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As Days Go By


#75 Friday, April 3

Posted by DrewH , 03 April 2009 - - - - - - · 99 views

Stefano advises EJ on what to do next.

Stefano returns home from a business trip and finds Nicole’s luggage in the foyer. He walks into the living room and asks EJ what is going on, and his son explains that Nicole has deceived them for months and their marriage is over! EJ further explains Nicole’s lies and how Emily is not their daughter, but another woman’s. Stefano admits he’s been suspicious of Nicole for some time now, and it all began after she returned from that clinic after having pains that were supposedly normal. EJ goes on to tell Stefano how Emily’s biological family has returned to claim her, but EJ can’t think of losing the daughter he’s called his own since birth. Stefano urges EJ not to give up, reminding him that the DiMera name will be helpful. When EJ points out that Vicky and Ryan have the upper hand because of biology, Stefano suggests that EJ wait to deal with Nicole until after they’re secured Emily’s guardianship. EJ needs to paint the picture of a perfect family. Once everything is done and Emily is placed in the DiMera care, then EJ and Stefano will deal with Nicole.

Upstairs, Nicole is an emotional mess and continues packing her things. Everything becomes too much for her and she crashes onto the bed, crying into the sheets. Nicole makes a call to Brady and tells him that everything is out in the open and her life is over. Nicole explains how Vicky and Ryan came to Salem wanting Emily and now EJ knows the truth and wants Nicole out of his life. Nicole worries that she and Emily will have nowhere to stay, prompting Brady to invite them to stay with him in the loft. Nicole accepts the invitation and heads across the hall to gather Emily. Later, Nicole brings Emily downstairs to leave the mansion, and is shocked when EJ emerges and instructs Mary to take Emily back to the nursery and the other servants to take his wife things back to their bedroom. When he sees that their alone, EJ backs Nicole into the wall and informs her that she put them in a difficult position and he’s going to do what he needs to fix it and Nicole will cooperate or she’ll be sorry. Nicole thinks that EJ has changed his mind and is taking her back, but when he grabs her by the throat, she realizes that’s not the case. While Nicole gasps for air, EJ whispers in Nicole’s air that she will be his wife until they win custody of Emily. Afterwards, she will be dealt with.

Kayla calms a worried Bo and informs her little brother that Hope is fine, just a few scratches and bruises from the collision. Bo asks to see his wife, just as Nick and Chelsea arrive. Kayla takes the three of them inside to see Hope. Hope explains to everyone that her brakes wouldn’t work and she veered off the road in order to prevent a head on collision with another car. Steve arrives after investigating the accident and informs all that Hope’s car was tampered with and the brake line has been cut. Bo, Hope, Steve and Kayla are left to wonder who would cut Hope’s brake line and put her life in danger. Meanwhile, the mystery person breaks into Bo and Hope’s house once again and roams the living room. The person picks up Bo and Hope’s wedding picture and admires it for a while. Seconds later, the mystery person smashes the picture on the ground!

At the bus station, Jeremy overhears a breaking news piece on the television about Hope’s accident. Worried about his cousin, Jeremy rushes out of the bus station. Back at the hospital, Nick and Chelsea walks out of Hope’s room to give the four of them time to discuss the investigation. Chelsea is worried that someone is out to get Hope on top of the fact that they have Jeremy to worry about. Nick offers to head back to the motel and see if Jeremy returned, so that Chelsea can stay with her family. Chelsea thanks Nick and kisses him goodbye. Later, Chelsea is outside on the phone with Shawn, telling him that Hope is going to be fine. After she ends her phone call, Chelsea heads back to the hospital’s main entrance when she’s grabbed from behind and pulled into an alley!


#74 Thursday, April 2

Posted by DrewH , 02 April 2009 - - - - - - · 69 views

EJ learns the truth!

We find Hope’s car on the side of the road, crashed into a tree and inside, Hope is lying back on the seat, unconscious. Later, Kayla is at the hospital checking a patient’s files when paramedics rush Hope into the emergency room and she instructs them to take her to the back to be worked on. Meanwhile, the mystery person has entered Bo and Hope’s house, but dashes out when Bo heads downstairs to pick up the phone. It’s Mrs. Manning, who informs Bo that Hope hasn’t come by yet. Bo gets worried and then gets a call on his cell phone from Kayla, telling him about the accident. Grabbing his keys, Bo rushes out of the house as the mystery person watches from the bushes.

