about any of that from you Phillip.



Nina: That’s it I’m calling security.



Karynn: Rubbish. It’s time for us to leave any way. Essie and I have plans.



Nina: Esther don’t do it.



Esther: I need something to do… I’m lost without Mrs. C and Karynn is the next thing to Katherine and I want to be close to her. It makes me feel good.



Karynn smiles at Esther.



Karynn: Tootles. Phillip if you need any one else to talk to besides this dreadful Nina here, you call me.



Karynn blows smoke in Nina’s face and then walks out the room followed by Esther.



Nina coughs.



Nina: The nerve of that woman.



Phillip: I’m glad she came by.



Nina: Excuse me what?



Phillip: I need to do something. I need to be productive and I’m not doing that by sitting her in self-pity. I am going to see Paul to get some answers on Cane.



Phillips leaves in a hurry before Nina has a chance to say anything.












Back at the Hospital.



Ronan: Avery do you know why Cane would have gone to Verdon Lou?



Avery: I assume it was for Cocaine. When I went over to his apartment to check on him after not hearing from him in days in which he was acting strange and aggressive prior to this, I saw Phillip tied up to a chair, blacked out and I saw the blood running from his hand. There was a lap top left and it was open on the GC Help List. There was an ad for handy man to fix ruptured gas pipes. I got the address and went out there to Verdon Lou. I never went inside though. The house looked so creepy and it appeared it was three termite bites away from collapsing.



Ronan: You were afraid of going inside?



Avery: I didn’t have too much time to think about it because soon enough I was held  at gun point being hi jacked for my car.



Ronan: Hi jacked at gun point? By who?



Avery: Malcolm. He had Moses with him.



Phyllis: Dru claims she was there too at Verdon Lou along with Sharon and Sheila Carter.



Nick: Did you see Sharon Avery?



Avery: No I’m sorry Nick I never made it inside. I was hit by debris and then blacked out when the cabin exploded. When I woke up everything was so dark and slowly I realized I couldn’t see. I am blind.



Phyllis: I am having a hard time with all of this. I can’t believe you were snorting coke with Cane.



Ronan: Was that the only thing you two did Avery? I’m really trying to put together a time line here, so much has went down.



Avery has tears rolling down her face.



Nick sits down next to her on the bed and holds her hand.



Nick: It’s me Nick, Avery I am right here.



Avery smiles half-heartedly.



Avery: I remember your touch and the scent of your cologne every time you are close.



Phyllis rolls her eyes in agitation from their one time love affair.



Phyllis: Oh gag me!  Just out with it Avery. What else were you and Cane doing?



Avery: We were having sex! We were having an affair.



Nick, Phyllis, Ronan and Daniel are all stunned from Avery’s latest bombshell.












At the Jail.



Victor: You stole my company and all my assets Baldwin?



Michael: I sure did and you were none the wiser. You trusted me so I was able to do this. I drew up paper work and you signed everything over to me.



Sister Patterson: Low down dirty shame.



Victor: How in the hell does Jack ass Abbott own all of my assets?



Michael has a flash back of meeting with Sheila Carter who blackmailed him into drawing up two sets of ownership documents. The real ones and the fakes. Sheila was handed the real ownership documents and Michael gave the fake ones to Jack Abbott per Sheila’s instructions.



Michael: It was quite simple. After I lost everything, I decided to play my trump card by signing everything over to your arch rival Jack Abbott.



Victor turns away from Michael. He simply cannot believe what he is hearing.



Sister Patterson: Don’t worry Brother Newman. We will fight this evil and make everything right. We just need to get out from these devilish holding cells.



Then foot steps are heard coming down the corridor.



Michael, Sister Patterson and Victor see Police Chief Paul Williams walking up with acting DA John Silva.



  DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpg  Paul: Michael what are you doing here?



Michael: I thought I come over to harass Victor a bit, make sure the cold blood in his veins is still running.



 JohnSilva_zpsc0fc78cd.jpg  John: I’d be careful if I were you Michael.



Michael: Victor is behind bars. There is nothing he can do.



Paul pulls out a key and inserts it in Victor’s cell.



John: Victor Newman is a free man.



Paul opens the cell and Victor steps out. He gets in Michael’s face and stares him down.



Victor: What were you saying pip squeak?



Michael begins to sweat and get nervous.



Sister Patterson: Go ahead Brother Newman, show the pip squeak what you are made off. Let him know Victor Newman is a free man!



















wall4_zpskcwtjuav.jpgNoah pulls up to the debris that once was Verdon Lou, Sheila’s Cabin. He gets out his black mustang and closes the door. He looks at all the charred debris. He screams out...



Noah2_zpse6a3212c.jpg“MOM!” He says. He walks over to the debris and kicks a little of it around.



“MOM” he hollers out again.



He begins to have tears fall down his face as he thinks of his mother Sharon.



Noah: Mom you can’t be gone. Not like this… Please not like this!



Noah then falls to his knees as his brain truly processes what his eye sight is taking in. His mother was killed in this house fire. Noah thinks of his mother being burned up.



Noah: NO!!!!!......MOM!!!!



Noah picks up some debris and throws it around. He begins to move more of it.



Noah: You’re not dead! They just couldn’t find you. I’ll find you mom!



Noah begins to search through the debris desperately trying to find is mother.









Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 175: Victor Newman and Sister Patterson Strike an “UNHOLY” ALLIANCE??!!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson, and Alex Washington






At the Hospital, Avery’s Room.



Nick: So you were at Verdon Lou looking for Cane? Avery that doesn’t make sense to me. Why would you be looking for Cane?



Avery pauses to think as she realizes she just gave too much information away. She has a flash back of her chemical dependency romance with Cane. She also remembers the one time she saw him he showed up at her doorstep demanding money for his coke habit.



imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpgAvery: I uh, Cane has been acting weird. I was kind of helping him with his twins.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: Well now those twins are missing.



Avery: I don’t understand.



Nick: Apparently Cane sold the twins for drugs.



Avery: Oh my god no. Cane how could you?



Nick: Did you know anything about Cane’s coke habit?












At the City jail.



Rafe with an Officer behind him walks over to Phyllis’ jail cell.



imagesCA3VQ7ZQ_zpsaf9c3406.jpgPhyllis: Rafe are you my attorney? Did Michael call you?



thumbnailCAO2YMGR.jpgRafe: He did. I have good news. You’re out of here. I got the assault charges dropped and Paul can’t hold you on anything else.



Phyllis: Well of course not. I didn’t try and kill Dru. The sloppy bitch fell over. And now she wants to blame me. Well ‘m not having that!



The Officer unlocks Phyllis cell.



Phyllis steps out and gives Rafe a hug.



Phyllis: Thank you. Now I can go see my blinded sister.



Victor chimes in after hearing about Avery.



imagesCAV0MAIS_zps72c2acae.jpgVictor: Avery is blind? Is she ok, what in the hell happened?



Phyllis: That is what I am going to find out Victor. It was good seeing you again.



Rafe: Don’t go too far Phyllis. Drucilla is in talking with Paul now.  I am sure he is going to want to question you.



Phyllis: I doubt it. Dru is a dramatic lunatic.



Phyllis leaves.



Rafe then looks at Sister Patterson sitting in her cell.



She looks at Rafe.



2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpgSister Patterson: I don’t want you helping me. You are a sinner. God will bail me out.



Rafe: A sinner? Excuse me?



Sister Patterson: My third eye done told me about you laying in the bed with men at night. How dare ya!? How dare you disrespect my God like that?



Rafe: I do think we need to get you that mental evaluation.



Sister Patterson: My God won’t let you do it you fruit roll up.



Rafe shakes his head and walks away.



Sister Patterson and Victor look at each other.



Victor: It’s just you and I again?



Sister Victor: Amend Brother Newman. Let’s us get to know one another and pray.












In Paul’s Office.



images3_zpse74a4883.jpgPaul is looking at Dru waiting for an answer to his question where has she been all these years.



imagesCAK1DUP6_zpsb13ce351.jpgDru: A great question. You see Paul I had to do the Tina Turner on them.



Paul frowns: What?



Dru: The Tina Turner!... I had to do the Tina Turner once I fell off that cliff and into the river below. I was rolling, rolling... rolling on the river.



Dru says making swim motions with her arms.



Then the door burst open and it’s Devon and Lily.



Paul: Devon you just can’t barge in here like this!



Lily is hysterical and crying.



Dru: Baby girl what is the matter? Is it Neil? Oh God no tell me Neil is not dead!!



imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: No mom. Neil is ok. He pulled through surgery. Paul it’s why we are here. We believe Cane sold his twins for drugs. Phillip Chancellor informed me of this.



Dru: Wait a damn minute! Cane was at the cabin with Sheila and me.



Devon looks at Dru.



Dru: Cane was at the cabin with you and Sharon?



Dru: Yea. He was fixing a gas leak for Sheila.



Paul: Are you saying Cane and Sheila were working together?



th%209_zpsxhbohkij.jpgLily: It just keeps getting worse.












Back in the holding cells.jail.jpg



Victor: I’ve never prayed before.



Sister Patterson: It’s ok Mr. Newman. It is never too late to pray. Now bow ya head while I say this almighty prayer for us.



Victor frowns but does lowers his head as Sister Patterson does too.



Sister Patterson: Yes lord. It’s me. The almighty and all seeing Sister Patterson. You got me in here Lord. Me and Mr. Newman here. We come to you lord, to beg you for forgiveness and a new beginning. Let us be your vassal to do your work. I am solider of the Lord and I must get back on these streets and fight these evil battles. Lord you see them just like my third eye does. Rafe is a homosexual and we got to pray that gay away. I am not having that. In Jesus name, Amend.”






Victor looks at up at Sister Patterson and says “Amen” in a very soft tone.



Victor: I’ve never heard prayer like that.



Sister Patterson: Never question the power of my prayers Mr. Newman.



Victor: Who are you and where did you come from?



Sister Patterson: God sent me here my child. I’m on a mission to heal and please. My husband is the pastor of the Come all Ye Faithful church on Main Street down town.  I’m also the late great Katherine Chancellor’s neighbor. I helped out when the fire broke out at her mansion. May she rest in peace.



Victor: Katherine Chancellor. My dear sweet Kay.



Sister Patterson: I must warn you Brother Newman. Some people in Genoa City are hiding some facts about Katherine’s death. There are secrets out there my third eye tells me.



Victor: I suspect the same thing Sister. And when I get out of here,trust me I am going to make those responsible for Kays death pay.



Sister Patterson: That’s right brother Newman. Fight the evil and I will use my powers to assist you on who took part in Katherine’s death.



Victor: When I get out of here people are going to pay.



                “Highly unlikely since you have no assets. You have nothing. You are a broke man Victor Newman.” Victor hears down the hall. He looks at who it is and he sees Michael Baldwin approaching him.yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpg



Victor: The pip squeak.



Michael: The retired and broke German.



Victor mean mugs Michael.












Back in Paul’s Office. Dru is comforting Lily by holding her and trying to quiet her down.



Lily: Paul do something. Where are my children!!??



Paul: Lily I am so sorry.



He looks down at his desk and looks at the pictures of his own kids, Heather and Ricky who went missing during Sharon’s coming home from jail party that was bombed.



He looks back up at Lily.



Paul: Lily I assure you we will find those kids. I will search every home in Genoa City if I have too.



Then Ronan walks in and hands Paul a report.



Paul: What’s this?



EhMmsZm85aHm2IuCG8NA1Q33654soapoprah.jpgRonan: Final report on Verdon Lou. Listen I have a situation at the hospital. I have to take care of. I’ll fill you in.



Dru: Is it Neil?



Ronan: No Dru.



Ronan leaves as Paul begins to read the report.



Paul: Well we won’t be getting any answers from Cane.



Devon: Why do you say that Paul?



Paul: According to forensics, Cane is dead.



Lily collapses. Dru and Devon look at each other in shock.



Devon: Charlie and Maddie are missing and their father is dead.



Dru: This is so terrible.



She says as she holds Lily up.












At the hospital.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg



Daniel and Lucy meets with Phyllis before walking into Avery’s room.



imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgDaniel: I’m glad you made it out of jail.



Phyllis: Dru’s crazy charges won’t stick. I didn’t try to kill her.



Daniel: Mom I know. I’m just glad you’re alright. That was one serious battle between you and Dru.



Phyllis: I’m not afraid of that demented lunatic. Enough about that dumb rag doll. Have you been in to see your aunt?



Daniel: No I was waiting on you. I don’t know how to act or what to say now that she is blind. I just want to know what was she doing out at Verdon Lou.



Phyllis: Well I am going to find out.



Phyllis gives Lucy a kiss and then opens the door to find Nick sitting on the bed with Avery.



Phyllis’  demeanor changes.



Phyllis: Oh wow. Nick you are already here.



Nick: Phyllis, you’re ok. Wow that was a battle with you and Dru.



Phyllis: Oh please I am so tired of hearing about it.



Avery: I wish I could have seen that.



Everyone looks at Avery.



Avery: I just meant I wish I could see.



Phyllis sits on the bed with Avery and holds her.



Phyllis speaking louder than usual.



Phyllis: It’s me Avery! Your sister Phyllis! I’m right here! I’m right in front of you! It’s ok! You are safe!



Avery: Oh Phyllis just stop! I’m  not blind or retarded,… I can hear!



Phyllis: I just want to make sure you know who is here. And Daniel he is here with Lucy.



Daniel: It’s good to see you Aunt Avery.



Avery: I wish I could say the same.



Phyllis: Don’t worry Avery. Olivia helped me with my eye sight when I lost it and I am sure she will help you too.



Phyllis looks up at Nick. She gets up and walks over to him and hugs him.



Phyllis: I’m so sorry for your loss Nick.



Avery: Loss? What happened?



Nick: Sharon apparently was one of Sheila’s hostages along with Dru. Sharon didn’t make it out the explosion. She’s dead.



Avery: Oh my Nick I am so sorry.



Nick: I am too. I should have done more.



Phyllis: Avery what were you doing out at Verdon Lou?



Nick: I’ve been wondering the same thing.



“You can now add the police to the list.” They all hear and turn around and everyone except Avery sees Ronan.



Ronan: It’s Ronan, Avery.



Nick: What are you doing here Ronan?



Ronan: I’m here to question Avery.



Nick: This is a family moment. Can’t you see that? This is not a good time.



Ronan: Nick sit down. This is going to happen now! Avery, the doctor called us.



Avery: Why would the doctor call you about me?



Ronan: We have this thing where anytime someone is brought in with drugs in their system, we question them.



Nick: Wait… what? Drugs?



Avery: Ronan…please….



Phyllis: Are you on some sort of drugs Avery?



Ronan: Cocaine to be exact.



Nick and Phyllis are floored.



Phyllis: Avery no! Cocaine??



Daniel: It’s true.  I caught her in the act.



Everyone is stunned.



The City Jail, Interrogation room.jailcell.jpg



Les and Roxanne face each other sitting at a table.



imagesCA7K9T0D_zps3987aa39.jpgRoxanne: I can’t believe Spencer would let me go to jail like this.



imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLeslie: Rox, you did assault Hillary, your half-sister I might add.



Rox: I didn’t ask for the whore to be any kin to me. I don’t like her, she is all kinds of wrong for Nate.



Leslie: But that doesn’t give you a right to put your hands on her. That’s not the way the law works.



Rox: The law worked for you when you were being Spencer’s hoe.



Leslie: Girl that mouth of yours is too much. I am here trying to help you. That’s all I’ve tried to do since we found out you were my daughter. But all you want to do is hurt by using words. It’s getting real old. Yes I was a stripper, and yes I used sex to make money. I’m not ashamed of it I own it.



Roxanne: You should be ashamed because it lead to you losing it all. You were disbarred from practicing law. So your story about tricking to pay for college won’t work no more. You’re unemployed at the moment. You might have to turn tricks again.



Leslie smacks Roxanne in her mouth as Rafe walks in. Roxanne is absolutely stunned her mother hit her.



Roxanne: Bitch you hit me!



Leslie smacks her across the mouth again.



Leslie: I am your mother,  girl! It’s time you show me that respect. I’ve had it with your mouth! You are out of control and no child of mine is going to talk to me like this.



Roxanne is stunned that Leslie just checked her.



Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 174: Sharon Newman is DEAD!!



Written by ML Cooks



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington












In the waiting area of the hospital.



Noah is on his knees sobbing after hearing the news about his mother Sharon not making it out from Verdon Lou. Nick kneels down next to him and holds him as he too sobs. Paul rubs his jaw after Nick punched him



DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpgPaul: Newman I’m going to let that one go. But you pull a stunt like that again, you’ll be sharing a jail cell with your father. Now I am sorry for your loss but that is no way to treat an officer of the law!



Paul walks off as he realizes Nick is not paying any attention to him.






Noah2_zpse6a3212c.jpgNoah: Dad not mom. We gotta go to this Verdon Lou place and look for her! She has to be alive!



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: I know son. This is happening all so fast. We need answers. Dru said Sheila is behind all of this.



Noah: We got to find mom!



Nick: One thing at a time son. I think we should talk to Dru.



Noah: Damn you dad! You never want to look for mom. She’s been missing for how many months and what have you done to find her?



Noah stands up and brushes his dad off of him.



He walks off.



Nick: Noah where are you going?



Noah: To be the man of this family since you have failed.



Nick: Noah WAIT!



Noah is too angry to listen to Nick.



Nick looks over to his right and sees Avery. He wonders if she can give him any answers since she was brought in from Verdon Lou.












The City Jail.



Phyllis is pacing her cell.



Victor Newman is in a cell across from her watches her.



thumbnailCA0Y2I1R.jpgVictor: What’s the matter with you? Why are you here?



Phyllis looks at Victor.



imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpgPhyllis: Victor, I didn’t even see you there.



Victor: Why are you here?



                “Because of me Bitch!”



They both hear and look to see who is coming down the hall. It is Dru being escorted though still in cuffs to her cell next to Phyllis.



Victor: Drucilla. Is that you?



imagesCAK1DUP6_zpsb13ce351.jpgDru: Yea it’s me. I’m alive. See everyone thinks I lost my balance and fell off a cliff. I’m a diva and diva’s don’t lost they balance. Phyllis Newmans Bitch, pushed me and now I am back to make her pay for stealing years of my life away from me.



Victor: I can’t believe it’s really you.



Dru: It’s me Vic. I can’t believe you are in jail. What has happened for the great Victor Newman to be in jail?



Victor chuckles.



Victor: It’s a long story my dear. But not to worry I’ll be leaving here very soon and when I do, the people who put me here will pay dearly. Here’s one of them now, a pip squeak called Michael Baldwin.



Dru and Phyllis look at Michael walking down the hall.



yr_bold_baldwin_michael_9.jpgMichael: Can it Victor.



Victor: When I get out of here Michael Baldwin I am going to crush you like a bug!!



Michael than gazes at Dru.



Michael: It’s really you. I saw you on the news when you and Phyllis were fighting. I didn’t believe it until now.



Dru: Yea and I whooped her ass.



Phyllis: Shut up Bitch! It was a tie at best.



Dru: It’s me Michael. Your friend over there did this to me. And I am going to make her pay.



Then Paul walks over to them.



Phyllis: Paul that back from the dead bitch assaulted me first I was merely defending myself!



Dru: Don’t even try it Phyllis Newmans. You pushed me off that cliff at the photo shoot. She tried to kill me Paul!



Paul: Alright enough! Dru we are going to talk first.



Paul unlocks Dru’s cell and escorts her to his office.



Phyllis: Don’t listen to her Paul. I didn’t try to kill Dru!



Michael looks at Phyllis.



Phyllis: Michael you have to help me. I did not try and kill Dru.



Victor: He can’t help you. He’s not practicing law any more are you Michael my boy?



Michael: No thanks to you. I’ve lost everything thanks to you. My career, my wife and family.



Victor: You deserve it for helping put me behind bars. And I got news for you Michael Baldwin. I’m not done with you yet.



Phyllis: Enough about that. Michael you have to get me out of here! My sister needs me. Avery has been blinded.



Michael: Ok let me see what I can do. I’m not sure what I can do I’m not practicing law any more.



Victor: With good reason.



Michael walks off pulling out his phone making calls on Phyllis’ behalf.












Roxanne’s Interrogation Room



thumbnailCA8MGVE2.jpg: Is everything ok in here?



Leslie: It is Rafe. Thank you for coming down here. I’m sorry to tell you that I’m going to be leaving. My daughter doesn’t appreciate me trying to help her. Her words are too much and she needs help. Good luck with her.



Roxanne: Are you really leaving me?



Leslie: I am Roxanne. You got a lot of issues to work on. I’m not going to keep being a punching bag for you. I’m not perfect and neither are you. I’m trying to do the best that I can but you refuse to let me do that. I’m done trying. I’m not about to baby you anymore.



Leslie grabs her purse and leaves.



Rafe: Wow.



Roxanne: Save your judgements, I can’t believe Leslie just embarrassed me like that. Slapping me, then airing our dirty laundry.



Rafe: I’ve gotten close to Leslie. She is a good person.



Roxanne: I am not trying to hear you cheer lead for my mother. Just tell me some good news. Can I leave this place or what? I can’t spend a night here in jail.



Rafe: I was able to get the charges dropped.



Roxanne: Really?



Rafe: Yes but there is one stipulation.



Roxanne: I’m afraid to ask.



Rafe: The judge wants you to complete some anger management courses.



Roxanne laughs.



Roxanne: Never!












The Hospital.



Nick walks into Avery’s room.



imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpgAvery: I can hear you.



She says sitting up.



Nick: It’s me Avery, Nick.



Avery: Nicholas. It’s good to s-….I guess I am glad you are here. As you can see I can’t see as I am blinded.



Nick: I’m very sorry to hear.



He sits on the bed and engulfs her in a hug.



Nick: Avery how did any of this happen?



Avery: I was looking for Cane.



Nick: Cane? Why would you be looking for Cane?



Avery has a flash back of hitting lines of Coke with Cane and then having sex with him.



Nick: Avery answer me. I don’t understand why you would be looking for Cane at Verdon Lou.












Back at the City Jail. Dru sits down in a seat in Paul’s office. Paul sits in his chair and looks at Dru.



Paul: Dru, I am still having a hard time with all of this. Sheila, Sharon…



Dru: Paul I am just thankful to be alive and to be able to tell my story. I am so tired of fighting. My body is sore. It’s takes a lot to beat down Sheila Carter and Phyllis Newmans in the same damn night.



Paul: I bet. So where do you want to begin Drucilla?



Dru: In a nice bubble bath with a glass of wine, music and snacks.



Paul: All sounds good but I mean literally. You make a lot of charges against a lot of people.



Dru: Well then hell Paul, you tell me where do you want to start?



Paul: I want to know where Dru has been all this time.



Dru: That’s a good question. Where have I been all this time?



Gina’s Italian BistroGinas_zps86933394.jpg



Victoria walks in and is greeted by Gina herself.





imagesCA0PEV6X_zpsf25c1d78.jpgGina: Welcome Victoria, it’s lovely to see you.



victoria_zps81cb0093.pngVictoria: You too Gina.



Gina: How is your mother holding up? I was very worried about her the last time you were here with her.



Victoria: I’m going to see her in the morning. She says she’s fine but I’m keeping an eye on her.



Gina: Good. I know she is taking Katherine’s death pretty hard.



Victoria: She is.



Gina: Well right this way, Chance told me he was expecting you.





Victoria follows Gina over to Chance’s table.



Chance gets up and pulls out Victoria’s chair. She takes a seat.





Victoria: Thank you.



imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Thank you for meeting me.



Victoria: No problem. Your text that you sent me, seemed pretty urgent.



Chance: Well, I just need to get some stuff of my chest before I go crazy. I feel like I am going to explode.



Victoria: About Phillip?



Chance: (Sighs) Yeah.



Victoria: What’s going on Chance?



Chance: I just feel so damn guilty and angry. I couldn’t protect my father from that bastard  Cane. (Sighs) I’ve spent my whole life protecting people. But, I let Cane get the upper hand. I let him do those horrific things to my dad.



Victoria: Chance, listen, what Cane did whatever he did, wasn’t your fault.



Chance: Cane shot my dad and then got him high with cocaine.



Victoria: What? Oh my… Cane?



Chance: Yes Cane.



Victoria: And he shot Phillip? This is so unlike Cane.



Chance: That’s what a drug habit will do to you. I feel like it was my fault. I’ve been self-wallowing in my self-pity for my failure for not saving Eden from that terrorist while we were deployed. I couldn’t see any of this happening with Cane. What kind of protector have I become? I served in the military but I’m a failure Victoria. That’s how I feel, a failure. What kind of man am I?





Chance has a flashback of the incident in Kabul with Eden



Kabul Afghanistan, Chance is patrolling his camp as the sun beats down on him with his full military uniform on weighing no less then 9 pounds. He stops and talks to a woman who’s face is blurred in the dream that approached him. He embraces her with a hug and kiss.



Chance: Ready for today’s training?



Eden: Ready to give it all I got.



Chance: Today I am going to verse you on what a patrol is. Now A few things before we start. Only step behind me where I step. I step on a path already carved out by our foot traffic. This way-



Eden: We don’t step on any IED’s I did my home work.



Chance: I’m impressed. That’ what I love about you solider. Alright you ready?



thumbnailCACTBLV6.jpgEden: Yes.



Chance begins his patrol of  his assigned area and Eden follows behind. With his gun in hand and his senses focused on the foot path and possible enemy attacks from the Taliban he assumes Eden  is still right behind him until he hears a scream from behind . He turns around and sees a masked person, or a jihadi fighter holding the woman at gun point from behind.



Chance: You don’t want to do this.



               talibani_zps3a05b856.jpg “American  Infidel Devil Go Home!” The jihadi fighter stumbles out with his thick Pashtu accent. “امریکی کافر شیطان کے گھر” He says again only this time in his mother tongue of Urdu.



                “This is for ALLAH! Jihad to the infidels. ALLAH ALLAH!”



Then a second person sneaks up behind Chance and restrains him so he can’t respond as the first jihadi fighter takes Eden away. The woman screams Chance’s name as she is taken away. Chance tries to break free of the seconds man hold but is unsuccessful. The second man pistol whips Chance as he hears Chance’s comrades coming to his aid after hearing the screams of Eden.



Victoria: Stop beating yourself up. Stop it! I won’t stand for you beating yourself up. You are a great person. Your kind, compassionate and upstanding. The thing with Eden is those terrorist are bad people. What more could you have done without our jeopardizing her life or your own.



Chance: I just feel…



Victoria: Defeated?… I have felt that feeling before. I know how it feels. But, you have to get back up, and fight. Don’t let anything get you down. You rise up and you kick some ass. Be the Chance we all know and love. Will you kick some ass for Genoa City, again?



Chance: (Laughs) You are right. I have to kick some ass.



Victoria: (Laughs) Yes you do!





Victoria holds her hand out. Chance takes it.



Chance looks into her eyes. He smiles. She smiles back.





Chance: Thank you for listening to me and letting me vent. You have me feeling better.



Victoria: You’re a great person. It wasn’t anything I did. I just reminded you of who you are.



The camera zooms in on their hands.









Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell



Episode 173: Lily learns Cane sold their twins for Cocaine!!



Written by ML Cooks with Casey H.



Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington












GC Memorial HospitalimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg



Nina walks into Phillips room.



She sees him sitting up staring at the wall and twitching every so often.



He seems to be off some place as he didn’t hear her walk in. She taps on his shoulders and he jumps up.



imagesCAK33PZT_zps8c9d440d.jpgPhillip: Woah Nina… You startled me!



Nina_zpsc0200579.pngNina: I’m sorry. I thought you heard me walk in.



Phillip: No I’m sorry.



Nina: Are you feeling ok?



Phillip: Yes why do you ask that?



Nina: You just seem off.



Phillip: Well I feel nervous and I feel like something is off or I’m missing something.



Nina: It could be the after effects of the cocaine Cane forced in you.



Phillip: You could be right. When am I getting out of this place Nina? I have to find Cane and those twins.



Nina: One thing at a time Phillip. I don’t want you to overdo it. You’ve been through a lot. Being shot in the hand and then a dose of cocaine.



Phillip: Nina, Cane’s twins are in serious trouble! Cane is not himself! He’s a monster! He’s lost control! Look at what he did to me!



Nina: I know. I will help you. Let’s get you out of here first.



Phillip: I get to go home?



Nina: Yes, that’s why I’m here.



Phillip gets up and begins to change into clothes, looking forward to getting out of the hospital.












In The ER.



Lily and Devon hold each one of Olivia’s hand as they await to hear news about Nate.



th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia: Dr., please tell me, did my son make it?



Dr.: I’m sorry Ms. Barber. Nate is in very serious condition.




Olivia has tears come to her eyes.




Dr.: But there are some things you should know.



Olivia: Just please tell me about my son so I can see him.



Dr: Nate has two broken arms, both legs are broken, he has minor brain swelling, and a crushed rib cage. We have him in a body cast. Nate is also in a medically induced coma for the brain swelling.




Olivia gasp and gets weak in the knees. Devon and Lily hold Olivia up.



They then walk her over to a chair so she can have a seat.




Olivia: My poor baby! Oh Lily I don’t think I can bear to see Nate in that cast.
Lily holds her aunt.



imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: I’m going to go see about Dru. Stay here Lily in case we get news about dad.



Devon gets up and looks at Abby.



She hugs him.



thCAVF6RVJ.jpgAbby: How are you holding up?



Devon: It’s been one hell of a night. What about you?



Abby: I could say the same.



Devon: Look I’m going to see about Dru. Do you think you can keep an eye on Lily for me?



Abby: Yea I will. I’ll text you if anything comes out on your dad.



Devon: Thank you.




He kisses her on the cheek and then leaves.















Spencer walks into Hillary’s room.



thCANS4T73.jpgSpencer: How are you feeling?



imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHilary: My head hurts.



Spencer: I’m sorry this happened.



Hillary: Dad Roxanne has a serious problem. This is the second time she’s attacked me.



Spencer: But she didn’t have to go to jail. We could have work this out.



Hillary: Really? That beast attacked me twice and you don’t want me to press charges?



Spencer: She is your half-sister.



Hillary: Then she shouldn’t have attacked me. Is that what sisters do?... I can’t believe you are standing here trying to defend her to me.



Spencer: You are both my daughters! I’m trying to do what I think is right. I’m new to all this parenting stuff. I didn’t raise you, your mother did and I only found out months ago that Roxanne was my daughter. Now I got both of you going at it basically over Nate… A man!…. It’s stupid!



Hillary: I didn’t ask for any of this.  Roxanne is a whore two timing Devon for Nate.



Spencer: What about you Hillary? You are the one that told Malcolm about what Nate did.



Hillary: Wow really?



The room is quiet until the doctor walks in.



Dr: I could cut the tension with a knife, is everything ok in here?



Hillary: Just peachy. Can I go home? I feel fine.



Dr.: Yes I’ll let you go but I must warn you Hillary, you might want to be more careful going forward with these altercations. You would be putting your new baby at risk.



Hillary: My what?



Dr: Congratulations Hillary. You’re pregnant.



Spencer and Hillary look at each other both surprised at the news.












Nick walks over to Lauren as Noah walks over to Mary’s room to get a look at her through the window in her door.



imagesCA7YSUMZ_zps9b31c4a4.jpgNick: This is all so crazy.



Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Oh I know tell me about it. Malcolm, Neil, now Sheila Carter and then Dru. It’s been one hell of a night.



Nick: Do you believe that Sheila is alive and held Dru and Sharon hostage?



Laruen: Well I’ve never known Dru to lie and I do know Sheila to be crazy.



Nick: Malcolm and I had a discussion once about Dru possibly being alive awhile back.



Lauren: Turns out she is.



Nick: Wow after all this time. I just hope Sharon is ok.



Lauren: For your children’s sake I do too Nick. It was great talking to you but I’m going to see if I can find out any more information. I also want to see if my son is dating the devil’s spawn.



Nick: Well I hope for your kids’ sake it’s not Sheila’s daughter.



