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Episode#458: The Power of Vivian

Posted by aMLCproduction , 18 August 2011 · 226 views

Chez Rouge
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Vivian stands in front of everyone at Laura's celebration party at Chez Rouge, having just barged in and crashed the entire thing. Everyone inside is shocked and appalled; the room is lined with Vivian's enemies. Laura, Kate, Celeste, Andre, Valentine, Nicholas, Mike, Maggie, Bo, Kristen.
What are you doing here, Vivian? You have no right to be here.
Vivian, chuckling
I rule Salem. I can go any where I please. I just want to take part in this joyous celebration of your mother's freedom; is there anything wrong with that? I mean, it's not like a bunch of her close friends are here. Kate is here, of all people. My sister and her psychotic husband are here. Kristen is here! None of these people are friends with your mother; they've done nothing to help her. I have. If it wasn't for me, she'd still be in a home getting fed drugs. I got her out of that.
And you wanted to put me right back in, didn't you? I know what you did, Vivian; you were scared after I sent you that letter, so you hired Robin to make sure that she got me comitted. Two of the biggest bitches in Salem teamed up to bring me down.
Many people in the room are stunned. Everyone looks at each other after this revelation.
Vivian, slightly surprised
Why, my dear, I have no idea what you are talking about. Why would I hire someone I didn't even know to try to put your poor, innocent self back into a mental institution? Despite that nasty letter.
Don't play games, Vivian, you know you did it!
Who are you again?
You have wreaked so much havoc on my family lately. You stole the hospital from us, and now you get my ex to try to put my mother back into some crazy home? A place where she doesn't belong?
Please! It was just your harlet trying to excuse her own actions!
Robin may have masterminded the plot, but you took advantage of it.
We all know it's true, Vivian. Any idiot can figure that out. It's ridiculous that you even try to act innocent.
Oh really, Kate? Let's go over what YOU did to Laura, shall we? It's far worse than anything I've ever done to her. You slept with her husband, had a bastard child with him-
Just hold it right there! That's not true. You have no right to come in here and throw that in our faces. I don't really know you, Vivian, but I've heard of you. You're despicable; taking over all of the businesses in Salem and merging them into one self-centered company? Taking the hospital from a good, hard-working family? That's pathetic.
I did all of that in a fair way! I bought the hospital, and all of you Hortons harping on that has already gotten old! Let me tell all of you something: If I wanted to squash Laura after that letter she sent me, I wouldn't go to the trouble of hiring some randomer to get rid of her. I could do it much easier than that!
You bitch.
And we all know you like to get rid of people, don't we? You relish in it. You got rid of my brother just because he exposed some one night stand of yours.
That again, Kristen? Really? Your fascination with that has gotten so disturbing. You really should back off and get over it, or it could mean very bad things for you.
Kristen flashes back to Vivian trying to blackmail her over her affair with Bo, and is conflicted; her affair with Bo is seemingly over, but she's not willing to give up on it just yet. However, justice for her brother is very important. Just as important as that.
Was that a threat?
You decide, but I'm not admitting anything.
Bo glances at Kristen, and Hope sees them looking at each other. Her eyes dart back to Vivian
I think it's time for you to go. You've ruined my aunt's party long enough.
I will leave when I want to leave! If you're so anxious, go have a drink or hit the pipe. I know you probably miss it.
Bo, enraged by that sudden remark
Get out, now, before I throw you out!
Ooh, did I hit a nerve?
Everyone has had enough of you, Vivian; as much as everyone in this room may hate each other, I think we all hate you more. You've destroyed the DiMera dynasty. The DiMera name.
Vivian, looking at her sister
Valentine, dear, please come and restrain your lap dog, will you?
You expect me to side with you?!
Yes...I expect a lot from you. You're my business partner, after all.
Valentine flashes back to Vivian warning her about going to jail for the fire, and she rolls her hands up into a ball, angry with Vivian and her threats. She knows that she has to get rid of Vivian soon; she refuses to let her walk all over Valentine Heart. Vivian, on the other hand, delights in seeing how much influence she has over the people of Salem.
Vivian, looking at Kate
Speaking of DiMeras, how is Tony, Kate? Andre's face just isn't a good substitute for his wonderful presence, is it? Is he still in your bed? Oh, oops, that's right; he deserted you for Anna after he find out you were a murderous whore and is off showering her in some wonder land.
Kate, infuriated
Kate charges for Vivian, but both Bill and Mike grab her and hold her back.
She's not worth it, Kate! Not a woman this pathetic.
Aunt Vivian, just go. You're causing enough trouble; seeing you stampede over everyone has gotten boring.
If only you would have joined me on this conquest, dear nephew. It would have been so much better for you than Belle.
Nicholas narrows his eyes, frustrated himself, and Celeste walks forward.
I've had enough of this, dahling! You are a conniving witch! You have done nothing but hurt everyone in this room; you manipulate everyone and everything in this town. I've tried to warn you to back off, but you won't listen.
You're still just mad because I was the one who had Victor's ring on her finger!
And I was the one that was in his arms at the end of the day! When he died, I was there...you weren't! You didn't succeed, dahling!
Look around! I've succeeded in so many ways! I've carried on Victor's and Stefano's legacies in ways that NONE of you could! I have made Alamain far greater than Forrest or Nicholas ever could! I am improving the hospital and making it better than Tom Horton's small brain-
Okay, that is it! You can come in here and insult us, but you cannot come in here and insult a man like Dr. Tom Horton! Have you NO shame, Vivian?! No shame at all? I am hereby ordering you to leave my resteraunt!
Ah well; I've had my fun. No matter whether I am in here or not, I still have the ultimate power.
Vivian turns and leaves, and every single person in the room reels from Vivian's sudden arrival. Every one knows that she must be stopped as soon as possible. Out of the blue, Alexis walks into Chez Rouge, slightly lately for the party. She sees everyone's rattled faces.
Damn, what happened in here?

