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The Young and the Restless


Dru Prompts Sheila to Action! #131

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GC Memorial. Nikki is standing out on the visitor’s balcony looking up towards the sky. She wipes tears from her eyes as she remembers how she and Katherine fell out over the last few months. What really gets Nikki is her very last encounter with Kay at her hotel suite where she basically kicked Kay out and slammed the door in her face.             
                “I’m so very sorry Katherine.” Then she feels an embrace. She turns around and sees Brock. They hold each other. He pulls back.
Brock: Why was Jill so angry towards you about Kay?
Nikki: Brock I’m so sorry. Your mother and I weren’t on the best of terms lately. I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.” He holds her once more.
Posted ImageKeemo sits next to Jill in the hallway. Jill is dabbing her face with tissue to keep her face dry from her tears.
Keemo: I guess it would be very dumb to ask how you are.
Jill: You are certainly right about that. I just can’t believe that old bat is gone. She’s tougher than nails now she’s gone. We been through so much together. Katherine was the toughest person I knew. I loved her, I hated her. DAMN IT I’m going to miss her.” Keemo holds her as Gloria walks around the corner and sees the embrace not knowing what to make of it. She is caught off guard by it though.
Abby approaches Devon as they watch Murphy walk out with Paul and Ronan. She puts her arm around him.
Abby: Do you need anything?
Posted ImageDevon: For someone to wake me from this dream. My new dad Tucker and my new grandmother Katherine have died in the same night. I don’t understand any of this. How can this happen? Now they are questioning Murphy? What do Paul and Ronan think happened?
Abby: I’m sure we will have answers soon. You wanna get out of here this place is over whelming. So much sadness.
Devon: I like to find out why I haven’t heard from Roxanne.
Abby: I told you she’s doesn’t care for you the way I do.

Episode 131: Dru Prompts Sheila to Action!
Written and Produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson and Martin Saenz
GC Nights.
Noah pull up to the bar and orders a drink. He is browsing through his phone reading news alerts about Kay and Tucker.
Meanwhile outside the bar Vandalynn is on her phone.
                “Mom he is right here. At the club. I’m about to make my move on him then find Scotty. He’s avoiding me and I’ve been here a few days. Yes Sheila I know what I have to do.”
Sheila: I told you don’t call me that.
Van: You treat me like I’m a dummy. I know what I have to do with Noah.
Sheila: That’s my girl. Make momma bear proud. Sheila Hangs up her phone. She walks over to Sharon and caresses her face.
Sharon: Why do you keep doing that?
Sheila: Sharon you are so beautiful. My pretty Sharon.
Posted ImageDru: Bitch you sounding like a lesbo.
Sheila instantly back hands Dru. In fact she gets up grabs some grey duct tape and tears a piece off using her teeth demonstrating how mad she is at Dru. She walks over to Dru as Dru is running off at the mouth to Sheila for backhanding her. Sheila tapes Dru’s mouth shut. Dru is still trying to talk but all you can hear are mumbles. Sheila laughs.
                “You just don’t quit do you? Silly Bitch.” She looks at Sharon
                “Now where were we?” Sheila says in a seductive manner caressing Sharon’s face once more.
Sharon: Sheila what are you doing?
Sheila: Admiring you. We are going to be in each other’s lives forever if my daughter can make things go right tonight.
Sharon: Forever? What do you mean?
Sheila: In time pretty face. All in good time.” Sheila walks back to her mystery patient. Sharon looks at Dru who is still trying to run off at the mouth at Sheila. She tries to wrangle out of the ropes she’s tied in.
Back at the Bar Noah is enjoying his drink as he spins around in his bar stool to see who is on the scene tonight. Van grabs a seat next to him. Noah looks at her and smiles.
Noah: Never seen you around here you new here?
Van smiles at him and then replies: Buy me a drink and I’ll let you know my story.”
The Chancellor Estate. Esther is on the phone with Chloe.
Esther: Well I’m glad you guys made it there ok. I will never understand for the life of me why you and Billy decided to go there with Delia with so much turmoil there. It’s so terrible.
Chloe: Mom we are fine and a lot happier. It’s nice to be in a place where people don’t look at you funny. But I really called to see how you are holding up Billy and I heard about Mrs. C when we landed.
Esther begins to cry: Kate it’s so terrible. Mrs. C is really gone. What are we going to do?. Listen honey I got a house full and I need to provide service. You know Mrs. C. wouldn’t like it if I didn’t entertain. Oh honey by the way Chance is here.
Chloe: Chance?
Esther: Yes so is his father.
Chloe: Give him my condolences. Talk to you soon mom” They hang up then Esther goes into the kitchen to make snacks and tea.
Nina, Philip and Chance sit in the living room. They are all silent.
Nina: I wonder why Paul wanted to question Murphy.
Posted ImagePhilip: I hope we find out soon.
Then Esther walks with tea and finger foods.
Posted ImageChance: Esther do you know anything? Why would the police want to question Murphy about Tucker’s death?
Before Esther can answer the phone rings. “Excuse me I must get that” Esther says before retrieving the phone.
                “Chancellor Residence...”
                “This is Victor Newman. I assume this is Esther Valentine?
Esther nearly faints when she hears the voice of The Great Victor Newman.
Jack sees Nikki by herself on the balcony.  He walks out and comforts her. She turns around and welcomes his embrace.
Jack: Anything I can do for you?
Nikki: No. I did this. No one can undo this.
Jack: Hey hey what are you talking about? Katherine’s stroke had nothing to do with you.
Nikki: She came to me Jack. This morning. To try and make peace. And I just slam the door in her face. I will never forget that. Damn Victor. He did this. He pitted us against each other now I’ll never be able to tell her how sorry I am or be able to work things out with Kay. Jack please tell me this is not happening.” Nikki just sobs as Jack holds her with tears forming in his eyes. He thinks about Tucker and “the plan” to teach Tucker a lesson. Jack ponders if this plan was too much for Katherine. He really begins to choke up at the mere thought of his possible role in Katherine’s death.
Posted ImageJack: What Have I done?
Nikki pulls back and looks at him. “What do you mean? What did you do?”