They smile at each other at the little joke and Lauren walks towards Mary’s room












In Mary’s Room.



Scotty walks in and takes a seat next to her.



Rafe is still watching Scotty as he peeps in the window of the door. He sees Scotty holding Mary’s hand.



Rafe then gets a text. It’s from Leslie asking him to meet her at the police station. He replies “ok” and gets one last look at Scotty holding Mary’s hand. Rafe shakes his head and leaves the hospital.



Inside the room.



Mary slowly wakes up. She sees Scotty and smiles.



thumbnailCAPU2IIJ.jpgMary: Hey you. What happened?



Scotty: I was hoping you could tell me. I haven’t seen you in days and here you show up and they say you are a Verdon Lou survivor and now your hair is brown. Which I like by the way.



Mary: My hair?



Scotty: Yea didn’t you dye it?



Mary sits up and opens her mirror up from the bedside stand. She looks at it and is stunned to see that her hair is now brown. She’s a brunette. Mary wonders if the explosion somehow flashed dyed her hair from blonde to brunette. Mary then thinks this could work to her advantage as Scotty and Noah will have a harder time identifying her.



Mary: I guess it is brown.



Scotty: You didn’t know?



Mary: I do now. I’ve missed you.



Scotty: I’ve missed you, where have you been these last few days? I’ve been texting and calling.



Mary: I uh, just been busy trying to find a job.



Scotty: A job. Van this doesn’t make sense. Dru is claiming that you are the daughter of Sheila Carter, Mary Carter. Is this true?



                “Yes the million dollar question. Are you the devil’s spawn?”



Scotty and Mary hear and they turn and see Lauren walking into the room.



Scotty: Mom what are you doing here?



Lauren: We need to know son, if this is Sheila Carter’s daughter.



The Dr. then walks in.



Daisy is now watching the scene outside of the door looking in the window.



Daniel walks over to her.



Daniel: Up to no good?



Daisy: You better do what your mother says and watch our daughter before I take her.



Daniel look in the window to see Mary.



Daniel: They say that’s Mary Carter. Is that your sister? Is that why you are spying on her?



Daisy looks at Daniel looking at Mary. He has a weird look on his face as he thinks about the sex he had with the blonde bombshell.



Daisy: Do you know her?



Daniel: She looks like the woman, ...I don't know she does look familiar.



Daisy: You had sex with Mary Carter!?



Back inside the room.



Dr: Ms. Deitweiler, is it ok for these people to be in here as we discuss your medical condition.



Van: Condition?



Dr: Yes. As I was checking your breathing and heart rate I noticed two heart beats.



Lauren: Oh god NO!



Scotty: Go on doctor, what are you saying?



Van: It’s ok DR. go on.



Dr: Then you must not have known.



Van: Known what?



Dr: You’re four weeks pregnant.



Scotty: WHAT!?



Van: I can’t believe this.



Lauren: A mother’s worst night mare! My son is having a baby with the devil’s daughter. This has to be a dream.






Noah is outside of Mary’s window. He can see her. He gazes at her. He remembers making love to a blonde bomb shell in her car. Mary kind of looks like her but her hair is brown.



Noah: Could I have slept with Sheila Carter’s daughter?



He wonders to himself.









Lily, and Abby are sitting with Olivia.



Olivia: I’m going to see my son.



Lily: Do you need me to come with you?



Olivia: No that’s ok. I want to be alone with my son. Besides you need to wait here to hear about Neil.



Abby: I’ll wait here with her.



Olivia half heartily smiles and walks away and over to Nate’s room.






Abby: Well Lily it’s good to have you back. But I am so sorry you had to come back to all of this.



Lily: My dad being shot by Malcolm. And then OH MY GOSH ABBY. MOSES! WHERE IS MOSES!



Abby: I have not seen him since Malcolm took him after shooting Neil. We all been caught up with Neil and Nate.



Then a doctor walks over to Lily.



Dr: Your Neil’s daughter I presume?



Lily and Abby both stand, Lily grabs Abby’s hand and braces for the worst.



Lily: I am. Is my dad ok?



The Dr. takes a deep breathe.



Dr: Your dad nearly died. We brought him from the brink of death. He’s made it through surgery. His stats are returning back to somewhat normal. The bullet was lodged into his spinal column.



Lily: So what does that mean for my dad? Will he be able to walk?



Dr: Honestly at this juncture I am not sure. I have him on a mild sedative for now to ease the pain. His body has been through a lot and the best thing for him at this time and going immediately forward is rest. But I’ll say this now, it’s a strong chance he may not be able to walk again. The bullet did very serious damage to his spinal cord.



Lily: When can I see my dad?



Dr: In the morning. You need your rest and Neil needs his.



Lily: Thank you doctor.



Abby hugs Lily.



Lily: Thank you God for saving my dad.



Abby: Yes it’s great. I think the doctor is right we need to recharge.



Lily: Abby I must find Cane and our children. Mom said Cane was at the Verdon Lou Place.



Abby: Ok let’s go get changed and then I’ll go with you to the police station.



As Lily and Abby begin to walk out they run into Nina and Phillip.



Phillip: Lily, wait up.



Lily turns around and is confused as to why Phillip would be stopping her.



Nina: Phillip don’t… This may not be the right time.



Lily: Right time for what, what are you talking about?



Phillip: It’s Cane.



Lily: What about Cane? Do you know where my children are?



Phillip: What I do know is that Cane is on cocaine and I’m so sorry to have to tell you this Lily but I think Cane sold your kids for drugs.



Lily: W-..w..huh?



Phillip: Cane insinuated that he sold the twins for drugs.



Lily faints and Abby catches her.









Police Chief Paul Williams hangs up the phone as Nick and Noah walk over to him.



Nick: Paul is there any news on Sharon?



Paul: Nick in fact I got a call from the fire chief of Verdon Lou.



Noah: Is my mom ok?



Paul: They found two more bodies, more like skeletons, appear to be of a male frame as they were large.



Nick: Ok what about Sharon?



Paul: I’m sorry Nick, there are no more survivors from the cabin. If Sharon was there as Dru says she was then she must have burnt up into ashes. There is no sign of Sheila Carter or Sharon Newman.



Nick punches Paul in the face and Noah breaks down and cries falling to his knees.



Noah: Not mom… NO!!!












GC Memorial Hospital.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Everyone looks at Mary to some and Vandalynn to others. Mary looks at the room of people. During her scan she spots Scotty. She then spots Daniel and then also Noah.

Mary faints at seeing all three men she slept with in one room.thumbnailCAPU2IIJ.jpg

imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgDaniel looks at Mary with intense interest.

He then has a flash back of sex with a blonde bombshell in the alley.

She grabs his privacy again and massages it to arouse him.

Daniel: I mean really, right here.

Van: Why not? Let’s have fun…. Adventure… I’ve always wanted to have sex outside. You can fulfill my fantasy, tonight.


She plants a seductive kiss on his lips.

She looks around and sees the alley behind her.


Van: Right here.


She pulls him into the alley way. Van then leans against the wall of a building and pulls him into a kiss again. As they kiss she takes his hand and places it on her butt and then grabs his hand forcing him to grab her butt. She moans.


Van: Grab it. I like that.

Dan: You like a lot of things.


He grabs a handful of her rump. Then he smacks it.affairs4.jpg


Van: YES. Oh yes. I want you to spank me, choke me and pull my hair

Daniel: Damn, you’re a wild cat.


Then she takes her panties off. She  takes them and slides them across Daniels’ nose. She then throws them down. She unzips his pants and pulls out his rod. She strokes it. She smiles at him and he smiles at her. Daniel is extremely turned on by the scenario


Daniel: No it can’t be.


Lily looks at him with interest.


th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Daniel what’s the matter, do you know her?



Also taking extreme interest in Mary aka Vandalynn is Noah.Noah_zps73cfbcec.png

Noah then too has a flash back of his encounter with the bomb blonde bomb shell in her car.thCAVCMY3I.jpg



Van: What’s the matter?

Noah: I want you so bad right now? I never felt this way before. I just have to have you.”


He leans in and kisses her.


Van: Noah wait no!”


He covers her mouth with his lips by kissing her.  He then whispers in her ear,


             “I want you so bad. I need you. Give it to me.”


Van likes Noah aggressive state and stops any hesitation she had before. The plan was to get Noah to her hotel room but she will settle for hot car sex. Noah rips open her blouse and grabs her breast.


Noah: So beautiful.”


car-1.jpgHe kisses them as she leans her seat back so they can have more room. He gets on top of her on her side of the car and then puts her right leg over his shoulder. He leans down and kisses her and the windows begin to steam up.  They make love on the spot both enjoying each other. Van takes out her cell phone and text Sheila. “Home run.” Van then takes pictures of Noah who doesn’t realize what she is doing since he is so out of it and the only thing on his mind is wet satisfaction.



Nick looks at his son and sees the disdain on his face.

0soapoprahjpgnick-1.jpgNick: Noah what’s the matter? You look like you know her.

Noah: Dad, I think that’s the chic I had sex with.




scottythree.jpgScotty is very surprised at seeing Mary. Scotty and Lauren look at each other.


Dru: That’s Mary Carter! She is the daughter of Sheila Carter! …Well… at least I think it’s her… She looks like her.

Lauren: Dru what do you mean? Either she is or she isn’t.


Daisy walks over towards Mary.

Lauren spots her and walks over to her.


Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Tell us, is this your sister?


Daisy looks at Lauren.

Dru interrupts before Daisy can answer.


Dru: Wait… now maybe it’s not. Mary had blonde hair. This chic is a brunette.

Scotty: The paramedics said she was a Verdon Lou survivor. What would Vandalynn be doing there?



Daisy gives Scotty a weird look at hearing him call her sister by her fake alias Vandalynn.

A nurse rushes over to Mary and takes her into a room to be checked over.

Lauren pulls Scotty aside.


Lauren: Do you think this is true? Are you dating Sheila Carter’s daughter?


Scotty then has his own flash back of having sex with Mary or Vandalynn in his mother’s bedroom with her wearing football gear.thCARZE2M7.jpg


Scotty: I like that. I like that a lot.

Van: I really don’t. I feel fat. This helmet stinks and I’m sweating already. It’s hard to move in all this musty crap. I don’t understand any of this.

Scotty: You talk so much. Let me enjoy I mean let us- can’t we just enjoy this moment. Is that too much to ask for?… Come here sexy.”


Scotty flinches his half erected penis at her, as if it was waving at her.


Van: I could never say no to that.”


She climbs on top of him and they grind against each other.


Van: I don’t like this helmet. Smells like sweat and I can’t even kiss you baby.


Scotty can only imagine Rafe in the costume.


Scotty: Damn you always talk too much. Shut the “eff” up.” The suddenly Scotty rolls Van over and turns her on her stomach so she is face down. He then mashes her helmet into the pillow so he can’t hear her talking. He then thinks of doing it to Rafe and increase and intensifies his sexual stroke.

Van (muffled): Scotty slow down. You’re hurting me.

Scotty: Take this Van…. Take me all the way in… You know you like it… Miss kinky girl. Thas my kinky girl.” Van’s resistance excites Scotty even more and he releases himself deep inside of her.  He lays on top on her trying to catch his breath. He smiles

Scotty: Damn that was good. So wet. I couldn’t last too long.”


Van pushes Scotty off of her. She is breathing heavilySex.jpg


Van: Finally I can breathe. What were you trying to do to me? You were treating me like the 50 yard line.

Scotty: What didn’t you like it?

Van: I loved it. Let’s do it again.” She leans in and kisses him. This time she lays him on his back so she can straddle over him. They make love once more.


As Van takes slow and deep strokes Scotty’s eye are rolling back in his head from the extra dose of pleasure, he is able to notice that Vandalynn has caught her reflection in a mirror. Van looks in the mirror, smiles and then winks at herself as her mission has been more than accomplished. Seducing Scotty. Twice.


Scotty: Mom I have no idea.


Rafe continues to spy on Scotty and his reaction at seeing Mary.


thumbnailCA8MGVE2.jpgRafe: Gotcha Scotty. I know you are keeping something from me and I’m about to find out.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 172: Dru Returns To Genoa City and takes REVENGE!!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington


Paul and Ronan arrive at the hospital and sees everyone and the chaos.


Ronan: A mad house.

Paul: I’ll say. It’s time to restore order. I’ve gotten so many calls tonight I don’t know where to begin.


Paul then spots Drucilla Winters.


Paul: I’m going to start there. You begin at the other end of the room.

Ronan: Gotcha.


Paul walks over to Dru.


Paul: Dru is that really you?


Dru smiles and hugs Paul.


Dru: Paul it is great to see you.

Paul: I don’t understand.

Dru: Paul I’m so glad you are here so I can finally tell you that I did not fall off that cliff at that photo shoot, Phyllis Newmans pushed me!


Then Nick and Noah walk over to Dru.


Nick: Sorry Paul but Dru may have a lead on Sharon.

Paul: Dru is this true?

Dru: Yes Paul. Sheila held me and Sharon hostage for months.

Noah: Oh my god dad! Shelia has mom!

Nick: Dru where is Sharon now?

Dru: I don’t know Nick. I’m so sorry. The cabin exploded. I didn’t see any survivors. In fact Paul you should also know that James Warrick was there along with Cane.



Lily walks over to Dru upon hearing her husband’s name.


Lily: Wait what? Cane was at the cabin where you were being held?

Dru: That’s right. Sheila called him up to fix the gas leak in the basement.  James was there with a vest full of bombs. He thought he was a terrorist.

Paul: Dru this all sounds so crazy.

Dru: Well when you dealing with crazy ass Sheila Carter, you better expect crazy.




Ronan walks over to the Walsh family as Hillary is lifted unto a hospital bed after being knocked out by her half-sister Roxanne.


Ronan: I got some call on this situation right here.

Spencer: Nothing here officer.


Hillary slowly wakes up. She spots Ronan.

Hillary points at Roxanne.


Hillary: She assaulted me officer.


Ronan pulls out a pair of hand cuffs and slaps them on Roxanne.


Leslie: Please don’t do this Ronan. It was just a family dispute.

Hillary: No officer. Roxanne is a bully with anger issues. I’m afraid for my safety.

Roxanne: You Bitch! This is what you’re going to do to me because you got your ass whooped? I promise you Hillary I am going to destroy you!

Spencer: Stop talking Roxanne you are making things worse!


Roxanne looks at Spencer with tears forming in her eyes.


Roxanne: You’re going to let her do this to me?

Spencer: Roxanne I’m sorry there is nothing I can do at this point.

Roxanne: Tell Hillary not to do this! Please! I don’t want to go to jail.

Ronan: You should have thought of that before you assaulted this young lady. Assault is serious. Now let’s go.


Ronan instructs. Roxanne throws a fit and screams out and tries to kick out of Ronan’s hold on her arms.


Roxanne: Let me go! I’m going to get you Hillary. You are going to pay for this!!


Roxanne hollers at Hillary as she is being carted off and outside of the ER.

Hillary is taken to a room and Spencer follows.




Leslie walks over to Olivia and pulls her aside from Dru.

Les: Liv my daughter just got arrested. I need to go be with her. Will you call me if you hear anything on Neil please?

Olivia: I sure will.

Dru: I heard Neil’s name. What about Neil? Where is my husband? Something is wrong isn’t it?


Olivia looks at Dru with tears running down her face. Lily walks over and stands by her mother’s side. Dru looks at Lily.


Dru: Ok tell me what is going on? What happened to Neil?


Devon walks over to Dru.


Dru: Son please tell me.


Devon: Mom, Neil was shot tonight.


He says bravely, though voice cracking.






Leslie slowly walks away from Dru’s scene only to bump into Sister Patterson.CA06D0OACA5867X9CAUPN3H2CAO27DVSCA9.jpg

Leslie: I don’t have time for your antics.

Sister Paterson: That’s because you’re an ugly sinning stripper and a whore! No wonder your daughter got arrested just now, you didn’t provide her with no home training. And another thing you better always have time for the Lord you rotten sinner! Shame on you! The father of your child is an ex pimp. May God have mercy on your soul.

Leslie: May god have mercy on that wig. Why do you insist on coming for me? What have I done to you?

Sister Patterson: I just don’t like you, you’re nasty, a whore, a tramp, an ex-stripper, and you had a child out of wedlock. You are a disgrace. An abomination. You are the anti-Christ.

Leslie: This has gone on long enough.


Leslie walks over to Paul.

Leslie: I want to press charges on that crazy Sister Patterson. She assaulted me by slapping me and everyone in this room is witness to that.

Sister Patterson: This is no work of the Lord! How dare ya! You better not put any damned cuffs on me! I am an agent of God and Leslie had to know she will not win against me or the Lord. I only do his work and my God told me to heal that ugly and nasty stripper. She needs to repent!

Paul: You know Sister I’ve been watching you for a while. I think it’s time a judge had a chat with you for this outrageous behavior. If I get my way maybe even a mental evaluation.



Paul pulls out a pair of handcuffs and walks toward Sister Patterson.


Sister Patterson: My God won’t let you do this to me, you will not lock up an agent of God! What will my church think? You can’t do this to me! This is no work of the Lord!!


Paul turns Sister Patterson around and slaps the cuffs on her.


Sister Patterson: NO!! Help me! Sister Lauren! Some body stop these demonic acts against Christianity! This is a sin! Leslie I will send you to hell you slutty whore! God and I will strike you down!


Ronan carts Sister Patterson away.



Dru’s tears are interrupted by the scene displayed by Sister Patterson

Dru: Damn who is that? She do seem a bit off.



Then Phyllis along with a camera crew barges into GC Memorial’s ER ready to report on tonight’s events.

Phyllis stops dead in her tracks when she sees Drucilla and then screams out. Everyone looks at her.

Phyllis: Dru? What is going on here?

Dru: Yea it’s me bitch!


Dru says pushing  people out of her way as she walks towards her.


Phyllis: I don’t understand any of this.

Dru: Yea bitch I’m back! And I’m here for revenge! You are the one who pushed me over the cliff! You are the reason I lost all these years with my family! And I’m going to make you pay BITCH!!!


Dru charges at Phyllis grabbing her neck and then slamming her against a wall. Phyillis’ camera crew films the action.

Dru tightens her grip around Phyllis’ neck.



Dru: I’m going to kill you bitch! You did this to me!


Phyllis chokes and gasps as her face turns red.

Daniel and Paul rush over and try to pull Dru off of Phyllis.

Dru screams and begins to bash Phyllis’s head into the wall.

Phyllis takes her free hands and with her nails and buries them in Dru’s face.

Dru screams out again from the stinging pain from Phyllis clawing her face and is enough for Dru to release Phyllis’s neck. Phyllis takes deep breathes and regains her composure.

Dru wipes blood from her hand as she wipes her face.


Dru: All hell naw Bitch!


Phyllis goes at Dru as she breaks out of Daniels hold. Phyllis grabs Dru’s hair from behind and yanks on it so that Dru’s body is leaned back. Phyllis begins to smack Dru’s face using her free hand.


Phyllis: This won’t be easy! Huh? You like that huh? You want some more Bitch!


Phyllis says to Dru while smacking her face.


Phyllis: I’m not afraid of you Dru!

Dru: Bitch if I can beat Sheila Carter I can beat you too!


Paul hangs up the phone from calling  back up and breaks up the duo from fighting.

Both ladies breathe heavily.


Paul: Alright both you are under arrest!


Dru kicks Paul in his man hood and then turns around and punches Phyllis in the jaw.


Dru: Damn all that Paul! I’ve waited too long and fought to hard not to give Phyllis these hands.


Daniel tries to grab Phyllis as Olivia tries to grab Dru. Dru pushes Olivia off of her, so hard Olivia loses her balance and falls to the floor.

Phyllis shrugs out of Daniels hold.


Phyllis: Go watch over Lucy before Daisy takes her!


She then looks at Dru.


Phyllis: You want a piece of me bitch? Well I’m right here. Bring it on!

Dru: I don't do white meat honey.


Dru takes her shoe off and throws it in Phyllis’ direction.


Phyllis: That’s all you got?


Dru charges at Phyllis and Phyllis does the same. They crash into each other trying to grab each others hair but the force of them crashing is so strong they bounce onto the floor. Dru crawls on top of Phyllis and begins to windmill her in the face. Phyllis tries to eject Dru from off her.


Phyllis: Help ME!!


Ronan then rushes in and pulls Dru off of Phyllis.

Dru begins to slap and punch Ronan.


Dru: Let me go! I’m going to kill Phyllis Newmans!

Ronan: You’re not doing anything but going to jail.


Ronan carries Dru out of the ER and into a squad car.


Dru: This ain’t over Phyllis Bitch!


The cameras are still rolling and Phyllis is very embarrassed.



A doctor walks over to Olivia who is now standing.

Doctor: I have news on your son Ms. Barber.


Olivia with tears of fear in her eye looks at the doctor as Lily and Devon surround her for comfort.

Olivia: Did Nate make it?



GC Memorial Hospital

Roxanne looks at her new family, ex stripper and hooker turned disbarred lawyer Leslie and her pimp and Roxanne’s father Spencer, the disgraced Genoa City district attorney standing with her newest arch enemy Hillary. Roxanne brushes the hair from her face and walks over to them. Leslie extends her arms out for a hug. Roxanne gives one to make things look good in front of Hillary.


Roxanne: I saw on the news about Nate what happened Leslie were you there? Hillary: Leslie? You don’t even respect your own mother.


Roxanne turns around and looks at Hillary. She shakes her head


Roxanne: See bitch I wasn’t going to say anything to you. I was talking to Leslie.

Spencer: Girls not here. We don’t need a round two right here in this hospital.

Roxanne: You’re right Spencer. I wouldn’t want to give your precious daughter these hands again.

Hillary: Plleeaasseee…. I was giving it you too.

Leslie: Again?

Hillary: Yes Leslie, your beastly daughter attacked me outside of my dad’s apartment. She’s a beast and a bully.

Leslie: I don’t get why you two don’t like each other.

Roxanne: Because Hillary is a whore.

Spencer: Roxanne watch your mouth. Both of you there is no need for this childish name calling. This is juvenile.


Roxanne puts her hand in Spencer’s face.


Roxanne: That coming from an ex pimp. You pimped my mother you don’t have the right to judge my dislike of your slutty daughter.

Hillary: The truth is Roxi doesn’t like me because Nate loves me. We were in love in college. I’m not a whore, we just picked up where we left off and Roxi is mad because she doesn’t have Devon or Nate pawning over her any more. Who’s the whore?

Leslie: Roxanne it did come out tonight that you and Nate were having something going on while you were with Devon. Roxanne gives Leslie a look.

Roxanne: Now you’re taking her side?

Hillary: It seems everyone is Roxi.


Roxanne turns to Hillary, pulling her hair back into a ponytail from the pony tail holder she had around her wrist.


Roxanne: I told you not to call me that.

Leslie: Roxanne what are you doing?

Roxanne: I hate Hillary! She did this to Nate! If I had been there by his side I would have protected him. Hillary what did you do? Hillary: You weren’t even there to know how any of this went down!

Roxanne: I just know if I was there this would not have happened! Your weak and I do not like you!

Hillary: You’re just jealous Roxi. You are fake, a two timing whore, a bully and a beast. I see why you don’t like me because you don’t even like yourself. Misery loves company. I have Nate and you have no one. Devon left you for Abby. Your cheating ways caught up to you. Roxanne: You don’t know anything tramp. Nate and I never made love.

Hillary: And that is what upsets you the most. That the first day I got back he took me to bed and you waited for months to get what I got. Roxi.

Spencer: Hillary…?


Roxanne charges at Hillary grabbing her hair while dragging and pulling her towards a wall by her hair. Hillary screams out as Spencer and Leslie try to tear the two apart. Once at the wall Roxanne bashes Hillary’s head against it a few times. Hillary stops screaming as she blacks out and her body becomes limp. Roxanne drops her and Leslie snatches Roxanne away from Hillary.


Leslie: What the hell is the matter with you?


Roxanne drops the wad of hair she pulled from Hillary’s scalp. Everyone in the ER looks at the dramatic scene of combat.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 171: Head Banger!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington



Daniel’s House

Daniel and Phyllis are playing UNO at the kitchen table.


Daniel: Draw four ha-ha.

Phyllis: I can’t stand you. What color?

Daniel: Red.


Phyllis lays down a draw two.


Phyllis: TAKE THAT!!!

Daniel: Keep your voice down I just got Lucy to sleep.

Phyllis: Oh I’m sorry ok?

Daniel: Listen mom, I’ve been thinking, you’ve been here quite a while now getting back on your feet after your physical therapy. I think it’s time-

Phyllis: I already know what you are going to say. You want me out of your house.

Daniel: You don’t have to be so brash about it. I just don’t see a need for you to be here. You are cramping my style. I need my own place back. I’m sure you understand. I can’t bring girls home with you here.


Phyllis smiles at her son.


Phyllis: I understand. I’m ready to get back to life. Get Restless Style going again. I miss my life.

Daniel: Now see there you go. This can work out for both of us. Then they get a knock on the door.

Phyllis: It might be the pizza I ordered two hours ago. I wonder what took so long.


Phyllis gets up out of the chair to open the door. She is extremely disappointed when she sees Daisy.




At Rafe’s

Rafe looks at Scotty’s guilty face as he has just accused him of hiding something.


Scotty thinks of his girlfriend Mary and then has a flash back of their escapade that took place in his mother’s bedroom at Mary’s request. He also remembers when he flipped it back on her like this as he takes in his remembrance that happened in episode 143. In Scotty’s mind plays this:


Lauren’s Bedroom

Van looks at Scotty who has football gear in his hands.

Van: You want me to put that on?

Scotty: Yea. I think it’s kinky.

Van: But I have a beautiful body, and I’m a blonde bombshell. You want me to cover all of this up with manly football gear.

Scotty: Yes.

Van: I just didn’t know you were into this kind of thing.” She grabs the helmet and puts it on.

Scotty: I like that. Here go ahead put the rest on.”

He says looking at his masterpiece. Van slowly and with the least bit of confidence puts on the rest of the football gear. Scotty smiles and then imagines’ it’s Rafe in the football gear it which is easy to do since Van looks like she is a beefy kind of guy with the pads now on her. Scotty takes his pants off and hops on his mother’s bed. Scotty has a smile on his face.


He begins to get hard thinking of that sexual time with Vandalynn. He wonders again where she is.




Scotty break out of his self-indulgent moment of sexualness.


Rafe: Where were you? Thinking of what you’re hiding from me? It must be good the way it has you smiling. Tell me what it is.

Scotty: Rafe your lame! I didn’t come here for this. I wanted some of your power stroke. If you’re not trying to give it to me there are other things I could be doing with other people.

Rafe: Then leave! And don’t text me or come over here again! I don’t do casual sex! It’s bad enough we did it unprotected in the first place, thinking this was going somewhere. A big mistake on my part seeing how you are turning out.

Scotty: What is that supposed to mean?

Rafe: I didn’t mince words, you understand English don’t you?

Scotty: Fukk off Rafe!


Scotty storms out Rafe’s apt.

Rafe sits on his couch frustrated. He decides to go to the hospital to support Leslie in her hour of need to keep his mind off Scotty.


Scotty is driving in his car looking at his inbox to see if he has any text from Vandalynn,.. none. He texts her.

“WHERE R U??!!”

He hits send. He then dials her number but it goes straight to voicemail.


Scotty: Damn it girl where are you? I need to get off.


He then gets a text from his mother Lauren.




Scotty decides he will head there to support his mom since he has nothing else to do and maybe it will also take his mind off sex. He texts her back to inform her he will meet her there.




Back at Daniel’s

Phyllis: What a disappointment. I thought you were the pizza guy.

Daisy: Nice to you see you too. Where is my daughter? Phyllis: She’s sleep now go away we don’t want you here.


Daniel gets up to see who his mother is talking too. He sees Daisy.

Daniel: Mom I got this.

Phyllis: Whatever.


Phyllis sits on the couch and turns on the TV.


Daniel: Daisy what are you doing here?

Daisy: Please let me see our daughter Daniel. She needs her mother. I haven’t seen her in days.

Daniel: She is sleep Daisy. I just put her down.

Daisy: I promise I won’t wake her.

Daniel: Well I don’t know...

Daisy: Please Daniel! I’m trying. I’m really trying to turn my life around. You saw I got the job at House of Kem. I don’t think you did though. I got it despite you trying to stop Keemo from hiring me. I am determined to put my life back together Daniel. One way or another. You, me and Lucy.

Daniel: That will never happen! You are the daughter of Sheila Carter no woman with Cater blood will raise any child I fathered.

Daisy: I am not going to stand idly by Daniel and let you keep my daughter from me. I’m telling you let’s do this the easy way. I’m trying to do this the easy way. This could get really ugly.

Daniel: Is that a threat Daisy?

Daisy: You did say I have Carter blood.


Phyllis then screams out.


Daniel: Mom what the hell!


Baby Lucy begins to cry.


Daniel: Mom you woke her up!

Daisy: I can help. She just needs her momma.

Phyllis: Daniel we have to go! I know why my pizza is late.

Daniel: Mom really?

Phyllis: Malcolm, Neil, Moses, AVERY! My sister has been hurt!

Daniel: Mom what are you talking about?


Daniel walks over and looks at the breaking news about the Winter’s family. They show Lily.


Daniel: Oh my god! That’s Lily! She’s here! Mom Lily is here in GC!

Phyllis: We have to go!

Daniel: I’ll grab Lucy.

Phyllis: Ok I’ll meet you there I’m going to get some things from Restless Style so I can cover this story. This will be my big debut back.


Phyllis looks at Daisy.

Phyllis: What are you going to do with this thing right here?

Daisy: I’m going too. Where ever my daughter goes I’m going too.

Daniel: Fine but you’re not riding with me.

Daisy: One day Daniel these table will turn on you.

Daniel: Yea whatever just get out of my way.


He says brushing past her with their daughter. Daisy has a tear in her eye and gets in her car and follows Daniel to the hospital. “Cold hearted Bastard” She calls Daniel as she drives.




Lauren and Scotty meet up outside the ER.


Lauren: Find your girlfriend yet?

Scotty: No and I don’t understand what is going on.


They walk into the ER and see chaos. Hillary and Roxanne’s after math of the battle they just had with nurses surrounding Hillary. She spots Dru and can’t believe her eyes.


Scotty: Is that Dru?

Lauren: It looks like her. Let’s go over and see what is going on.


Lauren and Scotty walk up to Dru, and Olivia.


Lauren: Drucilla is that you?


Dru turns around from Liv and looks at Lauren and smiles. She hugs her.


Dru: It’s me girl and I’m so glad you are here. I was just asking my sister here where Neil was.


A serious look comes over Lauren’s face and she makes eye contact with Olivia who is shaking her head back and forth to signal not to tell Dru what has happened to Neil.


Dru: Hey Scotty my my you’ve got so grown boy. So handsome.


Dru hugs Scotty.


Scotty: Feels like I just hugged a ghost.

Dru: It’s me. Drucilla Winters in the flesh.  Now before I tell you what I have to tell you Lauren I need to know where in the hell is my husband no one has answered me.


Scotty looks around the ER to see if he can spot any cute men that may want to sleep with him. He sees Noah Newman along with his dad Nick walking into the ER. Scotty licks his lips and watches Noah. Nick and Noah spots Abby and rush over to her. Nick hugs his little sister.


Nick: What is going on Abby?

Abby: It’s Sharon. Dru is alive. And I think Sharon was held hostage along with Dru all this time.

Nick: What? This is crazy!

Noah: Where is my mom now?



Daniel arrives at the hospital with Lucy as Daisy is following behind. He sees Lily and can’t believe his eyes. He rushes over to her.


Daniel: Lily is that really you?

Lily: Oh Daniel I’m so glad you are here!


Lily gives him a hug as Lucy is in her stroller. Daisy watches on and grinds her teeth.


Daisy: We are not going to start this up. Daniel and Lily. No way. Not with my daughter. I’ll kill Lily.



Rafe walks up next to Daisy.

Rafe: Spying?

Daisy: So what if I am?

Rafe: Can I join the club?