Nick and Chelsea search the motel room and Jeremy is nowhere to be found. Chelsea can’t believe Jeremy would run away like that and Nick assumes that he became worried upon learning that the Salem PD knows he’s wanted for murder. It’s too close to home now for him to be in Salem. Chelsea thinks that telling Bo and Hope will help Jeremy. Nick isn’t sure, causing Chelsea to doubt that Nick believes Jeremy is innocent. The two begin arguing whether Jeremy committed the murder or not when Chelsea’s phone rings. It’s Bo, who tells her about Hope’s accident, prompting Nick and Chelsea to head to the hospital and focus on finding Jeremy later. Meanwhile, Jeremy arrives at the bus station and buys a bus ticket under Nick’s name.

Vicky and Ryan await Nicole’s response to EJ’s question about who they are and what they’re doing at the DiMera mansion. Nicole tries to come up with some excuse, but Vicky calls her out and tells her to stop lying to her husband. Vicky reveals to EJ that she is Emily’s grandmother and Ryan is her biological father. EJ is confused, as Vicky explains that Nicole paid her daughter to give up her baby without the father’s consent. EJ doesn’t believe Vicky’s claim and asks Nicole if this is true. Nicole doesn’t have to answer as the tears in her eyes and the look of guilt on her face tells EJ everything. EJ asks Vicky and Ryan to leave nicely, but when they refuse, he yells at them to get out of his house or they’ll be sorry! Ryan pushes Vicky out the door as EJ focuses his attention on Nicole. Outside, Vicky is happy with what just went down inside the mansion, and Ryan calls her sick for getting joy out of ruining a family. Through cries, Nicole tries to explain why she did what she did, so they could have a family. EJ is furious with Nicole and tells her that their entire marriage has been one big lie. He tells her to pack up her things because they are over. She is to get out of house and out of his life forever!


#73 Friday, March 27

Posted by DrewH , 27 March 2009 - - - - - - · 62 views

Hope loses control of her car!

Nicole stands in disbelief as Vicky has just introduced her to Emily’s biological father, Ryan. Nicole tries to remain calm, saying that there’s nothing Vicky and Ryan can do since Christine gave over her parental rights. Vicky says that may be true, but Ryan didn’t. No judge would deny a father’s claim to a child that’s been adopted without the father’s knowledge. Nicole tries to convince Ryan that he doesn’t want to be a father to Emily, but Vicky tells her to shut up! A shouting match erupts between the women as EJ enters the room and demands to know what’s going on and who these people are in his house. Vicky looks EJ up and down, likes what she sees, and then turns her attention to Nicole, asking if she would like to tell her sexy husband, or should she?

Philip arrives at the Stephanie’s apartment with a bottle of wine as she’s called him over since Chelsea and Abby will be out this evening and she has the place to herself. Stephanie admits she should be working on her presentation, but Philip pushes it aside, telling her that he’s very close to her boss and doesn’t think he’ll mind. The two lovebirds are interrupted when Steve and Kayla show up. The room is full of awkwardness, so when Philip’s phone rings he decides to take it in the hallway. Kayla realizes what’s going on and apologizes to her daughter for disrupting her night. Stephanie tells her parents they don’t have to leave, but Kayla knows better and pushes Steve towards the door. Outside, Steve tells Kayla to hold the elevator as he forgot his phone inside the apartment. Steve heads back and runs into Philip on the way out. Steve issues a warning to Philip that he’s watching him. Philip laughs off Steve’s warning, claiming he has nothing to hide.

Nick and Chelsea are driving back to the motel as Chelsea explains to Nick how Hope caught her in the evidence room, but she was called away and Chelsea managed to slip out before she returned. Nick worries that Hope is going to be suspicious and come looking for them. Nick and Chelsea arrive at the motel and reveal to Jeremy that word of his warrant has reached Salem and Hope knows. Jeremy gets nervous as Nick and Chelsea try to keep him calm, suggesting that they ask Hope to help them prove his innocence. Jeremy doesn’t like the idea of going to the cops, even Hope. He sends Nick and Chelsea out for dinner, but when they return, they find the place empty! Where did Jeremy go?