Posted Image
Episode#458: The Power of Vivian

Written by: Tara Smith and ML Cooks

The Next Day

Salem Place ApartmentsPosted Image
It is another nice day in the town of Salem. Carrie comes out of the shower inside her apartment with Brandon, and sees him in the living room. He smiles when he sees her beautiful body wrapped in a towel, and she walks over and sits beside him.
My dad gets to come home today; I'm so excited. He's making such a quick recovery.
I'm glad to hear that. John always was a tough guy.
It's still hard for him when it comes to losing Marlena, but I'm glad he knows. I think we did the right thing by telling him. I just...I feel bad for this. What you and I are going to do.
Brandon sighs and frowns at his lover. He runs his hands through her hair re-assuringly.
You don't have to come. You can stay here with your family; they do need you.
No; my family is strong, and I think I've helped them get through the worst of this thing with my dad. And I love you and want to go wherever you go, it's just hard with all that's happened.
I know. But this is a great job for a counselor like me; I'd get to help a lot of kids at this hospital that they want to hire me at. It'd help all my charities and everything. I can't pass it up.
I agree. It's great; it's just so sudden. This big hospital from Colorado calls with a great job offer? Knowing our lives, it's almost suspicious.
Brandon, smirking
It's genuine. But you have to make a decision; are you coming or not?
Carrie sighs; she'd be leaving Salem once again, which is basically her home. Her father just woke up and found out that his wife had been killed. However, she loved Brandon, and had a great relationship with him; she didn't want that to slip away, and she knew that John had his other children around him. Like she had said, she stuck around for some of the worst parts.
Carrie, hesitant
I....I'm going with you. It's going to be hard, really hard, but I'm going with you.
Brandon grins and passionately kisses Carrie. The two begin to kiss avidly as they prepare to start a new life outside of Salem.