Bereavement #130

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The Hosptial. Keemo is still trying to appeal to Gloria.
Posted ImageKeemo: So you love me?
Posted ImageGloria: Yes damn it! And damn you for making me love you. If I’d known you were an Abbott I would have cut this relationship off a long time ago. Now I’m stuck. You see your dad, he’s not going for us being together. Besides, it’s not right. I respect your granddad too much to be with you. I loved him dearly and no one can replace him.
Keemo: I’m not trying to replace him. But what I feel for you is real. I love you.
Gloria: We cannot do this.
A reporter then flashes a camera in their face and begins to hammer away at the duo
                “Gloria are you keeping it in the family with John Abbott grandson Keemo?”
Gloria is appalled and walks away. Keemo shoves the reporter and camera man off. Keemo is very frustrated as he walks past Jack.
Jack: So now what?
Keemo: What do you mean?
Posted ImageJack: You are the face of McCall. Good luck handling all the blowback. You made a huge mistake working for Tucker.
Keemo: This is not the time Jack. Let’s think about Kay.
Jack: I am trust me.” Jack then walks away. Keemo wonders what was in between the lines of Jack’s conversation. He brushes it off and sees Jill off in a distance sitting by her lonesome. He decides to walk over to her.
Michael arrives at the hospital and approaches Lauren.
                “Is it true, Tucker is dead?”
Lauren: Yes and so is Mrs. Chancellor.” She says with tears in her eyes.
Michael: Mrs. Chancellor? My goodness. How did all this happen?
Lauren: We still don’t know anything. Paul has been hovering around waiting on Murphy to speak with him. He’s just giving him space.
Michael: Where is Fenmore?
Lauren: At a friend’s. So what about you? When did you get out of jail?
Michael: You mean after you betrayed me?
Lauren: I never asked you to commit perjury for Victor Newman.
Michael: We are married, we share a son. We are a family. Why would you sell me out like that?
Lauren: I don’t like who you are as a person any more. You became Victor’s Bitch. I told that over and over again. And look at what it got you? I did the right thing by turning you in. I did it for our son. I want to teach him to do the right thing. Something his father cannot do any longer. And by the way you can expect divorce papers very soon. I finally filed.” She then walks away leaving Michael feeling frustrated.Posted Image
Episode 130: Bereavement!
Written and Produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: C. Nate Richardson and Marin Saenz
Leslie opens her door after hearing a knock. She sees Rafe.
Posted ImageLeslie: Rafe it’s good to see you how you been?” She says motioning him to come in.
Posted ImageRafe: I been ok. A little stunned at the news about Tucker and Kay. Just laying low after the Newman trial fiasco. Our law firm collapse. I cannot get ahold of Avery.
Leslie: I bet. She’s scared. You wait till I see her. And oh yes. Just shocking about Mrs. Chancellor
Rafe: So you haven’t seen Avery either. This is unlike her. Something is so off about her. Why would she betray you and expose your secret the way she did?
Leslie: It’s no problem Rafe. I’m going to handle Miss Avery. You gone read about it in the newspaper and say damn why did Leslie do that to that poor girl.
Rafe laughs. “So how are things with you and Roxanne?”
Leslie: They aren’t. She is so damn angry. She reminds me of myself when I was her age. I was an angry woman. I was angry I had to strip my way through college. It was hard. Then to have it expose at Gloria’s gala. Spencer lost his career. It’s been all bad.
Rafe: I’m sorry to hear.
Leslie: What’s up with you?  Any more on that guy you were telling me about it?
Rafe: Scotty, yea he’s childish and unsure of himself. I’m not trying to deal with that.
Leslie: I understand that. Spencer tried to get back with me right after he lost his job. I’m like no deals. That’s not happening. Not trying to take care of a broke man. I got other issues. Too many to be dealing with him. I mean what we had once before was good but I’m not that same person. I’m trying to put my life back together.
Meanwhile back at the hospital. Scotty Is still watching Philip’s every move and the more he sees the more he admires him.Posted Image
He holds his phone up to take a picture. He then saves it and sends a text to Kirkland over in Bay City. “Look at who that is? I have to make a move on him. I like the more I watch him. What do you think?” Scotty hits send. He waits for a response and finally gets one.
It reads “People are dying in your city and all you can think about is men? What about Rafe?” Scotty thinks about Rafe not expecting his good friend to respond with that. Scotty has his reply “Wow you heard about Mrs. Chancellor already?
Kirkland: Who hasn’t? This is thee Katherine Chancellor.”
Posted ImageScotty: Yea yea ok. But about Rafe…I want Rafe too.” Scotty hits send. He now awaits his first chance to go speak to Philip.
Victoria stops hugging Nikki and calls out to Reed. Nikki and Nick turn around to see JT standing there with Reed. They smile. Victoria embraces Reed in a hug while Nikki hugs JT.
JT: I got on the first flight when I heard about Kay. Is she ok?
Posted ImageNikki: No. Kay didn’t make it. Nikki gets weak in the knees as Nick catches her.
Posted ImageNick: Mom you ok?
Nikki thinks on her last encounter with Kay at her suite. She feels guilty as hell.
                “No Nicholas. I’ll never be ok again. Excuse me I need some time” She walks away.
Nick: She’s taking this very hard.
JT: I imagine she would
Reed: Mommy what’s going on why is everyone so sad?
Posted ImageAvery looks in a personal mirror to make sure she is ok before she walks into the Jail to meet with Victor who has summoned her. She enters the meeting area where Victor is already awaiting her.
Victor: I want you to tell me what the hell is going on?
Avery: About what?
Victor: What the hell do you mean about what? Tucker McCall is dead and Katherine had a stroke.
Avery: Oh wow I had no idea.
Victor: What do you mean you had no idea? What the hell have you been doing?
Avery has a flashback of snorting lines of cocaine with Cane.
Avery: I got so much on my plate. So many cases.
Victor: Well what the hell am I paying you for? You are supposed to be on top of things. You are really slipping Avery Clark. I’m not liking the direction your character is going in. I’m not sure what’s the matter with you but you damn well better figure it out. Now go get me some damn news now!Posted Image
Back at the hospital. Mac walks out of Kay’s room. Brock holds her.
Posted ImageBrock: You ok honey?
Posted ImageMac: It’s so hard to believe. Katherine is actually gone.
Brock: I know Mackenzie. It’s hard for me to. I have no words to express” He says as he holds in tears. JT walks over to them
Posted ImageJT: Mac I’m very sorry for your loss. You to Brock.
Mac: JT thank you and it’s good to see you.” They hug as Victoria watches her ex-husband embrace his first true love. She smiles at the sweet embrace. She sees Chance and decides to give her condolences. She walks Reed over to him.
Posted ImageVictoria: Chance I’m so sorry for your loss.
Posted ImageChance: Thank you Victoria. My goodness you  are so beautiful. You look so different from the last time I saw you.
Victoria: Well thank you. I had to get plastic surgery on my face after that explosion at Glo Worm’s first gala last winter.
Chance: Well you look stunning. Good to see such a pretty face amongst this old crowd.
Victoria chuckles.
Reed tugs on Victoria’s arm and ask her who Chance is.
Chance bending down to be eye level with Reed
Chance: Hey little guy.  I’m Chance. It’s nice to meet you.
Reed laughs.” You have a funny name Chance.”
Victoria: That’s not very nice Reed. Anyway Chance if there is anything I or my family can do for you or your family please don’t hesitate to ask. It’s nice to see you but  so unfortunate under these circumstances.
Chance smiles at her and then turns to his dad.
Posted ImagePaul approaches Murphy who is sitting with Esther holding her.Posted Image
Paul: Alright Patrick Murphy. I waited long enough. I need you to come with me down to the station. And this is not a gesture I’m ordering you too. I need to question you about Tucker’s death.
Devon walks on the scene overhearing Paul.
Devon: Why do you need to question Murphy about Tucker’s death?Posted Image


Exodus #2

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The exits continue to roll on The Young and the Restless.
Over the last few weeks we saw the exits of Debbie Morgan’s Harmony whom left town after learning her daughter Anna only 16 is pregnant. Harmony left town to care for Anna and her new grandchild.
Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson, “Billy” and “Chloe” respectively have effectively been written out of the series. Billy and Chloe left town with Delia so they can be a family in Sochi, Russia after Victoria came home from Japan and caught Billy and Chloe in bed together resulting.
In a shocking twist, Tucker McCall also met his demise in episode 126. After months and months of planning to take his mother Katherine out via making her go insane and then gaining control of Chancellor Industries and Newman Enterprises as Kay had control of Newman, has back fired on him in the worst possible way, meeting his maker crashing into the ground from 24th story window at Newman Tower.
Kay has also been written out which reflects her death in real life.
“We continue to trim the cast down to tell broader stories” Headwriter ML Cooks statement to the press read.
Over the last few months we saw the exits of Ashely, Harmony, Tucker, Billy and Chloe. Many are now wondering who will be next.
ML Cooks gave a teaser stating that even more exits are on the horizon!!
Stay Tuned…..