After taking Ciara to a sleepover, Hope returns to the house and gets out of her car and goes inside. What she doesn’t know is that her car is leaking brake fluid from the cut brake line. Inside, Bo gladly tells his wife that his physical therapist says he is ready to go back to work. Hope is cautious of Bo’s word and wants to speak to the therapist herself. Bo can’t believe Hope doesn’t believe him as they joke around, unaware that they’re being watched from the window. Later, Hope receives a call from Mrs. Manning, who tells her that Ciara forgot her favorite stuffed animal that she can’t sleep without. Bo offers to take it over, but Hope says she’ll go. In the meantime, Hope instructs Bo to get their bedroom ready for tonight. Bo likes the way Hope thinks and kisses his wife goodbye. Bo heads upstairs to get the room ready as we see the door open and someone enter the house!

Hope is on her way to the Manning house when she makes a turn in the road, but notices that there’s something wrong. She can’t stop the car. Hope pushes the brake pedal the whole way down and still nothing. Hope begins to panic as she veers off the road!


#72 Thursday, March 26

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Chelsea gets caught red-handed!

Ryan stirs awake in bed and turns over to find a smiling Vicky sitting up, smiling down at him. Ryan looks around the room and recalls what went down the previous night. Ryan asks what they just did, and Vicky answers that they only did what they’ve wanted to do for years, but were unable to do because of Christine. Vicky tells Ryan that she held her end of the deal, and it’s time he did the same. Ryan asks why Vicky wants to be tied down to a baby. He doesn’t. Vicky feels she made several mistakes raising Christine and she feels that raising the baby is like a second chance to make up for Christine’s childhood. Ryan thinks Vicky is crazy, but agrees to go along with her plan as the two head into the shower to prepare for their big day.

Nicole wakes up to find a note on the nightstand telling her to follow the rose petals. The trail leads her downstairs, into the living room, and to EJ, who has prepared a breakfast for the two of them. Nicole asks what this is about and EJ says he wanted to show his apologies for laughing at her idea about moving. After sleeping on the idea, EJ is willing to move if it’ll make Nicole happy. Nicole becomes very excited and jumps into EJ’s arms and attacks him with kisses. Before leaving for the office, EJ instructs Nicole to have Mary and the other servants pack their things and they can leave Salem today. Nicole prepares a celebratory drink since she got her way when Mary enters the room and announces two visitors: Vicky and Ryan. Nicole is annoyed by the sight of Vicky again and asks who she brought along with her. Vicky proudly introduces Nicole to Ryan, Emily’s biological father! Vicky adds that she may not have a chance at getting Emily back, but Ryan sure will.

Outside Bo and Hope’s house, the mystery person approaches Hope’s car with the intentions of tampering with it. Later, the mystery person has finished whatever job they wanted to accomplish and scurries at the sound of Bo and Hope coming out. Hope kisses Bo goodbye and drives off, just as Steve pulls up the driveway. Steve brings up Victor’s connections to the underground and believes Philip is taking over his place, as Bo believes Steve should leave it alone. Steve says that he can’t. If Philip is dealing with dangerous individuals, he doesn’t want Stephanie involved with him and possibly getting hurt in the crossfire. Bo understands and looks over the information Steve found out Clint Young, the shady man Philip met at the docks. Bo recognizes the man from a drug bust years ago, which is all Steve needed to hear.

At the station, Chelsea walks into the forensics lab and shows Nick what she managed to swipe out of Hope’s office. The keys to the records room! Nick asks what Chelsea is going to do with them and she says that they’re going to look into the system and see if exactly what the police have on Jeremy. Nick refuses to break into anymore rooms at the station, fearing he could get in trouble with his community service and possibly lose a shot at working in the lab afterwards. Chelsea accepts Nick’s decline to help and decides to do it on her own. Later, Chelsea finds information on Jeremy in the Salem PD’s system, but gets caught by Hope. Hope scolds her stepdaughter for breaking into the records room and looking at classified information. Chelsea is shocked when Hope is not surprised by Jeremy being wanted for murder. Hope admits that she just read the files, but hasn’t said anything to the Hortons until she needs to. Hope asks why Chelsea would look this information up and asks if Chelsea has heard from Jeremy. Hope is called away, but tells Chelsea that this is far from over. Chelsea quickly grabs her things and scurries out of the room.


