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Trista studies three outfits that she had lied out on the bed. Daisy eases into the room. Trista turns around acknowledging her.

Trista: Hey you. Where have you been?

Daisy: I had to run to the store and grabs some items for my Grandma Reva. I just came by to change before I headed over there.

Trista: But I thought you were eating at the Coopers -- I mean your Mom's house?

Daisy: I was but I changed my mind. I might just come over there later on.

Trista: (whining) Why? I wanted you to come with me.

Daisy: For what? Rocky's going to be there. And my family practically loves you. My Grandpa Buzz can't stop talking about how your studious ways have rubbed off on Rocky.

Trista: So what. I still want you come. We barely even hang out. You are always with James...

Daisy: ...and you are always working at Company.

Trista: See. More reason for you come with me.

Daisy: Trista...

Trista: Daisy, come on. It's not like I am holding a gun to your head. I am just simply asking you to come to the Coopers with me.

Daisy: But I can't. I already told Grandma Reva I was coming.

Trista: Ugh...

Trista tosses her hands up in defeat. Her computer bleeps as she receives an e-mail.

Trista: I'm not giving up, Lemay. Hold that thought.

Trista heads over to the computer and checks her mail. Meanwhile, Daisy glances over Trista's outfits lied out on her bed.

Daisy: The blue sweater top.

Trista: (still typing) What?

Daisy: The blue sweater top. With the black slacks and black platform boots. Wear that.

Trista: Thanks. I was leaning towards that outfit.

Daisy: Glad you were because you are going to wear with me to dinner.

Trista snaps her head back at Daisy, thrilled.

Trista: You are going to the Coopers?

Daisy: Nope.

Trista drops the smile back into a frown.

Daisy: You are going with me to the Shaynes.

Trista: Wait, wait... what? I can't. What about--

Daisy: Rocky, will understand. As a matter of fact, we'll do both. Go to my Grandmother's first and then hit up my Mom's. Problem solved.

Trista: You sure -- that Rocky's feelings won't be hurt?

Daisy: Positive. Leave it to me.

Daisy whips out her phone and starts to dial.


Rocky, Frank, Jude, and Zach sit in rapt attention the couch watching the game. The phone starts to ring.

Harley: (O.C.) Somebody get it!

Rocky: (in a daze) Frank, you get it.

Frank: No way. They are about to start the play. Whoever is calling will call back. I'm sure its not that important.

The phone rings again.

Harley: (O.C.) Frank! Rocky! Get the phone! We're trying to set up in here! Geez.

Rocky unwillingly gets up and answers the phone.

Rocky: Hello.

Daisy: Hey to you too, Rocky.

Rocky: Oh, Daisy, sorry.

Daisy: Let me guess... the game is on?

Rocky: Yeah. (turns his attention back to the TV) I just don't wanna miss a play...

Daisy: Then I'll cut it short. Trista is coming with me Shaynes. We'll be over there later on, got it?

Rocky: (still watching TV) Yeah. What you said, Daisy.

Daisy: OK, bye.

Daisy hangs up the phone.

Rocky: Bye. (coming to realization) The Shaynes?!

And on Rocky, hurt


Trista: So how did he take it?

Daisy: Fine. See I told you! Now get dressed.

Trista: Alright, alright.



Posted Image

Vanessa and Nola set the table while in the foreground, Quinton and Matt share a cigar.

Matt: Nice day, Quint, huh?

Quint: It is. Nice breeze. Something you can't expect to get on an archeological dig in Afghanistan, and something I missed greatly about being in Springfield.

Matt: Glad to have you back.

Matt raised up his wine glass.

Quint: Glad to be back.

Quint and Matt toast, but this happy moment is ruined by:

Nola: (O.C.) I like it there, Vanessa!

Vanessa: (O.C.) Whose house is this?

Matt & Quint: Dear God.

They turn to see Nola and Vanessa facing off.

Nola: This house belongs to the family. Nowhere in the will did Henry state, "This house belongs to Vanessa and Vanessa only."

Vanessa: But who has been living in it? Taking care of it?

Nola: That was then. This is now.

Vanessa: And now I am going to rearrange this silverware to the way I like it!

Vanessa rearranges one of the utensil settings.


Matt: I see its about to get nasty. Should we go and break them up?

Quint: No, NO... Just let them fight it out with its still fresh.


Nola: What are you doing?!

Vanessa: Everyone knows that this spoon and this fork are not positioned next to each other, Nola.

Nola: Like I could give a damn. If it was up to me, we'd all be using one fork and spoon.

Vanessa: (gasps) How barbaric!

Nola: How normal. How frugal. How--

Maureen joins them on the patio, upset and bothered.

Maureen: Mom, I cannot believe that you won't let me go and eat with Clarissa. It's so not fair!

Vanessa: Maureen, don't start with me. You still know that you're grounded for piercing those ears.

Maureen: Mom, I'm almost a teenager!

Vanessa: So what. You know the rules.

Nola: Frankly, I don't see the issue with her having her ears pierced. Anastasia had hers did when she was two.

Vanessa shoots a piercing look at Nola.

Maureen: See! Cousin Stacey had them done when she was two! Emma had her done when she was four -- Clarissa when she was six!

Vanessa: Don't start with me, Maureen. (to Nola) And no one asked for your opinion.

Nola: I know. But I just love to interject. (hugging Maureen) Plus, my niece is right. She should have her ears pierced. And my God, its not like she went and out got a boob job...

Vanessa gasps.

Nola: ...or did drug. Or drank alcohol.

Vanessa clutches her chest in utter shock.

Nola: She just got her ears pierced.

Maureen: (hugging Nola tighter) I love you, Aunt Nola. Sometimes I wish I was your daughter.

Nola: Aww, kiddo.

The doorbell rings.

Vanessa: Maureen, go and answer the door! Nola, shut up! Matt and Quint, get over here! ITS TIME TO EAT.

Maureen scurries off into the


and then crosses into the


Posted Image

where she opens the door to find two large boxes masking two men faces.

Maureen: Umm... can I help you guys?

J: I don't know can you, bumblebee?

Maureen's face light up.

Maureen: Cousin J!

J removes his box to show his handsome face.

Tom: And don't for get about me, squirt!

Maureen: Tom?!

Tom removes his box from his face. Maureen joyously screams at the sight of her cousins.

Maureen: MOM!!!

Vanessa: (O.C.) What are you in here--

Vanessa enters the foyer where she sees Tom and Anthony J.

Vanessa: Anthony? Thomas?

J: Hey, Aunt Vanessa. Long time, no see.

Vanessa runs over to hug both Thomas and J.

Vanessa: What are you two doing here? Your mother said that you were--

Nola: (O.C.) (Voice coming closer) Now what is all this ruckus in--

Nola freezes in place at the sight of her son. She speechless... for once. Tears start to stream down her face. Quint and Matt slowly come up behind Nola.

Nola: Anthony James...

J: Happy Thanksgiving, Mom.

Posted Image
Tom Reardon

Posted Image
Anthony James Chamberlain


COMING UP ON TGL: The Guiding Light:
- The Reardon's Thanksgiving continues
- Shayne's Thanksgiving
- Hawk and Reva grow suspicious of Trista


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