Goodbye Duchess! #129

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Posted ImagePosted Image
Brock and Mac arrive at GC Memorial. They don’t even need to ask where Kay is because they already see Esther, Jack, Nikki and Murphy all huddled together. They promptly walk over to them.
Keemo arrives at the hospital and sees Paul and Ronan standing away from the crowd. He walks over to them.
Posted ImageKeemo: Hey fellas what is going on?
Posted ImagePaul: That’s what we are trying to find out.
Keemo: I’m here to represent Tucker and McCall industries. I’m hearing on CNBC that Tucker is dead? Tell me this is a joke.
Posted ImageRonan: Oh it’s no joke. Tucker is McCall is dead.
Keemo: Holy hell how did this happen?
Paul: That is what we are trying to find out.
Keemo is then bombarded with the press and media being that is now the face of McCall. Keemo is overwhelmed and issues a no comment statement as he really has no idea what’s happened with Tucker other than he is dead.
Outside the morgue.
Abby can see Devon is a mess.
Posted ImageDevon: Abby this is not a good time right now.
Posted ImageAbby: I know that’s why I’m here. So it must be true about Tucker. He’s dead?
Devon: Very much. Abby it’s horrible.” Devon gets emotional as a tear rolls down his face. Abby embraces him and he holds her back, needing to lean on someone he holds her very tight as he lets his pain out.
Devon: Olivia doesn’t know if Kay is going to make it. How did this all happen?”
Abby: Shh, it’s ok Devon. I’m here for you and I’m not going anywhere.
He regains his composure and wipes his tears. He puts walls up. He looks at her with anger.
Abby: What’s wrong?
Devon: You’re not going anywhere huh? Is that why you brought my mother to town? To try and break up Roxanne and I?
Abby: We are back on that again?
Outside Kay’s room
Brock: Ok where is my mother I want to see her now and I also want to know what happened.
Posted ImageJill looking at Nikki
                “You are too late. Kay is gone.” Olivia then walks through the crowd with tears in her eyes.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Philip and Chance arrive as well just in time to hear official word from Olivia.
Posted ImageOlivia looks at everyone looking at her. She has a hard time speaking not wanting to be the one to deliver such terrible news.
                “I’m sorry everyone. Kay did not make it. She’s gone. Katherine Chancellor is no longer with us.”

Episode 129: Goodbye Duchess
Written and Produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: C. Nate Richardson with Martin Saenz
In Verdon Lou.Posted Image
Posted ImageSheila: It’s none of your business who I got in the back. Just know it’s someone very important and itll blow Genoa City away when I decide to reveal who he is.
Posted ImageDru: A he huh? You got a man back there. Some testosterone. Good to many broads in here any damn way.
Sheila: No one asked you for your input.
Dru: And I didn’t ask you to kidnap me. This is a side effect. You shoulda thought twice before taking a sista. Shoulda just stuck to Lauren Fenmore.
Sheila: It was you who was impersonating me stalking Phyllis. You almost killed here but instead Sophia died. You remember that?
Dru: Ok so what that got to do with things right now?
Sheila: You tried to impersonate me. You were going to kill Phyllis and set me up for it.
Posted ImageSharon: But you were dead. You had Phyllis’ face. But now you are you.
Sheila: Everyone thought it was me with my face reconstructed as Phyllis but it was my sister. She changed her face to look like ugly Phyllis.
Dru: This is so lame. What is wrong with your gene pool? You, your sister.
Sharon: And Daisy. She’s crazy too.
Sheila: Don’t you ever say my family is crazy. We are not crazy. We are misunderstood.
Dru: Well I want to know why you always harassing females. You kidnap Lauren and harassed her for years, then came Phyllis.
Sheila: I told you that was my sister.
Dru: I can’t keep track of all that. Now me and Sharon. What’s up with that?
Sheila: You are on my nerves damn it shut up or I’ll shut you up myself.
Dru: I like to see you try that one.
Sharon: Dru please stop baiting her.
Dru: Sharon stop being a punk. Sheila had to shoot me to paralyze me kuz she knew kidnapping a sista wouldn’t be easy. Now Bitch I’m hungry feed us.
Sheila: Nope.
At Cane’s apt. Cane is still enjoying his alone time from his twins whom are still at the sitters. He is on the floor in front of the coffee table watching breaking news details on Katherine and Tucker. He snorts a line of coke. He then text Avery. Suddenly he hears a banging on the door. He jumps up to see who it is and he sees an angry Neil. Cane rushes and cleans up his drug habit. He remembers Avery telling him she saw his paraphernalia and that’s show she figured out she was snorting cocaine in the first place. He doubles check his surroundings and verifies that all drug activities have been cleared up. He then opens the door and Neil barges in.
Posted ImageCane: You just can’t barge into my place like this.
Posted ImageNeil: Where are my grandkids at I want to see them now. Every time I call to try and see them you forward me to voice mail. I come by get no answer half the time. Are you avoiding me?
Cane: You did try to take my kids from me when Lily left for Japan. I had to go to court over the matter. So yea I’m keeping my children away from you.
Neil: Those are my grandchildren! You can’t keep them from me!
Cane: Malcolm is right. You always want to control things.
Neil: Oh so you and my drunken brother are the best of friends now? Comparing notes on me?
Cane: Yes sir and what you are doing to him is wrong.
Neil: Mind your own damn business and tell me where the hell are Maddie and Charlie. I don’t even hear them playing or anything.
Cane: They are not here.
Neil: What in the hell you mean those kids aren’t here?
Cane: They spent the night at the sitters.
Neil: The night over at the sitters! What the hell? What are you doing over here that you need an overnight sitter? You left those kids in the hands of strangers? What the hell the matter with you man?
Back in Verdon Lou.
Sheila: I’ll feed my pretty Sharon but you Dru, no way not until you respect who I am.
Dru: And who might that be? Better yet who you trying to be?
                “I’m Sheila Carter. Simple as that. That name is all I need to say.”
Dru: And that name don’t mean a damn thang to me.
Sheila: You are so quick to judge  and degrade me let’s talk about you.
Dru: Let’s do that.
Sheila: Let me start by saying you’re a bad mother.
Dru: Say what?
Sheila: You came back to GC, after being presumed dead for a few years and what was the first thing you decided you wanted to do? Stalk Phyllis. Not reunite with your family especially with Lily who needed her mother the most as she was going through her facial reconstruction surgery in Japan. I make sure to provide for all my children.
Dru is speechless for once. She has no quick come back.
Sheila: What’s that I hear? Nothing that’s right. Yea, I shut you up. I hit a nerve. Got nothing to say on that huh. Bad mother that you are. I may be a lot of things but a bad mom is not one.
Dru: Fu(k you B!tch!
The Hospital.
Devon: Yes we are back to that. I’m tired of people lying to me and trying to control my life. I would have been engaged to Roxanne by now if wasn’t for you bringing my mother to town. Then Harmony lied to me for you. Why Abby? Why did you use my mother in this scheme? What were you going to gain?
Abby: Roxanne isn’t right for you. I love you Devon. She’s just not right for you and I’m not going to apologize for stopping you from proposing to her.
Devon: I’m tired of people playing God with my life. You had no right to do that. I love Roxanne. Nothing will change that.
Abby: She will change that. You just watch. Don’t shut me out. I’m here for you right now where is Roxanne? Why are we even talking about this? Let’s get back upstairs and see what is going on with Katherine.
Devon: I’m just trying to not think about the situation. I’m sorry.” She smiles at him then grabs his hand and escorts him back to waiting area.
Lauren, Gloria, and Scotty arrive at the hospital. Keemo sees Gloria and walks over to her.
Keemo: We really need to talk. How long are you going to avoid me?
Posted ImageGloria: Why talk to you Keemo? You don’t how to tell the truth.
Keemo: I never lied to you. I just didn’t tell you my last name. If I did would it have made a difference?
Gloria: Honestly yes. I was in love with your grandfather Keemo. Now I’m in love with you.
Keemo: So you still love me?
Scotty gets a good glimpse of Philip knowing who he is being a Chancellor heir. He’s also heard he’s gay.
Posted ImageScotty: New meat in town. He’s not half bad looking to be an older guy.  I do like older men to have their way with me. I’ll have to get to know Philip a lot better.” He says as he watches Philips mannerisms.
Nina walks over to Chance and holds her son.
Posted ImageNina: It’s good to see you but not under these circumstances.
Chance: I know. I hopped on the next flight as soon as Jill called.
Nina: It should have been me that called. Its ok I’m glad you are now.
Chance: I can’t believe Kay is gone. It’s so unreal.
Nina: It hasn’t sunk in for me yet neither.
Posted ImageMeanwhile Esther is besides her self making a scene as she sink to the floor crying and hollering.
                “Not Mrs. C. NO!!” Murphy comforts her.
Posted ImageNikki is so stunned she is stuck and unable to move.
                “She’s really gone?”
Jill: Yes you selfish bitch! You took your sweet ass time coming over here I hope it was worth it for you.
Jack grabs ahold of Jill and walks her away from the crowd.
Brock walks over to Nikki and ask her what Jill was talking about.
Posted ImagePosted Image
Nick and Victoria arrive at the Hospital and walk over to their mother.
Nikki tells them that Kay is gone. Victoria is stunned and gives her mom a hug. As she is looking out she sees something that catches her eye. She focuses in and realizes its JT and Reed. JT and Reed have flown into Genoa City.Posted Image
Mac walks into Katherine’s room. She looks at a lifeless Kay. She walks over to her and grabs her hand. It’s cold to the touch. Mac breaks down in tears.
                “Please God no! This is so unbelievable. Grandma you can’t be gone” Mac lays her head next to Kay’s and hold her. She shakes her a little as if to wake up Kay up.
                “Just wake up from this grandma please.” Kay looks as if she’s in peace as Mac realizes it’s no use. Kay is really gone…Posted Image