#71 Wednesday, March 25

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Nicole wants to leave Salem.

Alone at the DiMera mansion, Nicole prepares herself a drink, but hides it when she hears EJ arrive. EJ greets his wife after a long day of meetings and goes upstairs to see Emily. When he returns, he can tell that something is bothering Nicole and asks her what it is. Nicole tells EJ that she has been thinking a lot since Emily was born and she thinks it would be a great idea if they made a fresh start elsewhere, leaving Salem and all of the drama behind. EJ laughs at Nicole’s idea, not thinking she’s actually serious. When he sees that he’s offended his wife, EJ apologizes to Nicole, but tells her that he can’t go anywhere. His job and family are in Salem. This town is where they belong. Nicole is not happy with EJ’s response. As she holds Emily, she begins to cry as she comes to conclusion that she’s about to lose her happiness.

Vicky impatiently stares at her watch, obviously waiting for someone at the pub, when a young man enters and approaches her table. Vicky addresses the man as Ryan and tells him that it took him long enough. Ryan apologizes, but his bus got delayed and we learn that Ryan is Emily’s biological father. Vicky thanks Ryan for coming to Salem as she needs his help in getting Christine’s baby. Ryan tells Vicky that he never wanted a child and he doesn’t want one now. Why should he go to the baby’s new family and rip her out of their arms? Vicky tells Ryan that he won’t have to raise the child. She will. All Ryan has to do is play the role of a father whose baby was given up without his knowledge and he wants her back. Ryan points out that Vicky gets what she wants, but what’s in it for him? Vicky smirks, never thinking he’d ask.

Nick and Chelsea walk into the pub and place an order to take back to Jeremy so he can have a hot meal. While they wait, Nick and Chelsea discuss how unbelievable all of this is. Nick wants to think that Jeremy is innocent since he’s his cousin, but Nick can’t forget the past trouble Jeremy’s been in. Chelsea agrees. Nick asks if Chelsea thinks Jeremy’s innocent and Chelsea honestly believes he is. Chelsea can tell when someone is lying and when she looks into Jeremy’s eyes, she sees the truth. Later, Nick and Chelsea return to the motel with food for Jeremy. While Nick heads outside for a phone call, Jeremy personally thanks Chelsea for agreeing to help him as he knows he’s not her favorite person. Chelsea tells Jeremy that she’s been wrongfully accused of things in the past and she knows how it feels. Chelsea promises Jeremy that they’re going to find a way to prove he’s not guilty.

Across town, Lucas is having a business dinner with Gretchen to discuss the possibility of her joining the Titan team. Gretchen admits that Victor’s offer is very tempting and things are looking positive. Lucas hopes so as he’s reviewed her resume and past work and Titan would be lucky to have her. Philip and Stephanie arrive and ask the two if they would mind some company. Lucas offers to get everyone drinks and Stephanie goes to the bar with him. While there, Stephanie asks Lucas if he knows of any shady business deals Titan is involved with. Lucas tells Stephanie that he’s pretty sure Titan is legit in business, but Victor does have a past in the underground world so it’s possible.

Chloe finishes a meeting with potential performers for the Blue Note’s opening night when Brady arrives, apologizing for not being present. Turns out the realtor kept him longer than he thought she would. Chloe questions why Brady was meeting with a realtor and Brady reveals that he saw the loft was for lease and decided to buy the place back. Chloe thought Brady was staying at Marlena’s townhouse, and Brady says he was, but she wouldn’t accept rent money and he felt like a freeloader. Besides, the loft holds many memories of his parents and he couldn’t imagine anyone else living there. Chloe points out that the loft also holds memories for them as well. Chloe tells Brady that she’s happy for him, getting his life back together. She hugs him, just as Lucas arrives and walks in on the moment between the two exes.


#70 Tuesday, March 24

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Stephanie gets an earful.

