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Posted by Nothin'ButAttitude , 26 November 2009 · 85 views


(Picking up where we last left off)

Alan: What is going on? Why are you two looking like deers in headlights?

AM: N--No reason.

Alan: OK... As soon as you two get over whatever has come over you both, come in the parlor and join us for a drink.

Hope: Will do, Alan -- I mean Mr. Spaulding.

Alan, still weary, walks out the room.

AM: How could--

Hope grabs him by the arm and drags him into the


where she looks around to see if anyone is present. No one is.

Hope: Baby--

Alan Michael: No! Don't even try it! Don't even try to justify what you did. Do you know how much we have mourned you?

Hope: Alan Michael--

AM: And to think you have been here the entire time... THE ENTIRE TIME!!

Hope: Sssh! Calm down.

AM: Oh please. If I ever do anything right in my life, now is the time. I should go into the parlor and tell Dad--

Hope: You can't!

AM: Why is that?

Hope: You just can't... and I know you wouldn't.

AM: Don't be so sure about that, Mom -- or Caroline?

Hope swiftly slaps Alan Michael across the face. Alan Michael rubs his face in pain.

Hope: Now don't you go starting to back talk me boy! I'm still your mother and you will respect me.

AM: Yes, Ma'am.

Hope: Now I am sorry but I figured that me returning would do you more harm than good.

AM rolls his eyes.

Hope: You may not believe me now but you will. Do you think if I was Hope that I could help you? I think not. Being Caroline was a way for me to help you.

AM: And you did. But MY MOTHER would've been more help.

Hope: I understand that.

Phillip (OC): Caroline! Alan Michael!

Hope: Keep quiet.

Phillip enters in the kitchen with two wine glasses.

Phillip: Aren't you two gonna join us?

Phillip hands both of them a glass.

Hope: Sure. In a second...

Phillip: OK.

Phillip exits. Hope is about to take a sip when Alan Michael takes the glass from Hope.

Hope: What was that for?

AM: Alcohol, remember? You're an alcoholic.

Hope: I know that.

AM: You act as if you've seem to have forgotten.

Hope: Well I didn't.

AM: Mmm hmm... whatever.

Hope: I didn't. Now that we are going to go out there and act like nothing ever happened. OK?

AM: Sure. Whatever you want... Caroline.

Alan Michael storms out. And on Caroline, sighing


- Shayne family Thanksgiving
- Reardon/Chamberlain Thanksgiving
- Many reveals and surprises

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