The Women of Verdon Lou! #128

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Genoa City Memorial.
Posted ImageJack appeals to Olivia
            “Are you sure there isn’t anything we can do for Katherine? I’ll fly in the best doctors in the world. Cost is not an issue here.
Posted ImageOlivia: I’m sorry Jack. The best doctors in the world can’t save Kay from this. Only a miracle.
Jill: My God this can’t be happening. How long do we have with her?
Olivia: Not long I’m afraid. If you will excuse I have to see other patients.” Olivia walks away and sees Devon sitting by himself away from the crowd. She approaches him.
Olivia: I’m very sorry Devon.
Posted ImageDevon: Tucker and now Kay. I don’t know what to think. I don’t know how to feel about of all this. Katherine was the sweetest person I know. How did all of this happen?
Jill to Jack
            “I got phone calls to make. I should call Philip.”
Jack: So do I. I’ll stay here, Jill you go get yourself cleaned up and get Kay’s friends here. It’s time to say our good byes to Katherine.” Jill just sobs when she hears that last statement from Jack.
Jill: This is not goodbye Jack. Kay will survive this” She says trying desperately to believe in some hope.
Jack holds her as he fights back tears.
Posted ImageEpisode 128: The Women of Verdon Lou
Produced by ML Cooks
Written by ML Cooks with C Nate Richardson
Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson, Martin Saenz with Fuasto Montes
Outside Genoa City, Verdon Lou.Posted Image Sheila walks into her cabin and checks on her mystery patient. She checks the patients vitals, charts them then puts the chart down and walks into the front area of the cabin where she is holding Dru and Sharon hostage.
Posted ImageSheila: Hi bitches!
Posted ImageSharon: Sheila please. You can’t keep doing this. My daughter needs me. I’m sure Nick and the rest of the Newman’s are looking for me.
Sheila looks at Dru.
Sheila: Who’s looking for you Dru?
Posted ImageDru: Yo momma.
Sheila: You are so comical Drucilla. I’m glad I took you captive. Things aren’t boring around here.
Dru: Whatever.
Sheila: You ready for your physical therapy?
Dru: Oh now you want to help me walk again after you shot me? That’s a great idea. Help me walk again hoe so I can whoop yo ass. How does that sound?
Sheila pulls out her gun and aims it at Dru.
            “Some times that mouth really gets on my nerves. It’s too much. And it’s making me mad and you are not going to like it when I’m mad.
Dru: I don’t like you no kind of way. Not worried bout you Bitch. You got us tied up. You not gone like me when I get free. I’m telling you, you got the right one. I’m not no Lauren Fenmore, girl you made a mistake kidnapping a sista’.
Sheila: I’m in control here and I got all the power. Why can’t you be a good obedient hostage like sweet pretty Sharon here” She says as she caresses Sharon’s face.
Dru: Just let us go. You can’t keep us in here forever. How you gone support two people and a mystery patient. Who’s back there any way? Who you got as a patient slash hostage back there.
Sheila smiles at them both
            “If you only knew.”
Jill walks into the Athletic Club. She sees Nikki at a table with an orange juice about to sip until Jill interrupts her.
Posted ImageJill: Is that really just orange juice? Or did you add a little something extra to get through your day?
Posted ImageNikki: Go to hell Jill! I don’t drink anymore.
Jill: Sounds like you need a drink…You haven’t heard about Kay?
Nikki: I did. I assume she’s alright.
Jill: Actually no. It’s very serious and Tucker McCall is dead. Kay may not survive this.
Nikki: Yea right Jill. You are so over the top.
Jill: At least you can quit being selfish for a moment in time to go see Kay. I’m trying to gather everyone up. Philip and Chance are flying in.
Nikki: Enjoy your family reunion.
Jill: What is the matter with you? When did you become so cold and unfeeling?
Nikki: I’m busy Jill. Thanks for stopping by now have a good day.
Jill is amazed. “I really can’t believe you. You and Kay were so close for years. Almost like mother and daughter. And this is how you feel now?
Nikki: And that just eats away at you doesn’t it Jill. That Kay and I were so close and you two never were. Even when you thought you were her daughter. Still didn’t come close to Kay and I huh?
Jill takes Nikki’s glass of orange juice and throws it in Nicki’s face and then walks away. Nikki is shocked and embarrassed as everyone looks at her. She begins to pat herself dry.
Nina arrives at the hospital. She sees her son Ronan talking with Olivia. She walks over to him.
Posted ImageNina: Ronan what happened? I heard something about Katherine.
Posted ImageRonan: It’s not good at all. Tucker McCall is dead and Katherine had a massive stroke.
Nina: Oh my gosh. This is terrible.” Nina gives Ronan a hug.
Nina: I need to call Chance he needs to be here.
            “Don’t bother I already called him. He’s on his way back to Genoa City from Germany.” Jill says approaching on the scene
Nina: Why didn’t you call me? Chance is my son you know.
Jill: Really Nina? At a time like this?
Nina: Really Jill. You always like to undermine me. What about Philip? Does he know?
Jill: Yes Nina. Of course I told my son about Katherine.
Nina: Is he flying into GC?
Jill: Yes Nina why?
Nina: Because I want to know if the father of my son is flying into town. Jesus Christ Jill.” Nina says to Jill before walking away.
Murphy sits outside of Kay’s room. Paul walks over to him
Posted ImagePaul: Ok Murphy. I think it’s time you and I had a talk. Now I hate to do this but we can talk here or at the station I’m leaving it up to you. Clearly something fowl happened. Tucker is dead and Kay had a stroke that she might not survive from. Now I want answers.
Posted ImageMurphy: Slow down Paul. I’ll tell you everything you want to know.
Paul: Good let’s start from the beginning.
Murphy: It was all Tucker’s fault. He was out to get Kay and I found out about it. I told Kay and we came up with a plan to give him a taste of his own medicine and it went horribly wrong.
Paul: Murphy this doesn’t look good for you my friend.
Posted ImageDevon walks into the hospital morgue. He takes a deep breath and wishes he hadn’t after getting a good whiff of death. He sees a body bag on a table and wonders if it’s Tucker. He walks over to it and slowly unzips it. Devon is horrified at the site as it is Tucker but his head is busted open and guts, rather full on brains are hanging out from the crack of his head. Posted Image
Devon turns around and vomits. He then leaves the morgue only to run into Abby.
A code blue is called for Kay’s room. Olivia and nurses rush into Kay’s room. Murphy, Jack, and Esther all gather round her room to see what is going on. Paul stands back from the scene giving Murphy his space. Ronan walks over to him
Ronan: Did you get any answers from Murphy yet?
Paul: Somewhat, This is not good Ronan. Not good for Murphy at all. He told me a few things but he is holding a lot back.
Ronan: Only a matter of time before the truth comes out.
In Bay City. Cory Publishing. Iris is in her executive office watching the film of Tucker in Victor’s office over and over again as it is on replay.
Posted ImageIris: This was not supposed to happen. Now Tucker is dead. What the hell happened? And I got all the footage on tape. I have to get those cameras out of that office before the investigation begins or I’ll be implicated in what happened and for sure I will lose Cory Publications. I cannot let that happen.” She makes a call.
            “I need you to get back to Genoa City and remove all the cameras you guys installed… I don’t care about the police just make it happen before the police begin their ponder her role in Tucker’s death.
Back in Wisconsin from Illinois,
Nikki walks into the waiting area of GC Memorial. She sees Jill, Murphy, and Esther all huddled together. She walks over to them.
Nikki: Ok where is the old bat? I’m here to see Kay.” They all turn around, teary eyed.
Jill: You’re too late. Kay is gone………
You can follow Iris's story in Bay City right here at SON on Back to Another World, Written and produced by C. Nate Richardson.