Nick and Chelsea are shocked to hear that the police want Jeremy for murder charges. Jeremy swears that he didn’t kill anyone, and Nick and Chelsea ask him to explain what happened. Jeremy explains that he got involved with Rawlings again, which Chelsea remarks that he’ll never learn, leading to an argument between the two. Nick asks Chelsea to let Jeremy tell his story. Jeremy continues that they got involved with some businessmen transporting drugs and a deal went bad and Rawlings shot someone. Nick asks how Jeremy got the blame then, and Jeremy says that Rawling’s people named Jeremy as the gunman. Chelsea points out that his innocence can be easily proven by his alibi. Where was he the night of the murder? Jeremy goes quiet, as Nick repeats Chelsea’s question. Jeremy admits that he was there when Rawlings killed the man and the security cameras caught his face, further making him look guilty. Jeremy swears to his old friend that he’s innocent, and Nick and Chelsea agree to help him prove that.

Nicole tries to close the door Christine’s mother, but Vicky stops it and tells Nicole that she’s here for her granddaughter. Vicky barges into the mansion, just as EJ comes down the stairs after getting ready for his day. EJ asks Nicole who the woman is, and Nicole stops the woman from speaking and tells her husband that Vicky is an old friend of Fay’s from the diner. Vicky goes along with the lie until EJ leaves to take Johnny to the pub. Nicole asks Vicky to leave, but Vicky says she’s not leaving without the baby. Nicole realizes that Christine sent Vicky and Nicole tells Vicky the same thing she told her daughter. Emily is her baby now because Christine gave her up. Nicole threatens to have Vicky arrested for trespassing if she doesn’t leave. Vicky obliges, but makes a phone call outside telling the person on the other line that they have to resort to plan B.

Lucas is at the pub with Caroline and thanks her for agreeing to watch Allie now that Chloe started working at the club with Brady. Caroline doesn’t mind and tells her great-granddaughter that her brother is coming along as well, just as EJ arrives with Johnny. While Caroline takes the toddlers upstairs, EJ asks Lucas if he’s heard from Sami. Lucas tells EJ that if he had, he wouldn’t tell EJ. The two men start arguing about Sami as Caroline comes down and plays referee, urging the two stop and start acting like grown men!

Philip and Stephanie share a romantic moment in his office when the guy he met on the docks interrupts and asks to speak to Philip alone. Stephanie takes this as her cue to leave and heads out, leaving the two men alone to discuss business. Philip reminds Clint that he’s to never come by the office and they are to meet in a designated place, i.e. the docks. Clint apologizes, but could not reach Philip and tells him that the deal they’ve been waiting to hear word from has gone bad. Across the hall, Victor meets with Gretchen Myers, a potential image consultant to help Titan out of the slump they’ve fallen in. When Philip interrupts the meeting to talk to his father, Victor instructs Stephanie to take Gretchen to Lucas and have him continue telling her what Titan has to offer her. Later, Lucas is exiting the elevator when Stephanie finds him and introduces him to Gretchen. Lucas agrees to take Gretchen under his wing as Stephanie heads back to Victor’s office and listens from outside. She is somewhat surprised to hear Victor and Philip discussing a deal taking place on the Chicago docks that went bad.


#69 Friday, March 20

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Jeremy is wanted for murder!

Daniel and Kate are in his car outside the treatment facility, still reeling from the news Dr. Young just shared with them: there’s nothing else they can do to help fight Kate’s cancer. Daniel brings up another doctor he knows of and suggests going to see him, but Kate tells him to stop grasping for straws. She has come to terms with her cancer and realizes that she’s not getting any better. Daniel doesn’t want Kate giving up, but Kate says it’s not his choice. Kate has always felt this day would come and she prepared herself to hear the news that she won’t be getting better. Kate shows Daniel a list that she composed of things she’s always wanted to do before dying. Kate asks Daniel to help her complete the list and he agrees to.

Nick and Chelsea barge out of the closet to confront Jeremy. The woman he’s with is confused as she thought his name was Nick. Chelsea tells the woman that Jeremy lied to her. The woman grabs her things and books as Jeremy thanks Nick and Chelsea for ruining everything. Nick is furious with his cousin and asks why he stole his credit cards and ultimately, his identity. Jeremy claims to have had a valid reason. Chelsea laughs and tells Jeremy that he’ll never learn. He is always breaking the law and it’s time he paid for it. As Chelsea gets her phone out to call the cops, Nick stops her and asks Jeremy why he did it. Jeremy tells his old friends that he had to get a new alias because he’s running from the cops. When Nick and Chelsea asks for what, Jeremy tells them murder!