Salem SquarePosted Image

In the bustling Salem Square, Mike makes his way through the crowds, struggling to talk on the phone.
Are you sure you can't get back for it? You just rushed out this morning, and if I have to go to this ball, I'd really like you to be there.
Mike pauses.
Okay, if it's that important, then I understand. Bye.
He hangs up, and as he looks up, he sees Kate walking up to him.
Mike, sighing
Kind of, but not really. I'm okay. April had an emergency this morning with a client in New York, so she had to rush out of Salem on the first flight. She won't be back until after the ball, so I am without a date. I could've really used someone like her to keep me calm there.
Kate, snorting
Dealing with Vivian Alamain has always been difficult. And after what she pulled last night, it makes it even harder. She wants every single person in Salem to be at this big ball of hers; I got an invitation. It sounds like you did, too.
Yep, and so did just about everyone at my Aunt Maggie's house. She wants us all to bow at her feet. I'm sorry about last night, too; it looked like she really threw some thing in your face that hurt you.
She did; Tony and I...we never even had a real relationship, but I really fell for him. I slept with him, even after his alternate personality nearly killed me. Even after I wanted him dead. It was so personal, but he made me feel something that I had not felt in a long time. Then, my schemes got exposed, and he left town with Anna. It still hurts somewhat.
I understand. We've all lost loves.
I know, but I feel like this always happens to me. With all of the men I fall in love with, there's always a woman that takes greater priority. Your father may have cheated on Laura with me, but I know that Laura is the one in his heart; no matter how much we loved each other, Laura will always be the woman he loves. Roman and John always loved Marlena. Tony will always love Anna. Victor was the only one that didn't prefer anyone over me, but our marriage fell apart long before he died, and he found love with Celeste.
I'm sorry; that must be hard for you. No matter how bad some people can seem, I think everyone has hard lives in their own way. You don't seem like the evil woman that some make you out to be.
Kate, touched
Thank you. Coming from Bill and Laura's son, that means a lot.
You know what? Both of us need dates to this ball; both of us have a hard time putting up with Vivian. Why don't we accompany each other there?
Do you really mean that? I mean, with Laura and April and everything...
Don't worry about them; I'm sure they're fine.
Kate, smiling
Then sure, I would love to.

Cheatin' HeartPosted Image

Nicole is at the bar, once again, drinking. She thinks about her dead husband, Travis, and how he's out of her life forever. She sees Jeremy take a seat.
Two days in a row; damn. Guess all that lunch yesterday did was bring us right back here.
It was good, but one lunch won't fix everything I'm going through.
I hear ya there.
Jeremy orders a drink, and thinks about the nice lunch that he ended up having with Nicole yesterday; his mind also flashes to all of his problems, and he begins to feel slightly guilty.
You know, should we really have done that yesterday? I know we weren't romantic, but it was pretty much a casual date; I have a girlfriend. You just lost your husband.
Don't look at it like that; I didn't. It was just two troubled people trying to change it up a little bit.
I guess.
How is your girlfriend, anyway?
Don't know. Not sure if I care; both Alexis and my mom lied to me. Maybe Cassie did, too. She's been calling but I haven't answered. Every one's been calling me. My aunt Maggie, my cousin Julie, my Dad...
Hey, at least they care. It's good to have a family like that; a lot of my family never cared.
Sorry, but I'm not sure if mine does, either. At least not my parents; not after how they've betrayed me.
Life's a bitch, ain't it?
Damn right.
I've really been thinking lately; I avenged my husband. His killer is dead, but it doesn't feel as great as I thought it would. Greta's gone, but I still feel...empty. I'm glad she's gone, and I can rest easy without her looking over my shoulder, but it doesn't change the fact that he's dead. The love of my life is dead. And all I ccn do is sitt this bar and drink! I probably have one or two family members that really care. And no friends, either.
Ha, I know what that feels like. I barely have any friends because I wasted so much time standing by my mother; I watched over her at the hospital, at home, while she lied. While she set my grandma up. So much of my life was wasted on that crap.
We've all wasted a lot of our life.
Nicole and Jeremy continue to drink, drowning all of their sorrows in alcohol once again.

Back at Salem Place ApartmentsPosted Image

That evening, Sami walks up to her apartment in the hallway of the complex, pushing John in a wheelchair! Having just been released from the hospital, John will be living with Sami until he is back at full strength.
You really didn't have to do this, Samantha.
It's the least I can do after all I've done to you over the years.
Thank you. It means a lot to me.
I can't wait for you to meet my family! Our family, actually.
John and Sami both enter the apartment, and John smiles when sees Will, Destiny, and baby Arianna inside.
Will...you've gotten a lot older since the last time I saw you. You're a full fledged teenager now.
Will, smiling
Hey, Grandpa John. It's great to see you; I'm so glad you're awake. We've really needed you, with all that's been going on.
John, looking at Destiny
And who's this?
Desirae. Or something like that.
Will glares at his mother.
You know her name, Mom.
Yeah, yeah, Destiny. Sorry.
Nice to see that you're still the same, Sami.
Nice to meet you, Mr. Black.
John, extending his hand for her to shake
Please. Call me John. From what I've heard, it sounds like you're practically family.
Oh no she isn't.
Will, glaring at her again
Oh yeah she is.
Destiny, nervously laughing
Hi, John. Like I said, nice to meet you. I'm Will's girlfriend; I was Arianna's mom's best friend.
Speaking of Arianna, I want to meet her, too. Can't believe I am a great-grandfather.
Sure. She's been excited to see you.
Will carefully picks up his granddaughter, and shows her to John.
This is your great-grandpa, Arianna. Grandma's dad.
Will, Destiny, John, and Sami all widely smile, as Arianna looks up at John with her big, beautiful eyes.
Wanna hold her?
You feel up to it?
John, nodding
Oh yes. I'd never pass up a chance to hold this beautiful girl.
Will gives her to John, who takes her. He uses all of his strength to hold her properly and securely; Sami is amazed at how John can already hold his great-granddaughter. She knows he must have a lot of will power.
John, feeling tears come to his eyes
You really are beautiful. You're amazing; you made a great little girl, Will. I know you're young, but you really did. I see a lot of your great-grandma Marlena in you, Arianna.
I've thought the same thing.
The family stands together strongly, basking in their newfound happiness.