Aftermath!! #127

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Posted ImageTucker smacks the ground in front of Newman Tower by the entrance way falling from the 24 floor window. Pedestrians begin to scream in horror as a crowd begins to gather around. Blood is forming a puddle around Tuckers head.  Paul and Ronan arrives on the scene. Ronan takes Tucker’s pulse as Paul looks up at the 24th floor shattered window. Paul looks at Ronan.
Posted ImageRonan: There is no pulse. Tucker is dead!
Posted ImageEpisode 127: Aftermath
Written and Produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consults: C Nate Richardson and Martin Saenz
Medical Consult: Fausto Montes
Posted ImagePaul gets off the elevator on floor 24 and sees Murphy kneeling over Katherine as she lays on the floor.
Paul: What the hell happened?
Murphy: Kay clutched her chest then almost collapsed before I grabbed her. She doesn’t look well Paul. I think she’s Posted Imagehaving a stroke.” Paul calls for an EMT as he then kneels down and helps Murphy comfort Kay. Seeing Kay on the ground unresponsive is a lot on Paul as tears rolls down his face.
Paul: You hang in there Katherine, help is on the way!
Cane’s Apt. He opens his door after hearing a knock. He opens it and sees Avery wearing a trench coat. He pulls her inside and closes the door. He pushes her against the door and stare into her eyes. He kisses her passionately.
 Posted ImagePosted Image
Newman Tower. Paramedics arrive and put Katherine on a stretcher. Murphy get up with Paul’s help. Murphy pulls out his cell phone and calls Jack. He tells him about Katherine. Jack tells Murphy he will meet him at the hospital. Murphy hangs up his phone. He looks at Paul.
Paul: Murphy what in the hell happened up here? I got a dead Tucker McCall down stairs.
Murphy: I’m sorry Paul I got to see about Katherine.” Murphy leaves. Ronan then arrives.
Ronan: You find out what happened?
Paul: No but I’m sure as hell about to find out. Let’s go to the hospital.
Cane’s Apt. Cane and Avery stop kissing.  She takes her coat off to reveal her matching red bra and panty set.
Cane: I like you in red.
Avery: I thought you would. The twins aren’t here are they?
Cane: No they are spending the night with the sitter. It’s just me and you baby.
Avery: Good it’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I need relaxation. My body needs you Cane. I got the stuff you like.
Avery: You do? I could use a line right now. To keep me going. I’ve been so busy.
Cane pulls out a bag of white powdery stuff from a drawer in the kitchen. He lays it on the table. Avery smiles. She sits at the table and break the package open and makes a line.
Cane: Easy on that. It’s the best Australia has to offer.
Avery: I need this Cane.” She picks up the straw on the table and puts one end in her nostril and the other end on the white stuff and snorts. Avery coughs and chokes.
Cane: I told you that was pure Cocaine. Be easy.
Avery: I’m a trooper baby.
Cane sit next to her and snorts a line of coke. They look at each other than kiss passionately.
He pulls back.
Avery: What’s the matter?
Cane: It still blows me away we are doing this. I can’t believe you do cocaine.
Avery: My college years. I do it once in a while. It keeps me going. I just like it and the best part is no one expects a woman like me to be doing something like this. We all got our hang ups. I’m just thankful I caught on to you doing it. When I saw the paraphernalia I knew what it meant.”  He smiles at her then does another line. She follows up with a second dose as well. They both cough and gag.
Genoa City Memorial. Kay is rushed into the ER as Jack meets up with Murphy.
Jack: What the hell happened Murphy?
Murphy: It all went wrong. Tucker is dead and I think Katherine had a stroke.
Posted ImageJack: You have got to be kidding? Tucker is dead? How did this happen?
Murphy: The lock on Victor’s door was jammed. I couldn’t open it in time. Katherine collapsed after we both realized we couldn’t get the damn doors open. We heard glass shattering then Tucker screaming till it faded out of ear shot.
Jack: My God! Tucker is dead! Tucker McCall is dead.
Then Devon arrives.
Posted ImageDevon: Where’s my dad and grandmother? I’m getting all these crazy text and breaking news alerts on my phone.
Murphy and Jack both look at Devon with a look of extreme seriousness.
Devon knows something is up
            “Tell me now what is going on?
Jack: Devon, I’m so sorry”
Cane’s Apt. Cane and Avery get it together. They look at each other.
Avery: Now it’s time for that incredible sex you always serve up”. Avery straddles over him and they kiss passionately. He unsnaps her bra and cusps her breast. She moans. Cane then unbuttons his pants and Avery fixes her panties for her pleasure experience. She gets into position, straddling Cane and they have sex amidst a drugged state.
Posted ImageJill arrives at the hospital and approaches Jack, Murphy and Devon.
Jill: What is going on? I got a breaking news alert saying Tucker is dead!?
Devon: What?
Jack: Yes. Tucker is dead.
Jill: Oh my God how did that happen? Murphy what are you doing here?
Murphy: It’s Katherine.
Devon: Katherine! You two need two need to tell us what the hell is going on.
Abby then arrives on the scene followed by Keemo.
Cane’s Apt. Cane and Avery are both sweaty laying on the couch breathing heavily.
Avery: That was awesome. I so needed that. Some relief in from my life.
Cane: What is going on?
Avery: I betrayed some people for money to support this drug habit we got. I’m kinda mad at myself I started back up again. But when I saw the evidence around here it just brought back memories and a craving for it came over me.
Cane: You didn’t have to betray anyone. I got connections back at home.
Avery: I was just being stupid. I was high. Didn’t know what I say saying. I just saw dollar signs. I’m falling apart.
Cane: You know we can’t go on like this forever.
Avery: I know what are we going to do when Lily gets home? Here we are having an affair while your twins are at the sitters for an overnighter and we sit here and get high on cocaine. Oh my goodness Cane this is not right. What are we doing? What am I doing?  Having an affair with a married man and getting high with him.” Avery takes one more hit of the coke then puts her trench coat on then leaves.
Cane is dumbfounded. He doesn’t understand how Avery just preached how what they were doing was wrong but takes a good bye hit before leaving. Cane chuckles.
Back at the hospital the crowd at the hospital has grown larger to include, Esther. Olivia walks out of Kay’s room to face the crowd.
Devon: Aunt Olivia what’s wrong with Katherine?
Jill: Is she going to be ok?
Olivia takes a deep breath then speaks
            “Mrs. Chancellor has suffered a massive stroke. Rather an occluded stroke
Jill: A what now? What does that mean?
Olivia: A blood clot is blocking blood flow to the brain.
Murphy and Jill cries immediately upon hearing that Kay is had a massive stroke.
Devon: Ok but she is going to be ok right? She’ll come out of this? At least tell us that. We can have the clot removed or dissolved?
Olivia has a tear stream down her face and Devon is stunned. A choking feeling comes over him in his throat.
Olivia: Mrs. Chancellor has a one percent chance of surviving this. This is extremely serious”
Jill hollers out as Jack holds her. Devon is also touched and walks away from the crowd. He gets emotional.
            “Tucker is dead and now Mrs. C might not make it!”