Daisy: As long you don’t interfere with what I’m doing.

Rafe: I assume you are watching Daniel over there hugging Lily. I worked with Avery on your case.

Daisy: Well thank you. I’m just trying to get my daughter back. What are you spying on?


Rafe looks at Scotty looking at Noah.


Rafe: Men.

Daisy: As long as it’s not my man, we’ll be ok.

Rafe: Deal.



“Clear the way, another Verdon Lou Survivor has arrived!"


Olivia, Dru, Lauren, Scotty, Nick, Noah, Abby, Daniel and Lily all look in the direction of the entrance way.


Dru: Lord have Mercy let it be Sharon. If it’s Sheila someone better get her! I’m tired of dealing with that crazy ass Bitch!


Daisy frowns up and looks over in Dru’s direction upon hearing her mother’s name.


The paramedics bring in Mary Carter to some and Vandalynn to others.


Scotty, Daniel and Noah all look at her with extra interest.


Dru: That is Sheila Carter’s daughter right there! Mary Carter!


Lauren looks at Mary and then at Scotty and then at Mary again.


Mary/Vandalynn is red faced seeing everyone looking at her. She faints.thumbnailCAPU2IIJ.jpg


Be sure to check out why Daniel Jonas is an As s Hole! Click the link:

GC Memorial
Neil is in emergency surgery. He has nurses and doctors to his right and left trying to save his life. The doctor on his left cuts open Neil’s body. The incision goes from right below his nipple down to just above his waist line. The surgeon has to locate the bullet. The surgeon uses his surgical tool to move raw and bloody body parts around. They can see Neil’s lungs getting bigger and smaller with each breath he takes off his ventilator. The surgeon continues to move body organs around to try and locate the bullet.
The nurse on Neil’s right is keeping constant vigil on Neil’s vital signs checking them every 30 seconds.
Nurse: Heart rate slowing as well as breathing.
Surgeon: I still can’t find this bullet. I don’t know where it is.
Nurse: But there was no exit wound?
Surgeon: No I did not see one. So it’s still inside him somewhere.
The surgeon begins to get in deeper in Neil’s body and moves closer to his spinal chord to see maybe if the bullet is there.

Episode 170: Drucilla Winters vs Sheila Carter and Dru WINS!!
Written by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington with Wade Meredith
In the ER.
Olivia faints as Leslie drops her bottled water at seeing Dru.
Abby, Lily and Devon all stand in silenced shock.
Dru pushes Leslie out of her way and kneels down next to Olivia. She hold her in her arms.
Dru: It’s me Liv! It’s me… Dru! Wake up!
Lily and Devon look at each other.
Devon: This has to be a joke.
Dru rocks Olivia back and forth in her arms.
Dru: I know you must all be shocked as hell.
Lily: That’s an understatement since I saw with my own two eyes you falling over that cliff at the photo shoot with Phyllis.
Dru: Your eyes didn’t deceive you Lily Bell.
Lily is taken aback as Dru calls her Lily Bell, the name her mother and father called her growing up. Lily covers her mouth in shock as Devon holds her.
Lily: Could it be really you?
Dru: Yes girl, I am your mother. And when I get my hands on Phyllis Newman, I am going to ring her neck for pushing me, no I didn’t fall, that Bitch pushed me over.
Olivia slowly begins to wake up. She is confused looking at her sister Drucilla.
Olivia: Am I dreaming?
Dru: No girl it’s me Drucilla… It’s really me.
Olivia caresses her face and smiles.
Dru: I’m back. I didn’t die being pushed over that cliff. Phyllis pushed me! And I survived. I’m a survivor! I even beat Sheila Cray Cray Carter! 
Dru looks up at her children Devon and Lily
Dru: I fought like hell to get back to my family and it’s a blessing that I am here.
Dru stands Olivia up and then walks over to Lily.
Dru: Your face baby girl, what happened?
Lily: I had to get plastic surgery.
Dru has tears in her eyes and embraces her in a tight bear hug.
Dru: You look absolutely stunning. I’m so sorry I couldn’t be hear for any of that. But mama is here now and I ain’t going nowhere.
As Dru holds Lily, Lily does not hold her back still a little bit dazed from the drama.
Leslie: So we are supposed to believe you are the late Drucilla Winters because you say so?
Dru stops hugging Lily and looks at Leslie.
Dru looks Leslie up and down.
Dru: And who are you? I’ve never seen you around here?
  “An ugly stripper”
Dru frowns and turns around to see who said that.
It’s none other than Sister Patterson. Sister Patterson engulfs Dru in a hug.
Sister Patterson: Welcome back home my child. My third eye tells me you are who you say you are.
Dru shrugs out of the Sister’s hug.
Dru: Hold on now! Who are you?
Sister Patterson: I am an agent of God. I do the Lord’s work.
Dru: Well where were you when I needed help beating Sheila Carter’s ass?
Sister Patterson: Sheila Carter is the devil incarnate. I’ve heard all about her and I wondered why I sensed a dark force around Genoa City.
Dru: Well it was Sheila Crazy Ass Carter.
Sister Patterson: Watch your mouth talking around an angel.
Dru gives her a weird look.
“Clear the way we got another Verdon Lou victim!”
Everyone hears from the ER entrance way.
Dru: Don’t let it be Sheila. Don’t let it be Sheila!... Sharon. Please be Sharon!
Dru stands behind Sister Patterson.
Dru: If its Sheila attack her! Pray it’s Sharon!
Abby, Devon and Lily look at each other.
Abby: Sharon?... Sheila Carter?
Devon: This is getting weird, Sheila Carter and now Sharon Newman?
Olivia: Sheila Carter is alive?
Leslie: Who is Sheila Carter?
They all just look at her.
Then everyone looks in the entrance way anticipating who the next survivor from Verdon Lou is.
Rafe’s Apt
Rafe is finishing up washing his dishes when he hears a knock at the door. He dries his hand and walks over to the door and opens it. He sees Scotty.
Rafe: That was fast?
Scotty: I don’t like to mess around when I want something.
Scotty walks inside Rafe’s apt. and Rafe closes the door behind him.
Rafe: So about this text of yours.
Scotty: I wanna get stretched.
Scotty walks over to Rafe and plants a kiss on him but Rafe pulls back.
Rafe: Sex! That’s all it is with you! Every time I see you we have sex. We don’t go on dates, we don’t hang out, we don’t do any of that. You also lied to me about your real name…. Ted.
Scotty: Don’t be on that Rafe. You make it sound like this is a relationship.
Rafe: Is it not?
Scotty: No…. just sex. Two sexy guys who come together and get off.
Rafe: No Scotty I want more than that! I don’t have sex just to “get off”. Or do you prefer Ted?
He says using air quotations.
Scotty: I never gave you any indication that this was more then sex. We met on an online hook up site.
The key word hook up.
Rafe: My profile said I’m looking for a relationship. I’m ready to settle down. I want love, maybe even a husband. You said your name was Ted when we first met only to find out that was a lie.
Scotty: I’m not ready for all of that. That’s way too much. And I told you why I lied about my name. I don’t want my mother to know I sleep with men.  I don’t know how she would take it. I just don’t want to go through that.
Rafe: I hardly know anything about you.
Scotty: Rafe, this is just sex. There is no need to know much about me.
Rafe: So I’m only good enough for sex with you?
Scotty: Well it is good.
Rafe shakes his head and turns away from Scotty.
Rafe: You are hiding something Scotty. That’s why we can’t be more serious. You’re hiding something. At the Glo Worm reopening ball you told me your real name then your little brother took a picture of us kissing. There has to be more than that. You only talk to me a few times a week. It’s more than not wanting to let your mother know.  I’m a lawyer you can’t get over on me. So tell me the truth Scotty.
Scotty is caught off guard as he thinks about his girlfriend Vandalynn aka Mary Carter.
Back at the Hospital
As the Paramedics give way to the nurses the identity of the next survivor is revealed to be Avery.
Avery: I can’t see! Everything is dark! Help ME!!
Medic to the Nurse: Caught outside of the explosion. Apparent blindness.
The nurse rush Avery into ER no.3
Dru walks over to the medic.
Dru: Excuse me sir. Did you say that woman who was just brought in a Verdon Lou Survivor?
Medic: Yes we found her unconscious outside.
Dru looks over in the direction of Avery’s room.
Dru: What was Phyllis’s sister doing outside of Sheila’s cabin?
Abby looks at Devon.
Abby: This is getting weirder by the moment. First Dru and Avery was at this Verdon Lou place and seems to be blind? I’m going to call my brother Nick and tell him what is going on. Dru mentioned Sharon too and she’s been missing for months.
Devon: Good idea. Nick should be here.
Abby: Will you be ok for a little bit?
Devon: Yes thank you.
They hug and then Abby walks away to call Nick.
In Surgery
The surgeon finally finds the bullet, though, lodged in Neil’s spinal column.
Surgeon: All hands on deck. I located the bullet in the spinal column. Need to be ever so delicate as to not make this man paralyzed.
Nurse: Blood pressure still dropping. Need to expedite this and close the patient back up.
Surgeon: I will do everything I can.
The surgeon uses his surgical tool to ever so delicately remove the bullet from Neil’s spinal cord.
Surgeon: The bullet did massive damage to some of his other organs. Starting with the lungs.
Nurse: Well the oxygen levels continue to decrease. Doctor we are losing him.
Spencer along with Hillary arrive in the ER. They walk over to Leslie.
Spencer hugs Leslie.
Leslie: So nice to see a familiar face.
Spencer: I saw on TV what happened. Is there any news on Neil or Nate?
Leslie: No not yet. Neil is in surgery and I am not too sure about Nate.
Leslie looks over Spencer’s shoulder to see who the woman is standing behind Spencer. Spencer notices this and stands out the way of Leslie’s line of vision to reveal Hillary.
Spencer: Les, this is my daughter, Hillary.
Leslie is stunned but extends her hand out to shake, Hillary half heartily smiles and extends her hand.
Spencer: Hillary, this is Roxanne’s mother Leslie.
Hillary quickly snatches her hand away from Leslie.
Leslie frowns.
Leslie: Is something the matter?
Hillary: It’s your daughter.
Spencer: Les, Hillary and Roxanne don’t get along.
Then Roxanne walks into the ER. She spots Spencer and Hillary talking with Leslie and walks over to them.
Olivia walks over to Dru and looks at her. Olivia has tears in her eyes.
Olivia: Is it really you?
Dru also begins to have tears in her eyes.
Dru: Yes it’s really me. I’m here Liv. I’m Dru. And it was hell getting back here.
Olivia: You mentioned Sheila Carter. I thought she was dead.
Dru: Hell naw girl. Crazy Bitch was alive all this time and held me and Sharon captive and a few other people.
Olivia: Other people? This is outrageous.
Dru: No, Sheila Carter was outrageous. I hope that Bitch died in the explosion. She shot me in the back Olivia. In the back! A punk move.
A nurse walks over to Dru.
Nurse: We should get you checked out Mrs. Winters.
Dru smiles and then looks at Olivia.
Dru: Did you hear that? She called me Mrs. Winters. Where is my husband anyway?
Nurse: Ma’am we should really get you checked out.
Dru: No No I’m not trying to hear all of that. I’m claustrophobic these days being tied up in a room for so damn long.  And I can’t leave my family. I’ve waited years for this.
Olivia: Dru let them check you out. You said you were shot and you’re not looking healthy at all.
Dru: Just tell me where is Neil?
In surgery, Neil’s blood pressure and oxygen levels in his blood stream drop drastically.
Nurse: Doctor we are losing him!
Surgeon: No damn it! I almost got the bullet out. Yes there we go… GOT IT!
As the surgeon pulls the bullet from Neil’s spinal column, Neil’s heart stops, he flat lines…

thumbnailCAP2XDR9.jpgDru calls out Sharon’s name amongst the charred debris of the cabin. A paramedic rushes over to her and begins to check her out. They lay her down on a stretcher.

Dru: There are more people that was here. You got to find Sharon. And Shelia Carter. She’s alive and she did all of this! She crazy. Crazy Carter! Cray for short.

Cop: Ma’am we will do all we can to find any survivors or bodies.

Paramedics rush over to Avery’s body which is unconscious on the ground. The medic takes a set of vitals as another medic comes over with a gurney. They lift Avery’s body unto the gurney and puts her into an ambulance.imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpg

As Dru’s Ambulance drives off she can see the charred remains of the cabin out the back windows of the ambulance. She begins to cry.

Dru: Thank God. I made it. I can see my family. My husband Neil, Devon, Lily, Olivia, Nate. I’m coming home. Genoa City Dru is back. I survived Sheila’s torture chamber. “

She looks up at the roof and mouths: Thank you God!”

Meanwhile as firefighters begin to search the rubble they hear another cough and a moan. They begin to search and move the debris from the place of the sound.wall4_zpsyu4x9gcb.jpg

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 169: Malcolm kidnaps Moses, shoots Neil and mows down Nate!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richard son and Alex Washington

imagesCA6JT2AF_zps31844077.jpgNeil is rushed into GC Memorial. Doctors immediately rush over to him as the paramedics give the nurse and update and their assessment of Neil’s condition.

Medic: Massive amount of blood lost, and he’s lost consciousness. Gunshot wound straight to the chest, breathing problems and oxygen levels in his blood dropping.

Nurse: Thank you.

Leslie, Lily, Devon and Abby arrive in the E.R... Lily is erratic with tears as Devon holds her. Leslie walks up to a nurse.

imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLeslie: Excuse me ma’am, we are here on behalf of the Winters family, Neil Winters.

Nurse: He was just brought in we’ll need some time to at least stabilize him. It will be some time yet. Leslie: Thank you.

Leslie walks over back to the group.

Leslie: Neil was just brought in. They need some time.

meagan-good_zpsmlqsazvv.jpgLily: How could this happen? My children Devon where are my kids? Please call Cane. I need my kids. I need my dad. This is so terrible to come back to all of this.

Lily sobs as Devon holds her.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: I’m so sorry Lily.

Leslie has a tear in her eye as well.

Then they all hear loud screaming. They look over at the entrance and see Nate being brought in with an erratic Olivia right behind him.

th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia: MY SON!! MY GOD MY SON!

Leslie and Abby rush over to Olivia and try to walk her over to a seat.

Olivia: What the hell happened tonight? My son and Neil.

Leslie: It’s ok Olivia. We just need to pray now. They both will make it through.

“What in the hell do you know about praying you ugly stripper?”

Olivia wipes her tears and looks up and sees Sister Patterson.

Leslie: Why?

Leslie turns around and sees a scorning Sister Patterson.

She stands up and faces her.

Leslie: DO we really need this right now? I’m getting really sick and tired of you coming for me. Now I’m trying to respect my elders but you’re starting to push it old lady.

Sister Patterson slaps Leslie across the face.sisterp_throw.gif

Abby rushes over and grabs Leslie.

Sister Patterson: Have you no shame demon? How in the hell dare ya? I am Sister Patterson and no one will speak to me like that. I’m an agent of God. God shall strike you down right here and now. I can’t believe this ratchet ass stripper tried to get in my face.

Sister Patterson blows on her nails.

Sister Patterson: I am here to offer hope and prayers to the victims of tonight’s tragedy. My third eye tells me there will be more heart break tonight.

Olivia stands up.

Olivia: Not my son. Please no! Nate has to make it.

Sister Patterson wraps her arms around Olivia. She hands her some tissue.

Sister Patterson: Wipe your nose honey.

Olivia gives Sister Patterson a look. Sister Patterson points to her nose.

Abby and Leslie walk away over to Devon.

Leslie: I can’t believe that old bat hit me.

dP6Xb9SPuSETU5mtkFI9Bg93287soapoprah.jpgAbby: Sister Patterson is off her rockers. Maybe you should file assault charges.

Leslie: Assault charges… hmm.

In leaving the hospital Chance has to go through the ER due to where his car is parked. He spots Lily standing with Leslie, Devon and Abby. He walks over to them.

imagesCA52QTZD_zps4dfa2721.jpgChance: Uhm excuse me Lily. Wow! You look beautiful.

Lily: Chance, Hey.

Chance: Are you just getting back in town?

Lily: I am.

Chance: Have you seen or heard from Cane?

Lily: Actually no we are looking for him. Why are you asking? What are you doing here?

Chance: It’s my dad.

Devon: Phillip? Chance what happened?

Chance: When I find your husband Lily I am going to kill him!

Lily: Wait what? What are you talking about what is going on? DO you know where my twins are?

Chance: Unbelievable… Your precious Cane has been snorting Coke. He got my dad high at hostage point and shot him in the hand.

Lily screams out in horror as she looks at Devon.

Lily: No no no there must be some mistake.

Devon: There is no way Cane did this. I’m going to talk to my cousin and find out what is going on.

Lily pulls out her cell phone and begins to dials Cane’s number repeatedly.

Lily: This cannot be true.

Abby put her arms around Lily.

Leslie: Can things get any worse? I’ll make some calls as well to see if I can locate Cane. I still have a few of my judicial friends from my lawyer days.

Leslie pulls out her phone.

imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpgLauren opens her door and sees Scotty sitting in the living room playing a video game.

soctty2.jpgScotty: Mom, where have you been? I seen a news report on TV that there was a shooting and an accident at The Colonnade Room. What happened?

He walks over and gives her a hug.

Lauren: Scotty pour me a drink. A lot happened tonight. Where is your brother Fen?

Scotty: At one of his buddies for the night. There is a baseball game in the am.

Lauren: Good I don’t want him to hear any of this.

Scotty: Tell me mom what happened?

Lauren: Well everything was going just fine. With Lily returning home from Japan.

Scotty: I never did get why she went to Japan in the first place. What happened?

Lauren: Lily’s face was burned at Sharon’s coming from jail party. She required extensive plastic surgery hence why she wanted to throw this surprise party so everyone can see her. But Malcolm came in and took the party hostage. He said that Moses was his son and he played a recording of Nathan Hastings admitting it to a Roxanne who I might add were having an affair.

Scotty: Damn that’s deep.

Lauren: SO Malcolm in a rage shot Neil point blank when he refused to hand over his son. Then Nathan tried to stop him and Malcolm ran over Nate and that’s all I know.

Scotty: Mom I’m so glad you are ok. I didn’t know Malcolm very well but man I didn’t know he was capable of all of that.

Lauren: He was at his last ends. His limit. Deeply hurt and felt betrayed by his family. Any way enough about that. I’m going to soak in the tub for awhile and then head over to the hospital.

Scotty: Ok mom, I’m just going to keep on trying to get a hold of my girlfriend. I haven’t talked to her in days.

Lauren: Odd but ok. Good luck honey.

Lauren gets up and kisses her son on the forehead and leaves for the bathroom.

Scotty tries to call Vandalynn again.

Scotty: Damn it voice mail. Where are you? It’s been days. I need some action. Well if you’re not going to give it up, Rafe will. “ He thinks to himself.

Scotty sends a text to Rafe: I wanna get stretched…


Spencer who was watching the news turns it off as he has a knock on his door. He ties his robe up and answers the door. He sees Hillary in tears. He embraces her.

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary: Oh dad I really messed up.

thCAEKX2FU-1.jpgSpencer pulls her into the apartment and closes the door. He escorts her to the couch.

Spencer: What’s the matter pretty girl?

Hillary: I set a chain of events in motion and I may lose the man I love.

Spencer: Does this have something to do with the Colonnade room? It’s all over the news. Neil, Nathan and Malcolm. Wow. What did you have to do with any of this?

Hillary: I was able to tape a conversation between Roxanne and Nathan about their feelings for one another and the fact that he switched Moses paternity test.

Spencer: How were you able to do that?

Hillary looks away as she has a flash back of breaking into Roxanne’s apt and then hiding in her closet when Roxanne came home. She was able to tape their conversation on her cell phone when Nate came over to meet with Roxanne.

Hillary looks back at her dad.

Hillary: That’s not something I’m ready to deal with. But I seen Malcolm at the bar one night. And he was a mess and I felt so bad. I really felt Malcolm had a right to know the truth. I wanted to give him hope. His son.

Spencer: Wow Hillary that’s a bold move. So it led to Malcolm shooting Neil and running over Malcolm?

Hillary: Yes... She says with tears rolling down her face…And now Moses is with Malcolm and they are on the run.

Hillary sobs.

Spencer shakes his head knowing this situation is not good.

Spencer holds her.

Spencer: I must admit pretty girl you made a mess of things. You should have left things well enough alone. Now Neil and Nate may die and Malcolm is on the run with Moses. I do know Malcolm to be unstable. He was always so hostile when I was around Leslie. I pray young Moses is ok.

Hillary: Do you mind if I soak in the tub for a little while? I need to relax and I need time to myself.

Spencer: Oh I don’t have any womanly products here.

Hillary: It’s ok dad I always come prepared.

She walks into the bathroom fighting back tears until she can reach the bathroom and let loose.

Spencer shakes his head again.

“What have you done Hillary?” He says to himself.

The tub is filling up and steam is becoming in the room as Hillary just sinks to the ground crying. Letting out that was stored up from watching Malcolm’s events live and the role she played.

Hillary: I’m so sorry Nate.

Back at the Hospital.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Devon walks into his cousin Phillip’s room. He sees him sitting up and twitching a little. He walks over to him and gently calls his name.

Phillips jumps.

Devon: I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I saw your son and I had to come and see you.

imagesCAK33PZT_zps8c9d440d.jpgPhillip: Why?

Devon: Well we are family remember?

Phillip: Oh yea. You are Tucker’s son.

Devon: It’s unfortunate.

Phillip: I just feel funny Devon. Coke Cane caused all of this. He took me hostage and forced me to do coke. A needle. I’ll have to get an aids test or something.

Devon: Cane was smoking coke?

Phillip: He had an insatiable drug habit when he was back in Australia working with his dad Colin and the underworld. I thought he was done with that.

Devon: Phillip do you have any idea where Cane and Lily’s twins are?

Phillip looks at Devon with guilt.

Phillip: Devon it’s not good. Cane sold those kids for drugs.

Devon is speechless.

“Thank You Jesus! Amen! I beat you CRAZY ass CARTER!”

People begin to hear from the Ambulance entrance.

“I win. You Lose. I beat you Sheila Cray Cray Carter! I’m free!!

Dru is rolled into the ER sitting up on her gurney kissing her muscles on both her arms.

“I told you bitch I’m the HBIC round here.”

The ER comes to halt, as Lily, Abby, Leslie, dropping her water, and Olivia are all stunned at seeing Drucilla Winters rolled into he ER.

Lily screams out as Olivia faints.

Abby: Dru?

Dru: Yes. It’s me. Drucilla Winters and I’m home. And I beat Sheila Carters ass! She did all of this. Crazy Bitch!thumbnailCAAYWB5R-1.jpg

GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Phillip suddenly sits up and hollers out Cane’s name.

Nina, Jill and Chance who were all sleeping wake up in disarray.

Chance: Dad what about Chance, did he do this to you?

Phillip looks around at his family feeling dazed and confused.

Phillip: What happened?

He feels pain in his hand and looks at it. He sees it is bandaged up. He remembers Cane shooting him.

imagesCA916D51_zpsff5ac913.jpgPhillip: It was Cane. It was CANE! Where is he,… we have to stop him!

Phillip says trying to get out of bed. Chance sits down on the bed with him and holds Phillip down.

Jill_zps2ba9c426.pngJill: Son calm down. Please! Just calm down and we can talk about this and figure it out.

imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpgNina: I’ll go get a doctor.

imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Dad relax. Its ok, you are safe now. Cane is not going to hurt you.

Phillip begins to relax a bit feeling comfort seeing his family but still feels mentally unbalanced. He feels something is off.

Phillip: I feel funny.

Jill: Honey they found cocaine in your system. What happened? Why do you keep saying Cane’s name?

Phillip: Cane did this to me!

Chance stands up. He is very angry.

Chance: I told you grandma. I knew Cane did this. I am going to kill him!

Phillip: No son!.... Cane needs help. His twins are missing. Cane is in serious trouble.

Jill: Maddie and Charlie? Phillip what happened to those twins?

Phillip: We have to find Cane. He’s lost control!

Chance: I will find Cane.

Chance storms out the room. Jill calls after him.

Jill: Oh my God what is happening here?

Chance: Mom, I think Cane sold his twins for drugs.

Jill nearly faints at the news.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 168: Climax Aftermath! (Crack Kills) Pt.1

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

Verdon Lou,wall4_zpskcwtjuav.jpg

Avery is lying on the ground as she slowly wakes up and feels incredible pain in her head. She moans out. She can hear the wood still crackling from the cabin fire and can also smell the smoke but she cannot see anything. She slowly sits up. She reaches out with her hands and puts them in front of her face. She blinks her eyes a few times but things are still dark for her. She sees nothing but darkness.

Avery: My hands, Oh my gosh, I can’t see! I CAN’T SEE!! Help Me!imagesCAXC1YDL_zpsbf6c3b56.jpg

Avery’s other four senses begin to kick into overdrive. The smell of the smoke again hits her nose which sends a signal to her brain that triggers a memory.

Avery: I remember,… the cabin blew up. And Malcolm. MALCOLM!

She hollers out and then pauses. She doesn’t hear anything. She then tries calling out for Moses. There is still no answer.

Avery: HELP!!

Avery can then hear sirens getting louder and closer in the distance.

Avery: Thank God finally some relief.

Avery then begins to feel dizzy and passes out on to the ground.

Inside the Cabin,

A woman coughs. The fire is burning out since the initial blaze wore off and all the wood has burned up, charred debris is what remains. A piece of it moves as a woman coughs again. The woman tries to move. She begins to moan out. She coughs again.

Who is it?

Back in GC, The Colonnade Room.4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary is overwhelmed by all the sobbing over Neil as he just lays on the ground, blank stare on his face still gurgling. She realizes she has set all of this in motion by sending Malcolm the audio recording of Nate’s confession. She has a need to finally break down and rushes outside. She is only stopped when she see Nate’s jumbled body lying on the ground. Hillary screams out in horror and then runs over to him kneeling down next to him. She doesn’t know whether to touch him or not as he is so distorted. Nate has his eyes closed. Hillary reaches down and checks for a pulse.

Paramedics arrive on the scene along with Chief of Police Paul Williams.

Hillary hollers out for a paramedic to check on Nate. The paramedic asks Hillary to step aside as they look at the severity of Nate’s condition. Hillary just looks on with tears in her eyes. They increase in intensity.

Hillary: What have I done?

Back inside Devon is standing watching Lily, Leslie and Olivia cry over Neil. He stares at Neil, noticing the blank stare in his eyes and the gurgling noises Neil is making. He feels a touch from behind. He turns around and sees its Abby. He hugs her.

thCAVF6RVJ.jpgAbby: I am so sorry Devon.

imagesCADG303N_zpsb12cae10.jpgDevon: Me too.

He says voice crackling as he tries to hold everything in.

Devon: I don’t see Moses.

Devon walks outside and Abby follows. They are stunned to see Nate on the ground with paramedics surrounding him. Abby screams out.

Devon: Oh my God.

Devon walks back inside and over to Olivia.

Devon: Aunt Olivia there is something I need to tell you.

th%201_zpsj6pklgh9.jpegOlivia looks up at Devon, makeup running down her face from her crying and even her nose is running a bit. Devon looks at Olivia’s face of despair and almost loses it.

Devon: It’s,… Nathan.

th%209_zpsxhbohkij.jpgLily too looks up at Devon.

Olivia: Nate. What about my son!

Devon: Something happened to him. He’s outside.

He says but finally cracking and bursting into tears.

Olivia stands up as paramedics now rush over to Neil and ask Lily and Leslie to step aside.

Olivia: Devon tell me what happened to Nate? Is my son ok?

Devon: He’s outside.

Olivia wipes her tears and runs outside. She is devastated to see Nate being lifted unto a stretcher. She falls to her knees and cries out.

Olivia: God NO! Not my son!!

images_zps1e4c0c9c.jpgPaul rushes over to Olivia and tries to comfort her.

Olivia: Paul, not my son. Please tell me,… not my son!

Paul: It’s ok Olivia.

He says putting his arm around her trying to console her.

Hillary looks on at the scene and decides she can’t take it anymore. She leaves feeling very uneasy.

Back inside Sister Patterson comes to and sees Lauren fanning her.

Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren: Sister Patterson, thank God you are ok. I don’t think we could have handled any more mayhem.

2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpgSister Patterson: Sister Lauren, I have no faith in you. When it was time to act you failed. You are not a very good solider. When the battle call came from the Lord, you just stood there with your mouth open. I thought you were waiting for a bird to land in it. My mother always told me to close my mouth before a bird lands in there and takes a poo. Shame on you Lauren.

Sister Patterson sits up. She sees paramedics lift Neil’s body onto a stretcher as Lily and Leslie still are in tears. They carry Neil outside and put him into an ambulance.

Sister Patterson: My heavenly father, why did you let this happen?

Sister Patterson begins to stand up as Lauren tries to help her. Sister Patterson brushes Lauren’s hands away.

Sister Patterson: This is all so terrible. This is no work of the Lord.

Lauren: Yes I know, I can’t believe Malcolm shot his own brother. And point blank for that matter.

Sister Patterson: I’m not talking about that chile’. My third eye. My third eye saw none of this coming.

Lauren: There’s that third eye again. I sure would like to know where it is.

Sister Patterson looks at Lauren with piercing eyes.

Sister Patterson: I don’t want anything to do with you! You are no solider of the Lord. Now get out my way I got prayers to deliver. And where the hell is that black ass Malcolm?

Sister Patterson walks off and then Lauren does too.

Verdon Lou.

Screen5.jpgThe woman coughs again and begins to move around.

Suddenly she feels water being splashed on her. The woman immediately jumps into action and comes out her dazed state. She kicks the ruble off herself and stands up.

Woman: Yall better stop spraying all that damn water on me! It’s cold! A bitch will catch a cold! Firefighters: Woah. We got one! Turn off the hoses.

Paramedics rushes over to the woman who is none other than Drucilla.

Dru looks at the paramedics approaching. She realizes she is free. Sheila’s reign of terror is over and Dru is free.

Dru: Thank you Jesus! I beat you Crazy Carter! I whooped that ass bitch. You hear that! Drucilla won bitch! Dru vs Sheila crazy ass Carter and I won!

Dru smiles.thumbnailCAAYWB5R.jpg

She looks around and realizes how much of a disaster the cabin is.

Dru: Sharon… Sharon girl where are you?

thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm shoots his own brother point blank in the chest! Everyone is horrified as Lily, Leslie, Lauren, and Olivia all cry out in agony. Hillary is also crying but it’s more like tears of silence trying not to draw attention to herself, keeping her head on the ground.

imagesCAHTD0UC_zpsa39fd494.jpgAs Neil stumbles, he continues to keep his gaze right into Malcolm’s eyes. Malcolm grabs Moses and runs out the ball room with him. Neil feels an incredible impact has been bestowed upon him. He is reeling as his legs begins to give out from beneath him and everything seems to move in slow motion.

No one seems to realize that Malcolm has taken Moses.

Neil grabs his chest and then collapses onto the ground. Lily, and Olivia run over to him. Olivia tears a piece of her sleeve off from her dress to apply pressure to bullet the wound and stop the bleeding.

Lily: Dad. Please dad!

Neil’s eyes are open but with a blank stare on his face. Neil begins to make a gurgling sound.

Lily grabs Neil’s hand as Olivia pulls out her phone and calls for an ambulance.

th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Stay with us DAD PLEASE!

Devon looks at Nate.

imagesCADG303N_zpsb12cae10.jpgDevon: You set all this in motion.

Meanwhile Malcolm puts Moses’ seatbelt on and then gets in on the driver side. He tries to start the car up but it won’t turn over. Moses is still crying. It adds to Malcolm’s frustration and he hollers at his son.

“Shut it up boy! It’s time for you to be a man! Neil got you acting like a punk! We have to man up.”

moses_zpsfbevrlko.jpgMoses: You shot my dad.

Malcolm: Naw young one. Neil the bad man. I’m yo dad.

Moses: You’re a bad man too.

Malcolm is caught off guard by the comment and becomes a bit defensive.