Abe is having lunch at Chez Rouge when he receives a call from Roman, who informs his best friend that he received an assignment with the ISA. Abe offers to call the family and tell them as Roman tried but couldn’t get anyone and has to return to work. Abe congratulates Roman once again before hanging up. Abe accidentally bumps into someone, who turns out to be Rhonda, his new Chief of Staff. They both apologize, claiming to be at fault. Rhonda notices that her boss is in a much better mood than he was this morning. Abe apologizes for being upset this morning, but was going through some things. Rhonda offers to listen, but Abe doesn’t want to be unload his problems on someone he barely knows. Rhonda laughs and tells Abe that she’s there for him anytime. The two decide to head back to the office together.

Lexie and Celeste have returned to the pub after taking Theo to school as Lexie tells Celeste she has been thinking about returning to the hospital now that Theo has been getting better. Celeste thinks it’s a great idea and it will help Lexie clear her head and hopefully make her come to her senses and move back in with Abe. Stefano arrives and greets the ladies, much to Celeste’s dismay. Stefano tells Lexie that he has a surprise her for and pulls out a folder that he instructs her to open. Lexie does as she’s told and reads what’s inside. Eyes bugging out, Lexie can’t believe what Stefano is doing. Celeste doesn’t think it could be good, but Lexie says that it’s fantastic and shows her mother Stefano’s plans to incorporate an autism wing to University Hospital. Celeste coldly stares at Stefano, knowing exactly what he’s doing.

Nicole has a nightmare that Christine came back to the mansion and took Emily from her, only to wake up due to EJ calling out to her, asking if she’s alright. Nicole looks around and realizes that it’s late-morning and she’s still in bed with EJ. Nicole clings to EJ and tells her husband that she is perfectly fine in his arms. EJ tells Nicole that it was a great idea to push back his meetings so that he could spend the entire morning in bed with her. Nicole doesn’t want to leave the bed, but EJ knows that’s impossible. He has to attend the meetings at sometime in the day. Nicole suggests a shower together and EJ loves the idea. Afterwards, Nicole heads down to prepare lunch for EJ while he gets ready when the doorbell rings. She opens it to find a woman, who introduces herself as Vicky Fisher, Christine’s mother. Nicole asks what she wants and Vicky tells Nicole that she’s there for her granddaughter!


#68 Thursday, March 19

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Kate receives bad news on her condition.

Max wakes up and finds Abby staring up at him in bed. He asks what she’s looking at and she says that she is just trying to understand how he can be so amazing. Abby thanks Max for bringing her here last night and being able to control himself when she knows he wanted to take things further. Max tells Abby that he’s grown up a lot since the last time they were together. He’s not the playboy racecar driver he was when she knew him. Abby likes the new Max Brady. Max tells Abby that he’ll never push her to do anything she doesn’t want to do. And he’s willing to wait until she’s ready. Abby kisses Max and thanks him again. The two head downstairs as Abby leaves the pub, and Melanie teases her big brother about having Abby sleeping his room last night.

Across the room, Nick and Chelsea are going over the credit tracking reports they got from the police computers the previous night. Chelsea can’t help but get the image and sounds of her parents making love out of her head. She never wants experience anything like that ever again. Nick points out that whoever is using his identity is near Salem and using the credit cards like crazy. Chelsea notices that the last transaction was at a motel right outside of Salem. The two chance it and decide to go to the motel and find out who stole Nick’s identity. Nick and Chelsea arrive and break into the room via the window when no one answers. The room is empty, so the two start looking around, but find nothing. They hear someone coming and decide to hide in the closet. From the crack in the door, Nick and Chelsea see a woman walk into the room, followed by a man that both recognize as Jeremy Horton!

Back at the pub, Abe is having breakfast when Theo rushes up to him followed by Lexie and Celeste. Abe is glad to see his son and asks the ladies to join him at his table. Celeste urges Lexie to sit down as she wants to go over and see Caroline. Celeste approaches the bar and is embraced by Caroline, who is glad to see her good friend back in Salem. The two get reacquainted and Caroline is shocked to learn Celeste is staying at the mansion. Celeste tells Caroline that she has no other choice. She has to protect her family from the DiMera influence. Suddenly, Celeste gets a feeling and Caroline can tell that something’s wrong and asks about it. Celeste confides in Caroline that she feels something other than Stefano is about to further tear Abe and Lexie apart.