Tucker vs Murphy! (The Plan) #126

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Nikki’s Suite at the GCAC, Nikki gets a knock on her door and then opens it up and sees Katherine. Nikki pauses looking at her one time good friend.
Posted ImageKatherine: This has gone on long enough young lady.
Posted ImageNikki: You have aligned with Victor. You have taken away my children’s birth right. I’m not supposed to be upset by that?
Kay: It was a business deal between me and Victor. It was not intended to take away Nick and Victoria’s birth right. This would have never happened if Victor hadn’t gone to jail. If he ever gets out he gets Newman back therefore your children’s birth right.
Nikki: It shouldn’t have happened. I’m a new woman Kay. That new woman is anti-Victor Newman. I’m no longer a push over or a punching bag for Victor. You saved his ass yet again by helping him in this sordid deal that you take control of his company in case he was disposed of. You should have suggested he leave it in the family. Now I really don’t have time for this. You wasted your time coming here.” Nikki then slams the door in Kay’s face. Kay is stunned. She looks around and then back and forth. She shakes her head and then leaves.
Posted ImageEpisode 126: Tucker vs. Murphy! (The Plan)
Created by William J Bell and Lee Philip Bell
Written and Produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consult: C Nate Richardson
Story Consult: Martin Saenz
Medical Consult: Fuasto Montes
Genoa City Nights, Bar
Cane and Malcolm walk in.
Posted ImageCane: I’ve never been here before.
Posted ImageMalcolm: A slick lil’ spot here in midtown I came across one night. Pool, drinks, jazz music. Just a chillaxed place to be.
Cane: Anything beats being back in the outback.
Malcolm: What’s that bro?” He says as they sit at the bar and order a pitcher of beer.
Cane: Man, your place. It’s nasty as hell. I called a cleaning lady to come clean it up for you.
Malcolm chuckles. “Thanks man. How are the twins doing?”
Cane: Getting bigger every day. They are with the sitter.
Malcolm: Have you heard from Lily?
Cane: No. Not since she left for Japan.
Malcolm: Same here man. I bet Neil is behind that. Neil wants to control everything.
Cane: So what happened? How’d you end up getting arrested?
Malcolm: Neil. He’s out to get me. Now he making moves on Leslie. First he kept my daughter from me for all these years. Then he stole Sophia from me, took Moses from me. Now Leslie. I can’t stand him. I can never be happy with him around.
Cane: I’m not a fan of Neil myself. But he had no idea bout Lily.
Malcolm: I don’t care about none of that man. As far as I’m concerned Neil is the blame for everything. I hate that man Cane. I swear to God I do. I could have killed him last night.” He says drinking his third beer. Cane is taken aback at Malcolm’s hatred towards Neil. Then Cane gets a text. He looks at his phone. It’s from Avery.
            “I’m hungry”
Cane smiles. He text back. “I got what you need. Meet me at my place in an hour. Kids at the sitters for the night. I’ve missed you.”
Malcolm starts on his fourth beer. He looks at Cane
            “I’m going to kill Neil.”
Chancellor Estate. Kay arrives
Posted ImageShe walks over to the window and looks at her garden. A smile blooms on her face as hints of spring are apparent after a severely harsh winter. Murphy then walks in.
Kay turns around to look at him.
Posted ImageMurphy: It’s done my love. I put the new lock on Victors’ door last night after I left Tucker’s place to make sure he was there. Now it’s your turn my darling to do the next step in the plan.
Kay: Are you and Victor sure about this?
Murphy: Never been surer of anything in my life. I’ll meet you at our agreed upon hiding spot at Newman and wait for you there.”
Kay: Ok” Then Kay pulls out her cell phone as Murphy leaves.
Kay: Hello Tucker. I need to see you at Victor Newman‘s office.
Tucker:  Woah Woah wait…Is everything ok? You don’t sound yourself.
Kay: No I’m not. I’ve come to a major decision, it involves my retirement and it will affect you.
Tucker is absolutely floored over the news at Katherine’s retirement.
Kay: So meet me at Newman Tower. Victor’s office.
Tucker: Uh, why there? I’m not sure it’s such a good idea. Let’s meet at the Club.
Kay: What’s wrong with Victor’s office Tucker?
Tucker: Uh- Uh Nothing. I’ll meet you there soon.” Tucker smiles from ear to ear.
He quickly calls Iris.
            “Hey darlin’ you’re not going to be able to grasp this one. My old mother is finally throwing in the towel. I may not need that toxic office or reality show about Katherine’s going mad after all. This was all too easy. Well maybe except for the fact I have to meet her at Victor’s office. “
Iris: Won’t that be dangerous for you?
Tucker: I guess a few minutes won’t be too bad in Victor’s toxic office. I can hurry Katherine up or move her to the hall way so I won’t breathe in those lethal fumes. I’m about to get my mother’s empire handed to me on a silver platter.”
Iris: And I’ll have a front seat to this iconic meeting with the camera’s I had my team install. “
Tucker: Got to go get my empire. Talk to you soon. “He hangs up his phone and grabs his coat and leaves.
The Airport. Billy grabs the airplane tickets. As he walks over to Chloe with Delia. He sees a wailing Esther.
Posted ImageEsther: I’m going to miss you guys so much. Make sure you call and write.
Delia: Miss you too grandma.” Delia hugs her. Chloe also hugs her mother.
Chloe: I love you mom. I’ll be back one day.
Esther: You take care of my girls Billy.
Billy: I will.
            “Flight 1107 Genoa City to Sochi boarding now. “
Billy: That’s us.
Esther: Russia? Are you crazy?
Billy: In love with Chloe and my family.Posted Image
Billy hand in hand with Delia walk towards their gate leaving Genoa City. Esther waves good bye as she sobs.
            “I am losing my Kate and my granddaughter. This is the fault of the Newman’s. I won’t let them get away with this.”
Newman Tower, 24 floor. Tucker enters Victor’s office but doesn’t see anyone.
Posted ImageTucker: Funny.” Then he hears the door slam behind him.
Outside Murphy looks the door on Tucker with the new lock he had placed on it.
Kay: Murphy I don’t like this one bit.
Murphy: Watch how he comes out this office after I let him out. He did something in there to make you sick.
Inside. Tucker begins to cough and choke. He walks over to the door and tries to open it. He realizes it’s locked. He begins to pound on it. Tucker eyes begin to water up. He begins to get confused and dazed. His eye sight is blurred. His choking and coughing intensifies. He has an intense headache come on.  In a state of panic trying to find a way out he accidentally pulls the fire alarm. The water from the sprinkler system mixes with the toxic paint and creates a foggy mist in the office. The mist creeps out the office door and Kay sees it.
            “Alright I get the point I think we can let him out now. He’s had enough of his own medicine.” Murphy tries to unlock the door but it’s jammed.
Inside Tucker is going crazy hollering
“LET ME OUT OH HERE! KAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING? MOTHER WHY?”…. Tucker is trying to get air…. He is desperate and tries to ram his body weight into the door to try and open it. He cannot see and runs into the walls and office furniture. He injures his knees and stumbles. In another desperate attempt to obtain freedom  he makes another charge blindly in any direction only this time he runs into the ceiling high windows and crashes out of it hollering all the way down to the ground until he stops as he crashes onto the hardened earth below.
Kay: Oh My God in heaven! Did you hear that! Get this door open Murphy! This went terribly wrong! My son! Dear God in heaven my son!
Murphy: I’m trying to! The damn thing is stuck!
Kay hollers for help but as she does she has a very sharp pain hit her in her head. She then grabs her chest.
Kay: What is happening? Murphy help me.” She says with slurred speech and loses control of her body as she begins to stumbles around.
Murphy: Katherine!!!” Before he can grab her she collapses to the ground. She is gasping for air and drool runs out her mouth.
Murphy: Katherine what is happening to you!?…. You’re having a stroke! NO…NO KATHERINE NO!!!”……….
Executive Producer: ML Cooks