Malcolm: Watch yo mouth boy! I’ma have to teach you some manners. I’m yo dad now! Neil lied to you! He kept you from me and I’m going to make things right! We are a family! You’re all I got and I’m all you have. We gone change that whack ass name too. While I drive you think of something you want to be called.

Moses: I like my name.

Malcolm: Shut yo punk ass up and do what I tells’ you to do before I knock you out!

Moses: Yes sir.

Malcolm: Yea. Yes sir.

Malcolm tries to start his EL Camino but it still won’t turn over.33932434002_large_zpsqoakjnd9.jpg

Back inside.

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate: This is not a good time to rub it in my face Devon!

Devon: Look around you Nate! Malcolm just shot my dad. Why? Because you switched his son’s paternity test. He’s an angry man and I think I would be too. Do something about it Nate! Make this right!

Nate pushes Devon out of his way and looks around for Malcolm after not seeing Moses. Nate runs out side and sees Malcolm revving up his car, which is now started.

Nate: Malcolm! Let Moses go. You are in no condition to drive. You are putting his life in danger.

Nate says approaching the car but slowly since he is not sure of what Malcolm will do next.

Malcolm: Yea boy. It’s just me and you now. I told you your time would come.

Nate: Malcolm, your making this very hard on yourself. Things are bad for you bruh. Stop now while you are kinda ahead.

Malcolm: I told you to shut that sh!t up! You shouldn’t have kept my son from me! I helped raised you Nathan! I was a good man to your mother in her darkest hour.

Nate: I remember all of that and I am grateful but you have changed over the years.

Malcolm: Naw man! I aint changed! You all just did me dirty. Now Nate I will run yo punk ass over.

Nate puts his hands on the hood of the car to act as a deterrent from Malcolm speeding off with Moses.

Moses: Please don’t hurt him!

Malcolm: Lay yo head down son and take a nap. We’ll be on our way soon.

Nate: Malcolm you are not leaving with Moses. Just let him go!

Malcolm puts the pedal to the medal and runs over Nate. Moses screams out as the car thumps and bumps running over Nate’s body. As Malcolm speeds off Nate’s body rolls on the ground a few times from the intensity of Malcolm’s power stroke from Malcolm’s EL Camino.

imagesCA9UFMON_zps0838fb8b.jpgCreated by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 167: Verdon Lou and Malcolm’s Madness Climaxes!

Written by ML Cooks with Wade Meredith

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson with Alex Washington

Verdon Lou.hauntedpic1.jpg

Sheila is in the patient room with the mystery patient. She takes a blood pressure reading and the patient’s temperature.

sheila.jpgSheila: You are my insurance policy. In case anything goes bad I still have you. I nursed you back to health myself after your plane crash. You and your family will owe me. Once again I’m in control I have all the power.

Sheila stands back and smiles at her mystery patient.

Sheila: The Newman’s will be forever indebted to me, isn’t that right Mr. Adam Newman?

Sheila’s mystery patient is none other than Adam Newman who hasn’t been heard from since Sharon’s coming home from jail party. Adam lays in the bed in a coma.justin_hartley.jpg

In the front room, where the hostages are.

thCAE12Z40-1.jpgMary: How did you two end up being my mother’s hostages?

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Well I just know one night Dru showed up on my doorstep very distraught about Sophia’s death and-

thumbnailCAJVCBE3.jpgDru: Bitch shut up! This my story. I will tell it.

Sharon: Gosh I was only trying to help.

Dru: Help me whoop Sheila’s ass can you do that? If not then be quiet.

Dru has flashbacks of arriving in Genoa City wanting revenge on Phyllis who pushed her off the cliff at a photo shot. Dru became the mystery woman stalking Phyllis and black mailing the people of GC in order to carry out her revenge on Phyllis. The black mail lead to Sophia’s death caused by Dru pushing a crippled and blinded Phyllis, crippled via Dru, down a hill and Sophia swerved to avoid hitting Phyllis and hit a street pole instead and then killing her.

Dru: I came back to town to get revenge on Phyllis. So I was sneaking around town trying to hurt her. I bashed her knee caps, in then which she couldn’t walk. That was fun, then I tried kill her by setting her apartment on fire, that didn’t work but the bitch did become blinded. So I messed with her head and slapped her a few times and harassed her until I pushed that broad down that hill in her wheelchair. Poor Sophia may she rest in peace.

Mary: I’m still confused how did it involve my mother?

Sharon: Well at one point in time we all thought Sheila had Phyllis’ face. Well Sheila says it wasn’t her it was her sister.

Mary: My aunt Sarah.

Sharon: So after Sophia’s death Dru showed up and that’s when Sheila showed up right after.

Dru: I was stalking Phyllis but what I didn’t know was Sheila was stalking me at the same time. Crazy bitch was mad because she thinks I lead everyone to believe it was Sheila stalking Phyllis.

Sheila enters the room

Sheila: And it wasn’t! My plans are always full proof. You killed Sophia! You are responsible for that Dru. You have blood on your hands so you are no better than me at this point. You see Mary, Dru had to pay for allowing folks to think it was me who was stalking Phyllis. I can’t have that in my name.

Dru: So that’s how we ended up here Mary, Your mother had a hissy fit and took Sharon and I at gun point. Then she shot me in the back which paralyzed me. But I got my strength back because what Sheila doesn’t know is I been doing exercise at night with my legs. And I’m bout to whoop yo momma’s ass Mary. I’m so sorry you have to see this but it is what it is.

Mary: Wow.

Sheila: Ok Drucilla sour mouthed Winters. Are you ready for our battle?

Dru: More than you will ever know. Untie me Bitch so I can have my way with you!

Mary: Mom please don’t do this.

Sharon: Dru, oh Dru please be careful.

Dru: Shut up scary bitch.

Sheila: Don’t let Dru’s big mouth scare you. She’s nothing but mouth.

Sheila walks over to Dru and looks at her. She smiles.

Dru: I told you you was crazy.

Sheila begins to untie Dru’s hands!

Mary and Sharon both get nervous.

Mary: Mom wait, what about Cane… won’t he hear the wrestling match down stairs?

cane.jpgCane is sitting on the floor next to an unconscious James.

Cane: It really is boring around here mate.

Cane gives James a good look. He notices James’s bulky jacket. He reaches over and flips it open. Cane is shocked to see James’s bomb laced vest.james2_zpsff268914.png

Cane: Damn crack is better than cocaine. I must be high out my mind.

Cane looks over at the pipes he taped up with grey duct tape.

Cane: I think I hear something.

Cane is so high he sees this i87255259_86766.gif

Cane: I think the gas leak is back.That gas is getting me higher. I'm seeing sh!t I’ll go over and use more tape on it and then you are going to wake up, hit this rock with me and then we are going to talk about what you are doing down here mister.

Cane gets up, grabbing the grey duct tape and sits down next to the gas leak that is hissing once again.

Malcolm is speeding out of Genoa City heading north. Moses is still crying.

Shooting Neil and running over Nate continues to replay in Malcolm’s mind. He drives faster not realizing he is doing about 25 over the speed limit. He grabs his bottle of Hennessy and takes swig.

Moses: I’m scared. I wanna go home.

Malcolm: We are going home son. We are going to our new home.

Malcolm speeds up leaving GC city limits.imagesCA3NMUVT_zps4a86def3.jpg

avery_zps93f47c07.pngAvery finally pulls into the driveway of Sheila’s Cabin in Verdon Lou. She sees Cane’s car.

Avery: What in the hell is Cane doing in a place like this?

Avery gets out of her car and is alarmed by the condition of the cabin. It looks like it’s one termite bite away from caving in.

Avery: I bet Cane is in there getting high with some hillbillies. Well I drove all this way he could at least share with me. I need a hit again.

Avery is nervous to approach the door.

Avery: Hello!

Inside the cabin. Sheila unties Dru. Dru sit up and stretches her body.

Dru: Damn that feels good.

Dru slowly stands up as Sheila back up.

Dru: Yea bitch you better back the hell up!

Sheila: I’m just giving you room to catch your breath. You haven’t stood up in months and I want this to be a good fight.

Sharon: Oh Dru please be careful.

Dru continues to stretch and do a few exercises.

Dru then suddenly charges at Sheila grabbing her hair and then getting her in a head lock. Dru begins to pound on Sheila’s cranium with her fist.

Dru speaks to Sheila between each blow to the head.

“Now see bitch! (pound) I done told you! (pound, pound) I’m the hbic! (pound)

I told you! (pound) I (pound) would beat the hell outta you! (pound pound pound).

Sheila screams out and uses her body weight to slam Dru into a wall leaving a big hole after Dru crashes into it.

Avery hears this commotion from the inside on the outside.

Avery: What was that? It sounds like the house is about to collapse.

Avery pulls out her cell phone to try and dial Cane again verses going inside the creepy looking cabin.

Back inside.

Sharon: Come on Drucilla you can do it!

Mary: Go mom!

Dru has the wind knocked out of her and is panting as she climbs out the hole in the wall.

Sheila: That was fun.

Dru: Wait bitch! That was a lot for me.

Sheila punches Dru in the jaw. Dru nearly loses her balance. Sheila dives down like a football player ready to tackle another player on the field but she tackles Dru instead. They crash into a wooden beam this time.

Malcolm notices his car his riding funny. He slows down and comes to a stop, in front of a cabin that’s in Verdon Lou. He put his El Camino in park and gets out to see he has a flat tire.

Malcolm: DAMN!

“Malcolm is that you?”

He hears from behind. He is stunned to see Avery.

Avery sees Moses crying in the car.

Malcolm: Avery. What the hell are you doing out here?

Avery: I’m looking for Cane. And you? Why is Moses crying is he ok?

Malcolm: Yes he is just a lil fukked up by the flat tire and how the car was riding.

Avery: Malcolm have you been drinking? I can smell it on your breath... Something is not right here.

Then Moses gets out the car and screams out

“Malcolm shot my dad!”

Avery looks at Malcolm.

Malcolm pulls his gun out on Avery.

Avery: Malcolm what the hell are you doing?

Malcolm: My son and I will be needing your car.

Back inside Sheila and Dru are choking each other. Sheila’s face is turning red. Dru musters up enough spit in her mouth and then spits in Sheila’s face to interrupt her concentration. Sheila then kicks Dru in her legs and tries to push her back onto the ground. Dru gives it her all trying to stand up to Sheila’s incredible force.

Sharon: Come on Dru, you can take her out!

Mary: Mom please stop this, you’re bout to kill each other!

Back in the basement. Cane is done retapping the gas pipe leak. He can hear the commotion of the brawl coming from upstairs.

Cane: Sounds like the floor is going to fall down in on me. I better find out what the hell is going on. But before I do just one last hit of my last bit of stash.

Cane pulls out his glass pipe and puts a rock in it. He sits back and flicks his lighter to take another hit. As the lighter is lit the house explodes. Then the cabin explodes again from James’s bombs sending burning debris into the air.

The cabin just burns as Dru, Mary, Cane, Sheila, James, Sharon and Adam Newman are all inside.

Outside only Avery is lying on the ground being hit by burning debris.

Malcolm now in Avery’s car drives off from the scene as the cabin burns in his rear view mirror. Moses still continues to cry being emotionally scarred from the horrific chain of events.LogCabin5_zpspm9vujxh.jpg

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Malcolm, feeling hopeless and wanting revenge takes his own family hostage. Cane tries to fix the gas leak in Sheila’s cabin in Verdon Lou as Sheila tends to her mystery patient as her hostages, Dru and Sharon try to plea with Sheila’s daughter Mary once again for their freedom.

4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpgDrama continues at the Colonnade Room

Malcolm has taken Lily’s home coming party hostage. Everyone including, Olivia, Nate, Neil, Leslie, Lily, Moses, Devon, and Abby are on the ground as Malcolm has commanded.

imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHillary too is on the ground but keeps her head down so Malcolm doesn’t see her and tells everyone it was here who let Malcolm know about his son Moses.

thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm: Tonight is my night! I’m taking what is mine and then my son and I are leaving this dreadful place called Genoa City.

imagesCAHTD0UC_zpsa39fd494.jpgNeil: Malcolm your drunk out of your mind! Moses is not your son he is mine! You’re confused! There is no way in hell I’m going to let you walk out of here with my son!

Malcolm: I got the gun dummy! This my party now and things will happened as I want them too… Look at you the good noble brother trying to play super hero and stand up to me. You play that part so well.

Neil: Malcolm this is between you and I let these people go. Let’s do this one on one. There is no need to be doing this especially in front of Moses.

Malcolm: Naw Neil you can’t handle that bro. I hate you so much dude I could kill you with my bear hands. And once I tell my son Moses what you did to me he will understand I had to do what I had to do. You did this Neil!

th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Malcolm please don’t do this! Let’s talk! I can help you.

Malcolm looks at Lily on the ground. He has tears in his eyes feeling guilty and cornered with no other options.

Malcolm: My beautiful baby girl. I’m sorry I have to do this. I’m sorry you have to see me like this. Until your uncle Neil took you from me like he did with Moses. Let the facts be clear. Neil is your uncle Lily. I’m your father……You know what… Lily get up. You don’t deserve to be on the ground. Go over and grab a seat by the fountain.

Lily slowly gets up.

Lily: Can I take Moses with me?

Malcolm: Naw baby girl. Moses and I got other plans. I’m really sorry Lily. I had no idea this was your party but the lies and backstabbing stops now!

Neil: What are you talking about Malcolm?

Malcolm takes a sip of his Hennessy and then grabs his phone. He plays the recording of Nate’s confession.

The Colonnade room hears this:

Nate: She’s an old flame from college. We were in love but she had to leave to take care of her mother who was sick.

Roxanne: Oh and Hillary is here and lives across the hall from me.

Nate: I had nothing to do with that.

Roxanne: Nate I am so damned hurt.

Nate: I never meant to hurt you. But I’m not willing to be your man only when you’re lonely. You claim you love me then why don’t you leave Devon and be with me? You can’t have it both ways Rox. You not being fair.

Roxanne knows deep down he is right but is not willing to let him know that he is. She turns from him again.

Nate: And besides things are too deep now they have changed.

Roxanne: Because Miss Hillary is here?

Nate: Yes. She knows about my secret.

Roxanne: That you switched Moses paternity test results from Malcolm to Neil?

Nate: Yes.

Roxanne: Nosey Bitch!

Nate: To protect everybody we need to end this. Roxanne I’m truly sorry for hurting you

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate lays his head on the ground in shame. Neil and Olivia look at each other then both at Nate.

Olivia2_zpscfa26be8.pngOlivia: Nate please tell me you did not do this? You could not possibly do this. And you were seeing Devon’s girlfriend behind his back? Nate what has happened to you what kind of man are you? I didn’t raise you to be this way!

Neil: Nate tell your mother and Malcolm these are lies. Tell them Moses is my SON!!

Neil says now hollering very angry with tears forming in his eyes as he begins to accept that Malcolm s possibly telling the truth now that the recording has been played.

Malcolm aims the gun at Nate. Nate looks up at Malcolm. Oddly Nate smiles. He can see something no one else can from behind Malcolm.

sisterpatterson-1.gifSister Patterson from behind Malcolm with a bible in her hand runs up on him and jumps on his back. Once Sister Patterson clings to his back she takes one hand and begins to hit Malcolm in the head with the bible.

Sister Patterson: I will knock some sense into you! This is no work of the lord! How dare ya!? I want to know right here and right now how dare ya? How dare you come in here devil and break this good vibe in this place. I’ve blessed this place and you’re making a fool out of me and no one does that to the Almighty Sister Patterson! Where is your mother we need to have a chat. Don’t you know no good boy? I told these God fearing people nothing will happen and damn it devil you will not win. Repent thy sins now you gun toting demon. I told yall from day one I’m a solider for the lord and tonight I will prove it. Don’t test it. Don’t test me or my powers….. Lauren where you at? Sister Lauren, comrade this is your cue. You gotta run up with that bible I gave you and beat the hell out this black ass devil. Help me Sister. We at war this is the battlefield. Attack this demon with the weapons of mass holiness.

Lauren_zpsaa27b4cd.pngLauren stands back with her own bible and vial of holy water and simply can’t believe her eyes and the fact Sister Patterson was true to her word, she really is a solider of the Lord. She finally snaps out of her daze and as she is about to run up on Malcolm with her bible, she realizes Malcolm is waving the gun around.

Malcolm struggles to keep his balance as Sister Patterson is a thick woman.

Malcolm: Get off me you hippo ass!!

Malcolm begins to fire his gun into the air randomly hoping it will scare Sister Patterson so much she will give up her crusade. Moses begins to cry as Neil grabs him and moves him closer to him to protect him.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode166: Malcolm takes his family Hostage!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Martin Saenz, and Alex Washington

Verdon Lou6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

In the basement is Cane looking at the ruptured gas pipe. He takes out his grey duct tape from his jacket and begins to tape up the leak. He wraps the tape round and round the leak until it stops or at least the hissing isn’t as loud. He tears the tape with his teeth.

thCAZ0S40L.jpgCane: There. All fixed up. If its one thing I’ve learned being in America is that grey duct tape fixes everything. Even a ruptured gas pipe.

Cane is a little out of breath and sits back for a minute. He looks around the basement and notices it’s kind of weird. The walls are made of stone and they are damp. He sees a pair of legs around a corner. He walks over to these legs and sees James’ unconscious body.imagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpg

Cane: Holy hell. I’m seeing stuff.

Cane sits next to James.

Cane: I need a hit. It’s been a while.

Cane reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little coke. He readies it on his hand and then snorts it.

Cane: Ah yes. It’s always good to have a little reserve for times like these. What do you say big guy?

Cane looks at James waiting for an answer.

Cane: Oh well Mate. Fixing that gas leak was hard work huh? Tired ya out huh old man. I’ll just smoke for the both of us. When you wake up we can talk about it.

Meanwhile upstairs in the hostage room.

Sheila is holding the gun at Dru and Sharon.

inl.jpgSheila: I’m going to check on the patient.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: Who is it? Who you got back there? You been keeping the mystery patient a secret for months.

Sheila: You only need to know that whom ever I have back there will certainly change Genoa City forever. So don’t worry about who it is for now. You don’t need to know. Just save your strength for our showdown. You’re going to need it.

Dru: So that means you’re going to untie me so I can whoop that ass?

Sheila: I am Drucilla. We are going to duke it out and if you win guess what, you have your freedom.

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Freedom. My god that sounds wonderful.

Dru: Bitch I’m the one doing hard work. I gotta whoop that ass while you just sit there be a pretty blonde.

Sharon: Dru I don’t know how to fight.

Dru: Sissy ass Bitch. Your freedom is on the line and all’s you can say is Dru I’m sorry I can’t fight. Sheila just hurry yo crazy ass up so I can give you these hands and be done with it. I’m tired of messing with you… Bitch.

Sheila: Yea we’re going to see who the bitch really is.

Dru: Bitch I am. HBIC.

Sheila: And what is that?

Dru: Bitch! It means I’m the head bitch in charge. I‘m the Queen bee and once you untie me I’m going to show you that.

Sheila hands the gun to Mary.

Sheila: Mary no funny business. I got all the power here. I’m in control.

thCAVCMY3I.jpgMary: Are you really going to duke it with Dru?

Sheila: Are you going to help momma bear?

Mary: Dru looks like she’s out my league.

Sheila: You really are not a Carter. I should have raised you myself, Not my sister. It seems blondes are weak.

Dru: You know crazy bitch, I can agree to that. The first lick of sense you’ve had since we been here.

Sheila walks into the patient room as Mary holds the gun at Sharon and Dru, hands still a little shaky.

Mary: How did you two become my mom’s hostages anyway?

Dru and Sharon look at each other.

Back at the Colonnade Room

Malcolm and Sister Patterson are still struggling. Malcolm is finally able to wrestle Sister Patterson of his back and then grabs her by the neck holding her from behind and aims the gun right at her head. Sister Patterson is now Malcolm’s hostage.

Malcolm: Anyone else have any surprises and I will shoot this crazy broad!

Sister Patterson: My God won’t let you do that!

Malcolm: Shut that sh!t up old lady.

Lily (crying): Malcolm please don’t.

Malcolm: Don’t what? Nate should have been told don’t But he did. He took my son from me.

Olivia: Nathan is this true? Did you switch Moses’ paternity results?

Nate looks at his mother with tear drops forming. He knows he is about to deeply disappoint her.

Nate: Yes... Yes I did. Mom I’m so very sorry.

Neil: Nathan! Why? Why would you do something like this?

Nate: Malcolm doesn’t know how to be a father. Look at him! He doesn’t deserve Moses. He’s a bum, a loser and a drunk.

Malcolm: Damn ! That’s how you really feel? You could have just came to me nephew and told me, not take my son away from me! You don’t get to do that! He’s my son and I’ve waste all this time without him! I don’t even like his name and that’s the first thing I’m changing. You took all of that from me and then Neil thinks he’s mightier than thou parading him in my face. With my ex Leslie. Dirty ass mutha fukkas!!

Sister Patterson: Don’t forget, she’s was a stripper. Leslie was an ugly stripper with an even uglier body. Leslie took her clothes off for money. God don’t like ugly.

Leslie shakes her head in disbelief in this high stakes hour, Sister Patterson finds the time to insult her even when facing death. From all of what Sister Patterson has said this is what sense Malcolm has made of it in his drunken stupor.

Malcolm: Yea …that's right… a hoe! Leslie left me for my brother. My brother took her away from me like he took Lily and Moses. I’m tired of people taking sh!t from me and judging me! Neil took Sophia, my Moses mother may she rest in peace. Now he wants to continue keeping my son Moses.

Neil: Malcolm you are in no condition to raise a child! I’m not going to let you do this!

Malcolm: I got the gun Neil!

Nate: Malcolm please don’t do this, we can work something out.

Malcolm: Shut yo lying ass up talking to me Nate! You aint got sh!t to say to me!

Olivia with tears rolling down her face.

Olivia: Son how could you do this? Then betraying Devon with Roxanne.

Devon just shakes his head at the situation at hand.

Malcolm throws Sister Patterson to the ground. She passes out.

Malcolm grabs his bottle of Hennessy and take a gulp.

Neil: See what I mean? You’re a drunk! Is this how you want to be in front of Moses? You claim you want him well act like a man then! What father holds his child at gun point? What kind of example are you setting? He’s going to remember this!

Malcolm: Remember these nuts Neil! Are you admitting you have my son then?

Neil: Hell no! You will never get your hands on Moses. He’s my son!! I love him like he is my own!

Malcolm: It’s my time to be a father Neil! You already took my first chance when you took Lily from me!

Neil: That chance would have never presented itself if you hadn’t slept with my wife Dru. You seem to forget that whole part of the story.

Malcolm: Dru knew all those years the possibility was there that Lily was my little girl. And never said anything. Or maybe she did, to you and you two agreed to keep quiet about it

Lily: Malcolm don’t do this! Just let Moses go!

Malcolm: You hear that Neil? My daughter calls me by my first name. She doesn’t call me dad, she calls you dad! Sophia, Lily, Moses and Leslie. This is going to stop!

He walks closer towards Neil and Moses taking another swig of his liquor.

Malcolm: Stand up Neil. Stand up with my son!

Neil: No Malcolm.

Nate: Malcolm I did this come get me!

Malcolm: I will bro. Your time is coming.

Olivia: Malcolm please don’t hurt my son.

Malcolm: That’s real easy for you to say Liv. I was once a father figure to Nate. When you and I were together, after Nate SR died. I was there and then he does this to me? I’m not trying to hear that Liv. What about my pain? Doesn’t anyone care about my pain. It’s never about me. Now Neil either stand up with my son or I’m going to start shooting mutha fukkas in here!

Lily: Dad just do it! Malcolm please don’t hurt them!

Malcolm looks at Lily.

Malcolm: I love you baby girl.

He looks back at Neil who is now standing with Moses. Moses look at both Neil and Malcolm.

moses_zpsfbevrlko.jpgMoses: Who is my dad?

Neil and Malcolm: I am.

Neil and Malcolm look at each other.

Neil: Malcolm, don’t do anything stupid. Put the gun down and we can get you some help.

Malcolm: You think I need help! I do. Because you have everything. Ever since we were boys. You got everything. The smart one, the handsome one. Who was I? The one who got all your hand me downs. Our ma and pops never wanted me. I was a mistake. So I became a loner. Never felt loved my mom and pops. You outshined me in everything. Even to this day you take what’s mine. My women, my children. I tried to find my own way in life but you get in my way everytime. I had happiness but you stole that from me brother. I never did you dirty. EVER! Neil you gotta be stopped! Now hand over my son so no one will get hurt.

Neil: I’m sorry Malcolm. I’m not going to do that. I love this little boy. You are not fit to be his father.

Malcolm points the gun at Neil’s chest and walks up on him so the tip of the barrel is touching Neil’s chest.

Lily, and Olivia cry out frantically. Moses begins to cry too.

Moses: Who is my dad?

Lily: Dad please don’t do this! Give Moses to Malcolm.

Nate: Malcolm don’t do this in front of your son.

Olivia: Think of your son Malcolm!

Malcolm: I am. That’s exactly what I’m doing.

Malcolm looks into Neil’s eyes. Their eyes speak to one another. A language that no one but them can see. Malcolm’s eyes are filled with fire and Neil’s represent pity and sadness.

Neil: Brother, please don’t do this. I love you and we can work this out and get you some help. I had no idea you were harboring so much anger and hate.

Neil holds Moses hand tighter as he begins to choke back tears.

Moses: Dad you’re hurting my hand!

In slow motion, Malcolm looks at Moses, and it really hurts him that he call’s his brother dad just like with his daughter Lily.

Moses: Please don’t hurt my dad Malcolm.

Malcolm looks at Moses again even more devastated this time, listening to his son’s plea although still calling his brother dad. Malcolm feels like he must take things into his own hands. He must control this outcome. It’s been too many years that all this has been building up and he is determined not to let Neil take Moses from him.

Malcolm looks Neil back in his eyes and smiles.

Malcolm: Moses is my son Neil and I will not let you take him from me. I hate you Neil Winters!!

Malcolm then shoots Neil point blank in the chest. Everyone screams out in astonishment and Moses begins to cry having just witnessed his “dad being shot by his other “dad” Neil stumbles back not taking his eyes off of Malcolm. Malcolm grabs Moses as Neil collapses to the ground. Malcolm leaves the party with Moses in tow. Everyone gathers round Neil as Olivia calls 911.

33932434002_large_zpsqoakjnd9.jpgMalcolm puts Moses in the front seat and straps him with the seat belt. Malcolm gets in the driver side and tries to start up his El Camino. It won’t turn over.

Moses: Why did you shoot my dad?

Malcolm pauses and looks at his son.

Malcolm: Neil is the bad man. I’m your father.

Moses: You’re a bad man too. You shot my dad.

Malcolm is angered that Moses is still calling Neil his dad and now his son thinks he’s a bad man.

The Colonnade Room.4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

Lily now being played by Megan Goode reaches the bottom of the staircase as Lauren looks down from the balcony. She smiles.

Sister Patterson walks over to Lily with her microphone still in hand.

2115504553_be1d2f8beb.jpgSister Patterson: May I present to you, another soldier of the Lord My comrade on the battlefield, Sister Lily Winters.

imagesCAHTD0UC_zpsa39fd494.jpgNeil is floored as he walks over to his daughter and hugs her.

th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpgLily: Dad it’s so good to see you.

Neil: You look stunning.

Lily: I think so too.

Neil: So you set this all up?

Lily: I did with help from Sister Patterson.

Neil hugs his daughter again as Leslie with Moses walks over to them.

Neil: Lily, I want you to meet Leslie. This is my new lady.

Leslie hugs Lily as Olivia arrives and walks over to them.

imagesCASN3VBL_zps9093786d.jpgLeslie: You look amazing. It’s good to see you back from Japan.

Neil: I’ll say. I’ve been reading about those earthquakes over there.

Olivia2_zpscfa26be8.pngOlivia: Is that my most gorgeous niece ever?

Lily: Last time I checked I was your only niece but then again it seems there is a lot I don’t know.

Olivia hugs Lily.

Olivia: My sister would be so proud of you.

Lily: I think mom would be too. Well I’m back in Genoa City. New face and all.

Devon and Abby walk over to Lily. He hugs her.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: You look even more gorgeous.

Lily: Thank you.

Devon: It’s good to have my sister back in town.

Lily: I see so much has changed since I’ve been gone getting plastic surgery. I see dad with Leslie, He was with Sophia and you were with Roxanne Devon. I have some catching up to do.

Neil: We’ll have plenty of time for that. I wonder where your cousin Nate is.

Lily: I sent Cane an invite I thought for sure he’d be here with the twins. Has anyone seen them?

Everyone looks at each other dumbfounded.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Phillip Bell

Episode 165: Malcolm’s Madness!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Alex Washington and Martin Saenz

Meanwhile Hillary rushes over to Nate and kneels down beside him.

untitled_zpsdd988ebe.pngHillary: Nate, baby what happened? Wake up, your mother is here and so is your cousin Lily. WAKE UP!

She says again smacking his face a few times. Nate slowly opens his eyes and becomes alert.

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate: What happened?

Hillary: I don’t know I found you like this.

Nate rubs his jaw stinging still from the blow Devon delivered to him.

Nate: No No NO!

He says sitting up.

Hillary: What’s the matter?

Nate: Devon knows!

Hillary: Knows….?

Nate: That I switched Moses’ paternity results.

Hillary is in shock and wonders how Devon knows. She remembers playing her recording of the truth to Malcolm at GC Nights.

Hillary: How did Devon find out?

Nate: He overheard Roxanne and I talking about it.

Hillary: Of course, big mouthed Roxanne.

GC Nights.

Malcolm walks in with a suite and tie on. He sits over at the bar and orders a drink from Ty the bartender.

Tyler_zpsaa02c523.jpgTy: Again?

thCAY2UA79.jpgMalcolm: What you talking about?

Ty: The last time you were here, you were tripping bro.

Malcolm: I had just found out that I’ve been played for years by my brother. Let me get a beer. And keep them coming. I’m so damn mad I’m liable to do anything.

Then the song “The Big Payback” by James Brown comes on the speakers.

Malcolm: Yea what a perfect song for my mood. I’m mad. And its time for the big payback. Neil got down with my girl. Took my kids. That's over! I want revenge!

Ty serves Malcolm his beer.

Ty: What you mean bro? You sounding like you about to lose it.

Malcolm: Not at all. I‘m not about to lose anything. I’m about to gain. Tonight at this lil’ party I’m going to I won’t be leaving empty handed. Neil will be handed a loss.

Malcolm downs his beers the madder he gets thinking of the situation with his son Moses.

Malcolm: Tonight people are going to pay for doing me wrong. Nate and Neil especially. Those suckas gone get it tonight.

Ty: You really going through it man. Keep ya head up.

Malcolm: Naw... Nate and Neil betta’ watch they backs. I’m coming for them tonight.

And with that Malcolm finishes his fifth beer.

Before the Winters Family can respond to Lily’s question about the twins, Hillary with Nate walks over.

Nate smiles

Nate: Beautiful as ever.

He gives her a hug. He then gives his mom a hug.

Olivia: Nathan what is the matter? Your jaw looks swollen.

Nate looks at Devon then back at his mother.

Devon: Tell her what’s wrong Nate.

thCA107RLV.jpgAbby looks at Devon and realizes something is very off.

Lily: Uhm excuse me? My children? Where are they? Have any of you seen them?

Again they all look dumbfounded.

Lily: And where is Malcolm?

Nate and Devon exchange looks.

download_zpsfs4mwayx.jpgOn country roads leading to Verdon Lou, Avery drives upon a stopped train at a crossing. She slows down and puts her car in park.

imagesCAUMMZ5F_zpsa19b75b6.jpgAvery: This may not be a bad thing. I can call Cane again.

She pulls out her cell phone from her purse. She dials Cane’s number. It goes straight to voicemail.

Avery: Cane come on pick up the phone. Where are you and the kids? Everyone is very worried. Why was Philip tied up to a chair in your empty apartment? Cane please call me. What have you done?

