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All My Children - The Future Episode 17

Posted by AMCDYNASTY , 14 October 2010 · 168 views

All My Children - The Future Episode 17


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It was in the mourning not only in PV but at Pine Valley Hospital also. In Dixie's room,she and Tad curled up alongside eachother asleep. Tad then woke up and kissed Dixie.Dixie stirred, rolling over a bit in bed only to see Tad smiling at her. And gave him one in return before he kissed her.

"Wake up sleeping beauty. Good mourning" - Tad.

"Mmmm...Good..I didn't dream you up after all" - Dixie.

"You never dreamed of me. I'm here, this is real, just you and me" - Tad.

"Ah..this is..lovely..alright..making a little progress here"

She groaned, teeth clenched as Tad braced her back and held her up. But feeling determined, she moved away from him, and managed to sit upright with no help.

"Dixie, are you sure about this?" - Tad.

"Yes. Now let's just see..." - Dixie.

Swinging her feet off the side of the bed, she gingerly put them on the ground and smiled. Then though when she tried to stand, her legs turned to jello and she couldn't keep her balance.

"Whoa!" - Dixie

She cried, and luckily Tad was right there to catch and hold her before she fell.

"I got ya Dixie!Nice try there missy" - Tad.

"O..Okay..too, too soon for that I guess." - Dixie.

Dixie sighed looking defeated, as Tad set her back down on the bed, right as a wheelchair was brought in for her.

"Well, seems my, chariot awaits. Where we headed sweetie? Someplace involving food?" - Dixie.

"You guessed it, were going to the cafeteria for some breakfast. The nurse requires that you can eat something light, and i'll eat/share with you" - Tad.

"Sounds perfect, so long as you do a little more of the sharing." - Dixie.

"Don't worry about that, the two of us can share" - Tad.

After they got off the elevator to the cafeteria, and then over to their table, she took a sip of her orange juice before curling up on Tad's shoulder, and after he popped a slice of apple in her mouth.

"How does that taste sweetheart? Good?" - Tad.

"Mmm, tastes even better that way." - Dixie.

She giggled, before picking up a piece of banana, but examined it carefully, getting a look from her husband.

"Uh...Dixie...why are you looking at the banana slice? Is something wrong?" - Tad.

"Sorry...had to make sure it was peanut butter free.You know it's too bad, I used to be a big fan of pancakes before they nearly killed me.We went way back, rememberToo bad that dish in particular had to set me back three years." - Dixie.

"Oh...I see..." - Tad.

Dixie admitted, before spearing a piece of French toast and dragging it in some syrup.

"Anyways...do you um, make breakfasts for Kathy on the weekends like you used to for the boys and me? I remember the cereal and candy was your trademark...please tell me our baby's not hooked on that concoction." - Dixie.

"No Dixie, I don't give her the candy and the cereal, just cereal baby but I do eat my cereal with sweets, healthy ones like power bars and Hershey's too. Mmmm....tasty. You should try it" - Tad.

"Yeah...fine. I'll try that the day you try anything with no sugar or low cal written on the label." - Dixie.

Dixie chuckled, before Tad pulled out the mirror.

"Are you trying to tell me something here?" - Dixie.

"See Dixie, this is your new color of straight red hair. It makes you look good,beautiful and fierce like never before" - Tad.

"Fierce? You think I'm fierce?" - Dixie.

"Yep" - Tad.

She giggled, blushing almost as red as her hair. After the two talked for a couple of more hours, Dixie sighed, shaking her head before finishing her juice.

"Can um...can we go back to the room, if you're finished and everything?" - Dixie.

She asked, her accent poking through and was glad Tad nodded. Soon enough Tad and Dixie left the cafeteria and back to the room. Tad helped her back onto the bed. They didn't turn it down though and just curled up on top of the sheets holding eachother close.


Finding a nice bench in a relatively quiet and low traffic part of The Miller's Falls State Park, smiling Frankie Hubbard took a seat, relaxed and put his iPod on before resting his eyes under his sunglasses. Someone then saw Frankie and walked up to him. It was Madison North, dressed in yoga, cropped pants, a pink muscle shirt and a pair of running tennis

“Frankie Hubbard.” - Madison.

She giggled.he giggled. When he didn’t say anything she slapped his knee and put her hands on her hips. He looked up.

"Well, Madison North, funny seeing you out here too." - Frankie.

Frankie smiled, taking off his shades.

"So I didn't know you were a runner. Sure making me feel like a bum just, benching it up out here." - Frankie.

Madison scoffed.

“If you feel like a bum run with me.I mean what harm could it do. Your in shape… Right?Or are these just big front.” - Madison.

Madison was thinking when she finally realized that she was still squeezing his arm.

“Sorry!” - Madison.

"Hey it's cool." - Frankie.

“uh…I… Anyway, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be at home with your wife or at the hospital saving lives?” - Madison.

"Too nice a day to be cooped up at an empty house. Checked in with Randi earlier and she's got a ton of stuff going. And I saved enough lives for today. Time I saved my own a bit.Race ya to the curve in the path!" - Frankie.

Madison smiled and laughed as she and Frankie decided to have a little jog.Finally he got to the finish and when he caught his breath, saw Madison standing there looking quite smug and satisfied.

"Well, good thing it's really the exercise that counts.You however have not seen the last of me I'm afraid. Before the summer's up I'll have a victory under my belt. That's a promise" - Frankie.

“That’s what all losers say. Oh, you did good. Just have to do it more often.A victory. Franklin Hubbard you are so on. Same time and same place" - Madison.

"Sounds perfect. Looking forward to a rematch." - Frankie.

The two shook hands.

"But you know, any win in my book is worthy of a little celebrating. What would you say to a victory lunch between friends? Winner picks, loser treats?" Frankie.

Well I did plan on curling up with a good movie, some pizza and sinful sweets, but I think I could put that hold.” - Madison.

"Only if you're not too busy or something, wouldn't want you to be kept from anything important." - Frankie.

"If your not busy. Well looks like we are both free. Uh… What do you say about BJ’s?” - Madison.

"Sounds great! And hey for what it's worth, that was a very respectable backup plan you had. Only I tend to substitute pizza for Chinese, and a good movie for, the really terrible ones the critics can't stand that are only around to be mocked. Cheesy horror movies especially" - Frankie.

Frankie and Madison head out to the park and go to BJ's to have lunch.

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