Harmonious Goodbye! #125

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A new day begins in Genoa City, but sadly for some it will be their last….
Genoa City Courthouse. Victoria is pacing the common area as Nick arrives and gives her a hug.
Posted ImageNick: How you holding up?
Posted ImageVictoria: Well I could be going to jail today for killing Chloe and Billy’s baby.
Nick: Have faith Vic. It’s going to be alright. Billy was cheating on you. It was a crime of passion.
Victoria: You know I haven’t seen Sharon since I’ve been back. Where is she?
Nick: That’s what I can’t figure out. She’s missing. That’s something I need to work on. I haven’t heard from her in weeks and that’s not like her. Especially with Faith needing her so much.
Then Nikki arrives. She hugs both her children.Posted Image
Nick: Mom how are you?
Nikki: I’m ok Nicholas. Just hoping for the best for Victoria today.
Posted ImageThen Avery comes storming in. Her hair is a bit frazzled and clothes a bit wrinkly. The Newman’s notice how dishelved Avery looks and they are surprised.
Avery: I have some incredible news!
Posted ImageEpisode 125: Harmonious Goodbye!
Written and Produced by ML Cooks
Creative Consult: C Nate Richardson
Story Editor: Martin Saenz
Neil’s House.
Posted ImageNeil is sitting in bed with a neck brace on. He is reading the Genoa City Business Section out of the local newspaper. He reads a report on Chancellor and their fracking issue in Briar Texas. His phone rings. He reaches over for it but it becomes a struggle for him as he is in pain from the choking death grip from his brother last night. He finally reaches it
Neil: Hello
            “Dad. It’s me Lily!”Posted Image
Neil: Baby girl. Good to hear your voice. How are you?
Lily: I’m ok. How are the twins? I miss them so much.
Neil: Cane is keeping them away from me. I have not seen them much sweetie I’m sorry.
Lily: Bastard! Dad I swear to you when I get back to Genoa City, I’m going to get my kids from Cane and keep them from him.
Neil: I thought you’d be home by now. Victoria came home.

Lily: Their are some complications with my plastic surgery. They are treating an infection from the surgery.
Neil: Honey why didn’t you let me know? I’m on the next flight to Japan.
Lily: No dad really it’s ok. I’m making excellent progress and I should be home soon. I want you to try and see Maddie and Charlie. I need to know they are ok. I’m going crazy not being able to be with them.
Neil: Ok baby girl. I’ll check up on them. You get home soon.
Lily: I will and tell the family I send my love. Dad I got to go, its time for my treatment.
Neil: Ok honey call me later.” They hang up. Neil has a smile on his face hearing from his daughter. He realizes she is right though he needs to make more of an effort to see what Cane is up to with Maddie and Charlie. He tries to get out of bed but it’s a little tough as his neck is killing him. He thinks about the rage and fire he saw in his brother’s eyes the night he almost choked him to death.
At Malcolm’s
Posted ImageMalcolm is taking a shower while Cane looks around in disgust. He sees  empty pizza boxes, crushed beer cans, dishes, clothes all strewn through the apartment. He sees a bug crawling up the wall and wonders if it’s a roach. He pulls out his cell phone and browses the internet for some information. Then he dials a number.
Posted ImageCane: Genoa City Maid Services?
Operator: Yes’em
Cane: Good. I need a few maids over here at my friend’s apartment. 5512 Miller Street Apt 107.… You can bill it to me. Can you spray for bugs in here also? It’s like the Australian outback in here….And bring some fragrances too it smells like kangaroo dung in here. Good thank you.” He hangs up his phone as Malcolm walks out the bedroom.
Malcolm: You ready to grab some drinks?
Cane: Malcolm bro, this place is just nasty. Don’t you think we ought to clean up?
Malcolm: I don’t care about this place. I don’t care about nothing. Let’s go. I need a beer. Malcolm grabs Cane and they head out the door.
The Courthouse
Nikki: My God Avery are you ok? You look horrible.
Avery: Yea, no, never mind about that. I got news.
Victoria: What is it?
Chloe, Billy and Esther walk up to them.
Avery: Not only did I get the charges reduced to assault, I got them dropped altogether. The new acting DA is a very nice person.
Posted ImageChloe: So that’s it? Now you all celebrate?
The Newman’s and Avery look at Chloe as their moods changes from celebratory to a mix of anger, compassion and sadness.
Chloe: I lost a baby. An unborn child. Doesn’t that account for anything?
Avery: Chloe I’m so sorry.
Chloe: Save it Avery! Damn all you Newman’s! You get away with everything.
Victoria: It was you who brought this upon yourself. You slept with my husband! Don’t forget that! You put yourself in this situation. Now I’m truly sorry about your baby with my husband.
Chloe: Is that supposed to make it better?
Nikki: Chloe my daughter is right. You were in the wrong. You were having an affair with a married man.
Posted ImageEsther: Shut the hell up Nikki! It was you and your Victoria here who had a few rounds with Brad Carlton. Don’t you dare turn your nose up at my daughter.
Nick: See what you did Billy? You’re a loser man.
Posted ImageBilly: Yea ok.” Billy hands Victoria her divorce papers.
He grabs Chloe and escorts her out the courthouse.
Esther: They may be leaving town but I will not let this go. Someone is going to pay for hurting my Kate.
Nikki: Go clean a bathroom Esther my God you are so annoying. “  The Newman’s leave the courthouse.
Esther watches them. “ This is not over Newman’s.” Esther pledges.
Chancellor Estate.
Posted ImageHarmony walks down stairs with her luggage. Kay gets up and walks over to her.
Posted ImageKay: What is the meaning of this?
Harmony: I’m so sorry Mrs. Chancellor. My daughter needs me. My little girl is pregnant. I have to be there for her. I let this happen by being here in Genoa City and not being close to her.” Harmony is in tears. Kay holds her.
Kay: I understand darling. I will miss you and you did a wonderful job here at Chancellor. I’m very proud of you turning your life around here. Your position at Chancellor is always open and if you need a good reference you can count on me.” They hug.
Harmony: Thank you Mrs. Chancellor. Thank you for everything. You take care of our Devon.”
Kay: I will.” Harmony waves good bye to Murphy, grabs her luggage and leaves the Chancellor Estate and Genoa City. Kay turns to look at Murphy. She walks towards him.
            “So it appears you were right. My son is out to get me. Take everything from me. He has not changed and has made me to believe he has. He is trying to play me for a fool.”
Posted ImageMurphy: Yes my love. That’s what I’ve been trying to get you to see. Now you do. I went to Victor and he is aware of what is going on and he came up with a plan to stop Tucker dead in his tracks. I’m a Vietnam Veteran and this plan, this counter attack on the enemy is very damn good. This plan will really give Tucker a taste of his own medicine.
Kay: For heaven’s sake Murph we are not fighting a war here.
Murphy: I love you with all my heart and if someone is trying to hurt you , you better believe I’ll launch my own kind of war to save you Katherine.” He walks over to her and hugs her.
Katherine: Alright alright alright! Tell me this plan to stop Tucker from taking me out. I’ll show him I’m no old fool. I am Katherine Chancellor and no one gets the best of me……