Theo shows Abe the new toy Stefano bought him and then asks when he gets to come home with Abe. Abe looks at Lexie, and Lexie reminds Theo that they talked about this earlier. They are going to stay with his grandfather for a while and then they’ll return home. Theo begins throwing a tantrum as Abe and Lexie try to calm their son down. Finally able to, Abe asks Lexie if she likes what this is doing to Theo. Lexie asks Abe not to blame her for this. Abe thinks that they should be living together for Theo’s sake, but Lexie is firm on her decision to stay at her father’s. Later, Abe returns to his office and is introduced to his new Chief of Staff, Rhonda Sims. Abe, who is still upset over his breakfast with his family, is not very friendly to his newest employee and asks for time alone.

Daniel and Kate await Dr. Young’s arrival in his office. Daniel assures Kate that Dr. Young is one of the best cancer doctors in the country. He is sure that the doctor will give them good news on her condition. Kate looks at herself in the mirror and feels that she looks horrible. Daniel reminds her of their conversation last night and how he told her that she will always be beautiful. Dr. Young enters and introduces himself to Daniel and Kate. Dr. Young tells them that he reviewed Kate’s files and he has noticed that the treatments are not doing anything to beat out the cancer. The cancer is progressing too rapidly. Daniel comforts Kate as this was not the news they were hoping for.


#67 Wednesday, March 18

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Nick and Chelsea break into the police computers.

Max and Abby seem to be the only ones seeing the movie Max chose and Abby teases him on his choice in movies. Afterwards, Max feels bad for making Abby watch the movie as it really did turn out to be a bust. Abby tells Max that it was fine and that she had fun because she was with him. The two return to Max’s room above the pub and they start kissing. They’re moving pretty fast and make their way to the bed. Abby tries her best to keep her nerves at bay, but Max can feel her shaking and asks if she’s ready to do this. Abby claims that she is, but when things get more intense, she pulls away and apologizes. Max assures Abby that he is fine with waiting.

Chelsea has set up the apartment for a romantic night alone with Nick since Abby and Stephanie are out. When Nick arrives, Chelsea can tell that something is wrong and he tells her that his credit card is missing and he received letters saying that he opened up five new cards when he never did such a thing. Chelsea asks how that can happen, and Nick says that whoever did it would’ve needed his social security number. Chelsea suggests calling the police, but Nick says he already did and they’re doing nothing about it. Chelsea knows that’s not true and has seen Bo and Hope track down credit cards all the time. That’s what they’ll do as they head out of the apartment.

Hope and another officer are working late at the station on paperwork when Bo arrives, citing that he doesn’t miss this part of the job. Hope says it’s her fault because she put it off until now. Bo suggests a break and Hope asks the officer if he would mind and he says no, to go ahead. Meanwhile, Nick and Chelsea break into the filing room downstairs. Nick says they could get in serious trouble and risk losing their jobs and his community service if they get caught. Chelsea tells Nick to stop worrying. Chelsea tells Nick to get on the computer and get his numbers and she’ll keep a look out. Nick finishes printing out the reports, just as Chelsea hears people coming. The two rush into the closet, as Bo and Hope come into the room and lock the door for privacy. Nick and Chelsea are horrified as they are forced to witness Bo and Hope making love!

Lucas arrives at the Blue Note in time to see Brady and Chloe toasting to a successful partnership. He asks what’s going on and why Chloe called him down to the club and Chloe reminds Lucas that Brady asked to meet with her today. Lucas remembers her telling him about it and asks what it was about. Chloe tells her husband that Brady asked her to help him run the club. She’ll be in charge of entertainment. Lucas claims to be happy for Chloe as she was wanting to change her career. Brady believes that with Chloe by his side, the club is going to be such a success. Later, Lucas and Chloe are driving home and Chloe asks Lucas if he is really okay with her working with Brady. Lucas says that he is, but Chloe has her doubts that he’s truthful.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate thanks Henderson for bringing her broth as she hasn’t been able to keep anything down. Later, Henderson announces Daniel, even though Kate asked for no visitors. Daniel wasn’t going to leave until he saw her, seeing as how she has been ignoring his calls all day. Kate points to her hair and asks Daniel if he can tell it’s a wig. Daniel realizes that the chemotherapy has made Kate’s hair start falling out and Kate confirms this. Kate admits that she didn’t want Daniel seeing her like this. Daniel is somewhat offended that Kate would think he was so shallow that this would alter the way he sees her. Daniel assures Kate that he loves her for what’s on the inside, as well as how hot she is on the outside. Kate doesn’t feel too hot right now, but Daniel tells her that she will always be beautiful.