Avery then hangs up the phone and throws it down into the passenger seat. She continues to be frazzled out about Cane. She opens up her purse and pulls out some Cocaine. She has a flashback of the last time she took a hit, she fell asleep and forgot to wipe her nostrils when Daniel came to visit her. Avery looks around and sees no traffic.

Avery: Ah what the hell. Cane has me so distraught.

Avery pulls out her car manual from the glove box and readies a line of Coke to snort. She gets the straw from her soft drink and snorts for an instant high. She inhales and exhales and relaxes in her seat.

Avery: Ahh yes. No stress no worries but I am going to find out what is up with you Cane.

Inside the Cabin6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

Sheila walks down to the basement and meets with Cane.

sheila.jpgSheila: Thank you for coming on such short notice.

thCAH7C2JM.jpgCane: Oh it’s no problem I can use the cash.

Sheila can see where she hid James out the corner of her eye. She hopes he doesn’t become alert and makes noises if he still alive.

Cane: If you can show me where the gas pipe is I can seal it up for you and you can have heat, then I can be on my way.

Sheila: Follow me.

Meanwhile upstairs, in the front room where Dru and Sharon are being held captive as Mary has a gun pointed at them. She is nervous and tired.

Sharon looks at Mary.

thCAE12Z40.jpgMary: What is the matter?

Sharon: Your crazy mother leads me to believe that you slept with my son Noah?

Mary: Noah is your son?

Sharon: Yes he is now answer the question. Did you have sex with my son? Sheila made it seem like it was some sort of plan.

Mary: Like you said my mother is crazy. Who knows what she is talking about?

Sharon: I don’t believe you.

Mary: I’m not here for your beliefs.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3.jpgDru: Alright damn it! Sharon I could care less who your son is knocking boots with! That is not the issue.

Sharon: Well excuse me for trying to look out for the welfare of my son.

Dru: Bitch you tied up to a chair, what can you do?

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: You know Dru I’m really starting to question our friendship. What kind of friend calls there best friend a Bitch any chance she gets.

Dru: Bitch I do.

Sharon shakes her head.

Dru: Mary girl look at me. Look at us. We’ve been tied up for months. Surely you are not as crazy as your mother. Have a heart and untie us please! Our families need us. Sheila can’t keep going on like this. She doesn’t gives a rat’s behind about you. She slapped you quite a few times and knocked out your father. You can end this madness Miss Mary. I beg of you answer our prayers and stop this mad woman you call your mother. You can’t be a part of this. You can’t be as evil as your mother. You have your whole future ahead. Think about that.

Mary gets emotional at the plea Dru makes. She has tears in her eyes.

Dru can see she is getting to Mary.

Dru: That’s right Miss Mary girl. Please do the right thing. Be the Carter that did some good for once. Together we can end this.

Mary: I want to-

Sheila grabs Mary’s hair from behind. Mary is in pain. Sheila grabs the gun.

Sheila: You weren’t about to betray momma bear again were you?

Dru: More like crazy bear.

Mary: Mom no I... just…

Sheila: You are really trying me little girl. You already betrayed me once by bringing your father here and you saw what happened to him didn’t you? Now if you are not careful you may end up like him.

Sheila lets go of Mary. Mary has tears in her eyes. Very emotionally hurt that her mother is treating her like this.

Dru: See Bitch, I told you to untie me. Then I coulda stopped your crazy ass momma from having her way with you.

Sheila: That mouth is the last thing I need. Drucilla Winters oh how I would love to go one on one with you just like Lauren and I used to.

Dru: See bitch you wrong because first of all I’m not no Lauren. Bitch I will give you these hands. All you got to do is untie me.

Sheila: Everything has its time and place. I really want to find out if that bark is as bad as the bite.

Dru: Crazy ass Bitch, I’ll bite yo’ knee caps off.

Sheila: Bitch! Is that the only word you know?

Dru: No Bitch!


The Colonnade Room

Sister Patterson and Lauren are talking in a corner of the ballroom.

Lauren: This party really came together didn’t it?

Sister Patterson: I agree Sister Lauren. There is nothing God can’t do.

Lauren: So Nate says you go to his church. I don’t think I’ve seen much of you around here.

Sister Patterson: Yes I am the wife of the pastor at the church Brother Nate goes too. That troubled young man.

Lauren: I don’t understand.

Sister Patterson: Oh yes Lawd. My third eye tells me Nate is battling some demons.

Lauren: Your third eye sister?

Sister Patterson: Why yes. You see my god gave me this special power in my third eye. I can see evil miles away. And right now Lauren, my third eye tells me evil is on its way here.

Lauren: My goodness I hope not.

She says humoring the sister not really knowing what to make of what she is talking about.imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpg

Lauren: Can I ask you a question sister?

Sister Patterson: As long as you promise to come to church on Sundee. And if you don’t have any Sundee dresses don’t worry chile, come as you are or you can borrow one of mine I got plenty in my closet honey.

Lauren: Of course.

She says chuckling.

Lauren: I wanted to ask you where your third eye is.

Lily: Why is everyone looking like that? Did something happened to my children?

Neil: No Lily Gosh no. It’s just that Cane has kept us away from the twins and with that restraining order he’s filed, it’s been really hard.

Lily: I just don’t understand why he would not be here with the twins.

Abby pulls Devon off to the side.

Abby: Devon talk to me, I know something is up. You left after you saw Roxanne and Nate. You must have followed them what happened?

Devon looks at Abby.

Devon: Nate has really done it. It’s bad Abby. And Roxanne knew the truth all this time. I’ve been made a fool of.

Abby: Devon what are you talking about?

Devon: Nate betrayed our family.

Then Nate walks over to him and Abby stands back.

Nate and Devon square each other up.

Nate: Quite the Floyd Mayweather.

Devon: And you are quite the deceiver. You betrayed this family. What is your mother going to think?

Nate: So now that you know what are you going to do?

Devon: Is it really up to me?


Everyone hears. As they turn to see the voice the Winters family are floored to see it’s Malcolm with a gun in one hand and a bottle of Hennessy in the other.

Neil: Malcolm what are you doing are you drunk?

Sister Patterson: Lawd have mercy, You testing me tonight. I got to get my tools because it’s going to be a battle.

Sister Patterson readies her bibles and her holy water.

Lauren: You might want to give me some of your supplies, I’ve never seen Malcolm like this.

Sister Patterson: This is no work of the Lord.

Malcolm: Neil I’d watch that mouth tonight. Because tonight bro, I will lay you out.

Neil: Malcolm, my son is here please don’t do this.

Malcolm: He’s my son! He’s my damn son Neil and I got proof!!

Devon to Nate: Do you see what you have done?

Hillary kind of backs away from the crowd as she realizes what she has done playing the tape of Nate’s confession to Malcolm. She doesn’t want Malcolm to implicate her.

Malcolm looks at Nate and then aims the gun at Nate.

Malcolm: Tell them nephew! Tell everyone here how you switched Moses paternity test from me to Neil.

Olivia: Malcolm! Stop this!

Malcolm then turns to Olivia and points the gun at her.

Olivia gasps as she is horrified. She realizes Malcolm has lost it and hit rock bottom.

Nate: Malcolm don’t do this!

Malcolm: I’m not trying to hear all of that! I’ve had it! Tonight I’m taking what’s mine.

Lily: Malcolm please don’t do this, we can talk bout this.

Malcolm looks at Lily.

Malcolm: My sweet baby girl. Taken from me just like Moses was. By Neil. I’m sorry baby girl, I have to do this. Now please get on the ground, I don’t want to have to hurt anybody but I will. GET ON THE GROUND NOW!!!!

Malcolm fires a few shots into the air as Moses begins to cry. The crowd obeys Malcolm’s order as Malcolm has effectively taken Lily’s coming home party hostage.

The Colonnade Room4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

The Song “At Your Best” by the late Aaliyah beings to play over the surround sound.

^^ Allow to play for the best effect for the next 3 scenes...

Leslie grabs Neil and leads her in a slow dance.

imagesCASN3VBL_zps9093786d.jpgLeslie: I’m so glad we are past Sister Paterson’s antic. It’s annoying and not even funny.

thumbnailCAVBLK7H.jpgNeil: Yea there is something definitely wrong with that woman. But let’s not waste our time talking about her.

Leslie: So this is nice... Me, you and this fancy ball room. Any idea on who could have put all this together?

Neil: I have no idea. But Sister Patterson is right, The Colonnade room is notorious for good things gone badly.

Leslie: Do you have a bad feeling?

Neil: Not really, I just feel this nervousness. I can’t put my finger on it.

Leslie: I got you my love. I’m here for you.

She lays her head on his chest and slow dances with her man, closing her eyes and taking in the moment. Then Neil’s cell phone rings.

Neil: I can tell by that ring tone it’s the baby sister. I hope Moses is ok.

He pulls out his phone and sees it’s a text from the sitter.

“Mr. Winters, my mother is having a seizure and I must rush home. I’ll drop Moses of there with you.”

Leslie: Is everything ok?

Neil: My sitter has an emergency. She is bringing Moses. That won’t be a problem will it?

Leslie: Not at all. We can show him the water fountain. It is so lovely.

Neil smiles at her. He hugs her and then kisses her.

Abby and Devon are slow dancing as well.

thCA107RLV-1.jpgAbby: This is a very beautiful song.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: I agree. Really sets a nice mood.

Abby: It does.

Devon: So I’ve been meaning to say a few things to you. Everything with Roxanne happened so fast and I still have questions but through this entire situation with Roxanne one thing remained true and constant.

Abby: And what was that?

Devon: You. You always made clear what your intentions are and where you heart is. I never had to doubt that and I want to tell you I really appreciate that.

Abby: Devon you know I care for you. In fact I love you. I truly believe we could have something good. While I’m glad you are not with Roxanne, I don’t think it’s wise we just jump into something. You need time to deal with that baggage Roxanne gave you. I’m not trying to be a rebound. I love you Devon but I’m not thirsty for you either. I want you to want me like I want you too. I want your mind clear and free when you decide you’re ready to be with me. I will be here.

Devon: Wow. I’m almost speechless. You’re incredible Abby.

He brings her closer in to him so he can hold her as they slow dance.

Devon: This is really nice.

Abby catches a glimpse of Hillary dancing with her Man Nate. Abby winks at her new ally and smiles.

They both know they overcame a storm to be where they are right now. Tropical Storm Roxanne.

Hillary takes in her moment with Nate. She admires the water fountain as it slowly changes colors

She lifts her head off Nate’s chest and looks at him.

He smiles at her.

thCAHNQXA5-1.jpgNate: What is it?

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary: We have some things to talk about.

Nate: You’re right.

Hillary: Where do we begin?

Nate: I really don’t know. There are so many things. Like why you left us in college. What have you been doing all this time? No letter, no phone call no email.. nothing. Then out the blue here you are. It’s a lot to take in. Then there are my feelings for-

He pauses.

Hillary: My half-sister Roxanne.

Nate: Yea that. This is all so crazy. I’m lost and confused. I don’t know what to do. Dealing with the fact that I had an emotional affair with my cousin’s girlfriend. Then to find out that this same woman is your half-sister and you two don’t get along. It’s a recipe for disaster. Not mentioning what I’ve don’t to Moses and Malcolm.

Hillary: You mean switching Moses paternity from Malcolm to his brother Neil.

Nate: Yes that eats at my every day. The repercussions from that will be, I don’t even know. My mom will be so hurt and devastated. I’ll shame my father, his name sake. And I’ll lose my medical license and face potentially criminal charges.

Hillary remembers the time she ran into Malcolm at GC Nights and played her recording of Nate confessing this dirty deed.

Nate notices Hillary is distracted.

Nate: Hillary are you listening to me?

Hillary: We both are.

Nate: We? I don’t understand.

Hillary: Turn around.

Nate is shocked. Scared to turn around and see who may have over heard what he just told Hillary.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode: 164: Nate’s Secret Comes OUT!!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

GC Memorial.imagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Nina, Chance and Jill all look at Paul wondering what he has to say about Philip.

imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpgNina: What about Philip?

images3_zpse74a4883.jpgPaul: I don’t want to alarm you.

Jill2_zpsdfe50a90.pngJill: What is going on with my son Paul? Just tell us!

Paul: I really don’t know what to say it’s strange and I’m still trying to put it together myself. I responded to the call at Cane’s.

imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Cane? What does Cane have to with this?

Paul: Everyone slow down. Let me get it out. I found Philip, tied to a chair with a gun shot wound to the hand. Cane’s apartment was empty, only thing left was a lap top.

Jill faints and Chance catches her.

Nina: Philip was at Cane’s tied up?... This doesn’t make any sense.

Chance: If Cane did this to dad I’m going to kill him with my bare hands.

Paul: I’d watch what I would say if I were you. I’m here on official police business.

Chance: Family first Paul always! I’ve already lost several people close to me already.

He remembers great grandmother Katherine and the Eden, the woman he lost in Afghanistan. He can hear the screams of the woman as she is dragged away by masked terrorist.thumbnailCACTBLV6.jpgtalibani_zps3a05b856.jpg

He comes out of his dark terrorizing thoughts vowing not to lose another person he loves.

Chance: And if Cane did this to my dad, I mean what I say I will kill him with my bear hands!

Nina: Chance please calms down! Your letting your emotions get to you. This isn’t what your dad would want.

The Colonnade Room

Nate turns around and sees an upset Roxanne.images_zps5085993d.jpg

Nate has a deep sigh.

Roxanne: You thought I was Neil or Malcolm huh?

Nate: I did. What are you doing here?

Hillary: I’m pretty sure this party was invite only.

Hillary says walking out from behind Nate.

Roxanne puts her hand in Hillary’s face, acting as a blocker from Hillary’s face and words.

Roxanne: Nate I need to talk to you, do you think we can talk somewhere privately.

Nate looks at Hillary then back at Roxanne.

Nate: Hillary give me a few I’m sure this won’t take long.

Roxanne moves her hand away from Hilary’s face and smirks at her. Hillary rolls her eyes at Roxanne.

Nate then walks away with Roxanne.

Abby and Devon both see the scene and Abby walks over to Hillary.

Abby: Are you ok?

Hillary: That thirsty buffalo Roxanne just stole my man.

Abby: I saw. I can’t believe she did that in front of Devon.

Hillary grabs a glass of champagne and takes a sip.

Devon walks off to follow Nate and Roxanne.

Back the Hospital

Jill, Nina and Chance all sit by Philip’s bed side. Chance is holdings his father hands squeezing it ever so often as if it may wake his dad up.

Philip is apparently having a bad dream as he begins to sweat and shake his head back and forth.

Jill: Philip honey cane you hear me?

imagesCAK33PZT_zps8c9d440d.jpgPhilip: No no Cane please don’t!

Chance stands up in an outrage and looks at Nina and Jill looking at him.

Chance: Cane had something to with this!

Nina: Son calm down we don’t know anything yet.

Philip keeps saying Cane’s names over and over again.

Jill: None of this is making any sense. First Philip was found tied up to a chair in Cane’s apartment with a gunshot wound. Cane’s apartment is empty so Nina tells me. Now my son is calling out Cane’s name. This doesn’t sound right at all.

Chance: I told you mom! Even grandma agrees with me.

Jill: I didn’t say all of that. I only said something is not right.

Olivia2_zpscfa26be8.pngOlivia walks into the room.

Olivia: I have some of Philips test results back.

Jill: What did you find?

Olivia: Cocaine. We found a very large amount of cocaine in Philip’s system. The Chancellor family all look at each other in disbelief.

Back at the Colonnade Room,

By the walk way entrance to the ball room stands Nate and Roxanne looking at each other.

Nate: Roxanne I don’t think you should really be here right now.

Roxanne: And tell me why that is Nate? Or is it Nathan now as Hillary calls you.

Nate: Roxanne I’m really sorry about all of this and I know we need to talk but this is not the place or time.

Roxanne: Because that bitch Hillary is here. You came here with her.

Nate: And I’m sure you would have been here too, with Devon if you two were still together.

Roxanne: Maybe but-

Nate: But nothing. I don’t understand how you are so upset with me for being with Hillary.

Roxanne: Because I love you. I want to be with you!

Nate: Why now? Because Devon doesn’t want you anymore? You only want me to be your man when you’re lonely.

Roxanne: It’s not like that Nate!

Nate: I’m asking you… explain it to me!!

Roxanne: Why am I explaining when you said we have some talking to do but this is not the right place because you’re here with my ugly ass half-sister? Wait-- You know what, I’m going to be a woman about it, that bitch ain’t ugly. In fact she’s pretty. And I can see why you are taken away with her. Nate use your heart and not your eyes.

Nate: Hillary and I share a past. We were deeply in love in college.

Roxanne: Then she left you. Isn’t that what you said? She left you. What type of love is that?

Devon is around the corner listening in on the conversation extremely hurt as he listens in on his ex profess her love to his own cousin. He feels like a fool for letting Roxanne blindside him. He fights back tears feeling he needs to man up and that Roxanne’s betrayal isn’t worth it.

Nate: Roxanne I don’t know what to say. The only thing I can say is that yes I do love you but things are so complicated. You just left Devon. I’m not a second place type of person. So now that Devon is done I’m supposed to open my arms and my heart to you? Why didn’t you do come to me months ago?

Roxanne: We share so much. We’ve been through so much. I’ve been there for you and your darkest hour. I’m still keeping this secret for you.

Nate: Are you trying to black mail me?

Roxanne: I would never do that. But don’t I deserve some type of credit. You opened up to me about something very dark. You switched your nephew’s paternity from Malcolm to Neil.

Then Devon walks around the corner. They are both stunned.

Devon: You did what?

Nate: Devon, man listen-

Devon sucker punches Nate in the jaw, so hard that Nate collapses to the ground. Roxanne is even surprised at the might from Devon’s fist.

Roxanne: I didn’t know you had all that in you.

Devon: You’re really pathetic.

He walks away. Roxanne kneels down and tries to get Nate back together.

Upstairs in a dressing room is Lauren looking at the mystery guest in the mirror. Grand ball room music begins to play.

imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpgLauren: This is your cue lady. The moment you been waiting for. Are you ready?

Woman: I am.

Lauren: I just love this new hair do you have. Its a trend setter.

Woman: Awe, thank you Lauren. You would now being a fashion mogul and trendsetter yourself.

As Neil and Leslie walk Moses over by the fountain so he can enjoy the view

Sister Patterson grabs a microphone and gathers everyone’s attention.

Leslie: Oh no here we go again.

sisterp_throw.gifSister Patterson gives a stern look to Leslie and Les gives one back.

Sister Patterson: Are you done yet stripper? I’m about to speak and since I am Sister Patterson, a solider of the Lord with special capabilities and healing powers you know nan about, not only that I got a third eye. There is no talking when I speak. I speak the truth that’s all I know how to do.

Leslie: just say what you have to say. You don’t need to be so over the top with everything.

Sister Patterson rolls her eyes at Leslie

Sister Patterson: I do not like you chile’. This is no work of the Lord.

Sister Patterson then turns to the crowd.

Sister Patterson: I need all ya eyes to be watching me.

Devon walks back over to Abby. He is visibly upset.

Abby: Are you ok?

Sister Patterson looks at Abby and walks over towards her.

Sister Patterson: I’m talking child. There is no talking when Sister Patterson talks.

Sister Patterson then walks back to the center of the room.

Sister Patterson: Hear me and hear me now!..... This is the moment we’ve been waiting for…. the reason why we are all here. May I present to you…..

Sister Patterson extends her hand over to the stair case so everyone looks there.

A woman wearing a white ball room gown begins to extend down the stair case. As the woman makes it to the bottom everyone is flabbergasted to see Lily Winters with a new face, now being played by Megan Goode. Lily Winters has returned to Genoa City!th%2010_zpsmjsnzkc5.jpg

4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpgThe Colonnade room, off by the indoor water fountain.

Abby and Hillary are talking. Hillary is still eyeballing Devon.

Abby notices this and tugs at her.

thCA107RLV-1.jpgAbby: You’re really looking at my Devon.

untitled_zpsdd988ebe.pngHillary: Oh I’m sorry. He’s very handsome just like my Nate.

Abby: So no more Roxanne?

Hillary: My goodness no. She got kicked to the curb. Out with the old and in with the new.

Abby: I tried so hard for so long to get Devon to see Roxanne was no good for him. But she had this hold over him.

Hillary: Well now you have him.

Abby: I sure do and now that he caught Roxi in that embrace with Nate he no longer wants her.

Hillary has a flashback of being in Roxanne’s apartment when “the embrace” took place. She also remembers recording their conversation where they admit their feelings for one another and in that same conversation Nate revealed he switched his cousin's Moses paternity test.

Hillary: I got my Nate back and you got your Devon. Roxanne is a non-factor at this point.

Abby: Let’s toast to that.

A waiter comes over and hands the ladies two glasses of champagne. They clank their glasses.

Abby: Allies against Roxanne.

Hillary: I’ll drink to that.

Meanwhile, at GC Nightsbar2.jpg

Daisy and Roxanne continue to drink their long Island ice teas having a good time chuckling and conversing, clearly intoxicated.

thCAYAWDSY.jpgRoxanne: So tell me, why do you think your sister Mary slept with Daniel?

thCAGSHTOS-1.jpgDaisy: A woman just knows these things. As I think back on how we found Daniel with his pants off as he walked into this very bar. Something is just not right but it’s what happened after that where it gets even weirder.

Roxanne: Weird how?

Daisy: I got home that night and Mary comes in after me acting all weird. She implied she got revenge on me.

Roxanne: Revenge? For what?

Daisy thinks about how Mary blamed her for their stalker whom they both initially thought was Lauren.

Daisy: I really can’t say but long story short Mary was mad at me for something and she implied she took her revenge. Then her father shows up black mailing her with this camera. James stated he had something to show me if Mary didn’t do what he asked.

Roxanne: You got a weird family.

Daisy: You don’t know the half of it.

Roxanne: I don’t know this Mary very much so I can’t speak my opinion on it but you know what it’s a shame we are just sitting here.

Daisy: What do you mean?

Roxanne: We are two go-getters. Let’s go get our men! I understand there is this huge party at the Colonnade room.

Daisy: So what of it?

Roxanne: I’m feeling good girl! I say we go over there and crash the party! I think Devon and Nate will both be there and that means Hillary will be too and maybe and even Abby and I got something for all them hoes.

Daisy: Sounds fun. Let’s go crash the party!

They both get and leave the bar as Tyler, the bar tender shakes his head.imagesCA2MPWT0_zps4a3866da.jpg

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 163: Standoff in Verdon Lou!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

Back at the Colonnade Room. Sister Patterson is still standing in front of the crowd that is arriving. She is passing out programs and pocket sized bibles.

imagesCA6JT2AF_zps31844077.jpgNeil: This is crazy! Nate what is wrong with this lady?

nate.jpgNate: She is just very spirited about the Lord Uncle Neil. She’s the wife of the new pastor at my church.

Neil: I remember her at Katherine’s when the estate was on fire. She was crazy then and she’s crazy now.

imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLeslie: I’ve never seen anything like it. She’s like a comedy show.

Sister Patterson speaks to the crowd.

“Good evenins…!!!!’ Thank you all for coming out to this fancy shin dig this evenin’. I first would like to say God is good! Can I get an Amend?

Nate: Sister Patterson it’s not Sunday.

Sister Patterson: Never mind all that brother Nate! Every day is a good day for the Lord! Hear me and hear me now! I got a few things to say and I’m going to say them, right here and right now and no one, can stop me!

Leslie: This ought to be good.

Sister Patterson: There is no talking when I’m talking. I am Sister Patterson, an agent of God. You got that sinner?

The sister says pointing at Leslie.

Leslie is very embarrassed.

Sister Paterson: I’ve heard the rumors and my third eye confirmed them. Now some of you may have been thinking “Oh no, not the Colonnade Room” on your drive over here. Well I’m here to tell you, right here and now, I’m here, to bless the premises and to shield this fancy place of any evil or wrong doing. The Colonnade Room has a reputation for good things gone wrong and I want all of ya’s to know, right here and right now, I am going to keep all evil at bay because I’ma solider of God! I am after all Sister Patterson.

Sister Patterson reaches into her purse and pulls out some holy water and walks around the ball room intermittently sprinkling some of her holy water here and there saying prayers as she does. The party goers slowly fold into the ballroom unsure of what to make of the religious show that just took place starring Sister Patterson.

Sister Patterson: Now wait a minute! I almost forgot!”

She says as she clanks her shoes back over closer to the crowd.

Sister Patterson: In order to achieve harmony, unity and peace in the Colonnade Room this evening, I think it is wise we all join in with me in a little song. As we sing our song, the choir from my church was graceful enough to come in and help our heavenly tune. Please welcome them as they enter the ball room.

The choir from Sister Patterson's church begin to filter into the ball room and begin to sing the song that Sister Patterson leads them in.

Leslie rolls her eyes as Neil shakes his head.

Sister Patterson: When you know the words, I want everyone to sing along.

"Lift every voice and sing

Till earth and heaven ring

Ring with the harmonies of Liberty;

Let our rejoicing rise,

high as the list'ning skies, let it resound loud as the rolling sea “

She ad Libs “ Ooh yes Lawd!!”

“Sang it yall!!” She demands of the crowd.ilny_4_36.jpg

“Sing a song full of faith that the dark past has taught us,

Sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us;

facing the rising sun of our new day begun,

Let us march on till victory is won."

Neil and Leslie look at each other and join in softly at first until Sister Patterson kicks it up a notch and gets louder and she encourages everyone to take part.

Abby to Devon: I’ve never heard this song before.

Devon: It's the Black National Anthem

Abby: I don't understand.

Devon: Trust me neither do I

As Roxanne and Daisy approach the entrance way of the Colonnade Room they can hear Sister Patterson and the crowd singing their song.

Roxanne: Who is that awful voice? Sounds like a moose dying.

Daisy chuckles

Daisy: What is that song?

Roxanne: I don’t want any parts of this stupid party. I came to check bitches, not sing songs.

Daisy: The night is young what shall we do?

Roxanne: Hmm, do you have any idea where Mary or Daniel are, we can ask them straight up if they had sex.

Daisy: I like that idea. Let’s go!

They leave from the sing along.

GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Nina and Chance arrive at the Nurse’s station as Jill walks over to them.

Nina: We are here about Philip Chancellor the III. Can you tell me anything about him please?

Nina Says to a nurse.

Jill_zps2ba9c426.pngJill: What do you mean my son is here what in the hell is going on Nina?

Nina: Well you were already here Jill you should already know. Now be quiet so we can hear what is going on.

imagesCAOQR7ZL_zpsd2881e6d.jpgChance: Mom, Jill please, this is not the time for that.

Olivia walks over to the crowdOlivia2_zpscfa26be8.png.

Jill: Olivia thank God it’s you. Where is my Philip?

Nina: Can you tell us anything about Philip?

Olivia: He was brought in foaming at the mouth and a gunshot wound to the hand. He’s lost a lot of blood but I’ve stabilized him for now. I’m waiting on a battery of test to find out the root cause of the foaming.

Nina has a heartbroken look on her face as Chance holds her.imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpg

Chance: It’s ok mom. Dad is a fighter. He will pull through this.

Nina turns around and hugs her son.

Jill is also in shock at hearing about the foaming of the mouth details.

Jill: Can we see him Olivia? I must see my son.

Paul walks over to them.images3_zpse74a4883.jpg

Paul: Just a second, I want to have a word with you all about Philip.

Jill, Nina, and Chance all look at each other and then at Paul wondering what would Paul have to say about Philip.

download_zpsfs4mwayx.jpgSince it’s still March in this story, the snow begins to pick up as Avery is driving on old country roads trying to find Cane. She pulls out her cell phone and dials his number. It goes straight to voicemail. Avery wonders where is Cane and his twins and what the hell happened to Philip.

imagesCAUMMZ5F_zpsa19b75b6.jpgAvery continues on her way to the directions she found on Cane’s computer. All roads lead to Verdon Lou and Sheila’s Cabin.

6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpgInside the Cabin itself, a standoff ensues.

Sharon looks at Dru who is starting to panic.

“We can’t die like this. Please Lord hear my prayers.”

Dru says over and over again.

Sharon: Dru stop that we are not going to die!

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: Then Bitch tell me how we gone get out of here?

Sharon: Gosh you don’t have to be so nasty with me.0soapoprahsharon.jpg

In the front room

Sheila continues to hold James at gun point as James holds his vest laced with bombs and terror open for Sheila to see.

Mary is extremely nervous as she begins to make a plea.

thCAE12Z40-1.jpgMary: Please stop this madness! You are both my parents! We are a family what are we doing here? My mom has a gun pointed at my dad while my dad is threatening to blow us all up with his bombs. What kind of family is this? I beg of you before anything happens let me go!

Then there is a knock on the front door. Between Mary’s sobering pleas and the knock on the door James takes his eyes off SheilaimagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpg

and looks at Mary and then the door as Sheila seizes this opportunity since James is off his guard, rushes over to him and knocks him out with her gun over the head. James instantly collapses to the ground. Mary gasp and then covers her mouth in shock not expecting this turn of events.

Mary: Mom what did you do?

Sheila: It’s call survival my traitor daughter. Sheila Carter always survives.

Sheila begins to drag James’ body towards the basement door. Sheila instructs Mary to help her move James as the person outside knocks again.

In the hostage room.

Sharon: Dru did you see that? Sheila just knocked out James!

Dru: No I can’t see that dummy! I’m tied down to this table and the only thing I see is the ceiling. You’re the one in the chair or did your blonde ass forget that?

Sharon: Well at least we won’t be blown up!

Dru: A gas leak in the basement, James and his bombs and Sheila with the gun, I don’t think we are done yet. And you know what I don’t get, is how Sheila is this jack of all trades. I mean first a nurse then also a waiter and an executive assistant now this bitch a navy seal taking out terrorist.

Sharon: Dru you say some of the craziest things.

Dru: Not crazy enough cuz’ we still not free.

Sheila drags James’ body toward the basement stairs. She struggles as she drags him by the legs down each step bumping his head on each one in slow motion as to not set off any bombs but enough to ensure James does not wake back up.

Mary: Mom did you really have to? Be careful, he has bombs.

After Sheila has James at the bottom of the basement steps she rushes back up to Mary.

Sheila then slaps Mary.

Sheila: I don’t have time for emotion Mary! Your on my damn nerves, now act like a damned Carter! You are the one that back stabbed me, your own mother by bringing your father here! That was not a part of the plan. And when this is all over I'm going to find out how all this happened."

Mary then has a remembrance of having sex with Daniel with James catching it all on camera which is in Mary's car outside.

Sheila:I got all the power here you will do what I say! Now focus... Here is what I am going to do and this is what you are going to do.

Sheila hands Mary the gun. Mary takes it but she is shaking with nervousness and shock.

Sheila: I’m going to hide James in the basement. I want you to answer the door. It should be the guy going to fix our gas leak. Any funny business and you better shoot to kill. Got it?

Mary: Y-y-yes.

Sheila: And don't mess this up and you will end up like your own father!

Mary's eyes get wide as she is flabbergasted her mother has just threaten her own life. She wonders to her self : What happened to the days of being put on punishment or going to the corner? Mom really is crazy."

Sheila walks down the basement stairs to hide James.

Mary walks over to the door after the person knocks a third time. Mary puts the gun behind her back and then opens the door.

thCAZ0S40L.jpg“I’m Cane. I’m here to fix you pipes.”

Mary smiles at Cane as she motions him to come in.

Back in the Hostage Room

Sharon: Did you hear that?

Dru: It’s Cane! My daughter’s husband! Yes thank you Jesus our prayers have been answered!

Just then Sheila walks in the room. Dru and Sharon frown.

Sheila: The devil is here and you two make one move or noise and we will all die. It won’t be that easy escaping from me.

Dru: Damn! A waitress, a nurse, an executive assistant, a navy seal and now bitch the devil. This is getting really old.”