Victor’s Naughty or Nice List! #124

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Chancellor Estate.
Posted ImageKay looks at Murphy
“So this is what you’ve been doing the last few days? Recruiting people to tell me my son is up to no good?”
Posted ImageMurphy: Darling I think its very important you listen to Jack here. I’m telling you, I know a snake when I see one. I served in the -
“I know I know the Vietnam war. You remind me any chance you get.” Kay says interrupting him.
Kay then looks at Jack
“Alright Jackie Boy just what in the hell do you want to tell me?
Posted ImageJack: Murphy is right you know. Tucker is a snake. He came to me with a plan to boot you out of Chancellor and Newman.
Kay chuckles,
“How was he going to do that?”
Jack: By making you think you were going crazy. He was going to wear you down with stress so your health will take a turn for the worse. He’s pulling the wool over your eyes Katherine.
Murphy: And I been following him. He went into Victor’s office and barely made it out. He did something in there.
Kay: What do you mean he barely made it out?
Murphy: He came out coughing, sweating and acting all kinds of crazy.
Kay doesn’t know what to say. She gets up and walks over by the window. Jack and Murphy look at each other.
Jack: Are you ok Katherine?
Kay: It’ stunning you know. To know that your own son is out to get you. I been on this earth a long time. How could I be so blindsided? I’ve seen it all. Been through it all yet I couldn’t see my own son coming for me.”
Murphy: This is exactly what he wanted. But now you are wise and we can stop him. We can use my Vietnam War skills to defeat this menace. I will not let any hurt you Katherine.
Jack: Neither will I.
Kay: I got a plan.” She says as she smiles
Posted ImageEpisode 124: Victor’s Naughty or Nice List!
Written by ML Cooks
Creative Consult: C. Nate Richardson
Story Editor: Martin Saenz
Posted ImageDevon then walks into the Chancellor House. He sees Jack, Kay and Murphy having a serious discussion.
Devon: I’m sorry to interrupt. I was going to meet my mom here to find out what is going on.
Kay: Young man you are never interrupting. You are my grandson. Remember that.
Devon: I will. Is everything ok?
Kay: That’s what we want to know. Go upstairs and find out what in the hell is the matter with your mother.” Devon chuckles and walk up the stairs.
Jack: Listen I got some very important things to handle. Tucker has struck again, hiring Keemo to work for him.
Kay: Don’t you worry Jackie boy. I’ll take care of Tucker.
Jack gives her a hug and kiss.
Jack: I know you will.” He then looks at Murphy. “ I’m counting on you to keep her safe.” Murphy smiles at him and pats him on the back as he leaves.
Murphy then looks at Kay.
“Let’ hear it darling. What is this plan of yours to stop Tucker?”
The Jail. Cane arrives to bail out Malcolm.
Posted ImageMalcolm: Thank you man. Its been some bull going down.
Posted ImageCane: I can see. Man what the hell is going on? Why were you arrested?
Malcolm: Where are the twins?
Cane: They are with the sitter.
Malcolm: Good man, let’s go to my place so I can get cleaned up and then we can talk.
Cane: Alright man what ever you want.
They get into Cane’s car and drive off to Malcolm’s place.
Victoria opens her door to Billy. She is surprised to see him.
Posted ImageVictoria: What are you doing here? I really don’t think this is a good idea.
Posted ImageBilly: We really need to talk and this time with out any antics.
Victoria: What is there to talk about? I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.
Billy: I’m sorry Vickie. For hurting and betraying you.
Vic: Is that supposed to make me feel better? Make it go all away?
Billy: I will sign the divorce papers no problem.
Vic: Good. Anything else?
Billy: After your trial, Chloe and I are taking Delia and leaving town.
Vic has tears in her eyes. She turns away from him. Billy is frustrated at how he just seems to keep hurting his wife.
Vic: How convenient. I wish you all the best. And I’m truly sorry for the loss of your baby. And I’m also sorry I wasn’t good enough or worth it enough for you to remain faithful to our wedding vows. I’ve been through so much with you Billy. This hurts. But don’t worry I’ll be ok. “ Victoria takes her wedding ring off and throws at him.” She then grabs her purse and storms out the house. Billy grabs the ring and looks at it for a moment. He shakes his head and puts the ring in his pocket and leaves the house as well.
Chancellor Estate, Harmony’s room.
Devon walks in. Harmony is hysterical and runs over and hugs him.
Devon: Mom what is wrong?
Harmony: Anna is pregnant!
Devon: WHAT! By who? I’ll kill him.
Harmony: No Devon. I’m going back to get it together. I left her for to long and this is what happened. I need to go back. And be there for your sister.
Devon: I can’t believe this. Not Anna. She’s only 16.
Harmony just cries.
“She not gone be like these other girls out here. She gone keep going to school and be all she can be. I‘m going to help her. “
Devon: I really don’t know what to say.
Harmony: I love you son. And I want you to know something else before I go. Remember when Roxanne kept accusing Abby of brining me here to Genoa City?
Devon: Yes…
Harmony: She was right. I’m sorry I lied son. I’m a terrible mother.
Devon: Wow. It’ just been one surprise after another. Have a safe trip Harmony.” Devon then leaves. Harmony calls out to him but he ignores her. Harmony continues to pack her things crying.
The Jail. Spencer arrives and sees Victor in his cell.
Victor: I knew I’d be seeing you. What brings you here my boy?
Posted ImageSpencer: I want to know why? Why did you create my family only to destroy it?
Victor: I warned you, you were making a mistake going against me. That’s a choice you made. It was all for nothing because thanks to you the wheels of justice are slowly but surely turning.
Spencer: Meaning what?
Victor: Sooner than everyone thinks I’ll be a free man on the streets of Genoa City. And I been keeping a list of who’s been naughty and who’s been nice. And trust me when I say I will destroy everyone who betrayed me. I am Victor Newman and I will remind this town of that.
Spencer: Times have changed old man. I’m not going to allow you to have your way here.
Victor laughs. “ You want to battle with Victor Newman? I got news for you. I’ll take all of you on. Very soon my boy, very soon……Posted Image

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