St. Luke's CemetaryPosted Image

Jan stumbles through the large cemetary, drunk off her ass. She walks up to the grave of her deceased mother, Marlena Evans. She nearly falls down on top of the grave, but manages to keep her balance.
Spending all day at the Chez Rouge bar does wonders, Mom. Suddenly I'm here, visiting the dead mom that I never got to have a real relationship with, outside of a few bogus therapy sessions. You know, Marlena, I've lost everything. Shawn. Lucas. Josh. And now, I've even lost Bentley. Your grandson is now with your best friends, Bo and Hope. I hope you're happy.
Jan falls to her knees due to her drunken state, and holds her head as the world around her spins.
That bitch Belle is my sister. Ha ha. That thought makes this day even worse; sorry I'm only coming to visit you now. I've been really busy up until now. But now, I've got nothing better to do, so I figured I better come to see you. At least once.
As Jan speaks to Marlena's grave, none other than Alexis approaches from behind. She looks on with confusion.
Jan, looking at Alexis
Who the hell are you? Another long lost daughter of Marlena?
Um, no. I'm Alexis Kefer. And you are?
Jan Spears. Jan Roberts. Jan Evans. Jan DiMera. Jan Brady. Whatever.
Alexis flashes back to her and Mimi discussing Jan Spears once, when Alexis visited Mimi in jail. Her eyes go wide, and she knows that this is her chance to prove to Jeremy that Cassie is a liar.
Robin and Cassie can both be gone in a matter of days. I visit a cemetary to put some flowers on my old boss' grave and I strike it big. Know anything about Mimi Lockhart?
Yeah. She and I have a long history. We tortured Ghoul Girl; I blackmailed her. Good times.
Alexis takes out her cell phone, and begins to record what Jan is saying. She knows that this is her big chance.
She's in prison now. Know anything about that?
Jan flashes back to pushing Cassie out of the window in Belle and Philip's loft, and Cassie setting Mimi up to take the fall.
Uhhh, no. Why?
Come on, Jan! I need you to tell the truth. I thought you had something to do with that.
Why? What do you want?
Tell the truth. I need you to tell the truth!
I...I don't know. What do I have to lose at this point?
Yeah, what do you have to lose?
Fine; I've lost everything else. I may as well tell you this. Cassie and I set Mimi up to take the fall for that. She went to prison because of us.
So she's innocent?
Yeah, Measles is innocent.
Why? What happened?
Cassie hates Mimi; I hate Mimi. Cassie didn't want Mimi to get with her brother Rex, because she lied to him before. Mimi was married to the love of my life, so it was simple enough to get her out of the way. Cassie and I had different ideas though; I had a plan to get Shawn, and well...I didn't even know her at first, but I ran into her one night at Belle and Philip's loft. No one else was home. She and I got into a fight over my plans for Rex, and I ended up pushing her out the window. She made it out okay, but she saw the perfect chance to get rid of Mimi. She said that Mimi pushed her out the window, and I went along with it; the evidence lined up with Cassie's claims, and Mimi got sent to prison.
Alexis is amazed; she has Jan's confession recorded. She can finally prove that Cassie Brady is a liar.
So it's all because of you and Cassie. Cassie's a lying, framing whore. Just like Robin.
Alexis grins, knowing that she can finally pry Cassie away from Jeremy. She turns off the recorder inside her phone, and immediately darts off, while Jan continues to wallow in her pain and self-pity beside her mother's grave. Alexis is ready to destroy Cassie once and for all!

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