Dru rolls her eyes at Sheila as Sheila smiles back at Dru.inl.jpg

GC Nightsbar2.jpg

Roxanne walks in and sees Daisy having a drink and chatting with Ty, the bar tender.imagesCA7P22AB_zps23c30c52.jpg

She walks over to the duo. Daisy notices Roxanne approaching her and smiles. She gets up and gives her a hug.

imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgDaisy: Hey there! I’m glad you could make it. You sounded very upset on the phone is everything ok?

imagesCA7K9T0D_zps3987aa39.jpgRoxanne: Let me get a long island.

She says looking at Tyler. She then returns her attention to Daisy.

Roxanne: I just found out, that that bitch Hillary is my half-sister and Devon has left me for Princess Shabby.

Daisy: I don’t know Princess Shabby, is she new in town?

Roxanne: Naw girl. Abby Newman.

Daisy: I’m sorry to hear all of that. What about Nate?

Roxanne: I don’t know. I haven’t seen him much after Devon caught us in an embrace.

Daisy: Give it time.

They both take a sip of their drinks.

Roxanne: Ooh girl I needed this drink! So what’s up with you? You asked us here.

Daisy: I did. Something is on my mind and I need help dealing with it before I go crazy.

Roxanne: Girl you sound like how I felt just a few hours ago. But talk to me.

Daisy: I think my sister slept with my baby’s father.

Roxanne: Daniel?

Daisy: Well I only have one. I swear to God if Mary slept with Daniel I will kill her.

Roxanne and Tyler both look at Daisy.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 162: All roads lead to Verdon Lou!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Hillary walks into Nate’s office and closes the door behind her. She walks over to Nate and straddles over him as he sits in his chair. She kisses him and he returns the kiss.

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary: I’ve missed you daddy.

Nate smiles.

nate_zps4f0ffd8c.pngNate: I’ve missed you too but I don’t think this is the place we should be doing this.

Hillary gets up off of Nate and fixes her skirt. She hands him the golden envelope. He looks at it with bewilderment and he begins to open it.

Nate: A surprise celebration. It’s an invite, and the Colonnade Room at that!

Hillary: What is that some sort of historic spot in Genoa City?

Nate: No, it’s the most elegant grand ball room slash restaurant and grille west of the Mississippi.

Hillary: A surprise celebration. Uhm ok…

Nate looks at Hillary.

Nate: You look a little rough.

Hillary: Gee thanks! What a gentleman you are.

Nate: I didn’t mean it like that. Something is very different about you.

Hillary: Your friend Roxanne. We had a little scuffle. And on top of that. I learned she is my half-sister.

Nate: Woah, that’s deep.

Hillary: Yes but I’m trying to forget it. And I wanted you to help me.

Nate: How so?

Hillary walks over to him and grabs him, she kisses him passionately.

Hillary: I was hoping you could tell me Dr. Feel Good. You got a little time before your high profile gig at the Colonnade room? Why don’t you make me feel good then we can go to this party.”

Nate: Oh we? You’re my date?

Hillary whispers in Nate’s ear...

.....“I’m not wearing panties daddy.” She says seductively.

Hillary drops her skirt and pushes Nate onto the desk. She straddles him once more and the two have sex which is more intense for both of them since they are doing it right in his office of the hospital.

Esther walks into Karynn’s room.

Esther is shocked at seeing Karynn smoking s cigarette out the window with tears in her eyes.

1965db45e817490c_Screen_shot_2012-11-26_at_9_03_06_AM_xxxlarge_1_zps8ojea3vl.pngEsther: Miss Shepard you can’t smoke in here put that out now! This is a hospital!!

She rushes over to Karynn and grabs the cigarette and then ashes it out on the window seal.

imagesCAYORKVJ_zps9d688a0e.jpgEsther: I can’t believe no one else smelled this horrible smell.

Karynn: Oh Essie! It no longer matters. Life does not matter without my brother.

Esther: Karl? Did he not make it?

Karynn looks at Esther, eyes reddened from stress and tears.

Karynn: They took my brother’s social security money from me.

Esther: What?

Karynn: The state put my brother in a home and now they have control of his money. Essie I don’t know how I’m going to get my cigarettes and beer.

Esther: So you used Karl’s money to buy your cigarettes and beer?

Karynn: You’re getting a little too nosey Essie.

Esther: But you just told me-“

Karynn cuts her off.

Karynn: Essie I need your help! I failed my brother! You have to help me get control back of his finances! I need my beer and smokes!!

Esther looks at Karynn in shock as she can’t believe the only thing Karynn is truly worried about is Karl’s money.

Gina’s PlaceGinas_zps86933394.jpg

Victoria and Nikki walk in. Gina walks over to them with a big smile and a pair of menus.

imagesCA0PEV6X_zpsf25c1d78.jpgGina: Lovely to see both of you. Thank you for stopping by.

thCAPO8O6U.jpgVictoria: Mom was in the mood for Chicken Parm. So here we are.

Gina: Right this way.

They follow Gina to a table and they take their seats.

Victoria orders a glass of white wine and Nikki a water. Gina walks away to get their drinks.

Victoria: You haven’t said much on the way over here mom. Is everything ok?

Nikki: Yes. I was just thinking of Katherine. I stopped by her mansion yesterday. Or what was left of it. It’s so hard to imagine that great house is gone along with the great lady who owned it.

Victoria: Yea I read the article about it in the paper this morning. A drunken bum making hot dogs. I mean who does that?

Nikki: Enough about that darling how are things with you and JT?

Victoria: Well we are going to court for sure. He’s going to fight me for custody of Reed.

Nikki: Oh dear God not again.

Victoria: Mom I want my son. Reed belongs here with me

Nikki: Well do you have a good lawyer lined up?

Victoria: Rafe Rivera.

Nikki: I don’t know much about him.

Victoria: He’s good. I like him. He’s on my side. Though he did tell me it would be a 50/50 chance I’d win. The ugly things from my past are bound to come up. My affair with Billy, his affair with Chloe which led to her losing their child. The broken marriages. Mom things don’t look good for me.

Nikki: Darling you are a good person and mother and any judge will be able to see that.

Victoria: If I don’t win custody of Reed mom, it’s going to destroy me. He’s all I have left.

Nikki: Don’t worry darling. It’s all going to work out.

Gina arrives with their drinks.

Victoria: Mom excuse me I’m going to use the restroom.

Nikki: Go right ahead darling. I’ll be looking at the menu for appetizers.

Victoria gets up and walks off.

Nikki is left to her thoughts. She thinks of Katherine. She can’t get it out of her mind how rude and mean she was the last time Kay approached her to make amends. Nikki looks at Vicki’s glass of white wine.

Nikki: Tempting….imagesCA1JVQPQ_zps0c35c9dd.jpg

As Victoria heads back over to her table with Nikki, Nikki’s driver stops her.

th%201_zpsr6kh3w9m.jpgDriver: I’m sorry to bother you Mrs. Newman.

Victoria: Is something the matter Chase?

Chase: I am not sure. But I thought you should know that earlier today I took your mother to the old Chancellor Estate, and I must say she was acting-..” He pauses.

Victoria: What is it tell me?

Chase: Well forgive me ma’am,.. but strange. Just odd in my opinion. Not herself.

Victoria: Like in what way?

Chase: The only thing she wanted to do was dance. We did the waltz right there amongst the charred debris.

Victoria: That doesn’t sound like my mother at all.

They both look at Nikki. Nikki is still starring at the glass of white wine.

Chase: I hope I didn’t cause any harm. I just thought that-

Victoria: Yea no, it’s ok. I’m glad you spoke up. I too think something is off. Thank you for letting me know and keep and eye on her as I will too. Katherine’s death is hitting her very hard.

The driver watches as Victoria walks back over to their table.

Chase: Maybe Mrs. Newman was drunk. I couldn’t tell her daughter that.

GC Memorial

philip_zps36956557.pngPhilip Chancellor is rushed into the hospital, still foaming at the mouth. Olivia Hastings is the on call doctor and immediately rushes over to him.

Olivia_zpsa90fa78a.pngOlivia: Oh my gosh what happened?

Olivia looks at the foaming of Philips mouth. She is horrified.

Paramedic: We found him unconscious, very rapid heartbeat, eyes dilated and gunshot wound in the hand.

Olivia gets an I.V. started and rushes him into surgery to take care of his hand then to order a battery of test to see why Philip is foaming at the mouth.

Meanwhile at Cane’s.images_zpswaan1uys.jpg

Paul arrives on the scene and looks at Avery who is pacing the floor. He looks around and is shocked to see the emptiness of Cane’s apt.

DougDavidson-PaulWilliams-1.jpgPaul: Avery are you ok?

thCAF4RD4D.jpgAvery: Paul, hey yea I’m just a bit shook up. I don’t know what is going on.

Paul: That’s what I’m here to find out. Did Cane skip town or what?

Avery: The only thing that is left is Cane’s lap top. I have no ideal where he might be.

Avery has a flashback of searching through Cane’s laptop in hopes of getting a location on Cane. She looks in her phone at the picture she took of the address leading to the Verdon Lou Cabin.

Avery thinks of an excuse to get a head start on Paul finding it too and makes up an excuse to leave.

Avery: Paul I really must go.

Paul: Wait a minute Avery. I want to know why you came over to Cane’s in the first place.

Avery pauses caught off guard by the question.

Avery: I uh,… needed to speak to Cane about the custody case regarding his twins.

Paul: Yea those twins. Where are they and Cane?

Avery leaves and as she does she puts the address she found into her GPS.

Avery: I have to find Cane and the twins. Something is not right.

Avery’s GPS and car takes her towards Verdon Lou, and Sheila’s Cabin.

The Moment we’ve all been waiting for, the mystery of the Golden Envelope.

The Colonnade Room.4070584402_5a25d4e9be_z_zpsq0mc4712.jpg

Neil, Leslie, Devon, Abby, Nate and Hillary all walk inside the grand ball room having all arrived in a limo together. They are stunned by the beauty of the remodeled place.

Neil: So we all got this so called invite to this place.

Nate: Yes sir. In a golden envelope.

Hillary: Fancy I’ll say.

Nate: Forgive me, everyone this is Hillary, an old flame from my college years.

Neil extends his hand out to greet her.

imagesCAUGZZ2C_zpsface33ce.jpgAbby: Yes Hillary, the one who beat up Roxanne. I like you already.

Abby and Hillary walk off together for some chit chat.

Hillary: I take it you’re not a fan of Roxi either. I just love calling her that. It makes her so mad.

Abby: Not at all. She’s been trouble for me for a while. Until she got caught in an embrace with Nate. Now he’s mine.

Hillary: Oh you have eyes for Devon?

They both turn around to look at Devon talking to Neil.imagesCAADCEEB_zpsbfede657.jpg

Abby: I sure do. He is so handsome and everything I could want in a man. After all he is a Chancellor. The prestige of that.

Hillary: I see.

Hillary really checks out Devon.

Suddenly they hear a pair of shoes clanking towards them. It’s Sister Patterson who’s carrying big purse.nymom_gesture2.gif

Nate: Sister Patterson what is this? Did you invite us here?

Sister Patterson: Ooh chile, God is good yes he is. Can I get an Amend?

Nate: Sister, please not here. I don’t think this is the place.

Sister Patterson: Shut yo mouth boy! The word of God is a good time all the time. I am your mistress of ceremonies tonight. Ooh chile I don’t like that word. Forgive me Lord.

Neil: Nate who is this?

Nate: It’s ok Uncle Neil. This is Sister Patterson from the church I attend.

Neil: So you know who set this all up?

Sister Patterson: I do brother Winters. This person was in my international prayer group honey. They reached out to an agent of God in putting together this little shin dig for yens and as an agent of God, I could never say no to another God fearing person. So here we are.

Sister Patterson reaches into her big oversized purse and pulls out some packets and hands them out.

imagesCA75AZKJ_zpse6f1fbd5.jpgLeslie: And what are these?

Sister Patterson: It’s the program for this evening.

Neil: Is their going to be a play or something?

Sister Patterson then reaches back into her bag of goods and pulls out pocket sized bibles.

Leslie: And we need these for what?

Sister Patterson: How dare ya!? How dare ya question the word of God? Being that you were an ex stripper I can see why you slutty sinner. I saw your stripping pictures. God don’t like ugly and let me say it here and now honey you sho’ was ugly. Don’t you know no good?,

Leslie is outraged and feels compelled to make a comeback being put on the spot.

Leslie: Ugly? You’re just jealous. I had a body. Men threw ben franklins at me.

Sister Patterson: Well you needed to have me there where ever there was because I would have thrown the word of God at you and some holy water. Don’t you talk back to Sister Patterson. You don’t want none of this. I’m armed and prepared for battle.

Sister Patterson pulls out a bigger bible and a bottle of oil.

Leslie: You about to make us some chicken or what?

Nate: Sister Patterson please not here. Not like this.

Sister Patterson: I don’t want to hear that ring a maroe Nate! That stripper questioned God and it is my heavenly duty to take this ratchet ass child to bible study. She will know the Lord and repent for her sins! I speak the truth and that’s all I know how to do. Brother Nate you better let her know about me. God don’t like ugly and that’s an ugly woman. She’s a stripper and she’s proud of that. I’m about to have a stroke. All this evil in that jezebel. Leslie where is your mother I need to have a chat with her?

Leslie: A self-proclaimed agent of God but a mouth of a sailor. This is turning into a comedy show. This has to be a joke.

Neil: Alright enough of this! Who is it? Who brought us all here?

Meanwhile, upstairs in a private room. Lauren is applying make up to a mysterious woman.

imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpgLauren: You look so beautiful.

Screen5.jpgWoman: I hope so. I want my grand entrance into Genoa City to be perfect. It’s been so long.

Lauren: It certainly will be. You certainly pulled out all the stops tonight. Genoa City will be shocked as hell to see you back in town….

GC Memorial HospitalimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Dr. Nate Hastings is running a set of vitals on Karynn who’s sleeping. As the blood pressure cup tightens its grip around Karynn’s arm she wakes up, in a confused state.

Karynn: I need a smoke where are my smokes?

Nate: There will be none of that here. It’s what landed you here in the first place.

Karynn: I don’t understand.

thCAHNQXA5-1.jpgNate picks up the morning paper and hands it to Karynn.

Karynn: Let me put my glasses on. I’m not good with math without my glasses.

Nate: Math doesn’t have anything to do with this. I’m confused.

Karynn eye balls Nate.imagesCA94IQ2C_zps4f0c4ce3.jpg

Karynn: I can’t read if you’re going to be running that yak of yours. Now go find me some smokes and a cold one.

She reaches over to her bedside table and puts on her reading glasses and is shocked to see a picture of herself holding a hotdog in one hand and beer in the other with the Chancellor Mansion on fire in the background.

The Headlines reads “Drunken Bum burns down historic Chancellor Estate while Making Hotdogs!!

Karynn: Now this is outrageous!!

Nate: That’s an understatement.

Karynn: I mean simply outrageous!! They could have gotten a better picture of me. I don’t even remember posing for this outrageousness. This is slander. Now I really need a smoke and a cold one.

Nate: Wow. Is that all that matters to you?

Karynn slams her paper down and looks at Nate.

Karynn: And who the hell are you? I‘m not trying to hear that rubbish before I’ve had my morning smoke. Now If I don’t get one doctor we are going to have some problems.

Nate: Yes there is a problem for you and it’s about your brother Karl.

Karynn’s eyes get wide and she sits up.

Karynn: What about my brother? Is he dead? Please say no he doesn’t have life insurance and all’s I have left is his social security check.

Nate: You don’t even have that anymore.

Karynn: I will slap the hell outta you boy. What in the hell are you talking about?


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 161: Karynn Kracks ©!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, C. Nate Richardson and Alex Washington

Nate looks at Karynn.

Nate: Did you say boy?

Karynn: I did. Now get on with the news about my brother. Is Karl ok?

Nate: The social worker here at GC Memorial made some calls upon seeing Karl in his weakened health state. She first called adult protective services and then a few calls to social security and then Medicare.

Karynn: Yea yea yea and what in the hell does that all mean for me?

Nate: Karl has been placed in a long term care facility.

Karynn: Come again?

Nate: Karl has been placed at Finer Meadows long term care facility. His finances and health care has been turned over to the state and there is a restraining order placed against you. You are not allowed to communicate or see Karl for any reason.

Karynn has tears rolling down her face. This seemingly tough as nails old broad has finally cracked with some emotion.

Karynn: There is no way in hell I’m going to let some state loon keep my away from my brother. I need his money damn it! The state can’t take control of it. How am I going to get my cigarettes and drink my beer?

Nate: It’s this attitude right here that got your brother placed in a nursing home. He’s frail and on the verge of death with no help from you. Shame on you Ms. Sheppard. If you really are Katherine’s sister she would be rolling in her grave right now.

Karynn: Bring me a cigarette and then burn in hell.

Nate leaves Karynn’s room as she grabs her breakfast tray and throws it at the door. Food and juice fly everywhere making a huge mess.

Karynn wipes tears from her eyes.

“I’m so sorry Karl. I promised you I would never let you go to a home. It’s the one thing you did not want and I promised you I wouldn’t let you go. .. And I failed you. The one person who mattered to me and I let you down.”

She wipes tears from her eyes. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. She vows she is going to rescue Karl from the nursing home. She looks around her belongings and sees her jacket. She reaches in her pocket and sees a pack of Camels. She smiles and pulls out one cancer stick and lights one up in the comfort of her hospital room. She thinks of Karl as she exhales.

Nate walks into his office and takes a seat in his leather swivel chair. He thinks about Karl and Karynn and cannot understand how Karynn is only about Karl’s money. He also wonders why Karynn doesn’t have her own social security check. His thoughts are interrupted when he hears a knock at the door. He looks up and sees Hillary, holding a golden envelope.untitled_zpsdd988ebe.png

30020limo.jpg pulls up to the ruble of what was once The Chancellor Estate. The driver gets out of the limo and scurries to the rear passenger door on the right and opens it. A foot extends down from the limo.

th%201_zpsr6kh3w9m.jpgDriver: Mrs. Newman are you sure you should be here?

Nikki: Never mind that driver. I need to be here.

Nikki walks off from the limo with memories of her late great friend Katherine Chancellor running through her mind as she examines the extent of the damage from the fire. The driver walks a little ways behind her.

Nikki: We’ve had some good memories here driver.

Driver: Is that so Mrs. Newman?

He says trying to hurrying up and catch up to her since she is making conversation.

Nikki: Oh my yes. The barbeques, the parties. There’d be so much dancing.

Nikki takes a trip down memory with her memories of Katherine in her mind.

Nikki: It’s hard to believe she is gone and now this great house is too. You know, I’ll never forgive myself for how Kay and I fell out. All thanks to Victor. I was so mean to her. Kay tried to make amends but I wouldn’t let her. I still shut her out. And now I can never make that up to her.

Nikki wipes tears rolling down her face. She begins to hmm. Nothing in particular or anything that makes any sense. Just a tune she is making up as she goes along. She slowly begins to move her body as she hmms.


The driver gives her a weird look.

Nikki: I want to dance driver. Will you dance with me?

Driver: Dance?

Nikki: I feel like dancing, in honor of my good late friend Katherine.

Driver: Are you sure there isn’t a better way to pay our respects?

Nikki: Pull that cell phone of yours out and make some music play. I know you young kids know how to do that.

Driver: Uh yea no sure. The driver pulls out his cell phone.

Driver: What did you have in mind?

Nikki: Something classical.

Driver: Yea sure.

The driver begins to play a Beethoven piece. The music brings Nikki alive and she grabs her driver and they begin to waltz amongst the charred debris. The driver is thinking Nikki is drunken or is losing her mind.nikki_zps015e5988.png

The Beat (Devon’s Recording Studio)imagesCAC0X7O3_zpsd70625d9.jpg

thumbnailCAERFBK3-1.jpgRoxanne is starring down Abby and Devon whom were engaging in a hug.

Roxanne: Nice to see Princess Shabby make you smile so nicely.

imagesCAB9NZL3_zpse6b2c41e.jpgDevon: Don’t come here with no drama. You have no right too. Besides what happened to you, looks like you got into a fight with a bear.

Roxanne: She’s no bear I assure you. I just had to beat my new found sister’s ass. Hillary.

imagesCAUGZZ2C_zpsface33ce.jpgAbby: And you’re proud of that?

Roxanne: Bitch you can be next!

Abby: I don’t think Devon will let that happen.

Devon: Roxanne she’s right. It’s over between us. I don’t want anything to do with you. You chose my cousin Nate so just be gone and do what you do with him.

Roxanne: Devon I love you. You were going to propose to me at one point in time until this shabby bitch here ruined that for us.

Devon: Love should have kept you out of Nate’s arms Roxanne. I’m glad Abby ruined my marriage proposal I was gonna give you. She kept me from being a complete fool. Now please let me be. I don’t want anything to do with you.

Abby gives Roxanne a broad smile. Roxanne squints her eyes at Abby.

Roxanne: This isn’t over Princess Shabby. You can hide behind Devon for the moment. But he won’t be around you all the time and when I catch you alone, bitch just don’t let me catch you slipping.

Abby: I think Nate may be waiting for you. Better yet how about stopping by the hospital to get those cuts and bruises on you. Hillary did one hell of a number on you and I commend her for that.

Roxanne begins to walks toward Abby but Devon stops her and then grabs her, turning her around to face the exit. Roxanne’s phone rings. She answers it.

“Rox it’s me Daisy. I need a drink and some girl talk.”

Roxanne: Daisy girl you right on time because I was about to go ham on Princess Shabby… No girl I’ll explain when I see you. GC Nights thirty minutes. Ok.”

Roxanne hangs up her phone and turns to look at Devon once more.

Roxanne: Devon I’m sorry I hurt you. Nate and I never slept together. I love you and I will never stop.

Devon: That sounds nice. Thank you for that Roxanne but you are wasting your time. We are done! Now please go.

Roxanne shakes her head in disbelief.

Abby walks out from behind Devon and waves at Roxanne.

Roxanne rolls her eyes as a tear forms and then she turns around to leave the studio. She slams the door behind her knocking the exit sign down from the ceiling.

Abby: Devon, Roxanne is crazy. You can do so much better.

Devon: I agree.

He turns around to look at Abby.

Devon: I definitely agree.

He smiles at her and then hugs her.

thCAF4RD4D.jpgAvery is about to knock on Cane’s door when she is caught off guard that it is already half open. She slowly walks in and is alarmed by what she sees. An empty apartment. She then sees Philip, who is tied to a chair with a gunshot wound to the hand. Philip is foaming at the mouth as he is unconscious.thumbnailCALEP1O4.jpg

Avery: Oh my God Philip!

She runs over to him. She pulls out her cell phone and dials 911. She looks at him not knowing what to do. She wants to give CPR but the foaming at the mouth is putting her off as she doesn’t know what it is.

Avery: Don’t worry Philip, just hang on! Help is on the way!

Avery looks around and wonder what has happened and where are Cane and the twins…….

download_zpsfs4mwayx.jpgOn a back country road, county township road 31

James sitting in his daughter’s Mary’s Honda Civic fires his gun in Mary’s direction. It misses Mary and instead the target of the bullet is the driver side window and it shatters.

Mary screams.

thCAVCMY3I.jpgMary: You really are cray cray! In fact you maybe be crazier than Sheila herself. She would never try to hurt her kids.

imagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpgJames: What the hell is a cray?

Mary: Crazy!!

James: No it’s your very much alive mother that is cray cray cray. And you are helping this madness by going in circles out here on these roads.

Mary: Well now we‘ll have to be breezy in here because you shot out the window.

James: I told you I was not playing. Take me to Sheila now or the next bullet is for you.

Mary: Pfft. I doubt it.

James backhands Mary n her mouth.

James: Don’t talk to me like that young lady. I am your father and you will do as I ask. You had no problem having tawdry sex with your sister’s baby’s father in the alley did you? If you can do that surely you can drive us to your mother.

Mary with tears in her eyes puts the car in drive and begins to drive slowly as to not kick up to much cold air in the car.

Mary: I can’t believe you hit me. I’m too old for that.

James: Never too old to be a hero. And today that’s what you will be, a hero to Genoa City. We are going to stop Sheila dead in her tracks.

Mary continues to drive as her mouth stings from the slap by her dad. James continues to point the gun at her.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 160: Sheila has what Cane Needs?!

Written by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Cary Richardson and Alex Washington

At Cane’s

Cane is sitting on the floor with his legs crossed into Indian style. He takes a needle and injects it into his vein. He gets an instant high from his cocaine. He then looks up and looks at his hostage Philip Chancellor whom is going in and out of consciousness. Cane smiles

thCALOWQO6.jpgCane: Wake up girlfriend. I got something for you.

He stands up slowly and walks over to Philip who is still tied up to a chair.

Cane: Girlfriend wake up.

Cane tugs at Philip. Philip slowly comes too, disorientated at first. He tries to move but realizes he is restrained by ropes to the chair he’s sitting in. He then feels sharp pain in his right hands and remembers Cane shot him. He looks up at Cane who is towering over him.

imagesCA916D51_zps4d36317d.jpgPhilip: You’re high. I can see it in your eyes.

Cane: Who gives a damn? Only you my friend. You were such a good friend to me. Did you secretly think you would get me? Make a move on me?

Philip: You’re sick Cane. You need help and I can get you the help you need.

Cane: Pass. We are at a point of no return. I have no one. Lily left me. My kids are gone. Look around this place I have nothing. Avery barely speaks to me these days and she won’t help me.

Philip: Why would Avery be helping you?

Cane: Because I make good love to her. We get high and then I poke her. She likes that.

Philip: Avery Clark? The attorney? Phyllis’ sister?

Cane: That would be correct.

Cane begins to unbutton his pants.

Philip: What the hell are you doing?

Cane: What’s the matter? Don’t you want to see why Avery couldn't get enough? You got one chocie. but two D's Drugs or Di-

Philip: Cutting him off) Hell NO!!!

Cane: Then let’s get high.

Cane grabs the needle and injects cocaine into Philips vein. Philip tries to fight by freeing himself from the chair that he’s tied too but unable to.

Cane: There we go. Now we can say we both are on drugs. Drugs for breakfast, drugs for lunch, drugs for dinner and oh yea drugs for a snack and right before bed.

download%201_zpsv5bzgblx.jpgMidtown Genoa City, next to GC Nights is Devon’s Recording Studio which he calls “The Beat”

Devon has head phones on listening to a slower R&B piece he just put together. With the way he’s feeling these days, losing his biological father, and his grandmother, Tucker and Kay respectively, and then he finds out his cousin Nate is messing around with his girlfriend Roxanne. He jumps up when he feels a touch from behind on his shoulder. He turns around and smiles when he sees Abby. The hug.

imagesCA420S11_zpseed40a6d.jpgDevon: I’m glad to see you.

thCAVF6RVJ.jpgAbby: Are you?

Devon: I am. That beatiuful face and smile. I needed that.

Abby: I didn’t mean to scare you just now. I thought I’d come by and check to see how you were. Things were very tense with you and Nate at the hospital last night. Oh and by the way as I walked in, I found this…

She holds up a gold envelope. Devon frowns as he grabs it to open it up.

Devon: What’s this?

Abby: I want to know too. It’s so fancy.

Verdon Lou.

sheila.jpgSheila walks up from the basement unable to get the heater working from the gas leak. She gets nervous and starts to pace. Dru sees this.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: I see you. You up to no damn good.

Sheila looks at Dru and rolls her eyes.

Dru: You better be trying to get some damn heat in here. I’m starting to shiver.

Sharon starts to wake and instantly she feels chilly.

What is going on? Why is it so cold in here?”

Dru: Well welcome back to reality. You left me hanging Sharon Newman. I’d like to sleep to.

0soapoprahsharon.jpgSharon: Dru I’m so sorry I’m so worn out fighting with Sheila.

Dru: And I’m not Bitch?

Sharon: Don’t talk to me like that Drucilla it’s not very nice. Where is the heat?

Dru: Well I’m not feeling nice. Anyway, Sheila busted the damn gas pipe down stairs so now we have no heat.

Sharon: Sheila please its getting cold in here.

Sheila meanwhile is in the back half of the room Sheila pulls out a thermometer from the mystery patient’s mouth. 98.4. She realizes the patients’ temperature is dropping and she must do something. She pulls her laptop out to see if she has any responses from her ad she placed on GC Help List


The Beat

Abby looks at Devon with great interest as he reads his letter from the golden envelope.

Abby: Don’t keep me waiting what is it?

Devon: It a celebration being held at the new Colonnade Room.

Abby: What? No way let me see that.

Abby grabs the letter and reads the info for herself.

Abby: It doesn't have a sender. It’s a surprise celebration at the new Colonnade Room. Who would do something like this?

Devon: I don’t know.

Abby: Are you going to go?

Devon: Only if you go with me. I feel like I need someone cool by my side for this big celebration.

Abby: Devon, of course I’ll go with you.

In her excitement she hugs him just as Roxanne walks in. She slams the door behind her so her presence is known. Abby and Devon both look up and are not too pleased to see Roxanne who has bruises on her face. Devon frowns in bewilderment as Abby shakes her head back and forth in disappointment that Roxanne has showed up and ruined her moment with Devon.

Back at Cane’simages_zpswaan1uys.jpg

Philip has passed out from a dose of cocaine although his pain in his hand has dissipated. Cane sits on the ground staring off into space high as a kite.

Cane: Well buddy I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. Sergio was right. This is some potent stuff. The bad thing is it goes so fast. We need to re-up Philip buddy. I used all your money so this time around I got to work a little harder. Let’s see what dummies I can find on the GC Help list.

Cane pulls out his phone and browses the web to get to the GC Help Page. He tries hard to focus on the small print on the cell phone screen but has a hard time. He slaps himself.

Cane: Come on matie.

He opens and closes his eyes numerous time dramatically. He tries once again to read.

Cane: Much better.

He reads.

Cane: Got it! Right here. A poor lady in the suburbs needs help with a broken pipe and is unable to leave her home. There is not a job in the world a little grey masking tape can’t help. I’ll just tape up the gas pipe and all should be good. Then we can re up Philly.

Cane laughs.

Cane: I like that…Philly. I’ll start to call you Philly from now on.

Cane pulls out his phone and dials the contact number.

6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpgVerdon Lou, Sheila’s Cabin.

Sheila’s cell phone rings. Sheila grabs it to answer it. It’s Cane calling about the ad. Sheila explains to Cane the problem.

Sheila: I’m caring for an elderly patient who I can’t leave alone and so it’s late in the evening and not a lot of money so I was hoping you could help us out by taking a look at my gas pipe. Mother sure is getting cold. Not too many people are willing to drive out here in all the snow. I mean I have some money I’m just not rich. I’ll even make you a cup of hot cocoa.

Cane: Make it a hot toddy and I can be there in 45 minutes.

Sheila: You got yourself a deal.

Sheila walks out to the front room to talk to Dru and Sharon.']

Dru: Well psycho did you get us some heat?

Just before Sheila can answer her question they all hear a knock on the door. They all look at each other.

Sheila thinks to herself that couldn’t be the repair man already. Sheila pulls out her gun.

Sheila: You shut your mouths or you will die. I have control here I have all the power.

Sheila creeps over to the door. She opens it with her gun behind her back. She nearly faints when she sees James Warwick with their daughter Mary.

James: Well Well Well.

James pushes right passed Sheila and into the room where Dru and Sharon are being held hostage. Mary looks at Sheila in disbelief.

Sheila: Mary what is going on?

James: No No dear. I’ll be asking the questions here.

Dru: We are saved. Jesus YES!!

Sheila gathers her composure. She walks over towards James gun pointed at him.

Sheila: Dru don’t get to happy, this will be very quick.

James: Oh I agree.

Mary: Mom.

Sheila slaps Mary across the face.

Sheila: You shut your mouth. You betrayed me by bringing your father here. This is not part of the plan.

Mary: Why is everyone hitting me!!??

Sheila looks at James with anger in her eyes and she shoves the gun into his chest.

James is still smiling

Sheila: What is so funny?

James flips open his jacket to reveal and showcase he is laced with bombs. Sheila backs away a few feet.