#66 Tuesday, March 17

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Nicole warns Christine off with a gun!

Christine falls over the banister to the floor after a struggle with Nicole on the stairs. Nicole races down the stairs and walks over to Christine’s motionless body. Fearing she killed her, Nicole calls out to Christine and asks if she’s okay. While Nicole feels for a pulse, Christine grabs Nicole by the hair and the women continue their catfight on the floor. Nicole gains the upper hand and frees herself from Christine’s clutches. Nicole rushes to Stefano’s desk and pulls out a gun and tells Christine that she will kill her if she doesn’t leave her and Emily alone. Christine backs off at the sight of the gun, but tells Nicole this is not over before leaving. Nicole rushes upstairs to be with her daughter and vows that no one will take her away. Outside, Christine makes a call to someone and tells the person on the other end that if they want the baby, come to Salem, but it’ll cost them a price.

From behind the pub’s bar, Max stares at Abby, who is at a table studying for an upcoming exam. Chelsea interrupts Max and his daydreams about her best friend and encourages him to ask her out. Max asks what’s in it for Chelsea as she seems to insistent. Chelsea admits that she wants to have the place to herself so Nick can come over and Stephanie is already going out with Philip. Max says it’s worth a shot and heads over to ask Abby if she wants to do something tonight. Abby thanks Max for the offer, but she has to decline because she needs to study. When Max tells Chelsea Abby’s answer, Chelsea marches over to Abby’s table and asks what she’s thinking. Max is a great guy and he’s crazy about Abby. Abby tells Chelsea about her test, but Chelsea tells her to get her head out of the book and go have fun with a great guy. Abby realizes that Chelsea is right and heads over to the bar and accepts Max’s invite.

At Titan, Stephanie is going over her proposal with Philip to practice for her upcoming board meeting. Stephanie can tell that Philip’s mind is elsewhere and asks what’s wrong. Philip apologizes for not paying attention and tells Stephanie about he and Lucas shaving Kate’s hair today. Philip says that Kate was strong throughout the entire process, but he could tell that she was fighting back the tears. Philip admits that for the first time, this morning, he feels that this disease may just beat Kate Roberts. Stephanie comforts her man and tries to find the right thing to say to make him feel better.

Steve has been following the man Philip met on the pier all day and it’s led him to the hospital, where the man is apparently receiving a check up. Steve snoops through the man’s files that were left at the nurses’ station and is confronted by Kayla. Steve explains what he saw earlier, and Kayla thinks that Philip and the man were talking Titan business. Steve thinks corporate deals should be made in the boardroom, not the docks. Something else is going on. Steve asks Kayla to allow him in the records room to get more information on the guy, but Kayla refuses, saying it’s illegal. Steve reminds Kayla of the things they’ve done in their lives that were illegal, but for the right reason. When Steve brings up Stephanie and her safety, Kayla has no other choice but to oblige. The two enter the records room where Steve prints out the man’s file and decides to take it home and go over it. Kayla stops him and tells him that she did something for him, and now it’s his turn to do something for her. Kayla locks the door and pulls Steve into a kiss.

January 2015

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Official Cast List

Hope Brady

Victor Kiriakis

Abby Deveraux

Nick Fallon

Chloe Horton

Ciara Brady

Celeste Perrault

Max Brady

Melanie Layton

Daniel Jonas

Lucas Horton

Mickey Horton

Jeremy Horton

Vicky Fisher

Kayla Johnson

Stephanie Johnson

Gretchen Myers

Philip Kiriakis

Lexie Carver

Ryan Wilson

Kate Roberts

Brady Black

Stefano DiMera

Caroline Brady

Chelsea Brady

Steve Johnson

Theo Carver

Bo Brady

Alice Horton

Abe Carver

Maggie Horton

EJ DiMera

Sami Brady

Rhonda Sims

Will Horton

Nicole DiMera

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