James: Shoot me and we all die. This vest will explode and rest assured Sheila Cater. Your reign of terror is over. For good! No more back from the dead’s, no more plastic surgeries no more hostages and no more evil plots. You should have retired decades ago It all ends now.

Dru: I knows that’s right James Warrick. Preach on playa. You give it to Crazy ass Carter. Have your way with her.

Sheila: Well we’ll shall about that won’t we?

James: Indeed we will.

Dru: Ah hell naw… we gone die! Lord Jesus we gone die. Don’t let it end like this Dru aint going out like that..........

Cane’s Apt.

Cane is standing behind Philip with his hands tied behind his back as if Cane were a cop and was about to arrest Philip.

thCALANL71.jpgCane: You like it rough gay guy? You like it when a man is behind you like this?

Philip tries to wrestle free of Cane’s grip at the same time Cane tightens it.

philip_zpse4fb4fbf.pngPhilip: Cane don’t do this. It’s the drugs. The crack has you whacked out. Think of your children.

Cane: I’m real sick of you nagging. Is that what all gay men do? I’m so sick of your mightier than thou attitude. We all can’t be drug free and good like the good Philip Chancellor can we?

Philip: Why are you doing this Cane?

Cane: Because I need to get high and you’re standing in my way. What’s the American expression “stay out of my business”? You should have done that. I told you to leave and leave me alone. I didn’t want to do this but you are leaving me no other choice. Threatening to call children services on me and the police. What kind of friend does that?

Philip: One who cares about your well-being. Where are the twins Cane? Where are your kids? You still haven’t told me where they are.

Cane: And I’m not going to either. My children will be fine where they are. They are on vacation.

Philip: Cane No. No No….!!

Cane: Yes..Yes..YES!!

Cane escorts Philip to a wooden chair, the only piece of furniture still remaining in Cane’s Apt. Philip is unable to put up a real fight due to the pain and blood pouring out his hand from Cane grazing him with a bullet. Cane then takes his shirt off, tears it in half and uses both pieces to tie Philip to the chair.

Cane: Look at my body, you like it? I got the chest, the abs. I know you looked at me like that at least once Philip.

Philip: You’re a sick man Cane.

Cane: What’s the matter? I’m not your type? You don’t find me attractive? Most women do. You won’t me to pull out my package so you can see it?

Philip: Go to hell Cane!!

Cane: Give me that wallet!

Cane reaches into Philip’s pocket and pulls out his wallet. He opens it up and looks inside. Cane has a broad smile come across his face.

Cane: Jack Pot!

Cane pulls out the wad of money from the wallet.

Philip: That’s over one thousand dollars right there. What you going to do smoke it up?

Cane looks at Philip.

Cane: No we are going to smoke it up together. You, I and the pipe. Thanks Philip. A great and giving friend.

Philip begins to holler out for help.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 159: COKE-CANE!

Written and Produced by: ML Cooks

Malcolm’s Apt.

Malcolm and Neil square each other up.

The only thing on Malcolm’s head is the possibility that Moses could be his son.

thCAL1ASUN.jpgMalcolm: Good timing bro.

Neil holds up a gold envelope.

Malcolm: What is that? We going on Maury? I am the father?

imagesCAHTD0UC_zps8703d9b7.jpgNeil: Are you drunk again?

Neil walks into Malcolm’s Apt.

Neil: What is going on in here?

Malcolm: I don’t have the perfect life like my bigger brother.

Neil: I’m not here for that.

Neil hands Malcolm the envelope. Malcolm opens it and reads it.

Malcolm: It’s an invitation to a celebration. I don’t get it.

Neil: Neither did I. I thought maybe you were behind it but as I can see you are too busy being a bum over here. I found it outside your door.

Malcolm: You are really asking for it Neil.

Neil: You going to put me in a choke hold again tough guy? Is that how you solve your issues?

Malcolm: You are the reason I have these issues. You keep interfering in my life. Lily, Sophia, Moses and now Leslie. You just don’t stop. Moses should have been my son. Sophia and I were to be married and be a family. Instead she is dead.

Neil: Malcolm I am very sorry for all of that.

Malcolm: I never did you dirty bro. But it’s a habit with you doing me wrong. Moses belongs with me. He is my son!

Neil: Have you gone mad? We already had a paternity test when he was born. You were there Malcolm. Moses is my son!

Malcolm: No bro. Moses is my son and I got proof.

Neil gives Malcolm a strange look as he wonders where all this is coming from.

Cane’s Apt.

Philip’s hollering comes to a stop when he is stunned to hear a knock at the door. Cane’s eyes gets big. He begins to pace a little.

Cane: You and your sissy like hollering. We are going to have to fix that mouth. Would you like something in it?

Philip: Cane it’s not too late… please don’t do this.

Cane: I can’t take all this crying.

Cane takes off his sock and shoves it in Philips mouth.

Cane: It’s not want you really want but it will do for now.

Cane opens the door after the third knock. He sees Sergio. Cane smiles.

Cane: I am so glad it’s you. I need a hit.

Sergio walks into Cane’s place and is taken aback by how it looks.

Sergio: Tough times?

Cane: Drug times.

imagesCA16XNBU_zps2192a007.jpgSergio looks to his left and sees Philip tied up to a chair, bloodied hand and sock in his mouth. Sergio looks down at Cane’s feet.

Sergio: I heard of freaky but damn Cane. I must got some good stuff.

Cane: No questions man. I got the money do you got what I asked for?

Sergio: I do.

Sergio pulls out a gold envelope.

Cane face frowns up in confusion. He grabs the envelope.

Cane: What the hell is this mate?

Cane opens the gold envelop and see a letter, he pulls out the letter and reads it.

Sergio: I was hoping you would tell me. I found it out outside your door.

Cane: It’s an invitation to a celebration of some kind. The colonnade room.

Sergio: Wow man. The colonnade room. That’s some real fancy stuff right there.

Cane throws the letter aside.

Cane: Who cares I just need my fix.

Sergio pulls out a zip lock bag with white powdery stuff in it.

Sergio: You be careful with this. This is good stuff.

Cane: Yea yea whatever. Where was the compassion when I owed you money? You threatened to take my kids.

Sergio: Well I got them anyway. They are doing ok.

Cane: They better or so help me GOD!

Sergio: Came down kangaroo boy.

Cane hands Sergio the money.

Sergio looks at Philip once more is on the verge of passing out.

Sergio: You’re in really deep. First your twins and now this guy.

Cane: Just go. I got all of this.

Sergio: Yea sure.

Sergio then leaves Cane’s apt.

Cane readies some lines of coke to snort.

Back at Malcolm’s Apt.

Neil: You have proof that Moses is your son?

Malcolm turns away from Neil really unsure what to make of his blurry thoughts in his head. He doesn’t know if he really heard what he heard or was it a drunken dream.

Neil: Not so sure now huh? Where is this coming from?

Malcolm turns back to Neil.

Malcolm: Why are you here? Don’t you have Leslie at home?

Neil: I was here to ask you about this celebration but I see you were invited too. Clean this place up and yourself. Sober up. The booze is messing with your thought process. Moses is my son and nothing will change that.

Neil then turns around, kicks a pizza box out of his way.

Neil: Oh and another thing, you attack me again, I’ll have to file a restraining order against you.

Malcolm: That’s bitch sh!t. Neil!!! Get yo Bitch ass outta here!

Malcolm picks up a beer bottle and throws it in Neil’s direction but it hits the door and shatters as Neil is already out the door with the door closed behind him. He wonders why Malcolm would bring up Moses. He exits the apartment building.

Meanwhile inside, Malcolm is mad. He too kicks around pizza boxes and trash.

Malcolm keeps on thinking about his memory. He remembers a pretty lady, and a phone.

Malcolm: She sent it to me or something... It’s in my phone!

Malcolm looks for his phone He sees it on the coffee table. He looks in it.

Malcolm: Bam! Here it is.

He hits play..........

Nate: She’s an old flame from college. We were in love but she had to leave to take care of her mother who was sick.

Roxanne: Oh and Hillary is here and lives across the hall from me.

Nate: I had nothing to do with that.

Roxanne: Nate I am so damned hurt.

Nate: I never meant to hurt you. But I’m not willing to be your man only when you’re lonely. You claim you love me then why don’t you leave Devon and be with me? You can’t have it both ways Rox. You not being fair.

Roxanne knows deep down he is right but is not willing to let him know that he is. She turns from him again.

Nate: And besides things are too deep now they have changed.

Roxanne: Because Miss Hillary is here?

Nate: Yes. She knows about my secret.

Roxanne: That you switched Moses paternity test results from Malcolm to Neil?

Nate: Yes.

Roxanne: Nosey Bitch!

Nate: To protect everybody we need to end this. Roxanne I’m truly sorry for hurting you.” From Episode 137.

The recording stops playing. Malcolm doesn’t know how to feel. Rage builds up within him.

Malcolm: Moses is my son and I’m going to kill Nate and Neil for stealing him away from me!

Verdon Lou Wisconsin, Sheila’s shanty cabin6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

Sheila comes up from the basement and checks on her hostages Dru and Sharon. Both are sleeping, Sharon still tied to the chair and Dru tied down to a bed. Sheila then goes to check on her mystery patient who has a bandaged face. Sheila takes in the breathing machine and heart monitors making their usual noise. She takes a deep breath and gets a chill through her body.

Dru slowly begins to open her eyes and cough.

thumbnailCAJVCBE3-1.jpgDru: Bitch!.... Hey Bitch! ….Bitch I hear you being evil and I know you hear me. You better come to me when I call your name. Come here bitch!

inl.jpgSheila with a smile on her face walks over to Dru.

Sheila: Did your mother raise you to speak like that? My name is not Bitch. It’s Sheila Carter. Miss Carter would be much better coming from you.

Dru: Yea ok whatever Bitch. It’s cold in here. Where is the heat? I’m bout to catch damonia.

Sheila: You dumb bitch. It’s not damonia. Its pneumonia. I remember when you first came to Genoa City, you were illiterate. You remember that?

Dru: I do. But aint no need for that trip down memory lane. We need some damn heat! Why is it so dang on cold in here?

Sheila: There is a gas leak. The furnace requires gas to heat up this place.

Dru: Well Bitch make a fire.

Sheila: I’ll set you on fire.

Dru: I didn’t know you liked dark meat.

Sheila: More like cremation. Keep being disrespectful to me.

Dru: You’re a joke Sheila. You kidnapped Sharon and I and you want some damn respect? Girl bye. You better gone head with that.

Sheila walks into the other room as Dru tries to wake up Sharon by repeatedly saying her name. Sheila opens a laptop and decides to put an ad on Genoa’s City’s Help List so she can find a low key maintenance man to maybe restore heat to the cabin.

Sheila’s phone vibrates once again, signaling she has a text she has not answered yet. The text is from her daughter Daisy telling her that Mary has sold them out and James Warrick is on his way to the cabin.

On the snowy country roads just outside of Genoa City are Mary and James in her Honda civic. Mary comes to a stop at a stop sign. James looks at her.

james2_zpsff268914.pngJames: You think I’m stupid?

James pulls his gun out and aims it his daughter Mary.

thCAE12Z40-1.jpgMary: Dad please, I wish you would stop playing with that thing. I’m your daughter for goodness sakes.

James: I am and having said that you should know I’m no fool. We’ve passed this stop sign three times now. We are doing nothing but going in circles.

Mary: The snow is so heavy I can’t make out where I am going.

James: You think I’m going to buy that?

Mary: I know you are not going to shoot your own child. Especially if you want to find Sheila. You need me to do that dad so I think I have control here. Your terrorist bomb vest thingy or gun doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

James aims the gun at Mary and then fires it!........

Genoa City MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Daisy walks into Daniels room where she sees Phyllis holding Lucy and Nate is running a set of vitals.

imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpgPhyllis: What are you doing here?

imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgDaisy: I came to make sure the father of my child is ok.

imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgDaniel: Mom please relax. Not in front of my daughter.

Daisy: Our daughter.

nate.jpgNate: Daniel how are you feeling?

Daniel: Other than a massive headache I'm ok.

Nate: You got a pretty nasty knot on your head. Do have any idea what happened to you?

Daisy: Yes I want to know that too. How did you end up walking into the club naked Daniel?

Phyllis: He was not! My son doesn't do that!

Nate: Paramedics noted that Daniel had no bottoms on.

Daisy: We saw Daniel walking into GC Nights , stumbling, no pants on. So what happened?

Daniel tries to remember

I remember a hot blonde bombshell

Daisy wonders if its her sister Mary.


Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 158: The Funky Men of Genoa City

Written and produced by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Martin Saenz, Casey Hutchinson, Cary Richardson and Alex Beebs

Neil's Penthouse

Leslie is looking at Neil who has just received a mysterious envelope.

imagesCA0HGTST_zps6ecc9170.jpgLes: What is it Neil is something wrong?

imagesCA6JT2AF_zps31844077.jpgNeil: Its an invite for me and you to a celebration.

Les: Celebration, well what kind?

Neil: It doesn't say just gives a date and time. It says we are all in for a big surprise.

Les: Well who is we? Who else is invited?

Neil: 'Im not sure. But this is weird.

Les: Are you going to attend? I mean the last time this city had some sort of big party, someone exposed my past. I still say its Avery and although I have not gotten my hands on her yet lo and be hold when I do its going to be smoke in this city.

Neil: Calm down.

He gives her a hug.

Neil: We are past that and moving forward.

Les: I'm sorry Neil. Avery is going to pay for what she's done to me. But any way back to this party. Are you going to go?

Neil: You mean are we going to go? I don't know yet.

Leslie: Do you think its a trap being set by Malcolm?

Neil: He does hate my guts these days. Blames me for all of his problems. That's a good question. I think I'm going to find out.

Les: You're going to Malcolm's?

Neil: You damn straight. I'm going to get to the bottom of all of this.

Neil grabs his jacket and car keys and leaves.

Leslie goes into the bedroom to check on Moses.

malsapt_zps638a49c6.jpgAs usual the place is trashed, crushed beer cans and empty liquor bottles litter the floor everywhere. Pizza boxes on top of pizza boxes are stacked on the coffee table. Clothes are strewn out the efficiency apartment and to complete this are flies buzzing around. One flies in Malcolm's ear and he bolts up, having been sleep on the stained sofa.

He immediately remembers last night, somewhat. Meeting a pretty woman. She had a cell phone recording. It was of Roxanne and Nate admitting their love for one another. Drawn together by their secrets, Nate's being that he switched Moses paternity from Malcolm to Neil when Moses was born.

He snaps out of his flash back.

He talks aloud to himself.

It cant be. I'm tripping. I was drunk. It was a dream. It has to be. Why would Nate do something like that to me?

He thinks of last night again. He remembers listening to the taped conversation with Roxanne and Nate.

Hillary: How about a new beginning? Its never too late.

Malcolm: Thank you girl for listening to this loser tonight. I know I'm not much company. You're hanging with Genoa City's biggest loser. He takes another shot.

Hillary caves in and decides to save Malcolm. To give him hope. She takes his phone and then hers and touches them together so she can send the recording to Malcolm's phone.

Malcolm: What you doing pretty girl you want my number?

Hillary: I'm giving you hope. The video is done transferring. Hillary hits play on Malcolm's phone and then gets up and leaves.

Malcolm tries to focus in on the recording. He hears Nate admitting that he changed Moses paternity results from him to Neil.

I think I had too much to drink.. He then hits replay. He listens again to Nate admitting Moses is really his son and not Neil's From Episode 139

Malcolm thinks to himselfthCA2WULY1.jpg

It was a dream it has to be. I will kill Nate and Neil both if some sh!t like that was true. Ill be damned.

He gets a knock on his door. He walks over to it and opens it up and sure enough its the man himself, Neil Winters.

Malcolm: Good timing.

Back at the Hospital

Phyllis: A blonde bombshell. What were you doing with her?

Daniel: Its all kinda foggy and its making my headache worse. Can we just talk about this later?

Nate: Good idea. We need to give Daniel his rest. Ill give you something for pain.

Nate leaves the room. Daisy follows with lots of thoughts running through her mind. She cant help but wonder if her sister Mary slept with Daniel.

Ill kill her.

Kill who? Daisy hears behind her. She turns around and sees Phyllis.

Daisy: I think Daniel cheated on me tonight.

Phyllis: Cheated? You're nuts! You're not with Daniel. He doesn't like you.

Daisy: We are a family whether you or him like it or not. We are going to be a family for the sake of our daughter. And you better watch how you speak front of my child. Your mouth tends to be outrageous.

Phyllis: You're outrageous Daisy Carter! Your last name says it all. You are a Carter! The daughter of Sheila Carter! Enough said!

Daisy: Why are you being so mean? I thought we were making some headway when I came to you and told about your son. You let me bring you over here.

Phyllis: I was desperate and had no other way to the hospital. Ill find my own way back.

Daisy: Can I give my daughter a hug before I go?

Phyllis: That wont be necessary.

Daisy has a tear form in her eye.

Daisy: One day Phyllis I will get custody of my daughter back. You will see. I am so determined. No one is going to stop me.

Phyllis: Well see about that. Keep dreaming Crazy Carter.

Phyllis flags down and orderly to push her wheel chair into the lobby. As Phyllis leaves Daisy calls her a Bitch. Phyllis turns around and smiles at her.

Daisy: I will get you Phyllis. You will pay for this. Daisy leaves the hospital.


Hillary sits next to Spencer on the love seat as Roxanne sits in a chair across from them, eyes still very tense as she looks upon her new family.

thumbnailCAR0INVH.jpgRoxanne: I'm listening Spencer.

thumbnailCAMJK5ZL.jpgSpencer: After I changed my life, I met Hillary's mother, Brenda. I fell in love with her. She turned me into a wholesome man. We got married and had Hillary.

Roxanne: So I'm the older one?

imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHillary: Don't act like it.

Spencer: Stop that you two! We don't need them smart ass remarks. Now Hillary I raised you better than that. If you don't have nothing nice to say then don't say it at all.

Hillary: Have you heard Roxi's mouth?

Roxanne: See right there bitch. I told you to get my name right.

Hillary: I don't have enough respect for you to use the name given to you.

Spencer: This is going to be tough.

Roxanne: There aint going to be nothing. Don't worry about it. I don't like Hillary. I don't care if she's my half-sister. All she need to do is stay out my way and my life.

Hillary: Aren't you going to add Nathan to that list? That's the real reason you don't like me. You have Devon on one hand and lusting after Nate with the other and you're mad because Nate and I used to be in love back in college and we reconnected when I got back and you became very jealous. Especially after Nate told you that you two needed to end things.

Roxanne: You sure know a lot don't you.

Hillary: More than you know.

Spencer: Roxanne is any of this true or what?

Roxanne: I'm not going to dignify this whores accusations with an answer. And how dare you just believe her words over mine. This is a great start to a father and daughter relationship. I really cant handle this right now. I think I better leave because the only thing I want to do right now is tear off Hillary's face.

Roxanne grabs her purse and leaves slamming the door behind her. A picture falls from the wall.

Spencer shakes his head in disbelief.

Spencer: This cant be happening.

He turns to Hillary.

Hillary: Dad I don't lie you know that much.

Spencer: I know. I just cant believe all what I've seen today. My two daughters at war.

thumbnailCAJD4CN6.jpgPhilip knocks on a door. When the door opens its a rough looking Cane.

Philip: Nothing has changed.

thCALOWQO6.jpgCane: Yea mate well I'm not in the mood for your sh!t right now!

Philip pushes Cane aside and barges into the apartment.

Philip: Well get ready you cracked out Aussie.

Philip looks around at the nearly empty apartment.

Philip: I know the signs. Ive seen you like this before. Crack?

Cane: Its none of your business.

Philip: Where are the twins?

Cane: Dont worry about them I got this.

Philip: No you dont you went from cocaine to crack! You sold everything in this apartment. You dont have nothing is what you got. Now again where are your twins?

Cane: Im not telling you now get the FUKK outta here Philip!

Philip: No I warned you! The last time I saw you I had to bail you out because you owed Sergio, the crack dealer one thousand dollars. I warned you to stop smoking crack then. Now I come back a few days later to check up on you and what do I find? It looks like you havent washed up in weeks. You sold all the furniture. What the hell Cane!? What is the matter with you? How has the almighty fallen so damn low? What drove you to this?

Cane: I dont want to hear this crap right now Philip! I dont care about you just leave!

Philip: I care! Someone has to care. Where are your children Cane?

Cane walks over to the door and opens it.

Cane: Out! NOW!

Philip pulls out his cell phone and begins to dial some numbers. He puts the phone to his ear as he hears ringing on the other end. Cane slams the door shut and walks over to Philip.

Cane: Who are you calling?

Philip: The police and then after that children services, last but not least Neil. This crack habit of yours stops now.

Cane pulls out a gun and shoots at Philip. The bullet grazes Philip hand and he drops the phone. Philip begins to holler out in pain but Cane comes up behind him and covers his mouth with his hand. Cane kneels them down so Cane can grab the phone.

Cane: No Im sorry. There is no emergency here. My kids got my phone by mistake.

Operator: Well Please make sure it doesnt happen again.

Cane hangs up the phone.

Cane: You like it when a man is behind you like this Philip?

Philip tries to wrestle out of Canes grip.

Cane: If you dont stop I'll shoot you again. I warned you. I told you to leave. Now you arent going anywhere mate. Im a crack head with a valuable hostage.

Daisy is walking the streets of GC. She is texting in her phone to Sheila.

"Where R U? I told U Mary and James are on their 2 U. Mary betrayed us, she sold us out. Are U ok?" She hits send.

Daisy: Mary Carter what have you done?

Meanwhile in Verdon Lou.6820041d6e0247fda0ad316afbe7c836_zps1ac9752a.jpg

Sheila's phone goes off. Its on a table but Sheila is in the basement with a huge wrench trying to loosen a screw on some pipes. It cracks and a hissing sound begins to grows louder from the ruptured pipe. In anger Sheila hits the pipe with the wrench and the pipe now breaks in half.

inl.jpgSheila: Damn it! This cant be happening. Gas leak.thWQ0GTKZB_zps50a71f21.jpg

All this while James and Mary are making their way to Verdon Lou after Mary apparently sold Sheila out.

Mary Carters Apartment.

thCAVCMY3I.jpgMary enters her apartment and turns the light on as her father James is still holding her at gun point.

Mary: My own father holding me at gun point. Isnt that a bit extreme? Im no mother but surely this is not how you raise a child?

Mary crosses her arms.

james2_zpsff268914.pngJames: Well I certainly didnt raise you to be a whore. Why would you sleep with your sisters babys father? What did you gain?

Mary: I had to teach her a lesson. She almost exposed-

Mary quits speaking realizing she is about to tell too much.

James: Expose what? This plan you have concocted with your mother Sheila?

Mary: Dad in your golden age I do believe you need a hearing aid. How many times do I have to tell you Sheila is dead?

James: Sheila is not dead! You want to know how I know? I have been caring for her for the last few years. Sheila is not dead, but she did escape my care. Ive held her locked up. Since oh let me thinkOh yea, I remember Mary Margaret.

Mary: Please do tell. And do not call me that. I hate that name.

James: When Paul thought he tracked down Sheila in Argentina I think it was October 2006, well it wasnt Sheila. Paul thought it was Sheila who had undergone plastic surgery to look like Phyllis.

Mary: Common knowledge.

James: Well thats just it. It wasnt Sheila, it was Sugar.

Mary: Sugar? The woman who took my moms face in jail after getting plastic surgery?

James: Yes. Sugar was freed. And by this time I already had the real Sheila in my custody.

Mary: So Sugar then what... got her face changed to look like Phyllis?

James: Yes. She was a disturbed soul. We came up with a plan to let everyone think Sugars Sheila with Phyllis face was actually Sheila. Sugar would do anything I told her to do. She had to be sacrificed in order to heal your mother.

Mary: So when did you capture Sheila?

James: Right after her fiasco with Tom Fisher. After she was trapped in the cave- in from the shelter. A body was never found. Thats when I made the switch.

Mary: And you think shes right here in Genoa City?

James: I know she is. Ive been watching you and your sister Daisy for weeks.

Mary: I dont know what you are talking about. And you are a sick man saying these horrible things about my mother. Why would you do this to me? I already mourned her once.

James: Youre up to no good and as soon as you take a shower to wash off that back alley from you we are going to pay your mother a visit.

Mary: Youre crazy. Yes I am going to take a shower but by the time Im done, if you are still here Im calling the police.

Just then Daisy walks in. She sees James holding Mary at gun point.

thCA5GRL7N.jpgDaisy: What is going on here?

Mary gets nervous.

James smiles at Daisy.

He walks over to her, gun still in hand.

James: Im Mary Margarets father James.

Daisy: Mary are you ok what is going on here?

Mary: Daisy, my dad seems to think mother is still alive.

Daisy: Why would he think that?

James: Oh not you too. At least one of you can have the decency to be honest. Ive been watching you girls for weeks.

Daisy: So you are the one whos been stalking us?

Mary: Yes.

Daisy: And you thought it was Lauren Mary. You owe me an apology.

Mary: Daisy now is not the time.

James: On the contrary, now is the time. You see Daisy; Ive captured some very nasty things on my camera here. Youre sister here has something to tell you dont you dear?

He says looking at her. Mary is very nervous. Her cheeks turn red.

Daisy: Mary what is he talking about?

James: Its about Daniel.

Daisy: Excuse me? Daniel? What about him? What pictures do you have James?

Mary: Dad dont do this. Fine.You know what just fine you win Ill take you to Sheila.

James: Ah ha!!!! I knew it. I knew she was alive.

Daisy: Someone wants to tell me what is going on here?

James: Dont worry Daisy. Im going to save all of you. Sheilas reign of terror is over.

By any means necessary.

James opens his jacket to reveal he is laced with bombs.

Mary and Daisy look on in horror.


Created by William J. Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 157: James Warrick Takes Drastic Action!

Written and Produced by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Casey Hutchinson, Martin Saenz, Alex Washington- Beebs, Rob Wolf

Inside Spencers New

Hillary, Roxanne and Spencer all look at each other, with Roxanne and Hillary stunned and becoming very disappointed learning they are half-sisters.

They stand up getting themselves back together from the catfight that just took place. Hillary pulls her hair back into a pony tail as Roxanne blows on her nails. They bothey square each other up.

thCAEKX2FU.jpgSpencer: You two are tripping for fighting in my damn hall way! I could get put out. I just moved in. What is this all about?

imagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpgHillary: Roxi is just a bit jealous of me.

thumbnailCAERFBK3.jpgRoxanne: No No boo Ill stop you right there. Keep it all the way one hundred. There is nothing to be jealous of. You are a whore. Nothing more.

Hillary: That rhymes. How cute and childish.

Spencer: Lets sit down so I can explain to the both of you how you two are sisters. You will not be fighting like this.

Roxanne: Do not speak for me. I dont like Hillary. Period.

Hillary: Ask her dad. Ask Roxanne why she doesnt like me?

Spencer turns to look at Roxanne.

Spencer: Roxanne tell me what problem you have with Hillary?

Roxanne flashes back to Hillarys apartment the night when Nate walked out Hillarys door zipping up his pants then Hillary coming out insinuating they had sex.

At Glowormgloworm_zpsb13c99e4.jpg

Victoria and Rafe are going over Victoria's case, as they have dinner.

victoria_zps81cb0093.pngVictoria: We have to really move on this. Have you met with J.T.'s lawyer yet?

Rafe: No.

Victoria: Go ahead and make an appointment. I want to be there as well.

Rafe slows Victoria down.

thumbnailCAO2YMGR.jpgRafe: Are you alright, Victoria?

Victoria: Not really.

Rafe: What is wrong?

Victoria: I do not want to lose my child. Again I should say. I lost my husband, my family, I cant lose Reed too, Rafe.

Neils Penthouseneilsapt_zps5d24e71d.jpg

Neil is sitting on the sofa as Leslie is massaging his shoulders.

Neil: That feels so good.

thCAKWZY6E.jpgLeslie: I bet, with all these knots Im feeling. So hows Devon?

Neil: He is ok. That fire at the Chancellor mansion was incredible. Karynn is a real character.

Les: Ok so how does the Chancellor Mansion catch on fire and burn down?

Neil: Its pretty crazy.

Les: It has to be.

Neil: Karynn was grilling some hot dogs over a make shift fire pit. She then somehow falls to the ground. She had a bottle of liquor in her hand. The liquor caught with the fire and there went the mansion. The drought weve had made it easy for the fire to spread.

Les: All that over some hot dogs?

Neil: It seems that way.

Les: You are right, that is some cray.

Then the doorbell rings. Neil looks at his watch and wonders who it could be. He gets up to answer. Its a messenger with an envelope.

Neil: What is this?

Messenger: I dont know Mr. Winters I was just told to hand this to you in person.

Neil grabs the envelope and thanks the messenger. He closes the door and looks at the envelope intently. Leslie walks over to him.

Les: What is it?

Neil: I dont know. The messenger guy says he was told to deliver it to me in person.

Neil opens the envelope and pulls out a letter. He reads it and his face frowns up as he reads it.

Les: Neil what?

Back at Gloworm

Victoria is looking through files, that Rafe gave her.

Victoria: What am I looking at here?

Rafe: These are all the judges who rule on child custody, in Genoa City.

Victoria: So, which one do you think we would most likely get?

Rafe: Judge Santos. He usually favors the mother.

Victoria: That is great.

Rafe takes the file away.

Rafe: Let's go ahead and move on.

Victoria: To what?

Rafe: Is there anything that J.T. can use against you?

Victoria: (Laughs) Oh, Rafe there is a lot of stuff.

Rafe: Like what?

Victoria: I have been married six times. That only goes to show that, I cannot provide a stable relationship.

Rafe: Yeah, he could put that against you.

Victoria: I have also been arrested three times.

Rafe: But, two of those times, the charges were dropped. So, he could only use one against you.

Victoria: Oh, yeah. True.

Rafe: Anything else?

Victoria: No. Rafe...

Rafe: Yeah?

Victoria: Who do you think has a better shot at winning? Honest answer. The odds do seem pretty stacked against me. JT won custody of Reed the first time.

Rafe: To tell you the truth Victoria, like you asked for. You. But are you sure this is what you want to do or is this on a whim because your lonely now that Billy left you to be with Chloe?

Victoria looks away from Rafe unable to give him an answer. She kind of wonders what is she really doing.

Back at Marys Apt.

Mary and Daisy look at James with big eyes looking at the bombs in his jacket.

Mary: Dad have you gone mad?

James: Not at all. But I do intend to stop your mother once and for all. She has hurt too many people for far too long. One minute shes dead the next shes not. Shes Phyllis then she is not. The people are confused. We need closure. This story is old and been going on to damn long. Im going to end all of it.

Daisy: By doing what? Being a terrorist? Are you a writer, are you writing this story?

James: Well I guess you could call me a writer. I like head writer better. Im going to advance this long running story to its final stages. I know your crazy mother is alive and you will take me to her.

Daisy: And then what? Youre going to blow her up? Is that in the script?

James: Im prepared to do what I have to do as you can see.

Daisy: Shes dead you crazy old man. Dont you get it?

James: Wrong flower girl. I been watching you two for weeks. Mary just visited her a few days ago, its a place outside of Genoa City.

Daisy: Then if you know so much then take yourself to where you think Sheila is.

James: Mary take me to her.

Mary: Daisy has a point. If you think my mother is alive and know where she is then why do you need me to take you there?

James: Because if you dont, Ill have to inform the flower here about your betrayal.

Daisy: What betrayal? Mary what did you do to me? Is it about that camera?

Mary: Nothing Daisy relax! Old man is going senile. He cant handle all his responsibilities. Hell hes a jack of all trades, a terrorist, a kidnapper, a peeping tom, a hostage taker, a photographer, a stalker and a writer oh and a senior citizen. Of course hes going to talk crazy.

James: Flower let me show you here on my camera what pictures of I captured.

James finagles with the camera and turns it on.

Mary: Ok father Ill take you to Sheila.

Daisy: MARY!! What are you doing?

James: The right thing.

Daisy: I want to know what you did to me Mary. You caved in so easily once James brought up this betrayal and pictures.

Mary: Daisy Im sorry. I have to do this.

James: Good lets go. Its getting hot wearing all these bombs.

Mary grabs her keys and walks out the door as James follows her. Before James leaves though he turns to look at Daisy. He smiles at her.

James: This will be all over soon. Sheila will no longer haunt us. Remember Im the headwriter.

He winks at her and walks out the door.

Daisy has a look of worried confusion on her face as she doesnt know what to make of the situation. After James closes the door she pulls out her cell phone and begins to send a text to Sheila.

Mary sold us out. She is brining James 2 Verdon Lou

imagesCAHKR5JS_zps984b1aa4.jpgDown the street from GC Nights a reunion and a confrontation between a mother and father takes place. Daniel is still knocked unconscious on the ground with no pants on from the camera blow to the head from James Warrick.

james2_zpsff268914.pngJames: I watched you this whole time young lady.

thCAE12Z40.jpgMary: Did you like what you saw you pervert?

James: You will not speak to me in that tone. Not after what I caught you doing. Having sex with your sister’s baby’s father. Why would you do such a thing? What has Sheila done to you? What is she doing to you?

Mary: Sheila is dead. That bitch Lauren killed her.

James: You know as well as I do that is not very true. I’ve been caring for Sheila for years. She’s not dead. But she did escape my care. I know she’s near Mary, or is it Vandalynn?

Mary: It’s only Vandalynn when I’m being naughty. I like Vandalynn, she let’s loose.

James: I don’t like Vandalynn. She seems she’s all about Vandalism’s.

Mary: Ha ha that’s cute. Vandalism.

James: Young lady we are going to your place right now so you can wash the stench of alley and sex off of you.

He grabs her arm and tries to drag her off but Mary resists.

Mary: Keep your hands off of me! I’m not going anywhere with you!

James aims his gun at Mary.

James: You wanna try that again Mary Margaret?

Mary: You’re aiming a gun at your own daughter?

James: And you were being a salacious slut in the back of an alley.

Mary: I don’t understand why you are calling me all these horrible names.

James: Because of all the horrible things you are doing. Now enough of this charade. This madness stops now! After you wash that whore off of you, we are going to go see dear mother, Sheila Carter.

He jams the gun in Mary’s back and she obliges to his demands. They walk off leaving Daniel in the alleyway.

imagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgHe slowly comes to. He regains his composure and looks around. He feels a cool draft on the lower part of his body and sees a pair of jeans lying next to him. He looks down and sees he is naked in his glory. He grabs his jeans and stumbles towards the door way of GC nights. He opens the door trying not to fall out as he is dizzy from the blow to his head. He stumbles inside the bar and then collapses. Daisy, Roxanne and Tyler all look on in shock. Daisy runs over to him as Tyler picks up the phone and dials 911.

imagesCA7K9T0D_zps3987aa39.jpgRoxanne: Since when do naked ass men walk into bars? I don’t know if it’s a new trend or not but I like it.

Tyler chuckles at Roxanne.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 156: James Warrick Arrives and vows to stop the Carter Plan

Written by ML Cooks and Casey Hutchinson

Creative Consults: Cary Richardson, Alexander Washington-Beebs, Martin Sanez, and Rob Wolf



GC Nights bar2.jpg

Roxanne rushes over to Daisy and kneels down next to her as Daisy is checking for a pulse on Daniel. Tyler rushes over with a blanket. To cover him up.

Tyler than throws the blanket on Daniel.

Roxanne: I’m so stunned at penis walking into the club. Who does that?

imagesCA7P22AB_zps395c068a.jpgTyler: Daniel surely doesn’t. Something is wrong. Blood is coming from his head. He was with some one earlier this evening.

thCADBKYJS-1.jpgDaisy: Like who? He was here before? A woman? I’ll kill her. Daniel is mine. We have a family.

Roxanne: Hold on girl. Can’t kill nobody remember you done with that crazy life. You not about that life no more.

Daisy: I love Daniel. We share a child and no woman or anything will keep us apart.

Tyler: I think I said too much.

The paramedics arrive and rush over to a still unresponsive Daniel. They put him on a gurney and hook him up to an IV. The ambulance then rushes off.

Daisy stands up. She then thinks of Lucy.

Daisy: My daughter… Daniel is injured then who has my daughter? I have to go find out.

Roxanne: You want me to come with you? I can’t have my new friend out here on the streets killing folks.

Daisy smiles.

Daisy: I’ll be ok. Thank you. I’ll call you soon.

Roxanne: Seeing all this makes me want to make things right with my new found father. So that’s where I’m headed if you need me.

They hug and they both leave the club.

Tyler continues to think of the blonde bombshell Daniel was with at the bar earlier and contemplates the fact she has something to do with Daniel’s injury.



imagesCA8SBOUY_zps54cf761b.jpgHillary arrives home from work and is looking forward to relaxing after being in stilettos and business attire all day. Her smile turns into a frown when she sees her apartment door has been kicked in. She panics and runs up to the door and looks inside her place and sees it is totally trashed. From inside her apartment she looks across the hall at the door to Roxanne’s apartment. Hillary thinks to her self that Roxanne did this. She shakes her in disappointment and pulls out her cell phone to make a call.

Hillary: Hello is this a bad time?

Male Voice: No who is this?

Hillary: Oh come it’s been that long since you’ve heard from me you don’t know my own voice?

Voice: Hillary how great to hear from you, are you in town?

Hillary: I am. I came here to help you but instead I’m in need of some help.

Voice: 2212 Kingston dr. apartment 2b. Come right over.

Hillary: Thanks, I’ll be over in a bit.

Hillary hangs up her phone and is flustered still looking at her trashed place.

Hillary: Roxanne you are going to be sorry for this.

Hillary then leaves the apartment building.



GC MemorialimagesCAV2LZV6_zps53ad10dd.jpg

Snapper with Jill, Nikki, Mac and Brock all rush into the hospital. Right behind them storms in Sister Patterson and her church bus full including Devon, Neil, Nina, Chance, and Philip.

They see Nate and walk over to him. Sister Patterson barges onto the front of the crowd.

Sister Patterson: We are hear my child to do the work that needs to done.

Nate: Come again?

Sister Patterson: We are ready, willing, abled and equipped with the tools to do the job that needs to be done Brother Hastings.

Nate: I’m assuming you are here about Esther, Karl and Karynn.

Jill_zps2ba9c426.pngJill: No Dr. Hastings, Esther only.

Sister Patterson turns to Jill.

Sister Patterson: Now see that is the ugly I’m talking about. We don’t need all that evilness from you Jill. We need to care and pray for all God’s chillrens‘.

Jill: You’re getting so annoying and tired. Who are you really?

Sister Patterson takes out a bottle of cooking oil out of her oversized bag and unscrews the top.

Nate: Sister we are not frying nothing here this is a hospital.

Sister Patterson: Won’t be no cooking’s today brother. This oil is special. You see…

Sister Patterson pours some in her hand.

Sister Patterson: This oil here is special like I said.

Sister Patterson throws it on Jill’s for head then puts the palm on her hand on Jill’ head and pushes her back.

Sister Patterson: This is the lord’s oil. This praying oil. Jill has a nasty ass spirit in her and we need this oil here- you see to fight it. Drive this demon out my GOD! Yes! We ask of you to give Jill the strength she needs, oh lord yes, to fight that vile demon that makes her spew such careless remarks. This demon made her attack the elderly my god!! In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

Sister Patterson then pushes Jill backward and Snapper catches her.

images2_zpse1bbaee6.jpgPaul: Ok I’ve seen enough. Nate this woman needs a mental evaluation.

Nate: Paul it’s ok. She’s new at my church.

Sister Patterson: I am not insane. I am a commander of my army. We are soldiers for the lord and I got the tools right here. Brother Nate I got my prayer warriors right here. Lead us to the right areas of our loved ones and we will make it an oh happy day.

Then Sister Patterson jumps for joy.

Sister Patterson: YES HALLUEJIUAH!! AMEND!!!! Everyone needs healing Brother Nate, we can do this right here. Join me in song choir.

Sister Patterson pulls out her baton from her holy bag and turns to the crowd but in her mind the church choir. She begins to sing Oh, Happy Day, very loudly and out of pitch. Some wouldn’t even call it singing.ilny_4_36.jpg

Sister Patterson: (singing) Oh happy day. … Oh happy day…

Sister Patterson is angered when her choir doesn’t respond to her commands.

Sister Patterson: Hear me and hear me now! I am a commander on the battlefield of sin. I only do his work and I only know how to speak the truth. That’s all I can do. I am an agent of God and when I begin to sing this oh heavenly tune again I’m going to need all abled bodied souls, to join in. We need to sang this song, oh lord, to heal all this evilness and this sickness in this hospital.

Nate: Sister Patterson Please not right here.

Sister Patterson: Never mind all that Brother Nate, you hear? We are doing his work. We are at war and don’t you stop us. Now choir let me hear thy voices.

“Oh Happy day…..Oh Happy day.” Everyone slowly joins in with Sister Patterson. “ When Jesus washed…Oh yes you did lawd, you washed…You washed our sins away.”

Sister Patterson then steps up the song and she begins to clap. As the crowd sings she hollers over them

“ Yes sing it. Let me hear it!”

The emergency room has come to a complete halt as everyone looks on at the impromptu church vigil .






Daniel’s House

Daisy pounds on the front door. Phyllis opens and Daisy is shocked to see Phyllis there using a walker.

imagesCAJYHLAL_zps6f3181ca.jpgPhyllis: What in the hell are you doing here crazy Bitch?

imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgDaisy: As old as you are and I should add crippled, why are you so childish?

Phyllis: I can do that, I don’t like you, you are a physco. Why are you here?

Daisy: Where is Lucy?

Phyllis: You are not getting any where near her!

Daisy: Well then you need to get over to memorial. Daniel has been hurt.

Phyllis: You are lying! This is a ploy to get Lucy. It’s not gonna work. You can do better than that surely.

Daisy: I’m not lying. I saw it. Roxanne and I were having drinks at GC Nights and then in walks Daniel with no pants on and blood coming from his head. He collapsed.

Phyllis: Do you know how crazy that sounds?

Lucy then begins to cry in the background.

Daisy: My daughter needs me. I can stay here while you go to Daniel to make sure he’s ok.

Phyllis: Daisy don’t let this walker fool you. You try to enter this house so help me God I’ll beat the hell out of you with this damn walker!

Daisy: Yea right you crippled bitch! One kick from me to you and it’s over. Now step aside or I’ll have to escalate this and we don’t want that.

Phyllis: I think we do so then you can go back to jail.

Daisy: Phyllis just move please. Can’t you hear my daughter crying? She wants her mother please I’m begging you I haven’t seen her in a couple of years. You are a mother you know what that is like.

Phyllis walks away from the door just enough with her walker so she can slam the door in Daisy’s face. Daisy is stunned and then hurt. She then pounds on the door. Phyllis walks over to Lucy and gives her a bottle. Daisy is still pounding on the door.

Daisy: I will break this door down Phyllis and then I’m going to shove that walker up your ass! I will get my daughter no one will stop me!

Daisy then begins to kick at the door trying to bust it down.

Phyllis picks up the phone and calls over to Memorial to find out if Daisy’s story checks out. Phyllis gasps when she learns it’s true.

Phyllis hangs up the phone and looks at the door realizing that Daisy has stopped attacking the door. She wonders if she’s left. She slowly walks over to it and opens it. She sees Daisy smiling and dangling a set of keys.

Daisy: It seems your son is having an emergency and you have no means to the hospital. As a good mother like myself you would want to get down there right?

Phyllis: I don’t care Daisy you are not going to be left alone with Lucy.

Daisy: To show you I’m the bigger woman here let me suggest a compromise. I’ll drive you to the hospital and you can bring Lucy. You can keep an eye on her or us. As long as I can see my daughter. Just until you are done.

Phyllis: Damn it Bitch! You try anything I swear you will regret it.

Daisy: I want to earn your trust.

Phyllis: Yea after acting like a big bad wolf trying to break the damn door down!

Phyllis sits in her wheel chair and she grabs Lucy. Daisy pushes them out to her car.

Phyllis is on edge and tense as she wonders if she can really trust Daisy.



Back at the Hospital

Nate is at the nurse’s station doing some charting when Devon walks up behind him

imagesCA0LEUUJ_zps0a469630.jpgDevon: You make it all look so good don’t you?

Nate turns around to look at Devon.

Nate: I was waiting on this. You going to hit me again?

Devon: I wouldn’t want to mess up your pretty white doctor’s coat there”

Devon says brushing off Nate’s should and fixing his white coat.

Nate: Are you going to make a scene? This really isn’t the place nor the time.

Devon: It wasn’t your place to be sleeping with Roxanne. My woman. The woman I want to marry.

Nate: I never slept with Roxanne. Had you stayed that day you caught us in an embrace Roxanne would have explained that to you.

Devon: Actions speak louder than words family.

Nate: Yes we are family and that’s why I wouldn’t hurt you like that by sleeping with Roxanne behind your back.

Devon: Than what was it?

Nate: I had an attraction to Roxanne. We have been fighting it for months.

Devon: Months? So you’re saying Roxanne has feelings for you too then?

Nate: I don’t want to speak for Roxanne. I also won’t share with you the things Rox and I talk about.

Devon scoffs at Nate.

Devon: Rox? That’s a joke. So I caught you two at the park in an embrace and you both lied to me then. You told me that embrace was nothing. Yet since that time and I assume even before that you two had this attraction to one another. You and I even talked about it. You told me there was nothing between you and Roxanne. That was a lie to so why should I believe you now when you say you didn’t sleep with Roxanne?

Nate: You just have to take my word for it. Ask Roxanne.

Devon: Have you spoken to Roxanne since I caught you two?

Abby then walks over to Devon seeing the two getting more intense.

imagesCAUGZZ2C_zpsface33ce.jpgAbby: Devon come on let’s not do this here.

Devon: No no Abby I want to know. Nate answer the question. Have you spoken to Roxanne since the day I caught you two in an romantic embrace at your apartment?

Nate: Have you?

Devon is about to punch Nate but catches himself.

Abby pulls Devon away. Nate takes a deep breath turns around and gets back to his paper work.



Roxanne is about to knock on a door when she hears heels stomping towards her. She pauses and wonders who it could be walking so fast. Up the corridor is Hillary looking down on a business card. She looks up and sees Roxanne.

Hillary: What the hell are you doing here?

Roxanne: I got business bitch and you?

Hillary: No class at all. Is that how you really speak?

Roxanne: To a bitch I don’t like I sure do.

Hillary: And why don’t you like me Roxi?

Roxanne: Get my name right tramp! I’m only going to say it once.

Hillary: So petty. You’re mad because I slept with Nathan.

Roxanne: You mean Nate and no I’m not,.. I love Devon.

Hillary: If that makes you sleep better at night then by all means. And I bet it was you who trashed my place.

Roxanne: Prove it.

Hillary: You just seem like you would do something so low class. Your speech is low class.

Roxanne: Oh yea Bitch? So you put two and two together and you got four or what?

Hillary: No I got Nate and I know you want him. That’s why your acting like this,.. you’re mad. Sorry Roxi you can’t have both Devon and Nate.

Roxanne grabs Hillary’s neck and slams her head against a door. She does this several times.

Between each pound Roxanne speaks:

I told yo bitch ass (pound) to get (pound) my damn (pound) name right (pound)”

Hillary grabs Roxanne’s ponytail and yanks it very hard while using her other hand to claw Roxanne’s face. Roxanne screams and let’s go of Hillary’s neck. She backs away from Hillary unable to bear the stinging pain of open flesh wounds on her face. Hillary then stomps on Roxanne’s foot with the heel of her stiletto. Roxanne’s hollers out in pain and in anger grabs Hillary’s neck again to pound it against the door. Only this time the door swings open and they fly into an apartment. They crash onto the ground.

It just happens to be Spencer’s new apartment.

thCANS4T73.jpgSpencer: Hillary, Roxanne. What the hell is this? I just moved here damn it you two going to get me put out!

Roxanne regains her composure and sits on top of Hillary still choking her. Hillary is trying to break out of Roxanne’s grip.

Spencer grabs Roxanne and pulls her off of Hillary. Hillary chokes and coughs catching her breath.

Roxanne: Let me go!! I’m going to whoop dat’ ass!!

Roxanne says as she struggles to free herself from Spencer’s hold.

Spencer: No Roxanne!! I can’t have you fighting your half sister.

Hillary and Roxanne both pause what they were doing and look at him.

Hillary: Say who?

Spencer: Roxanne this is my daughter Hillary and Hillary this is my new found daughter Roxanne. Now stop all this fighting and tell me what is going on?

RoxannethumbnailCAERFBK3-1.jpg and HillaryimagesCAUNXA3A_zps52f3f6ae.jpg are stunned just learning they are half sisters….

The Chancellor Estate is burning after exploding as Karynn on a gurney behind Brock, Karl, Mac, Neil, Devon, Philip, Chance, Nina, Snapper, and Sister Patterson, Katherine’s new neighbor. They are all horrified as they watch Katherine’s house burning.imagesCAQS1F3T_zps045bfef8.jpg

Jill2_zpsdfe50a90.pngJill: Where is Esther?

The firefighters call in for back up for all surrounding towns and cities.

imagesCAYORKVJ_zps9d688a0e.jpgKarynn: The will. The will is gone.

Everyone turns around and looks at Karynn.

Karynn: What?

Jill walks towards Karynn.

Jill: I have never met such an ignorant or more detestable old hag.

Jill then punches Karynn in the face. Karynn is knocked off the gurney as everyone gasps in amazement.

Sister Patterson comes in between the battle axes.sisterp_throw.gif

Sister Patterson: Now wait a damn minute! Ain’t no time for all this evilness. You just hit an old woman Jill. That is no work of the lord. The flames of hellfire are raging out of control and you instead are doing the work of Lucifer by attacking the elderly. We need to help the flame fighters put this fire out. Everyone get to my house now for buckets of water….

Everyone looks at the newly arrived on the scene mad sister claiming to be Katherine’s new neighbor standing before them wondering what is wrong with her talking to everyone as she is.

Sister Patterson: NOW! I said. I am Sister Patterson! An agent of God and you all will do as I say. The lord speaks through me. The devil is at work and we must stop the flames of hell.”

Mac looks to Brock

Mac_zps228e274b.jpgMac: Who is that?

Brock_zps7b0c07c7.pngBrock: A crazy woman.

imagesCAIZ8IGR_zps1546391b.jpgSnapper: She’s Katherine’s new neighbor I guess.

Nina: I’ve’ never seen her before.

Sister Patterson: I said NOW! HEAR ME AND HEAR ME NOW!!

imagesCAADCEEB_zpsbfede657.jpgSister Patterson shoves Neil and Devon in order to get the crowd going. Every one else follows them to get buckets of water from Sister Patterson’s house. Sister Patterson walks over to Karynn and helps her up off the ground. Karynn brushes her self off.

Sister Patterson: Are you ok my child? You was punched in the face lord have mercy. What would drive that woman to do such an ugly thing like that? So unwomanly and unholy. It’s also ugly and my God don’t like ugly.

Karynn: With that deep voice Jill has whose to say she is a woman.

Sister Patterson: That is no work of the lord. I don’t that honey. I don’t talk about people behind they backs for I shall not sin. I am a solider for the lord. I only do his work. I don’t do ugly. Now let us pray for the welfare of Esther.”

Karynn gives Sister Patterson a look.

Sister Patterson forces Karynn’s head in a down word position, so they can pray for Esther’s well being.

Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell

Episode 155: Karynn burns down the Chancellor Estate!

Written and Produced by ML Cooks

Creative Consults: Casey Hutchinson, Martin Saenz, C Nate Richardson, Alex Wasington-Beebs, and Rob Wolff

imagesCAHKR5JS_zps984b1aa4.jpgDown the Street from the nightclub GC Nights Daniel and Vandalynn stand by an alley way kissing passionately.

The mystery person who’s been stalking Vandalynn is snapping photos of Van and Dan’s make out sessiona8c78624.jpg

Vandalynn pulls back from Daniel and looks in his eyes.

Vandalynn: You are so handsome. You have this rugged mountain man thing going and I find it enticing.

Daniel: Is that right?imagesCATIHD0R_zps485b840d.jpg

thCARZE2M7.jpgVan: MMM.. I do.

She grabs his privacy again and massages it to arouse him.

Daniel: I mean really, right here?

Van: Why not? Let’s have fun…. Adventure… I’ve always wanted to have sex outside. You can fulfill my fantasy, tonight.

She plants a seductive kiss on his lips.

She looks around and sees the alley behind her.

Van: Right here.

She pulls him into the alley way. Van then leans against the wall of a building and pulls him into a kiss again. As they kiss she takes his hand and places it on her butt and then grabs his hand forcing him to grab her butt. She moans.

Van: Grab it. I like that.

Dan: You like a lot of things.

He grabs a handful of her rump. Then he smacks it.

Van: YES. Oh yes. I want you to spank me, choke me and pull my hair

Daniel: Damn, you’re a wild cat.

Then she takes her panties off. She takes them and slides them across Daniels’ nose.No_longer_desired_by_hga.jpg She then throws them down. She unzips his pants and pulls out his rod. She strokes it. She smiles at him and he smiles at her. Daniel is extremely turned on by the scenario of the situation.

Van: I want you now. Put it in me.”

Daniel moves closer to Van and presses her against the wall and they kiss once again only this time more then Daniel’s tongue is going inside of Van. YCACR3FFRCA0O9LU5CAV3F5ZKCAU98AALCAQZBZGFCAU0F66ICACCGGVMCAQ8RN7BCANHRV4WCA1GZ9W0CAUBGQ36CABM0IRZCABFMCMJCA2J6E7XCAL2MS5DCA8WFS9QCAZBPRHYCAD.jpgVan is moaning as the mystery person is still taking pictures is shocked and has had enough and stops taking pictures. The mystery person moves closer to the alley sex duo.IMG_0441-lores.jpg


Meanwhile inside GC Nights.bar2.jpg

Roxanne and Daisy grab seats at the bar.

imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgDaisy: It’s been an incredible day.

imagesCA7K9T0D_zps3987aa39.jpgRoxanne: Yes it has.

imagesCA7P22AB_zps395c068a.jpgTyler the bartender walks over to them.

Tyler: Hello ladies, what’s it going to be tonight?

Roxanne: We are celebrating new jobs so let’s see I think we will have a crown royal and coke.

Tyler: Right up.

Daisy: You know it really felt great showing up Daniel today at House of Kem.

Roxanne: I know right. He was salty when he learned you got a job.

As Tyler is making the drinks, overhearing the girls talk he realizes this is the Daisy his good friend Daniel was talking about, the “crazy baby momma”. He continues to listen in as he serves them their drinks.

Daisy: Thank you.

Roxanne and Daisy then lift their glasses to one another to toast.

Roxanne: To new beginnings and to putting your family back together.

Before they drink Daisy stops them -

Daisy: Wait, what are you going to toast to? It can’t be all about me.

Roxanne: Well I’ll toast to finding peace with my long lost mother and my new job.

Daisy: Sounds good.

They clank their glasses and take a sip of their drink.


Lauren's Apartment

imagesCA6GSYIY_zps7392afbd.jpgLauren is reading the newspaper and Scotty enters. She stands.

Lauren: Hi, sweety.

Scotty: Hi mom.

Lauren: Is everything okay? You are looking a little bit pale. I hope it is nothing serious.

Scotty: We need to talk about something.

Lauren: What?

Scotty: How you have been weak.

Lauren gives Scotty a look of confusion.

The Chancellor Estate, the crowd each with a bucket of water walks past the estate taking their turns dumping water on the fire. Fire fighters urge them to get out of the way since they are only making things worse. They walk over by Karynn and Sister Patterson who has just finished praying.

A paramedic puts Karynn’s gurney into an ambulance and takes her to the hospital.

Another paramedic walks over to Karl who looks tired sitting in his wheel chair. He is wheezing.

imagesCAJCKQ99_zpsf4d4aca9.jpgKarl: I can’t breath. I need my inhaler.

The 2nd paramedic places Karl in his ambulance and takes him to the hospital.

nikki_zps015e5988.pngNikki: Still no word on Esther?

Jill: Dear God no! This can’t be happening.

Then a firefighter walks over to the crowd.kayshouseonfire_zpsbe93248d.jpg

“How many people were in the house when the house exploded?” He asks.

Brock: I think just only one.

Firefighter: Ok we retrieved a woman from the house, she has been taken to the hospital.

Everyone breathes a sigh of relief.

Nikki: I think we should all head over there to make sure Esther is ok.

Snapper: Agreed. I have a Suburban I can take about 8 people.

Jill: Sounds good darling.

Jill and some of the crowd follow Snapper and Jill to his SUV.

Sister Patterson: Have no fear the rest of ya’s! I can drive my church bus over to the hospital so we all can check on Sister Esther.

Neil: You have a license to drive?

Devon: You’re coming too?

Sister Patterson: Of course I am. Not only am I coming, I got my bible and my praying oil as well.

Paul rolls his eyes and gets ready for the ensuing drama about to take place at the hospital.

Sister Patterson: Follow me children to the get on the holy bus.

Nina: I’m nervous.

Philip looks at her and smiles.

philip_zpse4fb4fbf.pngPhilip: I like her. She’s a much needed relief from the seriousness of the situation.

Nina, Philip, Chance, Neil and Devon follow the mighty Sister to her church bus.

They are stunned to walk up on a 1975 aqua green Volkswagen van.imagesCASYD9UC_zpsc2e9aeb4.jpg

imagesCAMZJC1S_zps9980e2c8.jpgNina: Does it even run?

Sister Patterson: This is the mighty wheels of the lord. Of course it works.

Sister Patterson starts up the bus and a large plume of black smoke is released into the air from the exhaust pipes. Everyone coughs.

Chance: I think this thing needs an oil change.

Sister Patterson: Damn all that talking. No time for talking we need to get to the hospital to stay prayed up for Sister Esther. We are now prayer warriors. Now hurry and get in.”

Chance, Nina, Philip, Neil and Devon get in the van. Before they all can sit down and find seats Sister Patterson peals out her driveway, leaving the passengers struggling to maintain balance in the van.

Back at Lauren's Apt

scottythree.jpgScotty sits down on the couch.

Lauren: Weak is not a word I use in my vocabulary. And are you talking about Daisy by chance? It seems like you are.

Scotty: I am.

Lauren: Moving on.

Scotty: Mom... I need to say this. Yes you defended yourself against her but you let her walk all over you sometimes. You need a plan for her. Don't you realize that?

Lauren: I do... but I need to stop sinking down to her level. I need to not turn into Daisy. The red hair terrifies me already. It’s not even real, its like an off brand at the dollar store kind of hair.

Scotty: Hahaha... good joke. But this is no joking matter. Remember how scared you were about Sara Smythe. You need to get that scared again. I say that because you took action when you were scared of Sara.

Lauren: I cannot just live my whole life in fear!

Scotty: I know.

Lauren: No... no you do not honey. (Sighs) When I think back to what every Carter person has put me through... it worries me for Fen and your's future. I mean Sheila has come back from the dead before, Daisy is out of jail. There is just too much in play for not only me to get hurt... but you too.

Scotty: Mom I have been hurt by Sheila before. She fooled me into thinking she was a college student remember?

Lauren: Yes, I do.

Scotty: Just sit down with me here and let me help.

Lauren: Fine... I will.

Lauren sits.

Scotty: Good.

He smiles and walk away, the only thing on his mind i his first true love Kirkland and his wedding to Charlie. He lays down in his bed depressed about his life.




GC Nights

Tyler pretends to be busy cleaning shot glasses as he stands within earshot of Roxanne and Daisy’s conversation.

Roxanne: So girl you got to tell me, how did things go wrong with you and Daniel?

Daisy: It was my mother, my family. I was brainwashed by my Aunt Sarah to do all these horrible things to Lauren, Daniel and Jana Hawkes. All in the name of revenge. Justice for what Laruen did to my mother.

Roxanne: I don’t have the best mother either. In fact I just met my actual birth mother.

Daisy: You were adopted or something?

Roxanne: I recently found out I was. My mother had an open leg policy.

Daisy: I don’t get that.

Roxanne: A slut. A tramp. A whore. A hooker. Streetwalker.

Daisy raises an eyebrow in shock by all the names that just rolled off Roxanne’s tongue to describe her mother. Even Tyler raises his eyebrow and has to look at Roxanne. He turns back to appearing to be busy.

Daisy: Wow you are not shy about it.

Roxanne: It is what it is. Leslie was a college hooker. I was the product of one of her rolling stone johns.

Daisy: Wow. I don’t know who’s childhood was worse mine or yours. We have something in common.

Roxanne: We do. I don’t have many friends in this city. There’s a new Bitch in town named Hillary trying to take my man.

Daisy: I had that problem once. In fact she was a whore too named Amber Moore.

Roxanne: That rhymed.

They both laugh and take sips of their drinks.

Roxanne: What did you end up doing? You are referring to Daniel?

Daisy: I am. I got my man but not in the best way.

Roxanne: What did you do girl tell me?

Daisy: I basically raped him.

Roxanne looks at Daisy in shock. Daisy wonders what her new found friend will think of her.



Out in the alley way behind GC Nights

Vandalynn has her hands wrapped around her ankles as she is bent over. Daniel is pounding away from behind. As sweat runs down his face he climaxes letting out loud moans.

Vans: Yes. ..Oh yes fill me up.

The Mystery Person walks up on them and takes the camera and hits Daniel in the head from behind. Then the person snaps a photo of Daniel, caught with his pants down knocked out in the alley way.

Vandalynn is scared as she puts her panties back on and fixes herself back up.

The mystery person looks at her.

Van: You are the person that’s been stalking my sister and me.

The mystery person speaks: Mary Carter. How dare you?

Vandalynn: You know me? Wait I know that voice. That accent. Oh my god it can’t be.

They mystery person takes off their mask and it is revealed to be James Warrick.imagesCA0SVIGC_zps9d8cf744.jpg

Vandalynn: Dad, you caught me by surprise.

James: No I caught you being an alley cat type of whore. You slept with your sister’s baby’s father, in an alley. What did your mother do to you? No daughter of mine is going to act this way.

Mary: She’s dead. Sheila is dead!

James: No she isn’t my dear. I know Sheila is alive and you are going to take me to her now! This madness is going to stop now! Right after you tell your dear half sister what Slutty deeds you were doing in the alley. Shame on you.…. Tonight Sheila’s reign of terror is stops permanently. No more “back from the deads“, no more plastic surgeons. It’s OVER!

Van is very nervous as James points his gun at her.


Series Update:

Something unusual is going on. There have been no new episodes posted on The Young and the Restless.

Readers are wondering if Vandalynn aka Mary Carter will betray her sister Daisy by sleeping with Daniel. Daisy is on a mission to put her family back together, and under one roof, with Daniel and their daughter Lucy but it seems Daisy’s sister has other ideas. imagesCA7UNK71_zps7132f78c.jpgimagesCAQCG4VW_zps1f3bf012.jpgthCAVCMY3I.jpg

imagesCAQS1F3T_zps045bfef8.jpgAlso The Chancellor Estate has exploded and Esther is no where to be found. What about the “Will”? And just exactly who is Sister Patterson?sisterp_throw.gif

All these questions will have to remain on hold for now as Headwriter ML Cooks is taking some time off.

You can expect new shows soon but no exact date can be announced at this time.

ML previews there will be lots of movement in some very long running storylines mostly the “Verdon Lou” situation. Not just one but SEVERAL big events propel the “Verdon Lou Story” when the series returns.


ML also teases that a few more cast members will meet their maker this fall.

“I continue to trim down the large cast. So some major players will be making their way out of GC when the show returns.” Could Esther Valentine be one?imagesCAH50UME_zps90ba1d54.jpg

When asked, ML teased, “ Stay Tuned!”

ML did preview though in the first episode back, the mystery person that has been stalking the Carter girls will be revealed!a8c78624.jpg

Can you guess who it is?

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